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The Aluminum Threat: An Interview With Chris Shaw

AluminumBy Anne Dachel

In 2008, well-known pediatrician, Robert Sears had a story published in Mothering Magazine titled, Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal? Sears had become concerned about the level of aluminum (Al) children were being exposed to in the ever-expanding vaccination schedule. Al, another known neurotoxin, is used in vaccines because it makes the vaccines work better. Sears went on a search for the science to prove that exposing infants and small children to more and more Al in wasn't harmful. The Mothering article made it clear that just as the mercury containing preservative thimerosal was allowed in vaccines without any official safety testing, the same is true for the use of aluminum. Here's how Sears described the main point of his article: "No one has measured the levels of aluminum absorption by the bloodstream when it is injected into the skin and muscle of infants, or the levels of excretion from the body via urination. All of the FDA and AAP documents that I've read state that aluminum might be a problem, but that they haven't studied it yet, so we should limit the amount of aluminum included in injectable solutions. But, again, no one is talking about the levels of aluminum in vaccines."

It's amazing that four years later, more people aren't questioning what Al is doing to our children. Officials like to pretend that the only vaccine ingredient anyone is worried about is mercury and they eagerly tell us that it was removed from all vaccines in the childhood schedule ten years ago (except of course the flu vaccine, recommended for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy and for babies as young as six months).

Actually Al is coming into its own in the vaccine safety debate thanks to research by Chris Shaw, PhD, at the University of British Columbia. Shaw has stunning credentials that make it clear he is overwhelmingly qualified to study this topic. He's a professor in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the UBC and he holds cross appointments with the Department of Experimental Medicine and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. He is the author of more than 100 peer reviewed articles as well as numerous book chapters and special reviews and has edited four books on neuroscience themes. He has done extensive work on the link between Al and ALS, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. Now he's also addressing how exposure to Al could be linked to the autism epidemic.

In August, 2011, the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry published a study by Lucija Tomljenovic, and Chris Shaw and the title asked the question that demands an answer, Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

The research took a close look at the amount of Al kids are getting and at what age. Several statements are hard to forget:"To the best of our knowledge, these results are the first to show that Al, a highly neurotoxic metal and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant, may be a significant contributing factor to the rising prevalence of ASD in the Western world."

." The researchers went on to say, "It is also of note that the FDA requires limits on Al in parenteral feeding solutions and requires warning labels about potential Al hazards while setting no safety limits or issuing warnings for Al in vaccines."

Tomljenovic and Shaw note the correlation between more and more vaccines with Al and the epidemic increase in autism and while this doesn't prove causation, it should at the very least send experts scrambling to look at the possible connection. There's no dismissing this information on Al. Lots of questions need to be asked and answered. I was able to interview Dr. Shaw about his research and even people with no medical/scientific background, like myself, can see we have a serious problem here.

My interview:

Dr. Shaw, the mercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal was never officially tested or approved and its use was just grandfathered in by the FDA. What did you learn about the practice of adding various forms of aluminum to vaccines?

Shaw: As far as I know, the same holds true for aluminum. The initial studies of aluminum as adjuvants were conducted by scientists at Burroghs in the 1920s. I think this was well before the FDA was created and hence was likely grandfathered as well.

How prevalent is Al use in the vaccine schedule?

Shaw: It depends on the schedule, but the majority are, particularly in the pediatric schedule (see our JIB paper for the actual numbers).

Your research on Al originally involved adults suffering from ALS, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. How does this relate to Al exposure and children with ASD?

Shaw: Our original paper dealt with ALS and aluminum hydroxide by injection. Others have looked at AD with various in vivo studies in animals, the latter mostly exposure in water. Re ASD: our focus has been on the pediatric vaccine schedule, primarily in the US, hence all injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. These are so-called "ecological" data sets. We are now using a mouse model to try to duplicate the pediatric vaccine schedule with a series of behavioral tests and, after sacrifice, histological assessments.

In your paper in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, you note, "Al is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin whose ability to impact the human nervous system has been known for decades" yet, "the safety of Al adjuvants [in vaccines] appears to rest largely on assumptions rather than experimental evidence." What does this do to the claims by health officials that vaccines have been proven to be safe and not linked to the epidemic increase in autism?

Shaw: I question how they can make this statement, particularly in light of the Puerto Rico meeting on aluminum adjuvants in which the summary paper admitted just how much they really don't know.

The Hepatitis B vaccine, given within hours of birth, contains 250 mcg of Al. Why is age and weight concerning when discussing Al exposure for newborns?

Shaw: First, neurotoxins can have a larger impact on a developing than a mature nervous system. Second, the amount of aluminum, in relation to body weight, is going to be much higher. An average newborn weights about 8 pounds. An average adult male somewhere in the range of 150 to 200 pounds. The amount of aluminum in a dose of Hep B is thus far greater/weight and hence potentially vastly more toxic.

The public is often told that there's more mercury in a tuna sandwich than in a mercury-containing vaccine. What about the argument that children receive more exposure to Al in their diet than from their vaccines?

Shaw: It may be true in terms of amount, but the route of exposure is absolutely critical. This is a key principle of toxicology and it never ceases to amaze me that the argument equating dietary to injected aluminum (or mercury) is made at all. Most dietary aluminum (or mercury) will be excreted. Injected aluminum is not easily removed, hence one reason it is used as an adjuvant in the first place

Your work has sparked a heated debate over the safety of Al use in vaccines and the link to autism. Will officials be able to dismiss the issue with epidemiological studies showing no harmful effects like they've tried to do regarding the use of mercury in vaccines?

Shaw: They can certainly reexamine the data sets we have used as well as the statistical methods and Hill analysis. Given that the data sets are both from US government it will be hard for them to claim that the primary data are wrong. However, they are free to reanalyze these data and see if they get different results. Indeed, they should do so before dismissing what we have shown.

What are your concerns regarding the vaccine safety data sheet that comes with each vaccine?

Shaw: They don't report, in most cases, the actual data, statistics, etc.

What's been wrong with the way that we study the safety of vaccines?

Shaw: Pretty much everything. For example, animal studies are not typically adequately powered, do not look in relevant areas of the CNS, don't control for age or gender, and, indeed, often have no real placebo controls at all. The latter plagues the human studies, in addition to which the selection criteria are often designed to remove exactly that part of the population that might be most susceptible to adverse effects.

How willing are officials to recognize research that raises concerns over their vaccine schedule?

Shaw: In my experience, not very.


This brings us to the incredible new movie The Greater Good, an in-depth look at the vaccine controversy. Both Sears and Shaw were featured in the movie making jaw-dropping statements about their concerns.

Robert Sears: "You would think that the FDA would take each of those [vaccine] ingredients and study them in human infants to make sure that each of those ingredients is safe. They haven't done that. They've never taken vaccine quantities of each of those ingredients and done any sort of safety testing to confirm that each one of those ingredients is safe."

Chris Shaw: "So, if you're not doing that kind of detailed analysis and it's not that expensive to do, you simply can't make any statement about the safety of these compounds on the nervous system." Shaw explained his research and the impact of his study.

He said he was expecting a certain backlash when his study was published, but, as he revealed, "It actually triggered a lot of silence. Pharma and the regularly agencies largely ignored it which is a very safe position to take because if they wanted to counter what I've said with my studies, they should have just reached into their file folder and come up with their own study and said, 'Doctor Shaw is simply wrong because we did this study and look what we found.' And after four years, they haven't done that."

So if the science isn't there, why does the government and the American Academy of Pediatrics and mainstream medicine keep insisting that their vaccines are safe and we should just keep on exposing kids to more and more of yet another toxic vaccine ingredient?

It was surprising in my research to find the headline in the Vancouver Courier, Responses to UBC vaccine paper a problem for free scientific inquiry and expression; UBC researchers raise questions, experience backlash.

Writer Tom Sandborn's piece about the Al study was rare. It asked why a "carefully parsed and thoroughly peer reviewed paper on vaccine safety ,,, seemed to inflame angry and punitive responses in some quarters." One of the respondents was Dr. Paul Offit, long time vaccine defender, described by Sandborn as "a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, a strong proponent of vaccines and the developer of a successful new vaccine that has made him a multi-millionaire."

Offit showed no interest in the UBC findings, in fact, he was quoted as saying that the paper 'should never have been published.'

That clearly sounds like a call to sweep this under the rug. Sandborn summed up his reaction to what Offit said:

"These calls to silence critical discussion of a still open scientific question are troubling. Science progresses by investigation, debate and full discussion, not by fiat and censorship. ...

"Many of us welcome the fact that independent scientists like UBC's Shaw and Tomljenovic are willing to fly in the face of received wisdom and pursue their findings wherever they lead. We would like to see rigorously peer reviewed research continue, and public discussion and debate promoted. It is doubtless true, as Offit argued to me when I interviewed him last year, that rumors of vaccine dangers spread in the verification free zones of the internet can do harm. But the proper response to bad science is good science, not censorship. No area of research should be out of bounds for free minds, and received wisdom, whether positive or negative, about vaccine safety should never substitute for real research."

For those of us who've endured years of the corruption, collusion, and cover up surrounding the issue of vaccines and autism, the Courier piece was refreshing. This issue isn't going away and the safety claims are collapsing everywhere. There should be a massive outrage over Offit's call for censorship. What is more important here, the health and safety of our children or protecting those with a stake in an out-of-control vaccination schedule? Officials have not given us honest and thorough vaccine studies and the UBC research is not going away. At every turn the pathetic record surrounding vaccine safety only gets worse. How many U.S. health officials share Paul Offit's view that this type of research shouldn't be made public? It seems that the many experts who've spent years denying that there's anything wrong with our children are just as eager to ignore the growing science calling their safety claims into question.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism. Subscribe to her newsfeed at



Look here for a nice compilation of toxicological vaccine studies:

Interested Party

For another Iatrogenic condition caused by intravenous Aluminum compounds: search for "dialysis encephalitis". Apparently dialysis patients were commonly given aluminum and suffer from confusion and trouble speaking.


Professor Exley - at about the 12 mark he specifically addresses aluminum adjuvants:


Professor Christopher Exley is crowd funding to do "The first clinical trial testing the link between Alzheimer’s disease and Aluminium."

"Aluminium is now the most commonly and widely used metal on Earth and there are myriad ways in which we are exposed to it in our everyday lives including; our diet (particularly processed drinks and food); medicine (notably antacids, buffered aspirin, vaccinations); cosmetics (examples including antiperspirants and sun blocks); aerosols ( the air that we breathe can be full of particulate materials composed of aluminium).

Human exposure to aluminium is burgeoning and, assuming current projections of its extraction and use will have increased 100 fold between 1950 and 20506. Aluminium has no known benefit in any living organism, from virus to human beings, it is only toxic and it is only the activities of Man which have resulted in our increased exposure over the last 100 years or so.

Aluminium is the most ubiquitous ecological toxicant on Earth being responsible for the death of fish in acid lakes, the decline of forests in areas impacted by acid rain and the decline of food crops on acid sulphate soils. All effects which are attributable to the activities of Man7."

Please see more at link and consider donating:


Aluminum is also present in Vitamin B12 shots(clearly listed on the vial label), unless the doctor specifically orders aluminum-free B12 from a compounding pharmacy.


I only mentioned the Hep B and Gardasil-both contains aluminum adjuvants.As far as I know-Vitamin K does not contain aluminum adjuvants.


But I am glad it is you.
I did not get a chance to reply to you last fall, and felt very guilty and was afraid your feeling would be hurt.

I am very glad you are back.
And thanks again for posting.



I had not checked back here till now.

You said:

"Vistor (is it Nick) you write like Nick - excellent research on this one!"

Well, yes it is Nick here again. It seems a little silly to go by "Visitor", but I have thought I would stop researching and posting, and when I quit last fall for a while I had decided I was through pursuing the matter. Later when I felt the desire to post some things I thought it would only be a couple of things and thought posting under the label "Visitor" would be more fleeting as to not divulge my re-engaging the subject{s}. It was silly as well to think my subject posting and typing would not be identified by some. It was either ignore you, lie, or say it is me.

John Fryer

Aluminium has been regarded as potentially harmful for a very long time.

The accidental poisoning of Camelford water supply brought a spate of illnesses and disorders some of which were neurological illnesses.

All expertly denied by Simon Wessely et al who talks of the LEGEND rather than the MYTH of NEUROTOXINS being able to cause NEUROLOGICAL harm.

Also in the act was Richard Doll who got secret daily payments of 1 500 pounds from Big p'HARMA Monsanto for what purpose is not clear to me.

Aluminium used for dialysis is an accepted cause of dementia conditions.

Aluminium loaded vaccines have long been known to be NEUROTOXIC from elementary TOXIC testing to the degree that CALCIUM loaded vaccines were put forward as the safe alternative in France for DECADES.

Sadly, BACKWARD TECHNOLOGY meant that by 1998 or so all SAFE vaccines were taken out of production giving FULL STEAM for MERCURY and ALUMINIUM.

Aluminium found and ASSOCIATED with muscle DAMAGE in the early 1990's also in France.

Today's use of and INCREASED use of Aluminium in vaccines is SLOPPY, IGNORANT and CRIMINAL HARM to some unborn children and one day infants that are genetically or otherwise unable to resist the INSULT.

As ADULTS have the same amount of vaccine the statements that look I had MERCURY or ALUMINIUM and I am still alive are FATUOUS.

Adults that get Guillain Barre Syndrome etc etc are not so quick to praise the BENIGN action of just a little NEUROTOXIC addition to their SYSTEM.

The quietness from medical preceived wisdom may come from LIMITED knowledge of metals and their actions, possibly from the idea that the poison is in the dose or just simply because they are as said CRIMINALLY INCOMPETENTS.

Or maybe the S21 syndrome rather than the SV40 syndrome?


Thanks for sharing about one in your family suffering from elephantitis. When I was so young and reading this is school- who knew it could have anything to do with me. The wonders!
Vistor (is it Nick) you write like Nick - excellent research on this one!


This is a curiosity and brings to mind the thought that the timing of Autism onset may be affected in some cases by the switch to regular food from infants milk or formula though formula in some kids may aslo help promote gut issues. The following report is specific to one locale, and this does not inform if this additive is commonly used in this type of food in other countries. But, the fact that it is in breads leads to the thought that other types of Aluminum exposure could be part of the total body burden and if one had a leaky gut the bread /Aluminum relationship may be why gluten/giladin is reacted to in some with Autism. The Aluminum might act as an adjuvant in those who cannot properly digest gluten/giladin fully and the antigenic proteins get into the blodstream and Aluminum immunizes them against the protein seting off heightened immune responses when eaten or in some molecular mimicry occurs and is much stronger in reaction due to the Aluminum. While saying this I would think immune reactions like this would have been tested for in some with Autism and have not heard of it occuring though it may be a type of immune response not considered before or for some reason may only affect the brain. It might be the aluminum actually is what is hindering the proper digestion of gluten/giladin in the first place in some people. Since it has antiseptic and astringent qualities these factors might be worth considering as well.

"Many of the food products tested had probably used alum (aluminum potassium sulphate) as raising agents to make the texture of the food more appealing, Lee said."

“However, an excessive intake of aluminum has a correlation with Alzheimer’s disease,” he said. “And we are especially concerned about its effects on younger children’s growth and development, as well as on people with weaker metabolic functions.”

Additionally not long ago I had linked to the Mind Institute's position paper as one of their own researchers mada a statement in conflict with their own position paper. I commennted that I hoped they would not retract or change their paper's support for the idea that vaccines might have some relationship with Autism in some due to political correctness. Since then I have visited the position paper page again to find it under revision only stating is is being revised relative to vaccines, Thimerosal and enviromental factors. I am very interested on what the revised position says as it must represent a shift one way or the other to some degree.

Vaccines, Thimerosal and Other Potential Environmental Causes of Autism



The connections seem quite strong and maybe I should say nearly conclusive. Yet, people like us may reach an overwhelming awareness of the mechanisms and effects and their relationships in these conditions, but if those with the levers and letters behind their names interpreting medical conditions don't pronounce these ideas to be worth a look it is a bit like screaming in a hurricane. It will take more than this appreciated researcher {Chris Shaw, PhD} to tillt the scales, but it is a start. I cannot be sure when I will post my thoughts further on SAP, but SAA is my first focus in this area of studyand I am just getting into this possible SAA/SAP relationship though sometimes making broader connections helps in understanding one much better and has greater explanatory value as to hopefully catch someone's eye that has a position to verify or even clearly dismiss our musings. It seems a lot of these positioned people want to dismiss and quell our ideas because they make some sense and reflect negatively on some current medical apporaches harming many. Others ridicule because it makes them appear in step with "real science" and like riding on the bandwagon as it is much safer there. Thanks for your response.


Visitor, very interesting observations. As someone with a child diagnosed ASD (mostly recovered), a parent and 2 grandparents dx Alzheimers (one of whom came from Caribbean and also suffered from bouts of elephantitis, I believe), I have become very curious about the connections and possible genetic haplotypes associated with impaired immune function or impaired detox ability. I hope to see more of your thoughts in the future.


When I get a better idea of the reason SAP seems to increase Amyloid B fibrils and at other times supposedly disintegrates Amyloid I intend to post more in the "Inflamation Highway" thread were I have been developing thougths bearing on this, but in this report notice the Aluminum SAP connection with Alzheimer.
It may be that Aluminum is involved in the elevation of SAA and SAP at different stages of disease and possibly in a generally age dependent accumulative manner with SAA {Serum amyloid A} able to be found as an early effect of Aluminum exposure esp via injection into the tissues. Other SAA related conditons related to RA and others may occur at various ages.

Amyloid Beta in the Brain of Individuals With Alzheimer’s Disease

"The deposition of amyloid beta in the brain of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease is the focus of much research into both its cause and treatment.

While there may not be a consensus as to whether the deposition contributes to the disease or is a consequence of the disease, there is agreement that it is not favoured thermodynamically, meaning that something else is promoting the process.

Other proteins are often co-deposited in vivo with amyloid beta and one such protein is serum amyloid P component (or SAP). Recent evidence has suggested that SAP is elevated in Alzheimer’s disease and a team of researchers from Keele University in Staffordshire, UK, led by Professor Chris Exley, has shown that physiologically-significant concentrations of SAP promote the deposition of amyloid beta under conditions approaching those found in vivo.

Professor Exley said: “We have shown that SAP is bound by fibrils of amyloid beta and that this interaction stabilises the fibrils over timescales which are physiologically significant. This is the first example of a physiologically significant biomolecule promoting and stabilising the formation of amyloid
fibrils of amyloid beta 42 under near-physiological conditions.”

The group also found that this property of SAP was enhanced in the presence of aluminium, a metal which has also been shown to be co-deposited with amyloid beta in Alzheimer’s disease. There have been recent efforts to reduce the plasma concentration of SAP as a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and the research provides strong evidence that SAP is involved in the deposition of amyloid beta 42 in Alzheimer’s disease and that by reducing the plasma concentration of SAP it might also reduce the deposition of amyloid beta. Their observations support serum amyloid P component as a therapeutic target in Alzheimer’s disease."


Mary thanks for sharing about vitamin K. I wonder why they would put alumiunium in vitamin K.
There was something I read that said that all the IVs they run into your body has AL in it too??? I wonder why there too - is it put there on purpose or is it contamination.

That was very interesting. I did not know that there was some types of this disease that was not connected with worms in the lymph nodes but with minerals in the soil.
Thankyou for sharing it.


This may be a recycle at AoA, but it is relevant. As a precursor thought to the explanation for the expression of the disease meantioned in the articles below I would mention that researchers often cite mutations and SNP’s as though they are natural occurrences that are the problem or a problem in a number of conditions, including Autism, that by themselves would may not causes a disease state without additional factors that are not innately genetic though may involve genes and dna. Sometimes or often it is possible that the nexus of a condition is related to a mutated gene that is found at times in certain conditions, but the greater problems is not a mutation, but effects on gene expression that effects the proteins that alter metabolism and immune function. Certain halotypes may indeed be susceptible to environmental factors in which one factor alone or likely more often together with other environmental factors lead to pathologies in certain types. This seems to be the case in the following and the analogous manifestation of this condition seems to share some aspect of pathology with the effects of Aluminum in Autism.

HLA Class II Locus and Susceptibility to Podoconiosis

“Podoconiosis is a tropical lymphedema resulting from long-term barefoot exposure to red-clay soil derived from volcanic rock. The World Health Organization recently designated it as a neglected tropical disease. Podoconiosis develops in only a subgroup of exposed people, and studies have shown familial clustering with high heritability (63%).”


“We found a genomewide significant association of podoconiosis with the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs17612858, located 5.8 kb from the HLA-DQA1 locus (in the allelic model: odds ratio, 2.44; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.82 to 3.26; P=1.42×10−9; and in the additive model: odds ratio, 2.19; 95% CI, 1.66 to 2.90; P=3.44×10−8), and suggestive associations (P<1.0×10−5) with seven other SNPs in or near HLA-DQB1, HLA-DQA1, and HLA-DRB1. We confirmed these associations using family-based association testing. HLA typing showed the alleles HLA-DRB1*0701 (odds ratio, 2.00), DQA1*0201 (odds ratio, 1.91), and DQB1*0202 (odds ratio, 1.79) and the HLA-DRB1*0701–DQB1*0202 haplotype (odds ratio, 1.92) were risk variants for podoconiosis.”

“Association between variants in HLA class II loci with podoconiosis (a noncommunicable disease) suggests that the condition may be a T-cell–mediated inflammatory disease and is a model for gene–environment interactions that may be relevant to other complex genetic disorders.”

Study finds immune link to disfiguring leg disease

“Scientists have found a link between genetic variants in an area of the genome that controls immune response and the risk of contracting podoconiosis, a disfiguring and disabling leg disease that affects almost 4 million people, mainly in Africa.
In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday, researchers compared the genomes of 194 people in southern Ethiopia affected by the disease with 203 people in the same region who were not affected. They found three genetic variants that increase the risk of developing the disease.
Podoconiosis, or "podo" as it is often called, is a type of elephantiasis, or leg swelling, caused by an abnormal reaction to minerals found in soil.
It is found in farming communities in tropical Africa, Central America and northwest India, often among people who cannot afford shoes. It was added to a World Health Organisation (WHO) list of neglected tropical diseases in 2011.
"There are still many places round the world where people cannot afford a pair of shoes," said Gail Davey, a co-researcher on the study. "For some people, this means cold, cut or bruised feet, but for others it can lead to podoconiosis, which can have a significant impact on their quality of life".
Experts say years of walking, ploughing or playing barefoot on soils of volcanic origins which contain irritant mineral particles appears to trigger changes in the lymph system in the legs, which in time can lead to swelling in the feet and legs.
According to the Geneva-based WHO, around a million people in Ethiopia and another 500,000 in Cameroon are estimated to be affected by podoconiosis.
The economic consequences are severe, the WHO says, with productivity losses amounting to 45 percent of working days per year for each patient - suggesting economic losses to a country like Ethiopia of more than $200 million per year.
The disease often runs in families, implying there is likely to be a genetic component to it, but until now no genetic variants had been linked to it.
Melanie Newport from Britain's Brighton & Sussex Medical School, who led the study, said the three variants she and her team found were all in a region of the genome that plays an important role in controlling the immune system.
"Although this is still early days for identifying potential treatments, it suggests that drugs that target immune responses may be useful," she said in a statement about the findings.
Fasil Tekola Ayele of the Armauer Hansen Research Institute in Ethiopia, who also worked on the team, said that this sort of genetic study is still fairly uncommon in African populations but the results of the latest one highlight their importance.
The research team said the next step would be to try to pinpoint exactly which molecules are involved in podoconiosis, and which specific genetic mutations affect the function of those molecules.”

These two reports come across as though this is news, but a search of medical reports shows a report I have linked a little further below is from 1976 and there is at least one other in the mid 2000’s I found about this same thing. The first one is below. Notice the mention of Alumina in the second report from above.

Highlighting this phrase in the second report:

“Experts say years of walking, ploughing or playing barefoot on soils of volcanic origins which contain irritant mineral particles appears to trigger changes in the lymph system in the legs, which in time can lead to swelling in the feet and legs.”

The “irritant mineral particles” sound a lot like adjuvant particularly the Alumina correlating with Aluminum from vaccines injected into the body and contacting adipose cells and small blood vessels. This injected irritant could trigger immune maladies as we find them to in a exposure process able to effect vasculature and brain and other organs and the CNS too.

This is the 1976 report.

The association of endemic elephantiasis of the lower legs in East Africa with soil derived from volcanic rocks.

“Endemic elephantiasis of the lower legs in Ethiopia, which reaches a maximum of 86-7 per 1,000 adults in affected areas, is related to the distribution of red clay soil derived from volcanic rocks, particularly basalt. Prevalence falls rapidly on leaving these areas. This observation has been tested in regions of non-filarial elephantiasis reported in Kanya and north-western Tanzania and further investigated in volcanic areas of Rwanda where the disease had not previously been reported. The same relationship is found to occur in these areas. The limitation to the lower legs of the barefooted section of the farming community suggests that the aetiological factor or factors enter by the feet. The occurrence at high altitude (over 1,200 metres) is noted and the predominance of basalt or basalt-like lava in each case is considered significant. The altitude governs rainfall and temperature and thus governs the type of soil produced. The soil produced from these rocks is rich in colloidal iron oxide, alumina and silica, to which a number of metallic ions are adsorbed. This soil is a reddish-brown clay which, when wet, is strongly adherent to the skin. The derived ions are known to be toxic to human tissue and absorption through intact human skin has been shown to occur experimentally. It is suggested that absorption of these irritants through the bare feet is responsible for the irreversible damage to the lymphatic channels. The present studies support the hypothesis that "high-altitude" elephantiasis of the lower legs in East Africa is a geochemical disease.”

The takeway here is that while these people effected by this mineral exposure may have risk that others don't to the condition arising it is implied that they would not get the condition if not exposed to the mineral irritants. This is like populations more sensitive to adjuvnant like Aluminum.

Mary Davenport

About mercury in a Tuna sandwich - Tuna is not recommended for children. WIC, the federal program supplementing food for low income women and children, has removed tuna from the foods it provides. It used to be considered a good cheap source of protein but no more.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Mary and oneVoice, thanks for your posts on kidney function and Al in the vitamin K injection.

Anne, Chris Shaw responded to the email I sent him yesterday, and has told me he will add the inferior colliculus to the list of brain sites he plans to look at in his next experiments on the effects of Al on mice. I do look forward to reading all of his publications and trying to get establishment researchers to discuss his findings.


Mark Struthers
Thanks for giving me a link where they are all together.
I had stumbled upon Dr. Shaws talk already.
But as I said---I was just stumbling around to find them all.


One voice
Yes I read that about plants too. That is why the PH of the soil is so important. AL is not bound as tight to the soil when the soil becomes more acidic.


This reminds me of what happened when my third child was born in 2006. We had already decided to not vaccinate, including no Hep B or Vitamin K. When the attending pediatrician saw the birth order she contacted me in the recovery room to argue that it was essential to give my newborn Vitamin K. I explained that it had aluminum in it. She was incredulous and insisted there was no aluminum in Vitamin K. She even backed it up by saying the hospital pharmacist also said there was no aluminum in Vitamin K. I knew there was but I asked to have the package insert sent to my room. Here is what it said:

WARNING: This product contains aluminum that may be toxic. Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration if kidney function is impaired. Premature neonates are particularly at risk because their kidneys are immature, and they required large amounts of calcium and phosphate solutions, which contain aluminum.

Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 mcg/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.

My son had kidney dysfunction that was diagnosed in utero. When I showed this to the attending pediatrician she argued with me that the benefits outweighed the risks, to which I replied that she had no idea the risks my family faced. She wrote an affidavit saying I refused vitamin K (to protect herself) and I wrote an affidavit, had them type it and put it with the manufacturers warning label (to protect myself).

One month later the HHS department issued a letter warning hospitals of the toxicity possibility in Vitamin K, with the same warning language that was in the manufacturers label.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Anne, I have just sent an email to Professor Shaw suggesting that he look for Al injury in the inferior colliculi in his experiments with mice.

This is a tiny area (even in bigger lab animals) in the roof of the midbrain. Morgan et al. (Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2004 Oct 15;200(2):131-45) cited in my previous post noted that damage found in the "posterior colliculi" was fortuitous, because this is not an area of the brain usually looked at in research on toxic substances.

There is good reason to look at this area of the brain, based on a seminal (but long forgotten) paper by Seymour Kety, who discovered (also to his great surprise) that blood flow is higher in the inferior colliculi than anywhere else in the brain. The paper is online at I urge everyone to look at this paper, if even only to look at the picture showing highest amount of the radioactive tracer in the inferior colliculi 60 seconds after injection into the circulation of a cat.

Subsequent research by Louis Sokoloff and others has shown that the inferior colliculi are also the site of highest aerobic metabolism in the brain. What is the significance? In the 5 books I have recently published on Barnes & Noble's Pubit site, I cite audiologists Ladislav Fisch and Richard Angelo who suggested this small area of the midbrain as "the vigilance and information seeking center of the brain." Professor Derek Denny-Brown proposed that this area of the brain might even be the seat of the soul.

I think the inferior colliculi should be investigated as the "final common pathway" in the brain affected by all of the myriad etiological factors associated with autism.

Thanks again, Anne, for pointing out the important research of Professor Shaw.


We also have to remember that newborns and small children
have immature kidneys (to excrete) and immature livers(to
detoxify)these aluminum adjuvants.Aluminum bio-accumulation
will begin at an earlier age and we will see alzheimers like illnesses to start at an earlier age.
I thank Dr. Shaw for
bringing this very important research forward.I also pray
that changes are happening and these aluminum adjuvanted
vaccines will be declined and refused by educated parents.
Remember Gardasil and all that damage it caused.Hep B is also high in this neuro toxin.These toxic adjuvants should be taken off the market.I also would like to see more research how the mitochondria is effected by the aluminum
adjuvants.In plants it appears to be highly toxic.


Let's not forget the synergistic toxicity between Al and Hg. From the Merck MSDS for Thimerosal:
"10.3: "Violent reactions possible with: Strong oxidizing agents, Strong acids, Bases, Aluminum, Reducing agents"

Boyd Haley showed in a 2005 article (Medical Veritas 2 (2005) 535–542) that "Aluminum hydroxide alone (solid triangles [▲])at 500 nM showed no significant death of cells at 6 hours, and only slight toxicity over the 24-hour period. Thimerosal at 50 nM effected only a slight increase in neuron death at 6 hours. However, in the presence of 50 nM thimerosal plus 500 nM aluminum hydroxide(open triangles [Δ]), the neuronal death increases to roughly 60%, an amazing increase and clearly demonstrates the synergistic effects of other metals on mercury toxicity and certainly thimerosal toxicity."

Despite this, mercury-containing vaccines are still injected alongside aluminum-adjuvanted ones.

And in 2008 FDA/CBER held a workshop on Adjuvants (see here for transcripts From one presentation, I quote:
"Selected Mechanism of Action; Depends on Adjuvant -- often poorly understood"

"Note: Such mechanisms lead to immune/inflammatory responses that may be localized and/or systemic and antigen specific and/or non-specific Also note: need for and responses to adjuvants may differ with different antigens, in different clinical settings (e.g. priming vs. recall) and in different populations"

"Adjuvant Benefits and Risks:
FDA Perspectives

Enhanced immunity vs. inflammation, AEs, autoimmunity?

Safety expectations very high for preventive vaccines:
–healthy children
–global use
–large numbers
–confidence in immunization, public health, government, industry, and dependent public health outcomes, always at stake"

They clearly are aware of the ability of adjuvants to induce autoimmune conditions:

"Potentially antigen specific or non-specific potent immune and inflammatory stimulation
– Increased reactogenicity, local +/-systemic inflammation
– Unclear which, if any, correlate with risk of rare SAEs – Potential role in autoimmunity, short or long term? – Antigen specific (e.g. neural or cardiac antigens) – Auto-immune/inflamm disease, e.g. SLE, “idiopathic” – Are there plausible risks to developing immune systems?"

And they discussed the possibility (as has been suggested by other research) that there is a protective mechanism behind non-response in young infants, i.e. suppression of cytokines which could harm brain development:

"May there be, in some cases, host (vs. pathogen) protective reasons for poor antigenicity (and a risk to overcoming them)? Or can we select/design better antigens?"


Eileen Nicole Simon

Anne, thanks for this most important post. Among all of Professor Shaw's interesting comments, the following seem most important to me:

(1) “We are now using a mouse model to try to duplicate the pediatric vaccine schedule with a series of behavioral tests and, after sacrifice, histological assessments . . .” and

(2) “What's been wrong with the way that we study the safety of vaccines? Shaw: Pretty much everything. For example, animal studies are not typically adequately powered, do not look in relevant areas of the CNS”

I will try to contact Dr. Shaw in person regarding relevant areas of the CNS where damage should be looked for. It should be looked for in the inferior colliculus, also referred to as the caudal, posterior, or auditory colliculi. See, and lookup in PubMed, for example:

Romero I et al. Vascular factors in the neurotoxic damage caused by 1,3-dinitrobenzene in the rat. Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol. 1991 Dec;17(6):495-508.

Lundgren AL. Feline non-suppurative meningoencephalomyelitis. A clinical and pathological study. J Comp Pathol. 1992 Nov;107(4):411-25. (on infectious injury)

Morgan DL et al. Neurotoxicity of carbonyl sulfide in F344 rats following inhalation exposure for up to 12 weeks. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2004 Oct 15;200(2):131-45.

(3) “The Hepatitis B vaccine, given within hours of birth, contains 250 mcg of Al. . .” and if the umbilical cord was clamped before the first breath, impairment of the blood-brain-barrier can be expected. Then, as with bilirubin, the Al-laden vaccine components can be expected to add secondary injury. Once more, look at the vaccine research strategy (with lab animals) that I submitted to the IACC 3 years ago, at

The final insult?
(4) He said he was expecting a certain backlash when his study was published, but, as he revealed, "It actually triggered a lot of silence."

Sandborn's response to this needs to become a rallying point for all of us:
"These calls to silence critical discussion of a still open scientific question are troubling. Science progresses by investigation, debate and full discussion, not by fiat and censorship. . .
We would like to see rigorously peer reviewed research continue, and public discussion and debate promoted.”

Mark Struthers


Of course, Christopher Shaw also gave an interesting talk on Aluminum and its effects on the nervous system ... amongst all the other distinguished speakers you mentioned and more ...

... at the Vaccine Safety conference in Jamaica - which was actually in January 2011. The main message from his talk is that the super-Vaccinologists like Paul Offit in the US, and Professor David Salisbury in the UK, simply cannot say that vaccines are safe ... because vaccines have never been properly tested for safety, in any kind of way, let alone on the brain and nervous system.



That is what Dr. Romain Gherardi is saying. It remains for a very long time in the muscles, and then the macrophages takes it to the lymphnodes, then by the thoric duct to the spleen and then bone and brain.

A thought occurs to me here: In Kawasakis - parents are complaining about reoccurring high fevers after the child recovers from Kawasakis. Those children experience this have enlarged lymph nodes.
It has also been noted that these kids develop enlarged tonsils and/or spleen (my daughter had a very enlarged spleen). If the tonsils are swollen -and - they are removed it is noted that it does help stop this periodical fever disorder.

Although tonsils are not lymphnodes they are closely linked to the lymph node system just as the spleen is.

For what this is worth
In one of the videos below it is suggested mineral water with a high content of silicic acid or silicon - taken daily forrrrrrr everrrrr.
Oat bran and oat meal (from what I can find out) also has high levels of silicic acid.
Oat bran was at one time a big thing about lowering cholesterol, good for the heart - and this inflammation is about the heart too.

If so that is one thing I did do right; I put it in everything from birthday cakes, dumplings, to salmon patties.

Paul G. King, PhD

The mode of exposure, injection versus ingestion, may be a significant factor.

However, the critical factor for the aluminum in vaccines is the nature of the aluminum species present in the vaccine as non-specific adjuvants. The form of the aluminum species used as adjuvants is as a practically insoluble (with in-vivo half-lives of about three [3] years) to very sparingly soluble (with in-vivo half-lives of about one [1] year) polymeric hydrated aluminum salts where the degree of crystallinity and the nature of the counter ions in the aluminum species used to make the adjuvant.

Moreover, the principal mode of action of these aluminum adjuvants involves the macrophagic arm of the human immune system.

Finally, though the increasing load of aluminum adjuvants may certainly be a serious factor in chronic circulating-immune-system-related chronic diseases, mercury in the form of Thimerosal-preserved influenza vaccines given to pregnant women and children from 6 months of age onwards (where more than 50% of the doses are still Thimerosal-preserved doses) as well as in reduced levels of Thimerosal in some other vaccines is still the most significant causal factor in the area of regressive chronic behavioral, developmental, and neurodevelopmental disorders seen in young children.

Unlike aluminum, where the Establishment response continues to be "silence", the response to Thimerosal in vaccines continues to be false assertions of its removal and CDC-influenced articles that knowingly misrepresent the facts concerning the causal reaction between Thimerosal-preserved vaccines and the risk of an "autism" or "other neurodevelopmental disorder" diagnosis.

When, if ever, all of the doses of the Thimerosal-preserved vaccines are finally withdrawn from the US market and only aluminum adjuvants remain, then, perhaps, we will begin to be able to sort out the effects of the various types of aluminum adjuvants on chronic disease.

At present, all should be demanding that all vaccines on the US market should be free of any added mercury compound (e.g., Thimerosal) as well as all adjuvants unless and until toxicological proof of safety with a 100-fold safety margin can be established for Thimerosal and at least a 10-fold safety margin can be established for any adjuvant.

Just my science-based 2 cents.


So are vaccine manufacturers protected in other countries like they are in the US? If not maybe the focus should be on the countries where pharma can be sued the easiest. It will be hard for the US to continue this protectionism of vaccine manufacturers if they lose lawsuits in other countries.

First do no harm

Excellent interview, Anne. Please do more of these and circulate widely!!

Every answer Dr. Shaw gave is a damning indictment of our reckless vaccine program. HIs discussion of dietary vs. injectable aluminum is so simple, straightforward and obvious, it's amazing that the drug cartel has duped so many physicians into believing injectable toxins are safe. Just amazing. Is there any hope for our species? Sometimes I wonder.


Lucky 13 on the periodical chart (if I was superstitious):

Kent Heckenlively wrote an article on his daughter's blood -- like tiny blood clots.

Alum is great for stopping blood, ever used it for shaving cuts? It is amazing!

While cutting the wing tips off the peacocks,
There's no need to gather up paddings of old socks.
If you have to saw off the bull's very long horn,
no nursing required or feeding him some corn.
Animals bleedingto death,no need to fear.
For aluminium based medicine is here!

In Nov of 2011 The saftey confernce on vaccine took place in Jamaica and there was a lot of talk about alumiunium as the adjuvant in the vaccines.

If any of you have not taken the time to listen - do take it now. Here are the links to three of them.

starting with Dr. Wakefeild.

Then there was Professor Christopher Exley on Aluminium

Then the Frenchman Dr. Romain Gherardi
My kids had Kawasakis and anytime that some one says lymphnodes and spleen it gets my interest.


And thank God for a few people like Tom Sandborn who are still appalled that there are people like Offit, and his call for censorship.

Oh; but there are modern crimes againest humananity that I so wish we could perhaps bring back certain punishments from the past.


Dr. Shaw got no "Back LASH" from the vaccine makers but instead "SILENCE"

Which means they already knew, and knew it for years. But why bother to worry about it, or rock the boat, or tell anything - they can't be sued - you know - protected by the government and all.

I bet it has even amazed them how long it took "parents" (but no worries about elderly people or people with chronic fatigue syndrome, or those with diabeties, or ALS, or parkinson, or lupus, or other immune problems) to get around to it.

If it had not been for a mercury peserver -- , those harmed would have figured it out sooner, but it is hard when you have so many toxins to pick from, and it has been made into a 20 questions game. In this case the other side does not even have to answer yes or no, true or untrue-- just "SILENCE".

Al found in brains of alzeiheimers as far back as the late 60s. Everyone was looking at each other wondering about it. Better get rid of those aluminium cookware pans, and if you don't at least don't cook acidic foods like tomatoes in it, and don't drink carbonated drinks out of the can, better reduce the baking powder and add more eggs, and did you know it is possible to put baking soda under your arms instead of the aluminium based deorderent?

Al in vacccines????? Never mentioned. Aluminium in the vaccines no one even knew. All that was said - it is a protein that the pathogen has and we put it into our bodies and get our bodies ready for it. That is all it has -- you little sillies.

Bob Moffitt

Anne: What about the argument that children receive more exposure to Al in their diet than from their vaccines?

Shaw: It may be true in terms of amount, but the route of exposure is absolutely critical. This is a key principle of toxicology and it never ceases to amaze me that the argument equating dietary to injected aluminum (or mercury) is made at all. Most dietary aluminum (or mercury) will be excreted. Injected aluminum is not easily removed, hence one reason it is used as an adjuvant in the first place

I must have missed it .. but .. I don't remember any great argument equating dietary to injected aluminum being made by anyone?

In fact .. federal regulatory agencies .. most especially the FDA and EPA .. routinely warn against "eating, touching or breathing" hazzardous chemicals .. such as .. formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum to name just a few.

Yet both the FDA and EPA remain SILENT regarding vaccines containing those very same hazzardous chemicals being routinely INJECTED into children.

Why is that? I suspect because the "common sense" debate regarding dietary exposures and injected exposures never happened.

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