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School Nurse Talks About The Greater Good Vaccine Debate Movie

Canary final logoFrom our friends at Canary Party.

On Monday we brought you a letter by Greg Marvel, School Board President, encouraging parents to watch, "The Greater Good."  It seems that his letter has inspired another endorsement, this time by a school nurse:

Re: The film “The Greater Good”

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nancy Sheets, and I am a credentialed school nurse in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.  I earned my Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of San Francisco in 1980, and worked in medical/surgical nursing, cardiopulmonary and intensive care units, and home health case management prior to my employment as a school nurse and health educator.

 As a health professional, I feel it is my responsibility to be informed regarding public health issues, current research, and policy that affects the health and safety of our children.   This film raises some very thought provoking questions regarding the development of vaccines and vaccine policy.  The information is well presented, and offers a well-balanced discussion of these issues.  The viewpoints of individuals in the medical field who are strong advocates for current vaccine policy are presented, as well as the opinions and experiences of neuroscientists and physicians who raise pertinent questions based on their research or clinical experience in the care of children.

As a school nurse, I encourage parents to confer with their health care providers on many issues. Parents are continually making decisions that influence the health and safety of their child. This film can be an educational resource parents can utilize as they discuss immunization plans with their pediatricians.

Nancy Sheets, RN BSN PHN

A reminder to watch The Greater Good on Current TV this Saturday at 1pm eastern.



I grew up in this school district, so I am very pleased to see such an open-minded attitude. I don't know why all the vitriol about the movie; those of us who have looked into these issues before may have already known much of what was in there. If even a few people who didn't know something, learned something knew and tell their friends--it's worth it. Plus, I thought Paul Offit looked dishonest. He kept looking away when he'd make his sweeping statements of vaccine safety. Maybe no one else has questioned him (which is ridiculous), but people aren't believing him, otherwise he wouldn't still have to be talking.

I'm proud of the SRVUSD!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Sandy, You are so right. I would love to do a poll here in India and find out how many pediatricians or other doctors know the name of the mercury ingredient in vaccines. And my suspicion is that even at the time of the so-called removal of mercury from US vaccines, many or most American doctors did not know the word Thimerosal- And the result?- They did not know how to check their vaccines for mercury content.


Medical faculties, research staff, teaching staff and students are strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry which is often involved in financial support.

Information regarding pharmaceutical products including vaccines is often filtered by the industry. This applies also to information which the industry gives to their reps.

In addition, medical students normally study about vaccines for only a few hours and doctors often don't take the time to even read through package inserts.

In comparison it is often the case that vaccine critics have spent hundreds of hours, even many years studying vaccines and know far more than the average doctor.

We are many who are frustrated, unimpressed and tired of trying to ask about and discuss with doctors about vaccine ingredients, safety statistics, potential long term adverse events including carcinogenicity, synergy, interactions, secondary transmission, concomitant administration, etc.

It is often blatantly obvious that the average doctor has minimal knowledge about the complex issue of vaccination.

Bridgit Gilmore

LOL, Barb. Why is it that the Dr's who agree with the vaccine schedule are the only one's whose opinions seem to be counted. Do you know how many researchers and physicians and gastroenterologists, etc DO NOT agree with vaccination/s? No, you probably dont. Do you know why? Because the mainstream media, who are supported by advertising from Merck, GSK, Sanofi-Pasteur and other pharaceutical companies, have threatened to withdraw their advertising from media sources.

And let me tell you something else, your doctor has not, in fact, done his research on vaccines. Your bog standard GP only know about vaccines what the DRUG REP tell him. What makes you think that the GP who doesnt push vaccines HASNT researched vaccines and their (often deadly) side effects???

Ever been pregnant and had a GP/hospitol urge you to come and get your swine flu shot to 'protect' you and your baby? Ever asked your GP if it is safe? Ever been told, absolutely? Well, next time ask to read the package insert. Guess what it says? 'THIS PRODUCT HAS NEVER BEEN TESTED ON PREGNANT WOMEN. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT WOMAN AND CHILDREN UNDER 5' That what it says.

Paul Offut has stated that 100,000 vaccines given at one time would be safe for an infant. But he has been challenged, on at least one occasion, for 1 MILLION DOLLARS, to take that amount of vaccines, in public. He wont do it. Polls taken of GP's show that Gp's, as a rule, dont vaccinate either their own families or take vaccines themselves! Surprise.

I could go on, but I'll stop with simply asking you to educate yourself before you become another statistic. Or worse, your children are vaccine injured.

Peace out.


I understand how you feel, Barb, but remember that it's vital that our medical community awaken to some of the issues surrounding the U.S. immunization program. That ANY individual in the medical community understands this documentary, has been touched by it, and is encouraging others to view it, is a GREAT sign and should be applauded! Nurses need to educate themselves about this issue as well. I am heartened to see that a nurse in our school district is open minded on this topic and is encouraging others to be so as well. This was the intent behind the making of this film; to actively encourage healthy debate regarding this extremely volatile subject.

My family, as I've stated in a prior comment, resides in San Ramon, California. Our son attends high school in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. I am absolutely thrilled to hear that people in our local area are becoming educated about this issue.

Jake Crosby

While I do like "The Greater Good," I do feel that its one weakness is simply giving yet another forum for Paul Offit to spread his lies unchallenged when mainstream media already gives him plenty of time to do this already. From reading "Science"Blogs, it's obvious his inclusion into the film is not making pharma hate it any less.

When has anybody actually pressed him on any of his lies, other than the time I challenged him at NIH? If every interviewer of his started to do what I did, just how credible would he seem to the average viewer? Not very.


The Greater Good takes away FREEDOM. So she's a nurse, so what. I prefer to listen to doctors who have gone beyond their schooling and sought out for themselves for the good of the children the side affects what all these vaccines can and do to our children.

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