Watch Fox & Friends Sunday On Lack of Government Response to Skyrocketing Autism Rates
Olmsted and Blaxill Talk Shocking Autism Rates with Gary Null and Robert Scott Bell

Tell Politicians, President, HHS About NYC Press Conference for World Autism Day


Autism Rate Now 1 in 88, 1 in 54 Boys; What Will it Take for the Feds to Act?  CLICK HERE to alert your Senator, Representative and President Obama about the reality of the autism epidemic. 

“When will the federal health authorities wake up?  Will it be 1 in 25? 1 in 10? How many children have to suffer from autism to call this an emergency?”    

New York, NY, March 29, 2012 – Grassroots autism advocacy organizations representing over 100,000 autism families will hold a press conference Monday, April 2, 2012, World Autism Day, at 11:00 at Hilton Manhattan East, 304 East 42nd St., to push for official recognition of autism as a national public health emergency and to analyze the federal health authorities’ ongoing failure to respond.

Please email a copy of this press release to your Senators, Member of the House and President Obama by clicking on the Take Action link above. And please share this email with friends and family and please post to Facebook and other social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please make a donation at Autism Action Network.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced new prevalence rates among 8-year-olds from 2008 as 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys.  “These numbers are staggering,” said Katie Wright, daughter of Autism Speaks co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright and board member of the National Autism Association.  “When will the federal health authorities wake up?  Will it be 1 in 25? 1 in 10? How many children have to suffer from autism to call this an emergency?” Recent research from Stanford University conclusively shows that environmental triggers account for most cases of autism, not genetic predisposition. 

“Parents have been calling on the NIH to study environmental factors for decades, but almost all the money has gone into genetic studies.  No matter how high the autism rate soars, the CDC’s continued denial of an autism epidemic is certitude comparable to death and taxes,” said Mark Blaxill, Editor-at-Large of Age of Autism web-based newspaper.

These advocacy groups believe that ongoing government research appears to be driven by corporations that fear being implicated in any environmental relationship with the autism epidemic, and believe that these apparent conflicts of interest must be exposed.

The organizations call for three urgent action steps:

1. Secretary Sebelius should declare a national health emergency and order the NIH and CDC to shift their research focus to prevention efforts, especially investigation of long overlooked environmental factors.

2.      The Government Accounting Office should initiate a study of past research funding that has ignored environmental causes.  We need to understand whether this was the result of lobbying to avoid possible liability that might be uncovered with examination of environmental triggers.

3.      The U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee should initiate promised hearings as soon as possible on the failure of federal health agencies in appropriately responding to this epidemic. It has been about ten years since this Committee examined the role of the federal authorities in the autism epidemic. 

We can think of no other instance of any comparable epidemic that has gone on so long without Congressional oversight. Grassroots organizations represented at the press conference: Age of Autism, AutismOne, Autism Action Network, Autism File, The Canary Party, Center for Personal Rights, The Coalition for Safe Minds, Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy, Focus Autism, National Autism Association, Talk About Curing Autism.


Barbara Fischkin (516) 525-3511

Rebecca Estepp (858) 829-6454  

Press conference: Monday, April 2, 11:00 a.m. Hilton Manhattan East 304 East 42nd St. New York, NY




Hello friends!

It's been a long while. A long string of personal tragedies and down right insanity that it is best not to get into. Being the aspie I am, I am a creature of logic. Logic dictates that the levels of those on the spectrum have skyrocketed just since I was diagnosed in 2004. Saying the increase in diagnoses for aspies is cause for the rise is ludicris. Next thing you know they are going to try to pull the old "aspergers is the next state of evolution thing on me again. 1-88, come on people!! You can't just dismiss that away with just more aspies being diagnosed!! There is something going on here!

Eileen Nicole Simon

Barbara and Rebecca, I watched the news conference this morning and am sorry I didn't go down to New York to be there. I have just used your excellent link to send my message to President Obama, my senators, and representatives as follows:

Please do not respond with a form letter.

The brain damage in autism could have been understood decades ago, and the present horrific increase in prevalence prevented.

My first two children suffered anoxia and trauma at birth. They were born in 1962 and 1963, before the current vaccine schedule was put in place. An article by William F. Windle in the October 1969 issue of the Scientific American reported the evidence of damage to auditory nuclei in the brainstem caused by subjecting monkeys to asphyxia at birth. I had just begun graduate school in biochemistry and neuroscience when I first read Windle's article.

Windle also pointed out that the brainstem damage involved breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, which then allows any potentially toxic substance (like bilirubin) to get into neurons of the brainstem sites compromised by asphyxia.

I passed up the opportunity to continue with a career in research because I had two more children and was unable to spend long hours in the lab. I have continued to keep abreast of the medical literature, but have been unable to engage in meaningful discussion with established research professionals.

Twelve years ago I posted a website,, in memory of my second son, who died of a psychiatrist prescribed overdose of Thorazine. Two years later I was contacted by people urging (without success) to stop the obstetric protocol to clamp the umbilical cord immediately after birth, which came into common use in the mid 1980s.

Use of a clamp to terminate placental blood flow following birth reveals an abysmal lack of understanding of the physiology of transition from placental to pulmonary respiration. A brief lapse in respiration is likely to occur in many cases. Then, vitamin K and hepatitis B vaccine are injected. Components of both (like aluminum) are then likely to pass the disrupted blood-brain barrier and magnify the harm caused by brief asphyxia.

Since 2003 I have tried to engage in discussions with members of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC), but their response is complete silence. This is an outrage. I can't believe that the "Strategic Plan" they came up with does not deal with the major handicap of children with autism, developmental language delay.

Please act to make changes in the non-responsiveness of federal agencies and federally-funded members of the research elite.



Perhaps you may want to view (and read) what Dr. Russell Blaylock, a Board Certified Neurosurgeon, has to say about vaccines.

Here is a link to one of his interviews (one of his best in my humble opinion):


I think neutrinos are the coolest find ever, however, they haven't been able to duplicate the research showing them to be faster than light, yet they can go through walls of stone and lead...amazing. One day I expect we will find these little "buggers" transport souls or have some other wonderful use. For now we have to deal with the science at hand and it's failing our children , in essence ending the human race as it's been for thousands of years. This prediction of 2012 may not be some horrific literal earth shattering event, it may just mark the end of the human race as we know it. It must have been predictable that we would end with the very wealthy having nothing more than the midas touch.

Jerry MacPherson


My name is Jerry MacPherson and I am concerned about the Autism crisis.

I have a theory on what might be causing Autism.

Just recently, CERN, The big scientific experimental accelerator in Europe had Neutrinos traveling fast, too fast indeed for Einstein.

After Billions spent, 50+ years of Scientific experience, the scientists still can get it wrong, But it was not some enormous computational problem that went awry, or some theory not explored, or some complex electronics problem, No
It was a simple test machine not plugged into the wall

It has been said that the more complicated a machine or elaborate electronic device; any failure will probably be a simple malfunction of a single source

So here goes my Autism theory:

1 Something has been injected into the human test bed in the last 30 years that was not there before.

2 That something would need to be used my moms and new borns.

3 I had the misfortune a year ago or so of having to store lemon grass tea in a sealed ziplock plastic bag.
The bag had gotten misplaced and when I went to make some tea, I found the bag of lemon grass tea on top of an open package of Bounce (That fragrant dryer sheet softener). Thinking nothing of it, I made some tea only to discover that the lemon grass tea had more flavor and aroma than expected. It tasted and smelled of that Fresh Spring Scent (Bounce).

4 Thinking more about this: The lemon grass tea was stored in a waterproof ziplock bag. How small are the molecules in the Bounce that will allow them to penetrate a plastic bag that is airtight?

5 Fabric softener itself has been around since the early 1900's, so fabric softener itself may not be the problem, since Autism did not increase until after the 1980's.

6 What did happen in the 1980’s is that the fabric softener dryer sheet was created, and I suspect the usage of dryer sheets has grown exponentially since then.

7 I will bet mother's of newly born babies have fragrantly scented pampers, Bounce, Snuggles, Downey or other perfumed sprays and aerosols around their very precious children exposing them to the toxins therein.

I do not know if it is the softener or fragrance, but how ironic would it be if the human race in an effort to neutralize out our natural scent, or rather a desire to smell fresh and fragrant became the virus that wipes out humanity.

I have worked at several fortune 500 companies as a quality assurance engineer, always trying to solve problems, or better discovering problems and fixing them before they can migrate and replicate causing data destruction or application error.

Sometimes it's intuition that has guided me to explore an area in software or hardware that I believe could be a problem, and in many cases has proven to be the case. I believe the fragrance in these dry sheets or room fragrance may be the cause of the Autism Calamity of our time.

I not saying this is the cause, but I believe it to be environmental, something brought into our homogeneous life system and now destroying it.

I would like to know what studies are ongoing.
I would have thought that there would be some experiments in isolating different chemicals from the newborn environment!

Are there controlled studies for parents that are expecting a newborn where some 60 or so families abstain from chemicals such as fragrances? Participants would keep logs listing all chemicals used and how and where they are stored, etc

Other studies could check for the vaccine theory
Other studies could check for things children handle and play with
Other studies could check for medications and antibiotics
Other studies could check for over counter remedies as in cold remedies

Then check and compare the results at 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years, and so on?


Jerry MacPherson
702 300 9513


If 1 in 88 men couldn't get it up, it the terror threat lights would have been lit up.


I am sick of talking about the CDC..they are corrupt puppets under the powerful pharma cartel they are political cast of characters with no moral or ethical concious..they are paid off to forget us damaged only way of dealing with this is to stop the damage in my family and by word of mouth in my more offerring up our precious offspring to these political clowns..I want to see health back in my family..if it means homeschool ..grow food @ be it..I will still fight for the cause but how do you fight corruption at this level..stop using there products bottom line...its sad that typical children will be seen as rare specimens now. enough is enough!


Cherry Sperlin Misra, I don't know if you just coined this or not, but it's the best description of the MAJORITY of boys that I've ever heard. "Autism Lite".


Join us in asking


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Yes, barbaraj, Autism becoming the new normal sounds like a joke, but believe me, as someone running a nursery school in India for the last40 years, I can see how fast people forget what normal behavior in children is. To make it worse, it is now clear that doctors, or very few of them ever knew what behavior was normal in children. It sounds bizarre, but it would be very nice for someone to collect as fast as possible all the reliable material they can find on what is normal behavior in the human infant and child.
One reason for the loss of this knowledge is that there are now so many kids with "autism lite" They start out life with 6-7 minor symptoms ( like fans/ only like blue or purple colour/ slightly poor eye contact/ dont relate to other kids too well/ have a few unusual fears/ dont point to objects, etc , etc.) and the symptoms reduce and fade as the child ages. Other kids the parents know have the same "issues" and soon enough its all accepted as normal or near normal.
Not long back, while driving my car in New Delhi, I passed by two boys having a fist fight. One boy took a strong jab at the other and the second boy evaded the punch with agility. And what passed through my mind? "Wow, isnt it great to see a couple of neurologically normal boys!"Yesterday, in fact, I saw a smiling mother walking with her 3-4 year old who was easily riding a two wheeled scooter. I havent seen a sight like that in a long time- so this time I thought, "There's one who got imported vaccines with no mercury"

John Stone

K Finley

For every ASD girl there are 4.3 boys. The method for calculating the rate for boys is to multiply 88 by 5.3 (4.3 + 1)= 466.4 and divide by 2 = 233.2. 1 in 233.2 will be the rate for girls and rate for boys 1 in (233.2 divided by 4.3) which is 1 in 54 approx., the figure given above.

If you do a simpler calculation based a proportion of 4:1(88 x 5) = 440 divided by 2 = 220 divided by 4 this gives a remarkably similar result of 1 in 55 boys. The only thing to note in this calculation is that although the difference of the figure for boys is less that 1 (55 against 54.23) the error for girls is much greater (220 against 233.2).

Ray Gallup

Interesting that the CDC says autism is now 1 in 88 and this is data from 2008.....

Check this out, Dr. Yazbak and I said this in 2008. He a grandfather and I a father of adults with autism......

1 in 88 Children With Autism/ASD In Military Families
By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP & Raymond W. Gallup
July 09, 2008

Is the CDC taking the data we showed and if not where are their figures for 2012, this year??

And what do they intend to do about a very serious problem???

Am I out of line asking this?????????????

Ray Gallup


K Finley;
I don't think they are talking about 88 kids with autism - but they are 88 kids with-out autism, and only one with autism. So we are talking about the one kid with autism and out of that number it is likely that 1 boy of of 45 will have autism????
There is good reasons that they now have classes in college called "Ethical Statistics" - were they teach morality --what is right and what is wrong- along with stats.

On CDC site it says that boys are (FIVE) times more likely???? well let us just confuse the heck out of all of us even further - in a recent article here it said four times more likly in boys. So which is it?

To make it clearer (which is impossible)
If you grab up 88 eight year olds boys and girls, and put them in a classroom - one will have autism-- 88 normal.

If you grab up 254 eight year old girls and put them in gymnasium- 1 will have autism.

If you grab up 45 boys to go camping for boy scouts - there is a good chance one will have autism.


At this point, I agree, our cdc is responsible. I do wonder if we were to treat this as a crime, if we could uncover the criminal acts that led to the continual poisoning of our kids. 2001 it seemed they couldn't decide, given existing data, if thimerosal caused neurological damage or not. Then after questionable studies, we all have read the Denmark study, if memory serves where the conclusion was that the one in fourteen hundred cases of autism in Danish children were NOT caused by thimerosal. The guy walked with an extra two million, evidentally tax free because it was a bribe and not income? I don't know but there was an old saying, "something rotten in Denmark". How far did we have to reach to give thimerosal that clean bill, and how much bordered on criminal?

Mercury Dad

The CDC is responsible for this epidemic. Accordingly, it is time to dismantle the CDC completely and for a full investigation of the cast of characters that created and covered up this iatrogenic catastrophe.


Yup - I think it already is (the new norm). You say "my son has autism" and it's not "oh my! I'm so sorry" it is more like "ohhhh - my nephew has autism too".

K Finley

If the rate of autism is 1 in 88, and 3 of 4 are boys, how is it possible that the rate for boys is 1 in 44? It's been a long time since I had Stats but my quick estimate is that the rate for boys is closer to 1 in 24?? Can someone confirm?

A grandma who sees an increase in sick children.

Angus Files

Scary but not if your name is Murdoch,Gates,Blair,Clinton,Cmeron,Salmond,Younger et-al...

The Pharma shares keep growing in price win ,win , win,

kids loose,loose,loose,

Shame on them all



I have a question, given the increase of 23% over two years, how long will it be before autism becomes the new norm. How long before we have no neurotypical boys? Can we enlist a group, greenpeace save the whales some such group that can effect change..(not kidding) to handle this as an endangered species critical situation?

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