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Current TV to Air The Greater Good Vaccine Documentary& School District Responds

Choices21Our friends at Canary Party have posted an open letter from a California School district that encourages watching Leslie Manookian's balanced vaccine debate documentary titled Greater Good on Current TV March 24th.  We invite you to do the same.  Understanding the vaccine controversy will only help families make more informed decisions.  Many will proceed with full vaccination per the current schedule, some will not. But here in America, we believe in sharing both sides of a story and letting the consumer decide. There are those people who would shut down any discussion of the safety issues associated with vaccination as if it is not an American right to understand a product before consumption. They call it "protecting" the consumer - it's not. It's censorship to protect the product and the industry that sells it. In addition, there are attempts across the nation to eliminate vaccine exemptions and tighten mandates. America is not a nation of mandates.  Just as denying access to women's healthcare is a political football in 2012, so are vaccination healthcare rights, which is also a women's issue in that mother's typically manage their children's healthcare.

From Canary Party:

The Greater Good on Current TV, SATURDAY, March 24th, School Board President Urges Parents to Watch

There is no disputing it.  The Greater Good is a film that is making an impact. 

Not many films have school board presidents writing open letters urging other parents to watch it and "to begin the discussion within their own families about the benefits and risks associated with vaccinations."  On Friday, Greg Marvel of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District did just that.


699 Old Orchard Drive, Danville, California 94526

Board of Education

(925) 552-2933 • FAX (925) 838-3147

March 16, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Vaccinations and the Film “The Greater Good”

My name is Greg Marvel, and I am currently the President of the Board of Education for the San Ramon Unified School District. I am serving my third term on the Board. In addition, I have an extensive background in educational administration, having served in various executive and Assistant CEO capacities in various K-12 and higher education institutions. I retired as a Vice Chancellor from a large college system and now am President of a consulting firm with over 100 school districts as clients. The comments in this letter are solely my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the Board of Education or my school district.

I recently had the opportunity to view the firm “The Greater Good” and found it to be very thought provoking. I am a strong believer in the use of vaccines. However, I also believe in informed consent for all parents. The tragic examples of the unintended consequences of vaccines on some of our children are graphically portrayed in this film. However, it presents a balanced argument, with national experts advocating for universal vaccination, while others in the film present cautionary arguments.

I have personal experiences with the potential adverse impacts of vaccinations on young children. My daughter was given her recommended series of vaccinations as a baby and small child. Each time, she became seriously ill for several days. We were assured that for some children that was normal. No one ever outlined the potential long-term and permanent damage that some children experience from vaccination routines. Thankfully, the impact on our daughter did appear to be temporary and she went on to graduate with honors from high school, UC Berkeley and Columbia University Law School. However, this film clearly outlines examples where the consequences were much more serious and long-term.

Parents should be encouraged to examine all the issues surrounding vaccinations and make an informed decision about what is best for their children. For many if not most parents, the decision to proceed will prove to be the right one. However, it is important that parents fully investigate and understand the benefits and the risks associated with the current recommended vaccinations and their opt out rights under their respective “mandatory” state vaccination laws.

Read the full post at The Canary Party website.


Angela R.

I fully believed in vaccinations, why would anything be developed to harm us. I was told after giving birth that I needed the MMR vaccination to protect my son (what would I NOT do to protect my first and only child) and he needed the HEP B shot to protect himself. I did not question this nor had I educated myself (HUGE MISTAKE). I believed in the medical field, I believed the white coats. Why would I doubt them! I am now terribly ill. I can barely walk, I now have autoimmune disease (s), auto thyroidism, my lymph nodes are always swollen on my right side (vaccination side). I want to sleep for 16 hours a day, CHRONIC fatigue. I am unable to do so, I need to work to pay my current medical bills (to survive) and pay $10k to the Hospital that made me sick, they are trying to place a judgment against me since I have failed to make a payment in three months due to my current medical battles so that I can live to see my son turn one. It truly is ALL about the money. I no longer believe these vaccines have been established to protect us. Maybe in in the 70's or 80 's. Now the big pharmaceutical companies have ran amuck for their greater good (wallets). The preservative mercury or the other form of mercury (T word) in infant vaccinations brings about heavy metal poisoning. The pregnant vaccinations, two of which are given at an infants two month check up contain 110 times the heavy metal an adult should have. I had a pregnant vaccination (MMR), I am a hot mess of medical issues and new ones crop up as soon as one is regulated. With this I will never vaccinate my son. I spoke to an attorney (to educate myself), the only time you can really fight the medical field is if there is something extreme such as they amputate the wrong leg. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE learn from my mistake, you are your own health advocate. Educate yourself!! You cannot put your hands into western medicine and not expect them to see dollar signs, they will rape your health, wallet and your insurance company. Remember Dr.'s receive a kick back from the pharmaceuticals they prescribe or vaccinations they give. I have an ND one of many and she just went out on her own and opened a new practice. She is now prescribing pharmaceuticals!! She needs to keep her practice going and those kick backs help out a lot!! EDUCATE YOURSELF for the health of you and your family!!!! I cried during this movie, the girl in bed reminds me of myself. You have so much pain you are constantly squeezing your hands. Heavy metal toxicity is a nightmare!

Paula Owens

I agree totally with bay area mom my daughter in law to be grew up with Gaby what Gardisil has done to her life is despicable. The FDA who is suppose to protect our children has failed them critically. I am proud of what Mr. Marvel is trying to accomplish and fully plan on contacting everyone listed by letter, email and phone. It is time that the government stay out of our health and stop mandating how and what we should do to our children.

Celia Alario

For folks who want to support Mr. Marvel's letter (he is currently being attacked for it!) contact the Superintendent's Office at 925-552-2933 - Steve Enoch [email protected].

They are getting MANY negative calls, and there are efforts to report him to Dept of CA leadership. Please show your support.

Celia Alario

Thanks for the info on this! The screening is Saturday March 24th, 1pm eastern & 10 pacific. Join the film maker and a member of the engagement team on a live chat during the screening at


This is very interesting and makes perfect sense. Educators should be open minded and caring and for professionals- be they teachers, educational assistants, principals, psychologists, speech therapists etc.- they have all no doubt seen increased numbers of children with autism spectrum disorders and others all while having to contend with budget constraints. Makes total sense to me that this is the kind of action being taken. Good for Greg!


It says Sat, 24th 11am - i checked


My husband and I know Greg Marvel very well. We live in San Ramon, CA and have known Greg for quite some time. Mr. Marvel has always encouraged open ended conversations regarding special education issues with our district. He has been unwavering in his support for our special needs kids.

I am thrilled to see this letter. I would encourage all of you to write to your local school boards about this movie. To me, our schools should be voicing their concerns about vaccines widely and loudly. I wonder how many of our school teachers, nurses and other school personnel, realize the impact vaccines have had on some of our children. I have witnessed first hand, as I know many of you have, the many issues with special education in our schools. The resources are often not provided to these kids, because of a lack of quality support and financial aid.

Kudos to Mr. Marvel for speaking out...


The goal of the health department is to promote and protect their policies like vaccination and fluoridation. They often try to silence the public and even prevent from speaking and claim they are misguided and only professionals like themselves should speak.
My mayor who is a dentist asked for a ADA meeting at the health department on how to silence my presenting peer reviewed government data at city commission meetings. My own city just banned me from speaking for two plus years. All against fluoridation were banned in a workshop in another local city.
This is the direction free speech is going for vaccination. Open debate is far better.


Friday is March 23rd. Does anyone know if it is airing that day or Saturday the 24th?

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