Prof Walker-Smith Cleared and the Beginning of the End for Allegations Against Andrew Wakefield
"Increasingly Difficult To Manage. No Program Available." Autism Murder Suicide.


Joan Campbell

Sharing this widely again, sadly it has got worse but we have made a breakthrough at last.


As journalists process the implications of the Walker-Smith exonertaion, I hope they remember what the last mum said: This is not over for the children, who are suffering and need medical research and treatment.

Dan E. Burns

Nice piece, Polly. I loved watching Prof. Walker-Smith's face while the statement on his behalf was read. And thank you for letting us hear from the autism parents. Looking forward to more on-the-spot video reports as the conspiracy against our docs unravels.

Angus Files

Deers loyal support is failing just like Deer has...

"Deer's investigation of Wakefield was informed by the same flawed world-view that led to the scare in the first place; the belief that personalities, bold statements and single studies matter more than evidence, context and consensus.

Stories based on single studies or experts are not unlikely to be wrong, and over-reliance on stock phrases like 'scientists say' suggests the writer hasn't grasped the wider picture. In the world of science, context is king - we need more of it.

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