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Age of Autism Contest: Lee Silsby OurKidsASD Enhansa and ASD!

Enter to win  Our good friends from Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD are offering you a chance to try two popular and useful products free in this latest contest.

Leave a comment to win a bottle Enhansa (150mg/150 capsules or 30gm powder) and a bottle of ASD vitamin and mineral powder (30 scoops, any variety). We'll have 2 winners.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Rebekah Mata

My son conquered seizures with a combination of Enhansa and B-12/ folic acid shots. He is in failure to thrive though, 75 lbs at age 14. I feed him high quality food, but severe gut issues. Enhansa is helping, but his emaciated body needs nutritional support as he heals. I have 2 other children with sensory/ GI issues, and MS myself. The diet seems to take all our money. I have a 9 yr old with severe skin rashes, a daughter with high EBV and auditory processing issues, ADHD and dyslexia. . Would love to try the vitamins/ Enhansa for 3 children to see some gains and healing in all of them. It has been a miracle for my oldest ! A life-saving miracle. Thank you

Elisabeth Johnson

My 10-year old who has sensory & auditory processing disorders, ADD, very low processing speed & working memory and very high IQ with behavior issues just started Enhansa a few days ago. I am hopeful Enhansa will help him with his many issues especially his cognition efficiency and emotional regulation. We would love to try the ASD vitamin and mineral powder, too!

Thanks for your stand for children and goodness!


would love to have my little boy try them..thank you!

Chelsea Sayer

Thank you for this contest! I have been wanting to try both products for my son for quite a while but we just can't afford it financially at the moment. I wish Lee Silsby offered samples :)

Sandra Geronimo

I am a grandmother who want to try those produce,I hope to have the opportunity


We are very excited to try Enhansa and the ASD powder!

Stacie Chaffin

My almost 11 year old son was on supplements for many years but we discontinued them because they were no longer effective. We have researched Enhansa in the past and have wanted to try it but due to financial constraints we have been limited on what we could give him. If we were given a sample, we would absolutely give it to him. It would be something we would be willing to continue if we saw improvements.

Warrior Mom, Never Going to Give up/Jen

I JUST READ ABOUT ENHANSA while surfing the web in search of our next trial. So...ENTER MY SON for the free products!

Money seems to fly out the window as we trial various supplements. I would love to see if this would with my son!! He has such gut issues and inflammation and nothing seems to have helped him over this hurdle.

Fabienne Serna

Our son has been taking supplements for over two years now. We have not tried ENHANSA or ASD Vitamin and mineral powder yet. Our little guy has made huge progress in the past two years on supplements and a restricted diet and we wold love to find out how ENHANSA and the ASD vitamin and mineral powder could help him reach another level. Thanks in advance for the opportunity!

Jenifer Corbett

We have not tried Enhansa or any other supplements. I have heard really good things about it. I would love to try this with my daughter. She is non verbal and has so many meltdowns. Anything that would help her out is a plus in my book! Thank you for this contest.


I've never even heard of this before now but would love to try them for my children.


We would love to win this! :)

Nancy Bernotaitis

Our 14 year-old son has been a Lee Silsby kid since 2007. Would love the chance to try these two products with him.
Thank you!

jackie sebell

Yes, please!


I've used Enhansa and love it! I'm looking for a new multi. Wonder how this one tastes? My 4 year old is fussy!

Tina Hall

Enhansa is a wonderful product. I would encourage everyone to try it, even adults. There are so many health benefits to turmeric/curcumin. This product is exceptional.

Clara T

I've tried biomed for my son with ASD but never went the whole way. Now that my son is 8 and language, attention, cognition etc are developing but still a long way from being able to form friendship /be independent etc., I'm on renewed quest & am considering doing MB12 (nasal /sub-q), antiviral /antifungal (the full nine yards). I've been considering Enhansa and saw this. I do hope to have the opportunity to try it on my son.


What a great idea! Love Our Kids and their great service.

Son in Recovery

Please enter me!

Angus Files

Yes please we would be delighted to use Enhansa again if we are fortunate enough..

Thanks You

Angus Files

David Cornbleth

Yes - please enter me - thank you very much :)


Please enter me!!!!


Yes please! Enter me!


I'd like to try these products too. :-)

Trina Aurin

I would live to try this for my 7 year old twins!


Thank you for offering this contest. My girl needs as much help as we can find these days. Please enter me!

jill klink

Heard so many positive things from this but never tried it for my son. Please enter me!


Enhansa has made such a positive difference in my grandson's health! Despite the many hundreds of dollars his supplements cost each month, he is never without the Enhansa. Winning this would be such a blessing! Thank you for the chance!

Mandy Anderson

I would love to try these for my two sons with asd.


You always have wonderful contests! Would love to be entered in this, thank you!! :-)


My son hasn't tried either but would really love too!


I have used Enhansa in the past with the intended goal of reducing inflammation and increasing GSH levels and believe the treatment was a success. However, I was unaware of the product's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties and will consider folding it back into our regimen with that in mind.

Dori Senatori

The Enhansa has really made the difference in my son's overall healing process! It is gentle....yet extremely effective! It was like a veil was lifted about 2 weeks after starting the Enhansa:)


Would love to try Enhasnsa!

Karen G

I have never tried either for my son but would love to!


Me me me! Please enter me to win!


The enhansa powder has helped my son tremendously over the past 3 years. Insurance no longer covers it but I still make sure my son gets this product every month because the difference it has made in his health. I am also looking for a new vitamin for my son and the ASD vitamin and mineral powder is one I have been wanting for him to try for quite some time but can only afford so many supplements and have not been able to purchase this one. I hope sometime my son can try this one out.

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