Autism Legislation Action Alert for Illinois
Autism Awareness

Action Alert! Protect Autism Insurance Coverage in Illinois

Action alert2Below is a sample letter for an action alert in Illinois. Find your representative and send the letter with a quick cut, paste and click Illinois Action Alert HERE.

I am writing to express my support for Senate Bill SB 0679. Illinois needs to protect our citizens with autism by retaining the current definition of “autism” used in Illinois.  The American Psychiatric Association is proposing a radical redefinition of “autism” to be included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM5) slated for publication next year. Current Illinois law would require the automatic adoption of the DSM5 language regardless of the impact on some of Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens.  

A study recently published by the Child Study Center at Yale University showed that adopting the DSM5 language would result in a 55% reduction in the number of people with an autism diagnosis. We believe that failure to pass SB0679 and adopting the DSM5 language could have catastrophic results for the educations, services and health insurance coverage for people with autism.

Illinois fought long and hard to get health insurance coverage for people with autism.  It appears this recently gained access could be snatched away from many if SB 0679 is not passed, which may explain why insurance company lobbyists have begun working against SB0679 in Springfield.

Please support SB 0679.


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