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Act Now: Vermont PediaPolitician Seeks to Deny Vaccine Exemption to Mandates

Skeptical phone callVermont, there will be a public hearing this Wednesday, March 21 in Montpelier held by Health Care Committee of the Vermont House of Representatives on S. 199, a bill that if passed will eliminate the right to a philosophical exemption to vaccine mandates. This is your chance to be heard by those who can decide whether you will retain the basic and precious right of deciding what is injected into your body and your children’s bodies. Who will decide you, or politicians? Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

And please call the following members of the Health care committee and politely ask them to vote against the bill. George Till, MD, a pediatrician who is on the committee, is the bill’s sponsor.

The hearing will be held 3/21 from 6:00-8:00 PM in the State House, Room 11, Montpelier, Vermont.

Witnesses can sign up to speak starting at 5:30 PM. Written testimony will also be accepted. Directions to the Vermont State house at:

Michael Fisher of Lincoln, D, Chair (802) 453-5517

Sarah Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford, D, Vice Chair (802) 222-3536

Paul Poirier of Barre City, R, Ranking Member (802) 476-7870

Leigh Dakin of Chester, D, (802) 875-3456

Jim Eckhardt of Chittenden, R,  (802) 342-0140

Patti Komline of Dorset, R,  (802) 867-4232

Mary A. Morrissey of Bennington, R, (802) 442-2092

Kristi Spengler of Colchester, D, (802) 864-6567

(Bill sponsor) George Till of Jericho, D, (802) 899-2984

Mark Woodward of Johnson, D, (802) 635-7166




Here is a detailed slide show of the ridiculousness of this effort. Vermont is the healthiest state in the Union.

Deborah Kahn

There is a Vermont group fighting this:


There should be a law against allowing someone to submit a bill that will be presented on their own committee. Hello? Conflict of Interest???

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