Tics and Toxins: Evidence Points to Environment, Infection in LeRoy Outbreak
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The Canary Party on Leroy NY Neurological Illness

CanaryPartyBanner120x240While some canaries fall silent, such as those injured by vaccines and diagnosed with autism, the warnings of other canaries can be heard loud and clear – their vocal tics and anguished stories resonating over the airwaves and in cyberspace. In recent weeks, America has been riveted by developments at Le Roy Jr./Sr. High School in upstate New York where twelve girls ages 13 to 19 began experiencing tourettes-like symptoms – the cause of which is intensely debated by medical experts.

The total number of official cases in Le Roy is now reported at 19, with 17 of them being Le Roy High School students. Two girls at Corinth High School near Albany are also affected. Symptoms began in May for the first two cases (Le Roy and Corinth). The disorder has been so debilitating for some students that they’ve given up cheerleading, athletics and even attending school. Some are now reported to have improved while others’ symptoms have worsened. Indoor air tests were initially conducted with all results coming back negative. No soil tests were commissioned.

The teens’ plight hit the national news when several families went public with their stories, followed by the Le Roy school district informing the community that the school was deemed safe by federal agencies and state medical professionals. The New York State Health Department ruled out environmental and infectious causes. But the reassurances rang hollow as information trickled in about the school’s siting on a FEMA-designated flood hazard area, rust-colored fungus on a playing field, leaking gas wells on school property, flooding problems, possible contamination from a nearby Superfund site as well as proximity to CAFOs, pesticide spraying of crops and other health hazards both natural and man-made. Read more and learn about The Canary Party HERE.


robin pats

In the 1920's NY had an outbreak of encephilitus that caused numerous patients to go into symptoms just as these young girls are experiencing. Patients never recovered, being put into mental institutions.

Brokovich Update

Brockovich says she's not done with Le Roy yet

February 21, 2012

Press release:

Los Angeles – Erin Brockovich today released a statement regarding the growing health concerns potentially caused by contamination in Le Roy, NY.

“Contrary to an erroneous news report, I want to make clear that my investigation into possible sources of environmental contamination in LeRoy, New York that may or may not be linked to the serious illnesses suffered by various members of the community is not complete. In fact, it appears the number of people in the area displaying alarming health issues that can be caused by TCE is growing.

It took the EPA 40 years to investigate the contamination from the train derailment and it will take us more than 40 days to get to the root of the problem in Le Roy. I want to further stress that we have not ruled out the TCE plume from the train derailment as a source of contamination at Le Roy High School. All existing tests are preliminary and we will announce our full and definitive test results in the weeks to come. We will not release them piecemeal.

In the meantime, we have several areas of high concern in Le Roy that we are investigating including, but not limited to, the train derailment site, the local quarry, the six fracking wells at the high school, and the MtBE contamination in local wells.

We have a lot more testing to do before we can rule anything in or out as a cause of toxic contamination in Le Roy and what may or may not be causing the very serious health problems of people and families in Le Roy. While we certainly do not want to cause a panic in the community, we do want to be thorough and get to the bottom of what is going on in Le Roy.”



There is no such a thing as "conversion disorder". The young
students have suffered neurological damage to their blood brain barrier.
The water,soil,the "brine" around the gas pipes,the barrels
with the chemicals (rusted with holes)stored in the area close by the school need to be checked.It is not the school's interest to find the root causes due to liability issues.Independent Investigators and studies need to be done.Why would these students act up like that? This is a
psychiatric non-sense,a cover up.These students need real help and real solution.

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