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Rally this Wednesday on West Virginia Capitol Steps to Demand Right to Vaccine Choice

American FreedomOn Wednesday, February 22 at 10am on the steps of the West Virginia State Capitol, families, military members, health care professionals, and legal experts will gather to affirm that vaccination choice is a fundamental human and civil right. They will demand that Senate Bill 50 (introduced by Senators Boley and Nohe) be passed swiftly, providing families with the same type of non-medical immunization exemption 48 other states enjoy and realigning West Virginia with the rest of the country regarding compulsory immunization for school entrance.
West Virginians please click HERE to send an email to your State Senator asking for their support of SB 50.
The “Rally for Parental Rights” is a free, public rally coordinated by a grassroots effort called We the Parents that will raise awareness of the legal, medical, and ethical implications of compulsory medical interventions. Parents will share their stories of tragedy, harassment, and discuss how current law impacts and decreases their family’s quality of life. Keynote speakers include representatives from, Anerican Civil Liberties Union-WV, and Center for Personal Rights, as well as Patricia Finn, Attorney, parents, families, and military members.
“This is an opportunity for parents to have a voice,“ says Lori Lee, an organizer and parent of two healthy, non-vaccinated children in Jackson County. “Our state government, our legislature is not listening. Concerned parents have been ignored by their own Senators. Senate Bill 50 is stalled in the Senate Education Committee, while many Senators ignore phone calls, faxes, letters, and pleas from their constituents. This is our chance to be heard.”
Each day, the Lees drive their children across the border where they are schooled in Ohio. Ohio, is one of the 48 states in the US which provides non- medical exemptions for parents regarding immunizations for school entrance. Ohio offers medical, religious and philosophical exemptions and maintains a higher percentage of children immunized than West Virginia. In fact, based on 2010 data from the Center for Disease Control, states which provide simple non-medical exemptions remain at or above West Virginia’s immunization rate for diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus.
“Current code substantially burdens the free exercise of religion as is protected by the 1st Amendment and is in opposition of the 9th Amendment which guarantees fundamental rights,” says Patricia Finn, Attorney, whose law office focuses on clients’ First Amendment Rights. A group of parents in West Virginia is working to ensure these rights are given back. Ms. Finn is one of the keynote speakers at the rally.
West Virginia Code (§16-3-4) mandates compulsory immunization, prohibiting parents who object to some or all vaccines from sending their children to public or private schools in the state. It is important to note that this code was introduced in 1931, when only three vaccines were in use (diphtheria, pertussis, and tuberculosis) as opposed to the 14 vaccinations now required for school entry (Four doses of DTaP, 3 doses of Polio, 2 doses MMR, 2 doses chicken pox, 3 doses hepatitis B), .
Senate Bill 50 enjoys the support of the community, much of the West Virginia Legislature, and many large groups such as the ACLU-WV, Canary Party, Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), VaxTruth, Center for Personal Rights, and National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). However, if Senator Plymale refuses to put the bill on the committee’s agenda in the coming week, it will die in committee. To date, he is unresponsive.
In a letter to the West Virginia Senate Education Committee, where the bill is currently awaiting placement on the committee agenda, Jane M. Orient, MD of the AAPS wrote, “We believe that patients, or in the case of children, their parents or guardians, have the right to make their own medical decisions. According to the Nuremberg Code, patients may not be forced to participate in experiments without their fully informed consent.” She further states, “We note that many other states permit non-medical exemptions like that in Senate Bill 50, and no serious public health consequences have been demonstrated. Adverse reactions to vaccines may be serious, permanently disabling, or even fatal in some individuals.”
USA Today, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, Herald-Dispatch, Intelligencer: Wheeling News Register, and WTRF have all reported on the debate whirling around flawed public policy and parental rights. We the Parents are fighting for their rights and for their children, and that passion is not easily quelled. They are demanding that the State of West Virginia bring its code in line with the rest of the United States and restore their Constitutional freedoms.
For more information, visit or contact or email at
And West Viriginians please sign We the People’s petition at:


Elizabeth Hart

Further to my previous comment which raised concerns about already immune people being subjected to a second MMR jab.

In his book "Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind a Tragedy"(1), Andrew Wakefield presents a case study of a child (Child RT) who was vaccinated with a single measles vaccine after the age of 15 months, and revaccinated again with a MMR combination vaccine at the age of 4.5 years of age, i.e.:

Child RT* was monitored closely in his first year due to wide bridging of his nose. He was discharged from follow-up as developmentally and physically normal by 15 months of age. He later received a single measles vaccine following which he stopped "cruising" around furniture and regressed to crawling. His learning plateaued and, by 20 months, he had lost words; soon thereafter, he stopped talking altogether. General ill health developed in his second year with ear, chest, and throat infections, and diarrhea with abdominal pain. According to his mother's story, 2 weeks after an MMR vaccine, at 4.5 years of age, he "disappeared" and "lost all skills and communication". While at 10 months of age he had been able to build a tower of bricks, his play skills declined to the point that, "now he [was] lost as to what to do with them". In addition, he became clumsy, started head banging, and developed repetitive behaviors. He lost his self-help skills; for example, before the MMR booster he could feed himself with a spoon, afterwards he could no longer even hold a cup.

According to Wakefield's account, Child RT received a single measles vaccine after 15 months and a MMR 'booster' at 4.5 years, so had a repeat 'booster' measles vaccination.

According to the CDC: "Measles antibodies develop among approximately 95% of children vaccinated at age 12 months and 98% of children vaccinated at age 15 months (CDC, unpublished data)"(2).

As Child RT had a measles vaccination after 15 months it is highly likely this child was already immune, so the second dose of measles was of no benefit, indeed the second dose may have caused harm.

In his book Wakefield also discusses "Coincidence and rechallenge":

Where a child with regressive autism has received more than one dose of a measles-containing vaccine (MCV), exacerbation of existing symptoms and/or recurrence of transient symptoms associated with the first dose is frequently reported. Properly documented, the Institute of Medicine's Vaccine Safety Committee accepts the "rechallenge" effect as evidence of causation. In order to examine this in the setting of MMR and autistic enterocolitis and to overcome the concern about parental recall of events that may have occurred many years before, we conducted a study comparing the severity of intestinal inflammation between children once-vaccinated and those twice-vaccinated with an MCV. Our hypothesis was that the disease should be more severe in those exposed twice if the disease were caused by the vaccine. There was a significantly higher prevalence of active chronic colitis (involving pus-forming cells) in those children given an MMR or measles and rubella (MR) booster compared with those receiving only one dose, supporting a causal association. This apparent rechallenge effect is currently being examined in a large population of US children to see if the finding is reproducible.

Putting aside for the moment the highly contentious arguments regarding autism and measles vaccination, is it ethical for children already likely immune from the first dose of vaccine to be arbitrarily revaccinated with a second dose? Are parents being informed their children are likely to be immune after the first dose? What about the small amount of people who may not respond to the first vaccination? This means they will be left unprotected until the next dose around four years. In accordance with evidence based medicine, are people being given the option of serological testing to verify a response to vaccination?

As noted in my previous comment, I suggest there are important ethical and legal issues here that need to be considered.


1. Wakefield, Andrew. Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind a Tragedy. Skyhorse Publishing. New York. 2010.
2. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella – Vaccine Use and Strategies for Elimination of Measles, Rubella, and Congenital Rubella Syndrome and Control of Mumps: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), CDC MMWR May 22, 1998 / 47 (RR-8);1-57

Elizabeth Hart

In relation to vaccine choice as a fundamental human and civil right...

In Australia, the US and the UK today, governments 'recommend' that children be vaccinated with the MMR jab firstly around 12 months and secondly around 4 years. (See links below for Australian (1), US(2) and UK(3) immunisation schedules for specific details.)

According to the CDC's MMWR dated May 22, 19984 at least 95% of children vaccinated with a single dose of measles and rubella vaccines will develop antibodies, and the vaccines will induce long-term protection, probably lifelong.

The situation for mumps is not quite so clear cut, although the CDC report does acknowledge that "more than 97% of persons who are susceptible to mumps develop measurable antibody following vaccination and, in controlled clinical trials, one dose of vaccine was approximately 95% efficacious in preventing mumps disease".

The CDC notes that: "The purpose of the two dose vaccination schedule is to produce immunity in the small proportion of persons who fail to respond immunologically to one or more of the components of the first dose."

So, the second does is not a 'booster' and it is misleading to use this term to describe the second MMR jab, although this description appears to be widespread. (See for example this article in the UK Daily Mail – "Is the MMR booster necessary?": )

Given that, according to the CDC, most people vaccinated with one dose of MMR will be immune, I question the ethics of mass revaccination of already immune populations with misleadingly termed 'boosters' "to produce immunity in the small proportion of persons who fail to respond immunologically to one or more of the components of the first dose". This amounts to unnecessary vaccination, or 'over-vaccination' of people, in particular young children. As a second dose provides no benefit to the already immune individual, this means they are undergoing the risks of vaccination for no benefit.

 Are the parents of children being informed that one dose of MMR vaccine is likely to confer lifelong immunity, particularly for measles and rubella?

 Are people being offered the option of serological testing to verify a response to the vaccine?

 Is it ethical that government immunisation schedules in countries such as Australia, the US and the UK 'recommend' two doses of MMR vaccine, which results in many already immune individuals being needlessly revaccinated?

Given concerns within the community about the growing number of vaccines being 'recommended' for children, I suggest this example of unnecessary vaccination should be subject to urgent investigation on ethical and legal grounds.


1. Australian immunisation schedule as at 20 Feb 2012:
2. US immunisation schedule 0-6 years as at 20 Feb 2012:
3. UK immunisation schedule as at 20 Feb 2012:
4. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella – Vaccine Use and Strategies for Elimination of Measles, Rubella, and Congenital Rubella Syndrome and Control of Mumps: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), CDC MMWR May 22, 1998 / 47 (RR-8);1-57


"....... I'm glad to see Age of Autism covering this event. As the article notes, the bill enjoys a lot of public support. Ultimately, however, it's fate currently lies in the hands of one man; Sen Plymale....."


I wouldn't be nearly as surprised to see this type of stuff here in Canada, where 5 of our last 7 Prime Ministers are strongly suspected of having ties to the Bildeberger Group ( Stephen Harper, Paul Harper, Jean Chretian, Brian Mulroney, Pierre Trudeau) . Heck, our current leader even went so far as to direct government departments to replace the words "Government of Canada" with "Harper Government" in official government communications

Unfortunately, most people here don't even know about this story, and the ones who do barely pay it any heed. I guess apathy reigns when you live in a country thats long been run by a narcissistic iitledick.... tater.

But to the rest of the world, you guys truly are the land of the free. Is is not like that there anymore? If not, what at the heck has happened to change that ??


Thanks for covering!


Good luck to West Virgina!
Will the rally be held close to the building with the big, round, very golden dome?
The people of West Virgina produced the likes of Yeager - Broke the sound barrier and aWWII pilot, shot down over enemy lines -- and made it back without being captured-- he commented that over that incident that if you give a West Virginian half a chance, they will succeed!

So good luck in winning this very important freedom!


I'm glad to see Age of Autism covering this event. As the article notes, the bill enjoys a lot of public support. Ultimately, however, it's fate currently lies in the hands of one man; Sen Plymale.

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