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Have the psychiatrists read "Freakonomics?" So many kids will not meet the criteria for services and help. If statistics on certain problems go up- things like homelessness or crime then the blame will be SQUARELY at THEIR feet. Also, in light of the failure to deal with the Leroy girls' situation they better just hold off until they think things through and understand more. Right now it seems like they don't have a clue about tic disorders and PANDAS and it's actually seeming like they don't want to know about it for some reason. It's all very dodgy.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

benedetta and imawestie yes they are combining everything eliminating PDD-nos and Aspergers from our language. The two fold problems are the tightening of the diagnostic criteria will eliminate 5 - 12% of the higher functioning population. Thus causing epidemiological nullification. No more Apples to Apples and an excuse to cover the decline due to removal of mercury from the vaccine schedule. Second is the side effects impacting DX, services, insurance, and stress levels. also since no drugs are approved for autism. The higher functioning taken out can be shifted to categories where more drugs can be given. tannersDad Tim


Under DSM-IV, weather you have "Autism", "PDD-NOS" or "Aspergers", you have "an ASD".
Under DSM-V, you will have "an ASD."

What's the difference?
We will put people into less buckets and treat them as individuals.

How can treating people as individuals be a bad thing?


This is the part about Pluto, Very symbolic.
To me there will always be nine planets.

Redfinition of conditions by medical establishement seems to becoming increasingly popular these days. Masters of illusion they are.

Remember in 2009 when the WHO changed the definition of "pandemic" and remember when Dr. Joseph Beiderman from MGH broadened the definition of bipolar to include young children resulting in many being put on antipsychotics. Now in 2012, autism is being redefined...anyone else see a pattern? funny how they use redifinition as tool to further their agenda or, in the case of autism, cover their tracks.

Media Scholar

Look at the bright side, the Autism disability category wasn't required reporting for educational data until 1991.

Now we are to believe that either the condition was not prevalent and therefore not reported until 1991 or it took over a decade to meet the 1991 requirement.

We all know that compliance is no joking matter particularly since data is used to dole out cash, so there is no question to the rise in prevalence. It clearly was not becoming more prevalent due to broadened diagnosis criteria as so called experts only now are attempting to broaden Autism prevalence through broadening the Autism disorder spectrum padding it with additional diagnoses which until now have been utilized to torpedo ASD prevalence.

Anyone involved in this issue long enough knows that it took enough state-level educational people who were eye-witnessing their special education systems being swamped by Autism to beat on the doors of the US Centers for Disease Control loud enough to encourage the agency to admit America was experiencing an Autism epidemic.

The only reason the DSM is being changed to now include non-autistic diagnoses is the decline in children with a diagnosis somewhere on the Autism spectrum in a futile effort to hide the remission of Autism.


I have a question though; I really want an answer to.
In this video the psych did say they were changing PDD-nos and Aspergers to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Is this true? They are not just throwing them out?
or going for individual things like
attention deficit
Obssessive compulsive


This was too clever!!!!!
I loved the Allegory or Metaphor;
There is no longer Aspergers and PDD-NOS,
and the kid interupts and says Pluto is no longer a planet.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Autism redefined: changing goal posts doesn't change the game - Good video. great article.

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