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National Autism Association Exclusive: Designs by Ja9 Love Puzzle Necklace Giveaway

NAA Heart puzzleOur friends at National Autism Association  and Designs by Ja9 have given us three of these beautiful necklaces for our readers. Leave a comment to enter. We'll draw the winner on Saturday. Good luck!

In the meantime, purchase your necklaces now for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Teacher gifts at Designs By Ja9.




Beautiful! Please enter me!


Absolutely perfect!! Love it for so many reasons....

Blanca Acevedo

What a lovely necklace! I would definitely wear this.:)

Karen G

I love the heart design in the puzzle piece. Beautiful!

Trina Aurin

Would love to win this!


How beautiful. I have never seen one I liked so much.


I'd love to win this!


This would make a lovely gift to thank my son's patient, talented and dedicated teacher!


LOVE these necklaces!


What a lovely conversation starter....

Jan Randall

I'd certainly be proud to own this or maybe give it to my daughter to wear in honor of her brother and the college students that she has who are on the spectrum


Beautiful -I'd love to wear one!

Rebekah Gill

would love to win something that is a positive reminder of what the fighting is for

Tracy Garcia

Love this !!!As proud Asd mom of a spectacular little boy!

crystal winters

Lovely Necklase


Would be honored to win such a beautiful necklace to make people aware~


Gorgeous necklace I would be thrilled to wear in support of my son with autism!

Sandra Ramroth


Cindy Facteau

I absolutely love designs by Ja9! My husband got me the puzzle piece heart necklace for Valentine's Day last year (or was it the year before? Oy, how the years have begun to bleed together!!!) Anyway, my little one thought it was absolutely hysterical when he flushed it down the toilet (my fault for leaving it on the counter!) . It would be great to own another of these gorgeous necklaces ... And if I don't win, this has definitely poked my memory... Maybe Hubby will get me a replacement this year. (He's SO lucky I'm not a diamond kinda girl...ha!)

Bri Pettipas

This is such a beautiful Necklace and with my autistic sister's birthday coming up it would make a great present.

Susan McConnell

Awesome- would love to win this :-)

J. Theunisz

Nice necklace. Nice to give as a present.


Luck be a lady......

Monica Archer

It's beautiful! Would love to win it.

Fabienne serna

Gorgeous! I promise to wear it every day for a year if I win it (except in water). I love it. It will be an honor to wear it and another great way to raise awareness!

Pamela Preschlack

Count me in:)

stephanie crump


Kris DeVries

Beautiful!!! I would be honored to win it!

mMichele Mumford

Oh my...love this so much and would be such a blessed lucky autism mom to wear this!!


I love these necklaces. I own a purple one and have purchased several more for teachers. They are all unique!!


It's lovely! Would love to win!

Lisa Smith

Beautiful piece of jewelry to signify the love we have for our special children!!

Carolyn S

I would love to wear this

norma aparicio

I LOVE IT !!!!!!! AND!!! I love MY child with autism and all the families around the world with a little person as especial as mine!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Jennifer Shanahan

I would love to win this necklace and wear it proudly in honor of my severely autistic 16 year old son.


love it! Beautiful piece.

Michelle B

I would love to win this necklace so unique

annie rogers

What an amazing necklace! how creative.

Son in Recovery

Beautiful design & color!

ashley mccune

i woild really love to win this i have been though alot as i am sure as the rest of you have it would be an honor to wear this


My wife would love this!

Becky Forbes

I love the necklaces and would be proud to wear it all the time.


Beautiful piece of jewelry. I would wear this proudly to promote Autism Awareness.


Lovely! pick me! pick me, please!

anne hartman

So pretty!


I have been wanting one of these...


This really is a beautiful piece .

Heather Stafford

I know the PERFECT teacher for this=)


very pretty


Would love to wear such a beautiful necklace. The puzzle piece is a symbol with such an empowering message and this necklace is one that stands out with radiance.

Tina Francis

These are so beautiful! Have been eyeing them for some time now. I would love to wear this puzzle piece close to my heart.

Sandra Lopriore

Really sharp! You could definately wear to the office anyday. I would LOVE to have it!

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