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FOX13 News Salt Lake City Reports on the Autism Nightmare To Come

The screamBy Anne Dachel

Here are three stories from FOX13 News in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It is amazing that the media is never alarmed about autism, nor is there any criticism of the scientific/medical community's failure to know anything about the disorder--except that the out-of-control vaccine schedule doesn't cause it. The reporting from FOX13 in Salt Lake City is a perfect example of how the media covers autism.

Back on May 6, 2011, they ran the story, New study claims Autism in Utah has doubled..

The report contained information like this:

A new study about autism in Utah presents startling numbers about how many children have been diagnosed with the disorder.

The University of Utah study looked at children previously diagnosed in Salt Lake, Davis and Utah counties. It found that one in 77 eight-year-olds in Utah have some form of autism. That's double the number in 2002, when it was calculated at one in 154.

"'We don't know what causes it, we don't know why,"'said Keri Brown, the mother of two autistic children. 'But I totally believe it.'. . .

"I knew that we were seeing more kids clinically," said Dr. Judith Pinborough-Zimmerman, the study's author. "So I was surprised to see the amount of change since 2002. Just in six years, the rate doubled."

"What causes ASD is unknown, and it now covers a wide range of issues. . . .

"The bigger numbers may also be partly because more parents are having their children tested and diagnosed. Parents are not surprised by the study's findings.

"'Even one in a hundred, what's it going to be in 2020 or 2030?' asked Laura Anderson, the mother of a 14-year-old boy with autism. 'It's time now to develop an air of tolerance, acceptance and realize these kids are part of our community, part of our families and part of our networks.'"

I'm not sure if Utah is willing to accept the masses of disabled children in their midst as these recent reports show.

February 22, 2012, Families of autistic children struggle to maintain heavy financial toll

"More and more children are being diagnosed with autism and many families can't afford it. Experts say, with the numbers the way they are, more families will be seeking social services

"'I hope everyone is paying attention to it, because as the rate increase it's going to be less and less likely that in some way everyone is not going to be impacted by autism -- either directly in your family, in your neighborhood, in your church community.'"

The Cost of Autism .

On the video we hear the news anchor saying, "The number of autistic children has doubled in Utah in the last five years."

The co-anchor added, "One child in 77 has the disorder but most insurance companies in the state don't provide coverage."

At the end of the story, the reporter mentioned that new changes in the diagnosis of autism could make it even harder for families to get help.

The mom back in story in May pointed out that if the numbers keep going up, we can only imagine what the future holds for Utah. I wonder if anyone at FOX13 has noticed that these stories are all about CHILDREN WITH AUTISM. Their needs are not being met. With a rate of one in every 77 children with autism, including one in every 49 boys in Utah, everyone should be demanding to know what's happening--especially the media. Sadly, they don’t. The story last May tried to downplay the disaster by telling us, "The bigger numbers may also be partly because more parents are having their children tested and diagnosed," as if parents' concerns are behind the dramatic rise.

With everyone mystified about autism--doctors, health officials, and the media, is it any wonder nothing is being done? All those who should be doing something to address this health care emergency seem paralyzed and helpless. Try to imagine how these same people are going to respond when tens of thousands of young adults with autism in every state in the U.S. start going on disability in never-before-seen numbers. Will those who've consistently failed our children for over two decades have any answers?

Stories like these are regularly seen in the media. They tell us about what’s coming and there’s a surreal feeling watching them. It’s as if we have no option but acceptance.  We’re being programmed to surrender to autism, no questions asked.  A disabled subclass of needy, neglected children is now the norm, and when they’re adults, we can only expect that the nightmare will get worse.


Karen Szymura

As a single Mom of 2 boys with autism it the love that i have for them that enables me to strive for the best i can do for now is working pt time and caring and taking care of there needs is my full time job, advacating at school working with teachers and staff , spending time in our community activities, programs ect soccer , scouting , we are managing on a one month back up plan thats it but its there and we did it .My boys have blossomed in to fine young men to be . Missunderstood is the finanical disadvantage for me to grow a now working mother . As i seem only to make enough to make ends meet . But alls well we are our savoirs we lean on each other we are our Family .Our Love Shines as Bright as Chocolate Diamonds .


As the years go by and there is no still no known cause of autism and the rates continue to increase with no outcry except (it is not the vaccines) it becomes more and more clear that vaccines are the cause.


I'll never understand how people can so vividly describe how vaccines ravaged their children's health, and then qualify it all with remarks like " I believe in vaccinations".

In our case, our child was normally developing, actually ahead on most of developmental milestones ,until an over zealous doctor hit him with 31 vaccines before he was 21 months old. 2 of them were mercury containing flu shots, 6 were given in a angle doctors visits, and the entire lot included both his first AND second MMR shots. To say that he regressed as a result that assault is a bit of n understatement, considering he could do things at 20 months that he can't do now, almost 6 years later

We can all appease ourselves by considering our childs vaccine damage as the unfortunate exception, but we do that at the expense of our own credibility. It's kind of like members of MADD defending the drunk drivers who crimes they're attempting to expose.

I used to believe in vaccines too, but only because that propaganda was hammered into my head as a child. I now know that they changed my child's life forever, and I have since come to see them for the poisons they really are.

My children have not received a single vaccine in almost 6 years, and they will never receive another as long I have a say in the matter. The only fear I have, is that some phrama funded bureaucrat will eventually daft a law that will take away my right to keep vaccines away from them.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Note to Paul Shapiro:

I meant to add that your points summarized things very well. It's where we're headed!


Anne McElroy Dachel

Paul Shapiro pointed out the obvious---mainstream medicine, health officials, and the media will continue to deny there's any problem with thousands of neurologically disabled children. They have to. There's too much at stake.

Consider this also, these children aren't going away. In the next couple of years more and more stories will be out there about the bankrupting cost of tens of thousands of autistic Americans aging out of the school system and onto to social services rolls. These are young adults who will be dependent for life and the cost is going to be huge. They never paid into Social Security but they'll have to be supported by the taxpayers. No one is going to be able to lie about "better diagnosing" and "a broader definition."

This disaster is going to be dumped on the states and the future of our country will depend on honestly recognizing what's happening to our children.

Anne Dachel, Media

Paul Shapiro

I’m sorry to say, we parents grandparents and extended families are on our own on this tragic man made catastrophe, Autism.. The US and British medical oversight organizations and departments have decided to take the defensive tact denying responsibility, denying that an epidemic of autism spectrum disorders are something new and are now trying to convince everyone that this disorder is normal. The parent suspicions that the children’s vaccines in combination with the contaminated environment (air, water food, etc) are discounted by these organizations. Thus, they do not perform and under write valid studies. The media together by the politicians are in the financial pocket of the pollutant generating and vaccine companies. The doctor’s are not qualified to enter the fray, but they know a good portion of their living is based upon vaccination and then treaching these children they damaged.
I’ve been at this autism tragedy 19 years and I’m convinced that it will be the random experimentation of the parents that will eventually stumble on the cause and possibly protocols that will help these children already damaged. It is a tragedy!


I agree , clamping too fast could cause an array of problems. My youngest child began to grunt , a bit of a breathing problem, we did kangaroo care and it subsided within minutes. I chose not to vaccinate him, and he's just the most typical four year old guy ever, older people have said since he was born that he's like a kid from the fifties!! Do I worry about not vaccinating, yes!! I believe in vaccinations, I go so far as to believe if there was a quality control assurance I would probably get sickest asthmatic little seven year old received a recalled HIB...and while they claim it wasn't so bad .. bacillus cereus..I think it changed his life, as did the mercury , his development was perfect , and while not on the spectrum like his older (11) brother, he has speech delay issues, issues that did not exist until his last shot at 2 1/2...the beginning of his asthma, his digestive issues, and a marked change on his growth pattern..from the 75percentile to the 25th both height and weight. So yes, thank heavens for kangaroo care, it seemed to help with the effects of early clamping. Autism, as a mother of six, I believe is caused by metals and pathogenic contaminants in the vaccines. Imagine a bacillus with an adjuvant!! no history on that one is there!!


Edgar,that article is very old.Please review my notes which
I have accidentally posted on the "Scientist with Starving
Brains." Both asphyxia(no oxygen) or hypoxia(reduced oxygen)
in blood is dangerous to the newborn.The level of available hemoglobin in the circulatory system will determine the
total oxygen carrying capability (to the cells in the body).
Delayed clamping increases
pulmonary perfusion (helps the alveolis become functional
in extra-uterine life)and increases the newborn's iron stores.It is a double insurance: the placenta still pumps
oxygen rich blood and the baby cries and receive environmental oxygen and his/her body pinks up completely,
including hands and feet.I will have to make sure that every parent understands this important health matter.
I had been researching this issue for several years.


@Jeanie RN:

Have you considered the possibility that more children are being brain damaged by childhood immunizations?

The mushroom factory is over, Jeanie. Time to pick a side. Do you want to continue to support human experimentation? Produce one single shred of evidence that the current 33 vaccination event by age two schedule was tested in a rigorously scientific method before it was tried on humans.


More news you can use pertaining to Fox:

Paul Jaep

The link as requested ..Benedetta we have been and still are being progressively poisoned.. when you learn of the [probable] cause of autism the shyness of the media is perhaps more understandable.

Cancer, Inflammation and the Disappearing Honey Bee
Speakers: Gary Smith & Paul Jaep
Gary Smith and Paul Jaep put forward their opinions and theories on inappropriate inflammation and possible affect that antibiotics are having on the honey bee.

For Jeanie

Jeanie RN

Wouldn't you just like to believe it!

Jeanie RN

Could it be that there is better screening for autism now? More people are recognizing that their children have it and the resources for treatment are available. You are not considering all of the factors that could potentially skew the numbers.


Has anyone considered the effects of damage from early umbilical chord clamping at birth.
I haven't read up on this in a while now but here is a link to some basic info on possible problems.
Seems it should not be that hard to research for links to this if there are any.


HEADLINES: More children are coming out of burning houses with 3rd degree burns.
SCIENTISTS: We don't know why children are coming out of burning houses with 3rd degree burns, but it could be an interaction between the burning house and the fact the children are wearing inflammable fabrics. One promising theory is that if children weren't wearing inflammable fabrics, houses wouldn't catch fire.
INDUSTRY: More inflammable building materials in the pipeline.
INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATIONS: Better screening of children could prevent 3rd degree burns.
GOVERNMENT: Industry given immunity for "unavoidably flammable" materials.
PARENTS: More parents refusing to live in houses recklessly build out inflammable building materials.

Living With Autistic Children

Anne, I am so glad you wrote this. There is little to nothing for the adults with autism now. I don't remember hearing about autism in the 1990s and definitely did not know anyone with it. Lots of adults are getting diagnosed now.
Flash forward I have triplets who have it, they are 11. It seems to be in the news on a daily basis. Many states are broke and cutting services. The parents are broke. One parent usually has to give up their job to be home with their child. Early intervention is key. States are passing legislation for insurance to pay for services but the requirement is only for State employees. Insurance companies are dragging their feet or dictating what they will or better yet will not pay for. School systems are having to drastically cut teachers, extra curricular activities,special education, music and sports programs to keep within their budgets. Class sizes are getting bigger. Scary times we live in.
I believe the interventions we did when my triplets were young will allow them to be self sufficient and keep them from needing assistance as an adult. My goal is to help my kids understand themselves so they can establish coping skills to help them work through whatever comes their way.


Paul Jeep;
Your page cannot be found.
although it goes to your site???

Paul Jaep

It's a very good point thatthe article makes ..Ditto the decline in the honey bee /insects .
I have found a link between the decline in insects and the rise in autism ..Please listen to my presentation I gave at Cardiff university last July on the intro page of my web site which was subsequently broadcast by Cardiff radio . We now face the biggest challenge in human history ..where are the media ..

Greta Anderson

Did you notice the "it's better diagnosis" reasoning in the piece? So does 1 in 77 30 yr olds have autism? If this is just better diagnosis where are all the 30, 40, 50, etc. people with autism?


I don't understand it either, except that perhaps to be slowly poisoned is just more confussing to the public???


This is truly a nightmare: acceptance of autism as if it is the new normal. Even rising number are now accepted as normal, they were already rising ten years ago, right?

Imagine if kids were dying instead of being diagnosed with autism. Would also accept the fact that now 1 boy in 49 dies before age 7 without questioning why and what we can do to stop it? Would we just focus on making more space in cemeteries and save money for the funeral?

No, we would try to find the cause, treatment and prevention. So why isn't this done for autism?

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