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Calling All Vermonters: Speak Out to Protect Your Individual Vaccination Healthcare Rights

Vermont-capitalManaging Editor's Note:  Simple question. Are you willing to let the state government take away your ability to say no to a vaccine?  Even if you have never turned down a vaccine - do you want no choice in this growing aspect of our healthcare system? From The Autism Action Network:

Vermont, you have the vaccine industry ducking for cover. Two bills have been introduced into the Vermont state legislature which if passed would eliminate Vermonters right to a philosophical exemption from state vaccine mandates. Representative George Till, MD, of Jericho introduced H. 527 in the House, and Kevin Mullin of Rutland introduced S. 199 in the Senate.
Fortunately, Vermonters are not standing for this gross infringement of their rights, and the press is reporting that the bills are running into trouble. "There's been a huge push back by the public on removing the philosophical exemption," said Sen. Kevin Mullen, R-Rutland County.
Vermont residents (and only Vemont residents) please help with the push back by clicking on the link below to send an email to you state representatives and make a few phone calls to the legislators below. 

Action Alert HERE

Dr. Harry Chen, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Health, has proposed a compromise that would require Vermonters to get a lecture about vaccines and a note form a physician before they are allowed to get a philosophical exemption, which is a model that was imposed in Washington State last year.
We think that the current system works just fine and that no public good is served by forcing people to make an unnecessary visit to a physician. Vermonters, and Vermonters only please, click on the Take Action link to send a message to your state representatives telling them that you do not support H. 527 and S. 199, and that you do not support Dr. Chen’s idea of forced doctor visits either.
Vermont has allowed parental and individual choice ever since the first vaccine mandates were passed 30 years ago. What possible reasons do the bill’s proponents have to justify such a gross infringement on personal rights?
Proponents of the bill are claiming that vaccination rates in Vermont are declining, with special emphasis placed on reported outbreaks of measles and whooping cough (pertussis). Yet according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the vaccination rate for measles and pertussis among Vermont children 35-months old has never been higher, and have gone up every year since 2008. In 2008 the vaccination rate among 35-month old children in Vermont for the measles vaccine was 88.1%, in 2009 the rate had gone up to 91.9% and in 2010 the rate was 92.7%. Similarly, the vaccination rate for 4 doses of the pertussis vaccine among 35-month old children in Vermont was 79.9% in 2008, 83.2% in 2009 and 86.08% in 2010. The claims that vaccination rates for the vaccines of concern are simply false.
Please ask you representative who they should be making decisions about which vaccines people receive: politicians or individuals in consultation with their healthcare provider.
19 states, including Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, and Maine, which are home to more than half of the American population, have philosophical exemption rights. Every other English-speaking country, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, allows individuals to decide without interference from the state which vaccines they and their children will receive.
Suggest to your representative that if people had greater confidence in the safety and efficacy of vaccines then they would be much more likely to use them.
Please call the bill sponsors, Representative George Till of H. 527 and Senator Kevin Mullin of S. 199, and politely express your opposition to the bill. Senator Mullin has said publicly that he isn’t sold on the idea of removing the philosophical exemption as the best way to improve vaccine uptake.
George Till of Jericho, (802) 899-2984
Kevin Mullin of Rutland, (802) 353-6770
Please call the office of Senator Claire Ayer, chair of the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare: (802) 545-2142. The bill is currently in her committee and she has a great deal to say about where it goes.
And please call Governor Peter Shumlin, Dr. Chen’s boss, and let him know that these are bad ideas that should just go away: (802) 828-3333.
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don't pass the bill


I agree...this is Vermont, if they are going to lecture parents about vaccines, every parent (vaccinating AND not vaccinating) should sign a form saying they have been over the vaccine inserts with their doctor and are fully aware of the risks of not vaccinating as well as the risk of vaccinating.

Deborah Kahn

Folks are getting organized in Vermont!

and there is a facebook page, too.

Thanks so much for helping to get the word out.


....a compromise that would require Vermonters to get a lecture about vaccines and a note form a physician before they are allowed to get a philosophical exemption,

Can they ALSO do a lecture on WHY they cannot figure out the cause of Autism which is nearly 30 times more common than Polio ???

With 85% of an AAP office tied to "liability free vaccine revenues" it is all about the "greater good/ greater greed"

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