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GI Co-morbidities and Autism. A Microbial Association with Autism.

Autism Diagnosis Age

Big headBy Anne Dachel

The latest discovery about autism is being covered everywhere in the news.  New research from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, has found signs of brain development problems in babies as young as six months using MRI scans. Lead researcher Jason Wolff feels this is very significant because he believes 'there is a potential to intervene, to disrupt autism before it becomes entrenched.'  He described it as 'a whole brain phenomenon.' 

Of course this is only an early study and more needs to be done.  Naturally it doesn't tell us what causes the brains of autistic children to be different and we're cautioned that no one saying that doctors can diagnosis autism in a six month old. 

As far as the cause of autism is concerned, Wolff said it's due to 'a complex interaction between genes and a child's experiences with the world.'   It sounds like 'a child's experiences with the world' could be just about anything and Wolff didn't elaborate.

Reading the coverage this study is getting makes autism sound more like a curiosity than a devastating disorder plaguing a generation of children and one that mainstream medicine can't explain.  You'd never know that this once-rare disorder now strikes one percent of children and almost two percent of boys alone.  There's no sense of urgency in any of the stories on MRI's and autism. 

Sometimes it seems that no one is really interested in finding out anything significant about autism.  Experts are only obligated to come up with some new findings every few months to make it look like someone somewhere is doing something.  That's what's happening with this latest research.   If scientists can find evidence of autism in babies at six months, it would be proof that the parents who claim that their child suddenly regressed into autism following their 18 or 24 month vaccinations are wrong.  It was all just a big coincidence.  The signs of autism were really there much earlier.

Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer at Autism Speaks, was in USA Today trying to capitalize on the findings. 

She'd like to look for the signs of autism in babies in the womb.  Dawson wonders "if brain scans will spot differences in autistic brains even earlier than 6 months, and if the differences could even begin in the womb."

CBS NEWS published the piece, Study: Brain scans detect early signs of autism .  This story began by telling us, "No one is exactly sure what causes autism."  That settled, we hear, "There's also hope that with a better understanding of what causes autism, there may eventually be a more effective treatment or even prevention." 

If you listen to video, CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jonathan LaPook is heard saying, "I've spoken to a lot of parents of kids who have autism and they are up against it, emotionally, financially.  There's often a sense of guilt.  Was it something I did after the child was born?  This study shows that changes start so early, they may have a sense of relief. "  

In the coverage from MSNBC, Geraldine Dawson was cited saying, "The goal is to be able to reduce the symptoms or even possibly prevent the syndrome from developing." 

ABC News quoted Dr. Nancy Minshew at the University of Pittsburgh who said, 'This adds to the evidence that autism develops on its own, so to speak, and not because parents did something or did not do something to cause autism.'

Notice the not-too-subtle references to parents feeling like they had done something to cause their child to be autistic.  The message is, as Minshew said, 'autism develops on its own.'  I guess we're to believe that autism happens, it's just the way it is.  LaPook, Dawson, and Minshew's claims about signs being present in infants are intended to let vaccines off the hook. 

But are they really? 

Jason Wolff attributed autism to genes and 'a child's experiences with the world,'  I'd like to point out to him that a big part of that experience includes an arsenal of vaccinations, starting at birth. 

 (And even earlier if a pregnant woman receives the flu vaccine, recommended at any stage of pregnancy.  The majority of the flu vaccine available come with a huge level of mercury, a known neurotoxin.  This mercury easily passes the placental barrier.)

None of the doctors cited in these stories is worried about the effects of the toxic chemicals regularly found in vaccines. No one seems to care that there isn't a single study on the cumulative effects of the ever-expanding vaccination schedule.  Nor are they concerned that every study disproving a link between vaccines and autism is tied to the vaccine industry. 

This new study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association.  The APA has been in the news a lot lately after it came out that they want’ to redefine autism and leave a large percentage of ASD kids suddenly without a diagnosis.  The same organization that gave us “better diagnosing” is now telling us it was really over-diagnosing and misdiagnosing.  When it comes to autism, the APA is never sure about anything.

This study is just one more news flash, soon to be forgotten.  It really tells us nothing about autism.  It doesn't help a single affected child.  We told its practical use is years down the road.  The only benefit seems to be that experts can try to use it to take attention away from the hottest controversy in medicine.  That's only going to work when and if they can actually give us some answers about the mystery of autism.  It's amazing that no one is embarrassed that after two decades of soaring autism rates, all they can tell us is that ‘autism develops on its own, so to speak.’

 Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.  You can subscribe to her newsfeed at AnneDachel.com




Medical Physics Guy,

"Those mean slope lines in bold look like a predetermined trajectory, but the individual variation, to me definitely does NOT."

I agree.

The study doesn't make much sense to me at all if the conclusion is based on the slopes of those graphs. Surely the fact that quite a few blue kids started off with significantly higher or significantly lower scores than the red kids would account for the difference in the slopes.

I'd like to know why some blue kids end up with lower scores on the charts than the red kids. Does this mean that some normal children have less connectivity than the ASD kids?

And what is the significance of tanking between 12 and 18 months when some of the blue kids also tanked?

I don't know how much work has been done in the area of imaging normal brain development but if they don't know what a normally-developing infant brain looks like - if there is such a thing, judging from the blue lines - and the diagnosis of these children was made by using the original ADOS which "incorrectly identifies ASD in many children (under 3) who actually have non-ASD developmental delays", the study would appear to me to be useless.


Gadolinium was just in health news about two weeks ago--seems it doubles or triples the chance of thyroid dysfunction I believe. Adding insult to injury--like 21 shots given by 6 mos. according to the CDC schedule. Cry shame!



Only on 6-month-olds at high risk for autism.

From MedlinePlus under Risks:

"MRI uses no radiation. To date, no side effects from the magnetic fields and radio waves have been reported.

The most common type of contrast (dye) used is gadolinium. It is very safe. Allergic reactions to the substance rarely occur. However, gadolinium can be harmful to patients with kidney problems who require dialysis".

Actually I think I'd be far more concerned about the dye than the MRI because....


"Gadolinium is a toxic heavy metal"


Are they actually doing MRI's on healthy babies as controls, or only on 6-month-olds at high risk for autism?

Seems to me, the radiation in an MRI, combined with vaccination, could ADD to a baby's chance to develop autism....or maybe they already know that....


"If scientists can find evidence of autism in babies at six months, it would be proof that the parents who claim that their child suddenly regressed into autism following their 18 or 24 month vaccinations are wrong. It was all just a big coincidence. The signs of autism were really there much earlier."

It certainly seems very strange to me that the researchers chose to use ADOS (2000) to assess these children at 24 months, when the following article from 2009 states that it "is not very useful in the diagnosis of children under the age of 3. For these children, the ADOS is not specific enough. That is, it incorrectly identifies ASD in many children who actually have a non-ASD developmental delays"


Since the new ADOS Toddler Module entered the field in 2009, I think we have to ask why they didn't use a better tool for assessment.

I am also curious to know why the paper doesn't mention that, as the children were part of the Infant Brain Imaging Study (IBIS), they had all been screened for Fragile X. As Fragile X has been associated with white matter abnormalities, and it does not appear to be listed in the exclusionary criteria on p2, I think it would be interesting to find out how many children in this study tested positive.

Another thought: What does a normally-developing infant brain look like, and how many have been studied in this way?

Link to the paper 'Differences in White Matter Fiber Tract Development Present From 6 to 24 Months in Infants With Autism':


37. Lord C , Rutter M, DiLavore PC , Risi S: Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. Los Angeles, Calif, Western Psychological Services, 2000


Yes,Eileen Nicole Simon,you are right asphyxia or hypoxia
(reduced cellular oxygenation of the newborn's brain)is a contributing factor.Lot of the newborns are anemic(they have low hemoglobin levels,this means low oxygen carrying capability to important brainstem centers eg. auditory)which will have a negative effect on the newborn. Health professionals and Obstetricians need to remember that the most important part of active management of third stage is GIVING THE OXYTOCIN,DO NOT CLAMP YET,as the circulating blood from the placenta needs to return to the newborn and the lungs need to expand and the alveolis need to open.
Early clamping is harmful to the newborn and increases the need for resuscitations.

david burd

Barry: The National Children Study here in the U.S. is for 100,000 babies and began 13 months ago, and was referenced in Senator Tom Harkin's Committee hearing on autism in August, 2009.

As I have noted the vax/not-vax'ed data is now actually being taken, though the ludicrous rationale for NOT ANALYZING health outcome relationship to vaccinations was a lack of money! Yet Geraldine Dawson/Autism Speaks spends $millions on their specious genetic and diagnoses agendas, but won't spend the paltry funds to analyze the vax/un-vax'ed.

They - the Vaccine Industry and their government allies NIH and CDC - just keep sneering and laughing in our face while ever adding new immunizations at all age levels, and is abetted by Autism Speaks.

Louis Conte

Once again, Anne nails it.

We are all hopeful that this will help us in some distant future where infants are popped into MRIs like toaster cakes...

For now, all we can say is that "poof" - autism happens! I guess that is why we all need to be so aware. You know, in the case the "poof" happens to one of our kids.

And good to know that we shouldn't feel guilty about it. Well, I agree with that.

But that doesn't mean that certain other people shouldn't feel guilty.

Real guilty.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Vaccinations are not the whole story. My first two children suffered trauma and anoxia at birth. My second son was resuscitated with difficulty. Then he developed severe jaundice.

Not all children who need resuscitation at birth develop autism, nor does neonatal jaundice always cause autism (or kernicterus). However, research long ago showed that asphyxia breaks down the blood-brain barrier, which then allows bilirubin or any other toxic substance in the circulation to get into the brain. That was my son's unlucky fate, and he developed classic Kanner autism.

Since the mid 1980s, clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth has become a standard obstetric procedure, whether or not the baby has begun breathing. Even a brief lapse in respiration at birth can lead to breakdown of the blood-brain barrier. Then right away vitamin K and hep B vaccine are injected.

The experiments with lab animals have been done, and have demonstrated that anoxia followed by toxic insult injures brainstem centers, especially in the auditory system. Trophic transmitters from auditory nuclei guide myelination and maturation of the language areas of the cerebral cortex. This maturation failure is what the latest study has shown, and this too was understood long ago from experiments with laboratory animals.

Present-day researchers are re-inventing the wheel, without any discussion of evidence that has been available for decades. The problem of autism and other developmental disabilities could have been understood long ago.


They are vaccinating in pregnancy,at birth,2 months,4 months
etc. so damage can start early.Now they are exposing six
months old babies to high level of radiation (MRI)to prove that the early signs of autism is already there.It is not genetic,they are trying very hard to confuse the people.
It is a North American problem.Now of course big pHARMA
exports their vaccines and create chronic illnesses all over the world.If they do a study like this then compare the unvaccinated with the vaccinated babies brain.


Bob Moffitt, Yes, I do agree that cigarettes cause lung cancer in some people, but do you know that half of heavy smokers don't get cancer. In fact two, out of three people never get cancer of any kind. A recent study points out this often overlooked fact, and suggests that researchers might discover something by asking why so many people are resistant to the often deadly disease.


This is exactly why we have to start treating children as individuals with individual immune systems instead of immune-suppressed cookie cut-outs of one another.
Some people are genetically more susceptible to cancer, colds, flues and infectious diseases than others (suppressed immunity). Some are more genetically susceptible to inflammatory conditions, anaphylaxis, allergies and autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus (over-active immune response).

I believe some children develop autism because of their already up-regulated immune system (not in need of any help) and an environmental trigger (vaccines etc), but I just wonder if these structural differences that are found in the brain, (more frontal lobe activity) make some children more susceptible to vaccine induced brain injuries, than others. Does their innate immune system respond differently because of the way the brain is wired and these structural differences?

Thanks for your link. As someone with CFS, which I also suspect is an autoimmune illness, I am always interested in this type of research; illnesses cause by an over-active immune system.


Why always the "if vaccines caused autism, everyone would be autistic from them" line? People understand that a peanut can be a death sentence to only a few. People understand that only some have a bad reaction to a drug, or that people have different kinds of reaction. Nobody says "it can't be the antibiotic that caused the reaction or it would happen to everyone." Do people think about what they are saying?

As far as relief - not feeling it here. I'll be relieved if we get to the bottom of this before my children have children.


.... Again, this underscores the need for a study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. Until such a study is done those of us who believe in vaccine damage are always marginalized..... "


You're right, this is the one study that will put the argument to bed forever. And that's EXACTLY the reason why the people who should be done this study decades ago... continue to produce nonsense like this instead.

These people have blood on their hands, and they know it. They will do anything they can to keep that fact from becoming common knowledge.

This study will never happen, as long as we keep waiting for it to come from within the medical community. Unfortunately, along with everything else that we have on our plates, I think we're going to have to find a way to get this study done ourselves. Because like it or not, we are the experts now. And future generation literally depend on us somehow stepping up on their behalf.


Vaccinations are one of many contributing factors. Good they are finding a way to detect Autism earlier on, the earlier the better. What this does/does not say about vaccinations is that it causes Autism. Vaccinations do not cause Autism....but they sure help expidite it. Just like every other toxin mankind has manifested. Face it Humans.... We have single handedly stumped our evolutional process. Time we move out of the way and let these beautiful new generations of beings take over and put us in our place!


@ Rachel .. you posted: "If it was just the massive amount of vaccines injected into young children that caused autism, every child who was vaccinated repeatedly would develop autism, but this is not the case."

I think, as Bob Moffitt states, we all acknowledge that tobacco can be deadly. But a little-known stat is that among Life-long Smokers, 8% develop lung cancer. While that's slightly higher than the 1 in 60-ish figure for ASD (and an old stat to boot) the notion that 'everyone' who engages in risky behavior results in "x" is fool hearty.

Medical Physics Guy

I went and got this article. They have data points at 6, 12, and 18 months. The significant difference is interesting but my take on the data points is that it is overshadowed by the story of the individual variations.

Looking at the individual lines on the PDF I see a lot of red lines shooting up 6-12 and then tanking 12-18 . How many, or what percent, is hard to tell. I would love to see a simple reorganization of the data sorted by the angle theta formed between the three data points. Do the red kids do a lot of tanking between 12-18 months? That's a very different story than the one the media has latched onto, of a predetermined "trajectory" smoothing locking these kids into less development. Those mean slope lines in bold look like a predetermined trajectory, but the individual variation, to me definitely does NOT.

Bob Moffitt

@ Rachel .. you posted: "If it was just the massive amount of vaccines injected into young children that caused autism, every child who was vaccinated repeatedly would develop autism, but this is not the case."

Not to be argumentative .. but .. for decades .. the tobacco industry made the very same argument .. claiming that "cigarettes were not causing lung cancer" .. otherwise everyone who smoked would develop lung cancer. Hopefully you agree that cigarettes do cause lung cancer .. even though not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer.

By the way .. for an excellent explanation of why some children respond differently than others .. I highly recommend Charles Richet's Nobel Prize award speech on "anaphylaxis":


Richet explains that every child inherits an immune system that is unique to that child .. just like fingerprints and DNA. In other words .. some children inherit genes from their parents that pre-dispose them .. (allergies) .. to react negatively .. including death .. to substances that other children easily tolerate.

That children are given the HEP B vaccine within hours of birth is a clear violation of the precautions that Richet's Nobel Prize warned against.


Annabelle: ...Now we are blaming a flu shot given once during a pregnancy for autism? That seems a stretch...

Depending on the wisdom of the mother, doctor, nurse or "person at the car wash" giving away free flu vaccines... the "flu shot during pregnancy" may contain 25 micro-grams of mercury...

25 micrograms of mercury = 37,150,000,000,000,000 molecules of mercury.

Depending on where it goes (central nervous system) and how long it stays there (months/ years) will determine the damage it may cause.

One might want to ask their pediatrician how to remove this mercury material from the central nervous system of their "newborn infant or toddler" after 12 to 36 months of damage.

Of course, the pediatrician may decide to "fire the patient" at this time...


If it was just the massive amount of vaccines injected into young children that caused autism, every child who was vaccinated repeatedly would develop autism, but this is not the case. These differences in brain structures may help identify those who are more vulnerable to vaccine-induced autism or brain injuries from repeat vaccinations.


Annabelle-- if you followed the blog regularly then you'd be aware that a range of environmental toxins ARE at issue. Shots are included in this and there's an issue of intensity of exposure-- most lawn pesticides are not injected on day one of birth past the respiratory and gut filters. Respiratory and gut filters work to prevent toxins access to blood, but injected substances land with full impact. Also, spraying your lawn with pesticides is not mandated by government and vaccines are. Many parents were self consciously "green" all along and their children were stricken anyway. And whereas pesticides may certainly be synergistic with certain pathogens-- creating a situation where the danger of infection is amplified-- pathogens are not included in the synergistic package of pesticides as they are with vaccines, which include simultaneous injections of pathogens + a range of toxins which 1) impair or over-excite immune response in dangerous ways in some susceptible infants; 2) destroy the meager blood-brain barrier in infants, allowing lab-generated pathogens direct access through blood to CSF and the brain, etc.

But the cumulative effect of mitochondrial toxins (vaccines, pesticides, toxic waste, fracking chemicals, drugs, etc.) is certainly not ignored here.

Donna L.

So we're just supposed to overlook the fact that the average six month old 'child's experiences with the world' involve 25 vaccine doses?

Anne, I really wish your posts came with complimentary anger-management classes.


Don't forget about Mom's amalgams, Anne.

I'm having mine removed right now by a Hg free dentist. Mercury, nickel, etc. I'm a toxic mess. How much did my 3 elementary aged school kids get...

Keep up the great work!

david burd

Anne et al: I should have noted the NCS (National Children Study) will total 100,000 kids.

At this date, there will be many thousands enrolled and followed.

Annabelle: All immunization shots have six to 10 toxic components and unknown contaminants. With unnatural exposure to these poison via bypassing the respiratory of GI tract routes, the fetus (the flu shot to the mother) or newborn (Hepatitis B at birth!!) can indeed be killed by many bio-molecular mechanisms.

And, don't forget the dose volume to infants is but 1/2 the dose volumes of vaccines to adults weighing 120 - 200 pounds. Can you imagine an adult getting the 26 doses cited in the first 6-7 months of The Schedule and the dose amount adjusted to over ten times higher (to be equivalent to infants' doses).

This medical insanity will someday end; but only if we keep fighting.


Annabelle Clippinger
It does not seem like a stretch to me at all.
My mother way back in the 60s said that she became ill right after a flu shot, and then on and off for the next year start running a fever, and become sick just like she had the flu even right in the summer time. It was not long after that she started complaining with her stomach.

Our preacher's wife; just a couple of years ago within hours after receiving a flu shot - skin became totally red,eyes became blood red,became very ill and was rushed back to the emergency room.

My X best friend had an uncle that received the Swine flu in the 70s became paralazed.

Flu shots - just like kids shots have mercury in them, along with "Aluminium"

Flu shots are cheaper and easier made since they found out they can stick alumiunium on pathogen protein and get an immune response.

Speaking of immune response; since childhood vaccines have had alumiunium in them for a couple of generations now -- and since immunity is inherited from "BOTH PARENTS" a fact that is ignored -- but the father's immune system and what he has been exposed to is very much inherited or given to his offspring toooooooo--- it makes sense that what was once observed as being regressive is NOW, "NOW" there right at birth.


Duh, their next step would be to compare MRI's of children who have had vaccine experiences in their world such as as hep b and dpt (12doses at least) to babies who have not had those experiences in their world. Idiots.

Annabelle Clippinger

I have wondered about the ever-increasing use of pesticides and other environmental chemicals just to make the grass greener and thicker, and how that may be linked to autism, cancer, and other illnesses.

Environmental toxins do not seem to be at issue; whereas vaccines are. Now we are blaming a flu shot given once during a pregnancy for autism? That seems a stretch.


This is the best explanation of autism as a neuro-immune dysfunction in the brain that I've seen yet. Please watch Dr. Pardo's presentation it's about an hour long but well worth it. Too bad the mainstream press ignores such valuable research.

"Carlos A. Pardo, MD, discusses the hypothesis suggesting that the immune system may in some way play a role in triggering the onset of autism and how certain treatments may help. Series: "M.I.N.D. Institute Lecture Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders" [6/2008] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 14661]"


Son in Recovery

Great reporting Anne and for the news people's record...I don't feel any guilt - I'm just really pissed off! Epigenetics tell us that our genes can be changed by what we eat, drink and smoke. You would think that these scientists would be able to see that our genes can also be changed by what is injected into our kids bodies. Oh, I forgot, those toxins stay in the muscle tissue right? I am not buying it for a second!

CT teacher

Again, this underscores the need for a study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. Until such a study is done those of us who believe in vaccine damage are always marginalized. The media and mainstream medicine continue to ignore the possibility of vaccine damage while claiming it has been scientifically ruled out. They are never challenged on their statements and so the hunt for other causes continues, while the cause right in front of everyone's nose is completely disregarded. Those of us who are concerned about vaccine damage must find a way to get this study done so that we have some credibility. They cite studies that exonerate vaccines even though they don't, and we have no studies to refute their arguments. That's why it was so important for them to discredit Andrew Wakefield's case study. He was on to something and his reputation was stellar. They went all out to destroy the study and the man. Unless and until we have a study that makes big headlines we are "pissing in the wind" or so the saying goes. It's OK to say that Truth will win out in the end but we can't wait another generation to solve this. We must find a way, NOW.


Parents only have a few minutes after birth before "five year, liability free, vaccine assault" of their children begins.


Do most kids actually diagnosed with autism have normal brain MRI's? I know mine does.

Anything and everything in the mainstream media about autism is a calculated part of the cover-up.

david burd

Anne, Here is the overview of The National Children's Study (NCS), under the auspices of NIH, that began with its Vanguard Segment 13 months ago in January, 2011 - verbatim excerpts from the NCS "Concept of Operations."

"An Introduction to the NCS

The National Children’s Study (NCS) is a national longitudinal study that will prospectively investigate the influence of biological, environmental, genetic, and social factors on the health and development of our nation’s children to ensure that future generations of children grow up strong and healthy. The NCS was mandated by the Children’s Health Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-310) and is being implemented by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with input from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other federal departments and agencies. The NCS is a data-driven, evidence-based, community- and participant-informed study.

The NCS system and its supporting platforms have been an ever-evolving entity. During this evolution, individual activities have changed in nature and specific objectives. The NCS Vanguard Study, which began in January 2009, will continue until each enrolled child has been followed for 21 years. Enrollment for the Vanguard Study is currently estimated to be complete sometime late in calendar year 2011, although that date will be empirically determined based on progress respective to Study goals. The Vanguard Study is intended to remain dynamic in nature and content in order to evaluate multiple procedural and operational scenarios in terms of feasibility, acceptability, and cost."

This funded NCS Study was a topic at Senator Tom Harkin's Committee Hearing on autism in August, 2009. Incredibly, Geri Dawson testified there was not enough NCS funding to actually analyze data as to babies being vaccinated or not-vaccinated and how that correlated with the children's health.

Senator Harkin (and other govt. officials) must be relentlessly pushed to analyze what has happened so far. This is indeed THE CHANCE to compare the vax'ed and unvax'ed.


I notice ,as well, it does "nothing to address the arsenal of early vaccines"..however, IMO, when reading the news flashes all week , I felt it was immoral to include babies that had siblings with autism in such a study. We know there is a genetic factor, wouldn't it have been a kinder study to compare babies with affected sibs , who had delayed vaccines to see if their brains were clear at six months? I noticed my son had side effects/reactions to each shot, and I would certainly imagine the shot that took away his language was the proverbial last straw, the one that qwelled the spark, deadened the connections. It's continual damage,continual poisoning . It doesn't stop in children either, my nephew, who as an adult was tricked into the thimerosal flu vaccine at school, took a slide backward. WHY anyone would offer an already diagnosed autism patient a thimerosal laden vaccine shows the absolute meanness of our paternal medical community. (or is it stupidity..they believe what they read and this is a fraud and that Danish study..lalala.. all of the propaganda is paid for and within reach for touting)
Let's ask to see the six month non vaccinated brain!


How long before Dr. Julie Gerberding is invited to join the Autism Speaks Science Board? Slug em and drug em.

She'll be dyeing puppies blue in no time..... ;)


What experiences of the world has a six month old baby had?

1. Milk. There may be new toxins in their mothers and the water mixed with formula, but nothing has been found as ubiquitous in the population as ASD.

2. Toys. Previous generations played with lead.

3. Clothes and bedding. Cotton and polyester haven't changed since their parent's generation.

4. EM radiation in the home. Notable, but cordless phones abounded in the 80s, and wifi didn't really become common until after the ASD rise; also Scandanavians love them too and have far less ASD.

5. Vaccines.

John Stone

It really couldn't be more blatant - it is saying that they are going to find the treatments without finding the causes. It's the Korean study all over again, and maximising potential profits.

Bob Moffitt

Parents are not the only ones who may feel "guilty about doing something that caused their child's autism". Until the "cause" of the autism epidemic is finally revealed .. I suspect the same could be said of Dr. LaPook and Dr. Minshew.

In any event, since this study has already used MRI to "brain scan babies six months old" .. how difficult would it be for the "researchers" to compare the immunization records of the children already scanned .. with a comparable number of children who have not been vaccinated?

After all, lead researcher Jason Wolff believes autism is "a complex interaction between genes and a child's experiences with the world." A six month old child who is fully vaccinated .. has "experienced" far more than a six month old child who was not vaccinated.

Indeed, vaccinations may be the PRIMARY EXPERIENCE in a six month old child.

Pharma Consortium Speaks


But that would get in the way of making x10 billions of $s!!!


These so called experts are far too entrenched in a dualistic either-or black and white frame of mind to see further from their behinds. Autism is not 'EITHER-genetic-OR vaccine-triggered'. It is not 'Either-prenatal-or-regressive'. A child can be affected from birth and STILL regress further. This is basic stuff.

The real cruncher would be a to get a large number of babies who show these symptoms at 6 months of age, split them in two groups - one kept away from any further vaccines, the other vaccinated fully per schedule, then compare SEVERITY of autism and health 2-3 years later.

John Stone

Hi Anne

It will, however, help Geri and Autism Speaks in their ambition to screen the population as prospective captive consumers of a new generation of pharmaceutical products that they are developing with the industry in a 'pre-competitive consortium'. So, the more, and the earlier, the merrier!




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