The Sound of Recovery
And So the Anger Against Autism Begins

A Keynesian Look at Autism

KeynesBy L.J. Goes

"Von Mises.   Now he was a true Austrian economist." 

Many an unsuspecting dinner guest have been treated to an impromptu lecture about economics by my beloved husband, Dave.  Along with fast cars, Harleys and the White Sox, economics tops the list of my husband's most ardent passions. Let's just say when he gets started on Keynesian economics - the theory that government intervention in the free market is necessary to stimulate economic growth - I start floating around the table filling everyone's wine glass to the brim.  He detests, abhors, and generally reviles this school of thought because of it's lack of transparency and it's proliferation of the false notion that the government knows what is best for the people. Of course, it could work, if the government were actually comprised of the people.  It is not.  It is comprised of exceedingly wealthy bureaucrats, special interests and corporations.  People as individuals, do not exist within the constructs of our current government. Keynesian economics caused the housing crisis.  It causes stagflation, inflation, and every other -ation you can think of. For instance, vaccin-ation.  The survival of the corporate entity is KEY (KEY-nesian) in order to support Keynesian principles. The survival of the individual (the citizen), is irrelevant. 

While we never hear the phrase Keynesian economics bandied about in the mainstream media (except for Bloomberg) it is the philosophy that keeps Washington operational. False stimulation of the market is the solitary premise upon which all our current policies are formed.  Everything from repairing roads that don't need fixing (creating jobs) to fighting wars on foreign soil (wars that no one invited us to partake in, in the first place), has it's foundation and justification in Keynesian thought.  

False stimulation of the market has given us insurmountable national debt, rampant poverty, joblessness (unless you want to move overseas), unprecedented foreclosure rates, subsidized farms, excessive waste, fake food and untested preventative medicine. 

False stimulation of the immune system gives us chronic illness. Chronic illness is KEY for corporate profits. Chronic illness is spectacularly lucrative for the GPD (government/pharma/doctor) Alliance. They are uber-fans of Keynesian theory.  False stimulation of the immune system also gives us the propagandized notion of a protected "herd".  This is a wildly publicized and successfully promoted but false notion. In reality the live viruses we've been injecting into our toddlers can shed and infect other children and adults with weakened immune systems. Ergo the oft reported outbreaks of vaccine preventable illness in vaccinated populations. That's right, GPD, the retro hippie parents that live on the corner of town who give talks about raw milk at the local library cannot be blamed for every single pertussis outbreak in the continental U.S. This theoretical herd protection goes by another name.  False comfort.  Notice the common theme here? 

False, false, false, false false.  

We're tricking the economy.

We're tricking the immune system. 

When the government encourages consumers to use their credit cards to buy things they want but cannot afford, it stimulates the economy. Like when they pay off a $1,000 flat screen that ends up costing them $2,500 with interest.

When the government encourages parents to vaccinate their children it stimulates their immune system. They may not manifest chicken pox as children, but they get a killer case of shingles in their 30's.  They might not get HPV, but darned if they don't get Tourette's and a nasty bout with seizures.  They may not get pertussis, but they end up with an inhaler and maintenance meds for life.  If you think I'm venturing into dangerous territory have a look-see at the MSD sheets and package inserts for these miraculous preventative medicines. Very telling.  And the kicker is, our little ones might get vaccinated and still get the very disease they were vaccinated against. Happens a lot! This is the parents fault for delaying the schedule, being old, blue-eyed, freckled, financially successful or having eaten a green M &M on the third Friday of Lent while thinking sinful thoughts. 

Let's take it a few steps further...

If charging a little bit is good charging a lot is better!  Now that family with the flat screen can get a new car, maybe a boat, and take a few vacations.  They should have their debt paid off  by 2055.  Mom and dad can retire at the age of 107.  Good for the government, bad for mom and dad.  Too bad, so sad. 

If some vaccinations are good, lots and lots must be better!  Super swell.  As in, an epidemic of swelling, aka, inflammation, that according to the CDC's own statistics is affecting the lives of over 50% of our children.  For some kids it's brain swell, autism.  For some kids it's joint swell, painful juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  For some it's intestinal swell, severe bowel disease.  For some, it's bronchial swell, asthma. For some, it's all of these systems swelling spontaneously. Death. Often called SIDS.  Unless of course, it happens right there in the hospital within seconds of the vaccine being administered.  Then it is unmistakably obvious. Nurse's error. 

Our government says everything is fine. But, you are on the verge of financial ruin and your family is going under.  Lawmakers aren't sure what you want them to do for you. You vote.  You pay taxes.  You are ignored. 

Our pediatricians say everything is fine.  Your previously healthy child is terribly ill with strange behaviors and your doctor tells you to go to a government run agency known as Early Intervention to figure out what's wrong. You are essentially ignored by your pediatrician. "Let me know what they have to say when you come in for his next round of shots!" He shouts on his way to see his next patient for 3.5 deeply meaningful minutes. More often than not he can't keep your kids' names straight.  But he knows what shots they're missing, for sure. 

You head over to Early Intervention for answers and learn there is no medical personnel on staff there. You are perplexed.  Why would I bring my sick kid here?  They do nothing more than identify and categorize behavior. This is where sharp parents - aka thinking moms - discover the GPD Alliance is not interested in medically treating autism until they can figure out how to profit from it. It's going to be up to you. Until then, they will send you to the agencies they have created to evaluate the severity of the damage they have done. If they were seriously considering caring for individuals with autism they would surely have devised a nationally accepted medical standard of care that every hospital would have adopted by now. It's been decades folks!  DECADES! Instead, they tell you billions of dollars are going to important research to find that pesky autism gene!  Doggone they'll find that sneaky bugger.  If it takes them zillions of billions of your hard earned dollars!  They'll find a way!

EI says, "Hey I know you must be devastated with little Sammy's diagnosis that's not really a diagnosis because we're not really doctors but would you consider contributing to genetic autism research today? I can't say what I think he has because I'm not a doctor but lots and lots of kids have it. It's everywhere. Hint, spinning objects...early'll have to see a pediatric neurologist to confirm it." wink wink

Side note: Writing a check or walking for genetic autism research is like feeding a hundred dollar bill to a goat.  He's gonna eat it. Eventually that beloved Benjamin that was once yours will end up fertilizing something.  Most likely some GMO corn. The work on the genetic predisposition for autism has been done.  God bless the poor GPD, they haven't figured out how to enterprise on it yet. Furthermore, the science the GPD doesn't want you to see that indicates their cash cow vaccines can and do cause all these incredibly complex medical problems is in the Chauan's book. The problem is metabolic and methylation issues cannot be easily remedied with pills.  Same with mitochondrial disease and measles infested intestines.  When there's no easy fix and no immediate financial gain, it's much easier to promote the search for the ever elusive gene.  It's the pot of gold, my friend.  And the gatekeepers of this theory are real live leprechauns! You do not question the leprechauns and walk away unscathed.

Falsehoods sure do promote major disconnects don't they?  My point with this Keynesian rant is that a privileged few with a vested interest are determining what is good for all.  Only, them.  Not us.  They are lying -but, it's cool - because they make the laws.  Lying is perfectly legal when you are the lawmaker...and the judge...oh, and the jury. Killing children is alright too, as long as the taxpayers assume the damage.

Keynesian economics and preventative healthcare - all for the good of the herd - at the expense of the individual. Systems the GPD and leprechauns remind us we should be thankful for everyday - via their mouthpiece - the mainstream media.  Tell me, do you feel protected, honored and valued by these praised and popular systems?  Let me know.

LJ Goes is an essayist, executive board member of the Canary Party, and co-founder of The Thinking Mom's Revolution.  She is mom to three children, one who suffers greatly from iatrogenic autism. 


Greg Paul


I am sorry if you don't see the connection of how the author was trying to use the vaccination issue to smear liberal economic policies. That is not to say that I don't agree completely that large corporations (particularly pharma) have been allowed to become so influential in politics that they are now, as you put it, "in bed" with the government. This is a function of corruption, which has unfortunately been allowed to permeate our government. It is not a function of political ideology.

"Keynesian" has become one of those "dirty words" right wing organizations like to throw around to try and smear liberals. It has nothing to do with vaccination.

Julie Leonardo

I don't see this as a republican vs. democrat issue. I cannot speak to Keynesian philosophy. However I can say that government and pharma are in bed with each other. Each side is contributing to the problem and nobody is listening to the people anymore. That was my takeaway from all of this.

Greg Paul

The posting of this article here is quite unfortunate. There are a number of things I find wrong with it besides the fact that it appears quite clear that the author and her husband really do not understand Keynesian economics. My major problem with it is its ridiculous analogy of Keynesian economics and vaccination. They are in no way related, no matter what strained pretense is used. The vaccine analogy is just a guise for the author to interject her unrelated political views into this site.

I am not going to debate macro economics on this site because this is not the place for it. If the author wants to invite me to dinner to discuss it, I am happy to do so there.

There are many many liberals who are on the same side as the author on the vaccination issue. I, a "liberal", have not vaccinated either of my children and I am passionate about this issue. The issue of autism and vaccinations CANNOT become politicized as either right-wing or left-wing. It is our children's health that is at stake here. Again, it is not a right-wing or left-wing cause. Please don't try and turn it into a right-wing cause with articles like this.

I visit this site at least twice a week and thoroughly enjoy it. I hope these types of articles do not become a regular feature.


I'd like to nominate Garbo's comment below for quote of the month!

Julie Matthews

I LOVE you L.J.! Oh, how much I would love to be at a dinner party with you and your husband!

It’s such a relief to see this topic discussed! This is exactly what the autism community needs to know – the truth! “They” control us because they run the shots and the game is rigged – but we, the people, allow it to happen because we do not know we are being lied to and oppressed. When we do not have freedom: personal and economic, and do not have freedom of information—we are blind. When we are blind, we do not know we are being oppressed. We need to educate each other, on these subjects that are not taught in the mainstream. I applaud you and Age of Autism for writing and publishing this courageous piece!

We cannot separate politics from autism—because as long as the government controls us (vaccine mandates, raw milk raids, farmers imprisoned, truth-seeking doctors discredited, tyrannical government controls), we cannot separate politics from autism. And economic policy is at the center of the whole thing.

I first learned of Keynesian economics when I met Ron Paul nearly ten years ago. Before that I didn’t really realize that our financial system is based on a “philosophy” or “theory” and that there are other theories – some which are MUCH better. I always thought it was based in a “hard science” that it just “was” that way – I thought we were measuring actual indicators of the economy, not just ONE WAY to calculate and run the economy.

Without new transparencies, honesty in government, and solutions to our dishonest economic system, we cannot make informed and choices for our children. And there’s too much at stake to not have all the information.

Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been thinking about writing an article on the autism community and Ron Paul, even though I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant - not because my credentials make me a political commentator, but because these policies threaten our nutrition and biomed choices. We need HONEST leaders that follow the Constitution and believe in LIMITING government’s powers! We need to stand together and stand up for the truth now!

Julie Matthews


L Land, your comment hit the nail on the head!!!
It is the corporations everywhere NOT the Govt. BIG Pharma, BIG Banks, Big media corporations...
What scares me most about the Govt is the fact that many in power would like nothing more than to pull all possible funding that supports people with disabilities. Families in RI in are serious crisis, my son's adult day program has 2 staff person to 15 adults DUE TO MEDICAID CUTS. Any of you out there with son's or daughter with serious Autism want to have your child sit in a group like that most of the day playing bingo, coloring in kindergarten coloring books or walking on a treadmill??? This is ALL that is available in Mass and RI. Is this what you want for your kid? Mine is suffering through this now and it is a nightmare!


Loved it! If I could reach through the screen and hug you and your husband, I would!

John Stone

Actually, it could not have been put better than here by Americas's most noted Keynseian economist JK Galbraith in 1999 - not that he is making specifically Keynseian point and his article is also intended to as a tribute to the "liberal" economist Robert Heilbroner.

Free Market Fraud
by John Kenneth Galbraith
The Progressive magazine, January 1999

The excellent month I'm called upon for two celebrations-one for the distinguished career of Robert Heilbroner, the most interesting, innovative, and influential of liberal economists, and the other for The Progressive magazine, now ninety years young. I here venture the same theme for both. It is this: Most economists commit what I, in a professionally cautious way, call innocent fraud. It is innocent because most who employ it are without conscious guilt. It is fraud because it is quietly in the service of special interest.
Let's begin with capitalism, a word that has gone largely out of fashion. The approved reference now is to the market system. This shift minimizes-indeed, deletes-the role of wealth in the economic and social system. And it sheds the adverse connotation going back to Marx. Instead of the owners of capital or their attendants in control, we have the admirably impersonal role of market forces. It would be hard to think of a change in terminology more in the interest of those to whom money accords power. They have now a functional anonymity.
But most of the people who use the new designation-economists, in particular- are innocent as to the effect. They see nothing wrong with their bland, descriptive terminology. They pay no attention to the important question: Whether money- wealth-accords a special power. (It does.) Thus the term innocent fraud.
The fraud also conceals a major change in the role of money in the modern economy. Money, we once agreed, gave the owner, the capitalist, the controlling power in the enterprise. So it still does in small businesses. But in all large firms the decisive power now lies with a bureaucracy that controls, but does not own, the requisite capital. This bureaucracy is what the business schools teach their students to navigate, and it is where their graduates go. But bureaucratic motivation and power are outside the central subject of economics. We have corporate management, but we do not study its internal dynamics or explain why certain behaviors are rewarded with money and power. These omissions are another manifestation of fraud. Perhaps it is not entirely innocent. It evades the often unpleasant facts of bureaucratic structure, internal competition, personal advancement, and much else.
This innocent or not-so-innocent fraud masks an important factor in the distribution of income: At the highest levels of the corporate bureaucracy, compensation is set by those who receive it. This inescapable fact fits badly into accepted economic theory, so it is put aside. In the textbooks, there is no bureaucratic aspiration, no reward for bureaucratic achievement, no bureaucratic enhancement by merger and acquisition, and no personally established compensation. Bypassing all of this is not a wholly innocent fraud.
A more comprehensive fraud dominates scholarly economic and political thought. That is the presumption of a market economy separate from the state. Most economists concede a stabilizing role to the state, even those who urgently seek an escape from reality by assigning a masterful and benign role to Alan Greenspan and the central bank. And all but the most doctrinaire accept the need for regulation and legal restraint by the state. But few economists take note of the co-optation by private enterprise of what are commonly deemed to be functions of the state. This is hidden by the everyday reference to the public and private sectors, one of our clearest examples of innocent fraud.
Take the common outcry about corporate welfare. Here the private firm, as it is called, receives a public subsidy for its product or service. But what is called corporate welfare is a minor detail. Far more important is the full-fledged takeover by private industry of public decision-making and government spending.
The clearest case is the weapons industry. Given the industry's command of the Congress and the Pentagon, the defense firms create the demand for weaponry prescribe the technological development of our defense system, and supply the needed funds-the defense budget. There is no novelty here. This is the military-industrial complex, a characterization that goes safely back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Any notion of a separation between the public and a private sector-between industry and government-is here plainly ludicrous. Nonetheless, the absorption of public functions by the arms industry is ignored in all everyday and most scholarly economic and political expression. And what is so ignored is in some measure sanctioned. I hesitate here to speak of innocent fraud; it is far from being socially benign.
What we must seek in these matters is reasonably evident. It is the use of plain language to express the clear truth. We can then take pleasure from the discomfort the truth so often evokes.

John Stone

Dear Dr Taylor,

There are many things to blame here but I am sure we should also not omit to blame the corporations, because unless people understand what the corporations are doing, and the way the business lobby has come to supplant the public interest, the way that it is never held to account, there really isn't very much hope of changing anything.

We need to be able to say to our politicians and officials 'This is what you let those people get away with'. Personally, I would like to see criminal responsibility brought in for marketing known to be unsafe products, because otherwise it is just a question of the commercial risk of getting caught, and the people responsible just continue to pay themselves huge salaries and bonusses. But make no mistake, whether it meets a criminal definition or not it doesn't stop it being wicked.

John Stone


I personally think that those individuals in government are big boys and girls and are capable of making their own decisions. It is not the fault of "corporations" that the politicians who take an oath to uphold the constitution and defend our country from danger choose corruption over honesty, integrity, and morality. To blame only corporations is simply naive, and ignorant. There are those in office that have never acquiesced to the corruption, but they do not get the press (so to speak)........The corporations are doing what they do to increase the bottom line, and they can simply be denied. This is an issue of individual, personal choice, whether to stand firm and steadfast for the right, or to compromise, however little, and be led down the road to destruction whether it be economic, physiologic, or spiritual.
I agree with the article, and there is a way to beat this without the nanny state, handouts and the like, in fact I am starting a free autism treatment center in the state where I live.

For the past 4 years I have been ubiquitous in my state from the grass roots to the top gov. officer and have figured out a way to make it work. As a physician treating this community and as a father of a recovered child, I will never quit, and I will never depend on gov. to "take care of it". The battle we are in is a battle of good and evil, and advocating anything other than the principles of righteousness is a default to advocate for the opposition (insert own word here). God will not test us beyond what we or our children can take, and if we endure to the end, the very most precious desires of our hearts will be granted. There is no such thing as false hope, they simply cannot co-exist and are diametrically opposed in meaning and principle. I did not make it this far by worrying about what other people, organizations, etc...think, I care only what God thinks, and for what is right. We must press forward, and treat this for what it is, a war between good and evil, no matter what the metaphor we use to describe, educate and clarify with.



Did BMJ actually apologise to a Doctor!

Elizabeth Gillespie

Sandy MacInnis

Unfortunately, this article hurts the credibility of both the Canary Party and AoA. Keynesian economics is not at all as it is described here.

This isn't the right forum to debate economic policy, of course - so I won't get into it here. If you want to get a better of idea of what it is, and what it isn't, please see Paul Krugman's blog on the NY Times.

Jeannette Bishop

Funny, the question recently crossed my mind whether there were parallels between our fiat money system and our sort of fiat "healthcare" system. I guess there are more similarities than I could think of in the few minutes of scattered reflection I gave it.

I'm not sure where to post this, but another act shredding more of the Bill of Rights passed overwhelmingly in the House yesterday, in the Senate earlier this month.

This may end public demonstration in this country for vaccine safety and choice among everything else.


Touched a nerve did we?
Think people.
You are not being "taken care of" by your gov't or your medicine.
Think for yourselves.


Oh look- a precedent


John Stone


I think there is something else here and Mary also got near it - that neither medicine or economics can ever be proper sciences so actually some interventions may work but many or most are still unpredictable and essentially out of control. So, I am sure it was worth exploring.


LJ Goes

Thanks everyone for commenting. Not my goal to influence anyone's politics Turning Tide. Just trying to illustrate the someone-else-will-take-care-of-it-and-make-sure-we-ALL-get-the-best-available everything. Particularly, preventative healthcare. It just doesn't work. Just want people to THINK. Think about their politics, their medicine, their food, their families and themselves instead of what is on TV tonight, what the score of the game is, and who wore what to the Oscars. That is all. If I seem crude or inappropriate it is probably because I used to be the very person I am speaking to. It pains me that I did not think. It is a terrible thing to know that my lack of education has affected an innocent life so dramatically. All parallels I can draw to illustrate this for others I will... I want the POWER RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE - especially and particularly when it comes to preventative healthcare. I appreciate all opinions. Best, lj

I like Ron Paul

There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty
John Adams

Adam M

Quoting Dr Russell L. Blaylock M.D.

Capitalism is very different from the opportunistic system modern corporations have invented for themselves. For a magnificent defense of true capitalism, se Ludwig von Mises' magnificent 1949 work Human Action. Von Mises' student F.A. Hayek, eventually won the Nobel Prize for economics. Both of these great men recognized that the corporation, especially the international corporation, is in fact alien to the principles of capitalist economics, and they saw corporate collusion with the government as the greatest danger to a true free market-using the power of the government to prevent competition and to protect themselves from citizens who recognize the dangers that corporate activity poses to public health and safety.
-Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life introduction pgs vii & viii

mary podlesak

Neither the government nanny state nor the private sector cowboy state can address the moral difficulties at the heart of this conundrum, alluded to by Von Mises: What in truth, do medical interventions actually accomplish in the body and how does one measure them? Any medical intervention, drug, vaccine, surgery, therapy, test, device, can be shown to have some adverse effect. Statisticians have been well aware of the extreme shortcomings of medical "studies", even those using the "gold" standard, a prospective case/control study. Bias and methodological errors are rife in these studies. The more complex the design, the greater the possibility of deception and subterfuge for profit.
Economics is the science relating to the production and distribution of wealth. It does not make judgments regarding the moral or statistical validity of medical studies, only of the economics of medical products.
Today's New York Times has an editorial by Dr. Gilbert Welch. in it he mentions, favorably, the redefinition of autism in the new DSM, with the associated presumption that if these children weren't diagnosed with autism (or any other condition), that somehow they would act normally or be treated as neurologically normal. The gist of his editorial is that we would all be better off if the medical system only treated the "sick" instead of screening the "well". He believes good nutrition, good exercise and good morals should be left to cookbooks, trainers and clerics. Neither Economics nor Statistics nor Medicine nor Government alone can address the Truth and validity of medical research and it's consequences, that strike to the essence of our nature.

John Stone

PS Lisa. Of course, it is true we've been printing loads of money to stimulate the economy (at least in the UK) and so far this time it isn't working: misery all round.


Birgit Calhoun

To continue with that metaphor "a rising tide lifts all boats", it only works for good functioning boats, boats that have no leaky hulls, boats that have a functioning captain, boats that have all their rigging in place.


We are well and truly hosed, caught between the do-gooders who believe the government is here to help on the one side (ensuring a steady supply of damaged lambs sacrificed for the greater good), and the free-market bootstraps crowd on the other (ensuring that no help will be forthcoming for the rising tide of damaged lambs). Egged on by their corporate partners, and unwilling or unable to take account of the human and economic dimensions of the problem they have together sown, neither side has any vested interest in revealing the truth or portraying us and our children as anything but pitiable, genetically damaged, delusional, unscientific, misguided whiners, sucking the government teat dry and endangering everyone else in the process with our crazy claptrap. Once upon a time, the fourth estate might have kept things from getting so out of hand, but the media are now nothing more than a bunch of galley slaves rowing a ship half-sunken with pharma advertising dollars. Even if a miracle occurred, and a whistleblower or scientist came forward with incontrovertible evidence, in this environment would it even be a blip on the radar? Or would s/he just get the Wakefield treatment until the next day's disaster or scandal knocks them off the front page?

Birgit Calhoun

Unfortunately the involvement of government is necessary. The problem is not government. It is the people who run for office who then run the country. It starts with education that would allow a well-run administration to do the right thing. Government and science and education are right now run by corporations which are run by a wealthy faceless number of individuals. To change that we the people have to work to elect the right persons to run the country.


Without overtly taking sides I would say our form of governement/market is made for a people with a certain type of conscience and without it in predominance we will suffer.


Well written corporate comment Jenna.

The "little people" of the USA are expected to pull on their bootstraps and lift themselves out of a two trillion dollar banking/ mortgage fraud.

Thank goodness we know Wall Street is looking after our retirement funds with 1.5 billion dollar salaries for hedge fund managers...

Many now cannot buy a house, you can't sell your house and move until the "banks sell the empty houses on your street" before they will give someone a loan to buy yours...

Add that to the three trillion dollars that pharma owes the Autism community...

Get ready for 7 billion dollars worth of campaign commercials to elect more of the same.


CT teacher, Cassandra, and a few others--

I just want to say (respectfully) that the opposite of Keynesian economics is not laissez-faire capitalism. That is, to disagree with Keynes (at least, the way Keynes is promoted by Paul Krugman and others today) is *not* to say that there should be no regulation of business. It is merely to say that government spending is not the answer to a recession/depression. You may agree with LJ more than you realize.

In other words, you may believe that laws requiring businesses to do X, Y, and Z are good things, but you don't think that a government-funded make-work project is a better use of your (taxpayer) money than, say, you spending it on things your family wants or needs.

Keynesian economics isn't about regulation of capitalism; it's about the government doing big spending in order to somehow help capitalism along.

John Stone

Somewhat over 20 years ago a friend was working in a great art museum. Her immediate boss was offered a gigantic salary as the director of an auction house, and he had to make a simple choice. Would he take the money or try to fulfill his ambition to become the head of a great museum (which indeed he now is). Would the same rules apply in the art world now? I have no idea, but the basic concept of conflicted interest was fully accepted - you just did one thing or the other. If you went into the commercial end of the art world you could never get back again. This, of course, did not mean that there was no possibility of corruption, but at least there were sensible ground rules, and amongst public servants a concept of honour.

And, of course, while it is very valuable to have art curators that work in the public interest, even if there were corruption it would not be anything like as serious as what happens in the fields of health, defence, IT or finance now. In some of these areas it has possibly always been bad but the projects seem to get ever more out of hand, the revolving door syndrome more acute, the follies of officials greater.

Where we are at may be something like the days before the French Revolution with state and the populace ever more weighed down by paying for franchises, privileges etc

Of course, the problem of acquiring bad debts has also been with us as long as capitalism - I think of 'The Merchant of Venice' (1590s), South Sea bubble 1720.

We never seem to learn enough for long enough.

Turning Tide

This article is horribly divisive. I don't think it is appropriate or accurate to compare vaccination to keynesian economics. There are a number of factual/logic problems with what this author wrote. If someone wants to get political even economically, they should do it in an environment more appropriate. Thanks!


Well, be careful.

I was raised in the grand tradition of Ayn Rand laissez faire capitalism, and all the friends (and family members) I still have in that camp come down on the side of doing nothing for our kids.

They think that "private charity" will bring in the dollars and resources necessary for our kids. They believe in getting rid of the DOE and all government regulation pertaining to education, including IDEA. They believe that the private medical insurance industry and pharma can be left to regulate themselves. I once ascribed to these ideas too, but now believe that corporatism is the real evil, not government per se. Our government is run by large corporations, so the government agenda is actually the corporate agenda. I no longer want government out of my life, I want a government free of corporate influence, with reasonable regulation. The key to getting this is to get money out of politics—without money there is no influence.

CT teacher

Cassandra, I agree with you. We need to find a way to get the money out of politics, so that corporate greed does not corrupt our govt officials and agencies. Unfettered capitalism is a major cause of the mess our country is in. Our Democracy should be in the hands of the people, not the corporations that control us.


Sorry, Lisa but disagree with you. It is corporate greed coupled by the ineptitude of government administrators that is causing all this. Free markets would bring us the same if not worse. Yes, government should have no business in telling us to vaccinate or not but it is because the huge pressure from pharma that they keep adding more and more vaccines. It is because big pharma that states are enacting stricter laws, it is because of big pharma that the good science is hard to come by. Their influence permeates every aspect of our lives. Look at the Europeans, they are doing much better and they have more government not less but companies have less influence than they do here.


People get the government they deserve, and the majority of the people don't know and don't care!
-- For example; yesterday at the pain clinic - a lady sitting out in the waiting room beside a hasitly set up computer asked me to sign a petition for the upcoming Legislation for our state. Some pain clinics apparently become drug suppliers for their patients without any real medical need!!!!Our pain clinic had set this representive out in the lobby and she explained all this as I came in (no I don't wait there for the one I drive to this pain clinic because- Krogers is right across the street and that is the only place I can get whole grain, slow release carbs). But she was trying to explain the complication of how it would be for their pain clinic because they were assciated with a hosptial and thus were differnt and the senators needed to know there was a difference.

I finally told her that I already knew what was going on in which she continued to try to get me to llok at the computer and that the first sheet she handed me had some information on it. Even after I was signing. She seem to be in such the know.

So, I thought she should be in the know why we had to come to the pain clinic with Peripheral neuropathy which by the way is just one more thing that can result from an acquired mitrochondrial diseases.

she had "Researcher" on her name tag, so I said since you are a researcher let me tell you what happened and why we are having to come in the first place.

Her eyes get big and wild, trying to look around - trying to figure out how to get away. I did not let her - I finished for once in my life what I wanted to say.

Afterwards she said - oh it is genetic.
I said no, it is not! It took a vaccine to do, just because we reacted soon after a vaccine - only means that there are others that will take a while to react - as in increase in diabetes and thyroid.

But she still wanted me to be quiet, to go away, that vaccines was important, that what I said made no difference to her and her opinions, that some how --we of course deserved it and although it happened to 'us", it could never happen to most folks or her.

After I finished, I bought me a coke and sat down to read from my Kindle --- and she said - well I guess it had affected everyone in my family - including me. In other words - it has made me a crazy, over bearing person.

I never raised my voice, I explained it all in a clincally dry manner. Our problem with our society - that free speech with any controversy has become taboo in our society.

We are so scared of upsetting people, that the only thing that is discussed is the weather!

Well she started it with trying to explain to me what leg. was being brought before the state senate - when I already said I knew.


You're right on point. Excellent essay!

When my son was DXed with ASD it was like a rerun of a Big Lie I had been told all my life about adoption. Losing your parents doesn't matter. We deserve to have a child because we were infertile and are 'ready' for a child. Any child. You are better off. Your curiosity about your own history makes me feel bad, so don't talk about it, okay?

Adoptees do not suffer more problems than the non-adopted (because there is NO problem, remember?) because the statistics of adopted children who are drug abusers, depressed, have eating disorders and fill residential treatment centers and juvenile halls are just coincidence! All is well. When adoption attorneys and 'non-profit' agencies stand to make 30-50K per infant, there is incentive to create demand. Yes, growing up in the pretend land that is adoption helped me realize that the rancid *smell* of the vaccine/autism connection was not my imagination.

Blindly going against nature is almost always a bad idea. And while the profound damage may not be readily apparent, it is obvious to those brave enough to connect the dots down the road.


The Herd Principle. The One Size Fits All Herd Principle.

This was the thinking that prevailed at the beginning of the last century; it is crude and dangerous and it does not protect. It belongs to History.

mary podlesak

Ludwig had a brother, Richard von Mises, statistician. From "Probability, Statistics and Truth" (originally published, 1928), "The picture which I have drawn of the possibilities and results of statistical methods would be incomplete were I not also to say a few words on the erroneous and sometimes senseless theories which have been propounded in the name of statistics. Unfortunately, the number of such mistakes has been quite large, especially in medical literature. They are valuable as examples of the danger involved in each deviation from the firm principles of the theory of probability. In nearly all cases of this kind it is possible to recognize the source of error simply by inquiring a little more closely into the nature of the collectives to which the calculated distributions are supposed to correspond. I will discuss one example in some detail, because it has been published with the authority not only of a celebrated psychiatrist, but also of a well-known mathematician."
I have not researched the subject, but I believe Ricard profoundly influenced the development of Ludwig's economic theories.

L Land

I agree with your article except I would replace "government" with "corporate" overwhere. It is the for profit corporations that are doing this, they are pulling the strings of the government with donations/PACs, and people like Cruella.

had career in finance now recovering daughter PDD-NOS with biomed intervention

Fabulous! Just Loved it.

John Stone

Hi Lisa

Some interesting thoughts. I have to admit I am bit of an agnostic when it comes to economic theory. What really troubles me is the abuse of our democratic institutions whichever theory pertains: the god of markets can also deliver us up to behemoth corporations, and will. For instance, in the UK our universities have been entirely handed over from the Department of Education to the Department of Business (acknowledging and institutionalising the realities of the last two and a half decades), and where has that led?

My suggestion is that if we were prepared to pay government institutions to genuinely act in the public interest we might not be bled dry by the lobbies. It is possible that this view is more in line with classical economics.


Debbie Voss


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