Autistic Children Have Different Guts
Petition Asks Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to Allow Kidney Transplant to Disabled Child

White House Call on Federal Internships and Employment Opps for Young Americans with Disabilities

White houseThe White House Office of Public Engagement invites you to a nationwide conference call on federal internships and employment opportunities for young Americans with disabilities on Tuesday, January 17th  at 3 p.m. EST. Program representatives will explain how to apply for these unique opportunities, when application materials are due, and useful tips on putting together a competitive application package.

What: Conference Call on Federal Internship and Employment Opportunities for
Young People with Disabilities

Speakers from:

  • The White House Internship Program
  • The Presidential Personnel Office
  • The Department of Labor’s Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities

When: Tuesday, January 17th

Time: 3 p.m. EST

How: Please click HERE to receive an email with dial-in information for this call.

Note: this call is off the record and not intended for press purposes.


Deborah Delp

Obama is just trying to save his job. He knows the autism community holds a lot of weight and the SOB is running scared. Remember this is the same idiot that signed this years NDAA. You know, the law with the rider that allows him to throw preparers in jail for having more than a 1 week supply of food in their homes. Throw us in jail without charging us with crimes, without access to a lawyer for as long as he wants. Wake up people, this isn't "just" about autism any more. This is about our very LIVES!!!!


Peter Bells said the sky is the limit, for those with autism. Is he truly suspicious that it is vaccine causing the rise in autism?

I have another complaint.
It could be just my computer, but it seems to only on this website. I try links and I go somewhere else than the link is so suppose to be.

For example the news site; The new story of the Big Secret Happening to Girls in LeRoy?

It has taken me again and again to this web site; about a lady trying to get her kid a kidney transplant and they won't because the sweet little girl has mental delays. Good article but not about the 8 girls in LeRoy, NewYork highschool all coming down with tourettes. I had to google in several things to find out on my own what the article was about???

victor pavlovic

I see that President Obama appointed an anti-vaxer.It seems like we are slowly making headway. Here is the link.


To fill out the form it ask for organization and your postion in an organization????
So it is not for individuals.

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