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The Mnookin Virus Infects CBS and HuffPo

Antimalware-doctor-virusBy Jake Crosby

Seth Mnookin has spread his deceit to CBS and The Huffington Post, with the help of accomplices from both sources.

It is amazing just how much Seth Mnookin continues to be propped up as having credibility he simply does not possess. Now, thanks to two fellow opportunists - David Freeman and Neil Katz - we see that pharma’s censorship has taken over CBS and The Huffington Post, both of which have now welcomed the vaccine industry’s shameless pusher, Seth Mnookin

The latest example of this is a blog post he wrote for The Huffington Post’s new “Science” section comically titled:

The Autism Vaccine Controversy and the Need for Responsible Science Journalism

Seth Mnookin summed up the rant on his own blog:

In it, I talk about “the legacy of years of dispatches that created a false equivalency between verifiable facts and…outlandish allegations,” …

And given Seth Mnookin’s tendency to prefer outright lies to verifiable facts, it is not surprising what his biggest fear is:

I figure a worst-case scenario is the site uses the fig leaf of “balance” and posts another anti-vac screed in the next day or so…in which case, lesson learned.

The Atlantic Wire (a website of The Atlantic, edited by the nephew of John Stossel) ran a blog post celebrating Mnookin’s Huffington Post article, quoting Huffpo’s spokesman Mario Ruiz:

"We believe in providing a platform to bloggers from a variety of disciplines and points of view -- indeed, we welcomed Seth Mnookin’s critique, and regularly present multiple sides of hotly debated issues."

But Seth Mnookin tells a different story:

…I was somewhat surprised when a new HuffPo editor approached me about contributing to their about-to-be launched science section. It would be, he promised, a marked departure from what the site had featured in the past.

That editor, former WebMD writer David Freeman, was managing editor of CBS News’ “Health Channel” before joining HuffPo. Seth Mnookin has high praise for him according to The Atlantic Wire:

"[David] wanted me to contribute and was very vocal about the fact that this was going to be a pro-science section that adhered to strong standards. And David certainly has a good track record," Mnookin told us, adding that he'd worked with Freeman a bit a(sic) CBS. "From the first time we talked he's always struck me as someone who's incredibly smart and also very responsible. Again, my most optimistic reading is that Arianna wouldn't have hired someone like him if she wasn't interested in doing this the right way."

Last April, when Freeman “worked with” Mnookin at CBS, the network posted a talking point gallery on its website titled “10 deadly myths about childhood vaccines”:

What's the truth about childhood vaccines? Are they an effective way to safeguard kids against a range of potentially deadly illnesses? Or do they cause autism and other medical problems? Keep clicking as Seth Mnookin, the author of "The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear," separates vaccine fact from fiction with his list of common misconceptions. It's information that just might save a life.

Accompanying it was an article by Freeman’s colleague and executive editor Neil Katz (just before he was hired by The Huffington Post as its new executive news editor). The title:

What autism, climate change and Obama's birth certificate have in common

It was posted on the very same CBS HealthPop blog that Freeman started and edited with Katz, to which Freeman also contributed biased blog posts riddled with vaccine industry talking points.

Katz’s hiring at HuffPo came right after David Kirby’s piece about the Pace Law Review – ignored by CBS - titled, High Rates of Autism Found in Federal Vaccine Injury Program: Study Says More Answers Needed. There hasn’t been another article like Kirby’s on HuffPo since. 

And New York Times writer Carl Zimmer, who I saw share a stage with Seth Mnookin in New York City last summer, blogged about Mnookin’s piece for Discover Magazine, in an entry titled “Huffington Post + Science. A New Leaf?” The implication being that The Huffington Post will become the latest addition to the vaccine industry’s collection of propaganda outlets.

Fiona Fox, director of the pharma-funded, UK-based Science Media Centre, championed the concept of justified censorship. (She not only denies a vaccine/autism link, she was also an outspoken denier of the Rwandan Genocide in which nearly one million people were systematically murdered with machetes in just 100 days.) Mnookin merely co-opted this concept of justified censorship to advance his newfound “science”-writing career, just as he co-opted every pharma talking point for his book. 

His lambasting of the true investigative journalism of Sharyl Attkisson is evidence of his bias. In his HuffPo piece, Mnookin smeared her for reporting evidence vaccines cause autism in a report for CBS five years ago. But since he claimed there was no proof, he said it therefore should not have been reported any more than a link between CBS News and rectal cancer.  Yes, “science writer” Seth Mnookin actually drew that parallel. A more accurate parallel would be if there were cases of rectal cancer that emerged in people after they swallowed their television sets as opposed to watching CBS News on them.

Given that Mnookin criticized Attkisson while he was under the editorial direction of two former CBS editors, it is now apparent that Attkisson took some flak for her cutting-edge reports at CBS. Even with Katz and Freeman gone, there are still those at CBS who would probably love to see her blockbuster reporting censored once and for all.

What Mnookin Considers “Responsible Science Journalism”

After booting me out of a public conference where he lied that I disrupted his past events, Seth Mnookin has lied about me yet again - this time claiming that he had nothing to do with my removal. In fact, in an interview he gave for a blog, he claims he might have preferred that I stayed:

I recently spoke at a medical research conference -- via Skype as my daughter had just been born -- and there was someone in the audience who was very vocally anti-vaccine, and who ended being taken out of the room for something I had nothing to do with, and in fact I probably would have preferred that he stayed -- but regardless, that was an upsetting incident to me.

That I was removed for something he “had nothing to do with” is not only a lie, but it was directly contradicted by the security guard who escorted me out of the hotel.

“You broke the rules! You were being disruptive!”

It was Mnookin who originally labeled me disruptive after I asked him a question during Q/A. Considering the fact that my presence was “upsetting” to Seth Mnookin is not a surprise, given two statements he has previously written about me online:

After the event, an audience member chastised me for ignoring the evidence that vaccines cause autism — and repeatedly cited Andrew Wakefield’s 1998…study in The Lancet as proof.

I would have preferred responding (& tried to), altho the person wanted to grandstand not talk at #PRIMR_AER11

The fact that those two statements are utter fabrications shows just how frustrated Seth Mnookin is by the points I made.

Interestingly, he never names me in his online writing; I am always “someone,” “an audience member” or “the person,” but never Jake Crosby. To Seth Mnookin, I’ve become a real-life Voldemort – the evil sorcerer in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels – who must not be named.

I am not convinced Mnookin “would have preferred that [I] stayed,” but I think he knows that cutting me off, shutting me up and kicking me out did not reflect well on him. And this is probably why he latched onto a story later that month in The New York Times that profiled the lives of two adults with Asperger Syndrome. Mnookin wrote three posts on his blog gushing over the article and then he even interviewed the author so as to write a fourth blog post.

The funny thing is, before the article came out, there were no posts about Asperger Syndrome on either of Mnookin’s blogs. In fact, The New York Times article he lauded was only the second in a series by Amy Harmon about adults with Asperger Syndrome, the first of which Mnookin paid no attention to. It looks like he was trying to rescue his image after throwing an individual with Asperger Syndrome out of his own event.

This is not the first time Mnookin has resorted to such a tactic. When news broke that Kim Stagliano’s daughter was being physically abused on the school bus earlier this year, Mnookin wrote a blog post professing sympathy for Kim’s daughter. Yet he did not sign or even link to Kim’s petition against the appeal of the school bus driver who allowed Kim’s daughter to be abused.

Then in an act of utter inappropriateness that revealed his true lack of empathy for Kim’s daughter, Seth Mnookin posted an addendum trying to justify his non-endorsement of Kim’s petition, suggesting it could be a prank like that by the pharma-funded Cato Institute’s senior fellows Penn & Teller. Mnookin explained that the magician duo had convinced environmental activists to sign a fake petition banning water. That is the extent of seriousness with which Seth Mnookin treats the abuse faced by children with autism.

Seth Mnookin’s empathy for people with autism is as false as his claim that he had nothing to do with my removal from his event last month.

Before Mnookin: A Variety of Views on CBS News

CBS Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson followed the money that funded the front groups and talking heads of the vaccine industry – such as the AAP, Every Child By Two, and millionaire vaccine industrialist Dr. Paul Offit. And for that, unsurprisingly, the vaccine industry struck back.

There are people connected to the vaccine industry within CBS who do not care for Attkisson’s honest reporting. CBS Evening News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook – also a HuffPo contributor, insisting vaccines are safe - relies on the vaccine industry as the source for his reporting.

Dr. LaPook has, in the past, skirted the Hannah Poling decision that her shots caused her autism, skirted safety concerns about the HPV vaccine, blamed the autism community for concerns about the H1N1 vaccine during the swine flu scare and said the autism omnibus decisions in vaccine court – designed to shield drug companies from litigation – should put a rest to this controversy, but won’t.

One year ago, when BMJ accused Dr. Andrew Wakefield of an “Elaborate Fraud,” Dr. LaPook tweeted:

Media fueled fears after Wakefield's '98 MMR-autism study. Media must now publicize the BMJ report that the study was doctored by the doctor.

A few months later, Seth Mnookin was allowed to contribute to the CBS News website “10 deadly myths about childhood vaccines.”

But perhaps most telling was whom Dr. Jon LaPook interviewed following The Lancet’s retraction of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s paper in 2010 - Columbia University Medical Center’s (CUMC) Anatomy Department Chairman, Dr. Michael Gershon.

Dr. Gershon said Dr. Wakefield’s paper shouldn’t have been published and that autism is genetic. What wasn’t said, however, is that Dr. Gershon’s wife Anne developed the chicken pox vaccine for Merck. Dr. Anne Gershon is a professor of pediatric infectious diseases at CUMC.

And Dr. LaPook is associate professor at the very same institution where the Gershons work. In fact, for as long as Dr. Michael Gershon has been on the faculty at CUMC, Dr. Jon LaPook has been either on the faculty, or a student at Columbia University’s College of Physicans and Surgeons.

So while it is not surprising that Dr. LaPook would interview his conflicted colleague at the university where they both teach, it is extremely ironic that the very source Dr. LaPook uses to justify his position - Dr. Michael Gershon - is the type of source Sharyl Attkisson would have exposed as a paid talking head for the vaccine industry.

Dr. LaPook has contributed to Katz and Freeman’s CBS HealthPop blog, even coauthoring a piece with Katz himself. But perhaps most telling of all was that in early 2010, Dr. LaPooke became a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ), where Seth Mnookin is also a member as is his old college chum, Ivan Oransky, treasurer of AHCJ.

Scott Pelley + Pfizer + CBS Evening News = No More Sharyl Attkisson?

Lately, we haven’t heard from Sharyl Attkisson, CBS Evening News’ most fearless investigative journalist. Certainly, her reporting runs counter to the vaccine industry talking points used by other CBS writers Dr. Jon LaPook and Ryan Jaslow as well as former CBS editors Neil Katz and David Freeman. But her recent silence might also be due to major changes within CBS Evening News itself.

One change in television news that garnered much less attention than it deserved was the replacement of Katie Couric as anchor of CBS Evening News with 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley. Within weeks of the announcement that Couric would be leaving CBS to become a correspondent for ABC, CBS posted Seth Mnookin’s talking point gallery along with Neil Katz’s complementary article. 

Pelley’s journalism on vaccine-related topics is troubling to say the least. Hosting 60 Minutes, he played a major part in inflating the swine flu scare. And that is reflected in the program’s sponsorship. Before the 60 Minutes report even begins, you have to stare at nothing but a Pfizer logo for seven seconds.

In the 60 Minutes segment itself, Pelley is taken on a friendly tour through Sanofi-Pasteur’s H1N1 vaccine plant and does not challenge a government official on weighing the risks of the virus with the risks of the vaccine. When the official likened the benefits of the vaccine to wearing a seatbelt – ignoring the vaccine’s risks altogether – Pelley let it go unchallenged.

Bill Maher challenged Pelley’s coverage of this on The Huffington Post arguing that swallowing the seatbelt – rather than strapping it over your chest – would be a more apt analogy. Indeed, it would be.

But most disturbing of all is Pelley’s personal relationships. He sits on the board of directors of the International Rescue Committee, a non-profit organization which is, in-part, dedicated to the vaccination of children in the third world. Sitting on the board of directors with Pelley is Susan Susman, director of external relations for Pfizer, which sponsored Pelley’s 60 Minutes report on H1N1 vaccine production.

Katie Couric possesses no such ties and did not stop Sharyl Attkisson from conducting her dogged investigations. In contrast, no reports from Attkisson on autism and vaccines have come out since Pelley took over in June, while vaccine industry talking points were regularly parroted on the CBS website by Neil Katz and David Freeman before they took their bias to HuffPo.

Neil Katz + David Freeman + HuffPo + AOL = No More David Kirby?

But Neil Katz and David Freeman’s roles on HuffPo do not just reflect their contempt for Sharyl Attkisson, but now represent HuffPo’s autism-vaccine coverage in general.

While David Kirby remains a contributor to the site for which he has written an article as recently as November, he has not contributed a single piece on the vaccine-autism controversy since Neil Katz became executive news editor. In fact, no thorough investigations of this debate have run on the site since Katz’ hiring. There has been nothing from Jenny McCarthy or Age of Autism’s managing editor, Kim Stagliano. It was McCarthy’s past contributions to HuffPo which were lambasted in Mnookin’s hit piece.

David Freeman is now editor of the new  “Science” section, which he says will run content that was very different from what was run in the past. I take this to mean that pharma essentially has its own section dubbed “Science” in the HuffPo. Given that the site has already allowed plenty of industry voices to blog, including millionaire vaccine industrialist Paul Offit and vaccine industry original go-to guy Arthur Allen, it appears this deviation Freeman speaks of will be the addition of HuffPo “Science” to the vaccine industry’s collection of propaganda outlets at best. At worst, the entire site will be a new bastion of total censorship that prevents skilled journalists from contributing to this debate. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

The takeover of the successful Huffington Post by AOL was probably the trigger for the hiring of editors like Katz and Freeman. AOL had a history of being friendly to the vaccine industry which continues to be shielded from vaccine liability by federal law.

Seth Mnookin’s Lies Unsustainable

Of course, if HuffPo and CBS choose to censor genuine journalism like that of David Kirby and Sharyl Attkisson in favor of agenda-driven pseudo-journalism and blatant lies by vaccine industry pushers like Seth Mnookin, then that is CBS and HuffPo’s choice. But positions like Mnookin’s are unsustainable and bound to fail. The concept of justified censorship that he co-opted from Fiona Fox, denier of the Rwandan Genocide, may work for people conspiring to cover up vaccine injury, but not for journalists who want to maintain long-term credibility. But then again, how many credible journalists get their assignments from their Uncle Bob?

Jake Crosby has Asperger Syndrome and is a contributing editor to Age of Autism. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is studying for an MPH in epidemiology.




I had to check out the "new HuffPo" for myself. You are right, Jake. HuffPo is disease-ridden. Mnookin and a tag-team of pharma shills/trolls are opportunistic "germs". Lets not forget the curse of Pasteur's germ theory. It's the terrain! HuffPo's management has earned our scorn. Perhaps pharma will devise an innovative new Johnny-on-the-spot" designer-vaccine to "cure" them from the "Contagion" - those "nasty bugs" - it's too late for prophylaxis. The Mnookin Virus is a lab-virus that "accidentally" escaped containment. HuffPo is festering. We should pray for them.


Great job, Jake! The truth will never get old and will always prevail.

Jenny Allan
transcripts of the proceedings:-
Thatcher Room
Meeting started on Wednesday 11 May at 9.26am
ended at 11.32am
Peer review
i.Tracey Brown, Managing Director, Sense About Science, and Dr Liz Wager, Chair, Committee on Publication Ethics and Board Member, UK Research Integrity Office
ii. Mayur Amin, Senior Vice President, Research & Academic Relations, Elsevier, Dr Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief, Nature Publishing Group, Robert Campbell, Senior Publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor-in-Chief, BMJ Group, and Dr Andrew Sugden, Deputy Editor & International Managing Editor, Science

Interesting 'cast' of characters!!

Jenny Allan

From the comment by "Future science writers beware":-

"Lewis also reports that BMJ editor Godlee has previously acknowledged the BMJ Group receives funding from the two manufacturers of the MMR vaccine, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, and has testified in a Parliamentary inquiry that peer-reviewed medical journals are “the marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry."

Deer's response to this was to state that Fiona Godlee did not actually say this. Deer is correct. What Godlee actually told the Science & Technology Select Committee in May 2011 was infinitely WORSE!! Brian Deer can't change history; neither can Godlee!!

From the UK Parliamentary transcripts of the meeting:-

"Mayur Amin: Our guidelines are all about total transparency and total disclosure about any such sponsorship. That is what it clearly states. There must be total transparency."

"Dr Godlee: I think we enter a very tricky area here. We have to acknowledge, and I am sure my colleagues on this panel will be willing to acknowledge this, that the publishing industry has a number of revenue streams, one of which, certainly in medicine, is the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry, for every good reason and lots of bad reasons, wants to get their results out into the public domain. The journals provide them with a very efficient route to do that. Depending on their rigorous attempts to prevent this, journals are variously used by the pharmaceutical industry, the devices industry and other industries to get their points across. That is not to say that there aren't hugely wonderful things going on in the pharmaceutical industry that need to be disseminated, and perhaps we could do a better job where those are concerned, but there are also extremely dubious practices. The journals are largely naïve on them. We do our best. I don't know the extent to which this happens in biomedicine as opposed to clinical medicine, but it is certainly a major problem in clinical medicine. Sponsored publications can be very blurring at the edges. The reader may not be aware that this has been conjured up within industry and then sold to a publisher to publish to clinicians and others. Even if the publisher tries to make it obvious, it may not be as obvious as they think.
Even on the peer-reviewed side of things, it has been said that the journals are the marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry. That is not untrue. To a large extent, that is true. Much as I hate to say this and much as it distresses me, we, as a publishing industry, have to acknowledge that and must have many more better systems for making that clear to clinicians and preventing it from happening on the scale that it is happening at the moment."

Jake Crosby


With respect, I don't think Neal Halsey or any of his colleagues at Simpsonwood were ever genuinely concerned about thimerosal's effects on the public. Halsey was never open to the idea that thimerosal could cause autism, and he wrote a letter to The New York Times Magazine making that clear when he was misrepresented in the story's title. The significance about Simpsonwood was that attendees were stating concerns about thimerosal's toxicity, which contradicted their public reassurances of its presumed safety.

Regarding the Lancet Editor - Dr. Richard Horton - it is clear he was pressured into lying about Dr. Wakefield's connections to litigation after Horton's boss joined Glaxo's board. Dr. Horton was also under political pressure by a now-former parliament member named Dr. Evan Harris, who accompanied Brian Deer to complain to the Lancet. It's not that Horton had much to gain from doing what he did - just to avoid losing everything.

I think Arthur Allen probably fits the best definition of a sell-out. The unaccomplished writer obviously came into this controversy thinking he could launch his career by writing a history of controversy over vaccines. Then along came David Kirby who beat him to it while his own book was still in development hell. So Arthur Allen probably figured the only way he can get anybody to read about Cotton Mather would be if the book was promoted by the vaccine industry, and it was, but not for long.

Eventually, Arthur Allen faded back into obscurity only to be thrown under the bus by the Department of Health and Human Services. Some good selling out did...


Lets face it, Mnookin is a schmuck. And there's one thing about schmucks; they want to hang out with other schmucks.

Future science writers beware

I wonder if Mnookin is showing his MIT students Dr. David Lewis' report for the National Whistleblower Center.

The report concludes: “Altogether, the evidence contained in Wakefield's files suggested to me that the BMJ's fraud theory was more tabloid news than science.”

Lewis also reports that BMJ editor Godlee has previously acknowledged the BMJ Group receives funding from the two manufacturers of the MMR vaccine, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, and has testified in a Parliamentary inquiry that peer-reviewed medical journals are “the marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry."

Also from Dr. Lewis: “Apparently scientists who question certain government policies and industry practices can be destroyed for a price. If so, this kind of tabloid science poses a genuine threat to public health.”

Who to believe? Seth Mnookin, former sports and rock 'n roll writer with a family connection to pharma friendly charity cofounder Alison Singer (who admitted to separating the MMR into three shots for her non-autistic child following her first child becoming autistic, and now damns Wakefield for recommending exactly that)and whose husband's pharma conflicted firm had a book party for vaccine spokesman Paul Offit?

Or Dr. David Lewis, member of the National Whistleblower Center Board of Directors and Director of its Research Misconduct Project, former senior-level research microbiologist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the only EPA scientist to ever publish first-authored research articles in Lancet and Nature and whose research published in Lancet and Nature Medicine on the inadequacy of CDC guidelines to prevent transmission of HIV in dentistry prompted the current heat sterilization standard for dentistry in the mid-1990s - whose environmental research published in Nature received the Science Achievement Award by the EPA Administrator in 2000 and who was rated by Editors at Annals of Internal Medicine in the top 10 percent of reviewers in 2010, with accomplishments in medical and environmental research that have been widely covered in professional, scientific and popular publications and broadcasts including Nature, Science, Lancet, JAMA, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Voice of America, Paul Harvey News, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, NY Times, Washington Post, London Times, NPR’s All Things Considered, PBS Healthweek, PBS Technopolitics, CBS Evening News, ABC's Primetime Live, and BBC Panorama.


Big pharma's attempt to keep the lid on vaccine damage now reeks of desperation.

People are figuring out that we've been lied to on a grand scale, and the realization that will inevitability follow is that our kids have been damaged for nothing more than senseless greed.

They have no choice but to seek the service of a jackass, narcissistic drug addict like Seth Mnookin... because no one with a conscience would ever sign up to be a spokesperson for these monsters.

People like Seth Mnookin and Brian Deer line up for these tasks, because they are both pure scum. And their place in history will never amount to anything more than that.

Angus Files

Spot on Jake ....hat` off to you for sure....Supression big time here in the UK as well !!

Oh! well whats new !

I will just have to try harder..



Jake, you are so devoid of "take" and "spin." They try so hard to discredit you but your facts and truth will win out. Thank God you are on our side!


In corporate crony journalism, the role of Mnookin et al. is to tell people what they want to hear, not what's true.
"No, dear, you don't look fat."
"No, you don't look a day over 30."
"No, vaccines can't cause neuroimmune damage."

But ultimately this truth is incontrovertible: Tens of thousands of other parents -- and likely more -- are living the reality of vaccine injury, which a corrupt network of media, industry and government is trying so hard to suppress. And because of that suppression, each day more families learn the truth the hard way.

Jake, you are a tenacious and highly ethical investigator. Keep up the great work.

Erik Nanstiel

Mnookin is mnauseating.


Another reason for Sharyl Attkisson's recent disappearance from CBS News could be her hard-hitting reporting on the Obama/Holder Justice Department's involvement in the "Fast and Furious" gun-running debacle. Her honest investigative journalism has gotten her on the enemies list of both Pharma and the White House. Gotta admire her courage to speak truth to power, as she is now being targeted and suffering the consequences for taking on these powerful institutions.


It's getting harder and harder to find true "free press." On this topic, the autism community knows where to go for real information, but most of the rest of the world is now losing credible info where they used to be able to find it.

We see this over and over. Lancet publishes Wakefield article, sees no problem with the science. Years later- suddenly it is problematic, and now retracted. Arthur Allen, originally publishes "The not so crackpot theory of autism" then later comes out as an industry shill. Neal Halsey, MD, initially seems open to the toxicity of thimerosal- then sells out. Simpsonwood attendees- academics and leaders of organized medicine (as well as industry reps)- initially shocked at the data showing the problems with thimerosal, don't want it for their own families- then quietly approves the status quo for the rest of the world.

Some people will just have a price. Ironically, those families affected by autism, like us, who are severely financially stressed, will not be stopped from telling the truth, even when it sometimes costs us.

Bob Moffitt

"The concept of justified censorship that he co-opted from Fiona Fox, denier of the Rwandan Genocide, may work for people conspiring to cover up vaccine injury, but not for journalists who want to maintain long-term credibility."

Unfortunately, the "concept of justified censorship" is just another way of describing mass "propaganda".

Consider how the "concept of justified censorship" played a large role in launching a war against Iraq's Saddam to destroy his huge supplies of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I vivdily recall prestigious members of the media and national politics who vigorously denounced the personal character and credibility of anyone (UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter comes to mind) who dared suggest Saddam no longer possessed weapons of mass destruction were not only mistaken .. but .. unpatriotic as well.

To date .. the "concept of justified censorship" continues to allow those most responsible for creating the myth of their existance .. to avoid the question:

"If those WMDs did exist .. where the hell did they go?"

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