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The Inflammation Highway: aka Autism

  Tummy-ache-abdominal-pain-t13513By Lisa Goes

"The one thing about my husband and I...we laugh...A lot. We find a way. We really do. Poop filled sleepless nights, injuries, missed appointments, clutter everywhere, missing paperwork...sometimes all you can do is laugh. But today, looking at the dark circles we've seen so many times under our children's eyes, seeing the suffering, the real genuine human suffering that we have worked for three years to alleviate...to see it reach these depths...there is no laughing today. There is sadness. Even the fight is gone. I should be sleeping, but I have to read up on one of our new remedies. Maybe this will be the one that touches his immune damage and regulates him? Maybe. Maybe, it will work for him like it has for THOUSANDS of other children. Maybe. I can't sleep when this could be it and I could be calling the next doctor tomorrow and we could have one less day of this. Plus, I already have an appointment to see a doctor tomorrow and I will need him to know that I know what I'm talking about. If there is one thing you learn as an autism parent it is that YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT WITH DOCTORS. You must learn to speak their language. If you don't you will get dismissed. Must read, now.

But, before I go, just need to let everyone know the women who work for us are angels from God. They were hurt today. Two of them. In their sweetest voices they kept repeating, "nice hands." And "time to get down monkey" when he climbed on the counter for the 27th time on their shift. He is 50 lbs now. Very fast and very strong. They get him. They see the real Noah in there, fighting like hell. He is mad. In fact, that's what he said in therapy today, "I'm MAD!" His therapists were thrilled. They were so excited to see him emote appropriately. I agree with them, it's encouraging. It's just that, he's mad he's sick. He's mad his head hurts all the time. He's mad his three year old brother can use the toliet and he cannot. He's mad that his body is rebelling against him and everything hurts. He's mad that in addition to not getting to go where everyone else goes and doing all the fun things other 5 year olds do, he also cannot EAT anything they do. It seems cruel doesn't it? It is.

Autism is the cruelest most malicious, devious, conniving, heinous disease. If you fear the chicken pox or diarrhea more you are in big, big trouble. Because I guarantee with the new schedule autism will come a knocking at your door. And it will get in. It finds a way. Sometimes it looks like OCD, sometimes it looks like ADHD, even arthritis. "That's nuts!", you say. Not really. It should all just be called autism. Because any time pharma causes inflammation they don't want you to find out about, they just make up a word for it. Autism. Asthma. ADD. Just made up words for inflammation. Off to read ABOUT AUTISM . It's a good one, you might want to check it out yourself... Much hope for all our beautiful children. xo lj "

Lisa Goes is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



I agree about the importance of music Benedetta. Smile


I love Eric Clapton; he is s musician for sure.
The veins in his hands went into inflammation.
Music is very important to the human race.
I love your choices of what you picked out.

We went up to Louisville 25, or 30 years ago with a bus load of church kids to Michael J. Smith at one of those Christian music concerts with lots of artist. IT was fun, and it cost a lot too.


They say Eric Clapton is not God aftercall. I never gave him that place. But he is the greatest guitarist ever. The words have the power, Superman more powerful than a locomotive. I look forward to your concert Eric Clapton.

Song by Johnny Cash

I Hear The Train A-Comin'; It's Rollin' 'Round The Bend,
And I Ain't Seen The Sunshine Since I Don't Know When,
I'm Stuck At Folsom Prison And Time Keeps Draggin' On.
But That Train Keeps A-Rollin'
On Down To San Antone.
When I Was Just A Baby, My Mama Told Me. Son,
Always Be A Good Boy; Don't Ever Play With Guns.
But I Shot A Man In Reno Just To Watch Him Die.
When I Hear That Whistle Blowin'
I Hang My Head And Cry.
I Bet There's Rich Folks Eatin' In A Fancy Dining Car.
They're Prob'ly Drinkin' Coffee And Smokin' Big Cigars,
But I Know I Had It Comin', I Know I Can't Be Free,
But Those People Keep A-Movin',
And That's What Tortures Me.
Well, If They Freed Me From This
Prison, If That Railroad Train Was Mine,
I Bet I'd Move On Over A Little Farther Down The Line,
Far From Folsom Prison, That's Where I Want To Stay,
And I'd Let That Lonesome Whistle
Blow My Blues Away.


Whoever edits my posts is so loving. Bless you for not posting what I submit when I am at my most foolish. I appreciate your thoughtful love. Another reason I love AoA. Some Democrats are my most loved people

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Helplessly Hoping (Home Free Cover)


Home Free - Mayday Abba has an inerrably deep place in my heart.



Confusion has its's costs. Understatement. Universal understatement.


Got to see Michael Buble on September 11th in Louisville, Ky. Absolutely a blissful time. I took my beloved sister there for her birthday. $800 for two tickets', but It was well worth it. Michael is a wonderful soul who loves his craft and people. My favorite group ever is Home Free. My view of their talent goes without saying. They were heavenly in person. Helplessly Hoping speaks to my world.

I said I was poor, but that is relative. Our gross household income is roughly $185.000 year. In this area of relatively low cost of living it is very good. Those with millions and billions run the world though.


Turns out is is a heart by design. I became curious and found this which confirms Joni painted it this way. for a Valentines day association..

"Brian Blade, said, "oh, I like that picture. "I was in my early 30s. And I looked at it and the fold of the sleeve had a heart in it. The way it -- I went, heart on the sleeve, that's romantic, that'll do!"




I have loved the song for along time as well. I hope your soul is well. I also so appreciated the way she is wearing her heart on her sleeve in the photo. At least that is what I see. Posting it again to view the pic of Joni.

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now


Keiko Necesario is a talent.


I always loved that song.

Taurine there was an article on that in the Epoch health section.

So many studies about sooooo many problems with the metabolism that it takes my breath away.

ALl the way from Andrew Wakefield reporting that kids at the Royal hospital with autism had high build up of vitamin B 12 because they were not able to use it in their metabolism.
Then I read a book by some psychiatrist that had spent a life time treating mental disorders with different vit Bs and other things.

Way back at the beginning of the 19th century after they took the part of the corn that had niacin ?B3 in it - to make corn meal there was an on going epidemic of pellagra,.
I thought it was an accident, until some one said better be more suspicious than that.


Both Sides Now - Keiko Necesario



I've been drivin' all night, my hands wet on the wheel
And there's a voice in my head that drives my heel
It's my baby callin', sayin' I need you here
And it's a half past four and I'm shiftin' gear
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She sends a cable coming in from above
Don't need no phone at all
We've got a thing that's called radar love
We've got a wave in the air
Radar love
The radio's playin' some forgotten song
Brenda Lee's "Coming On Strong"
The road has got me hypnotized
And I'm speedin' into a nude sunrise
When I get lonely and I'm sure I've had enough
She sends her comfort coming in from above
We don't need no letter at all
We've got a thing that's called radar love
We've got a line in the sky
No more speed, I'm almost there
Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care
Last car to pass, here I go
And the line of cars go down real slow-woah
And the radio played that forgotten song
Brenda Lee's "Coming On Strong"
And the newsman sang his same song
Oh, one more radar lover gone
When I get lonely and I'm sure I've had enough
She sends her comfort coming in from above
We don't need no letter at all
We've got a thing that's called radar love
We've got a line in the sky
We've got a thing that's called radar love
We've got a thing that's called
Radar love


I am just going over stuff I had discovered quite a while ago. I post somehow hoping some, those known to me, might come to understand. I am likely deluded that this will happen, but where do I go now. I am tired and boundaries expands no matter what I learn. Vanity.


Kynurenine Pathway in Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children

Background: There is increasing evidence that altered immune responses play a role in the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), together with dysfunction of the serotonergic and glutamatergic systems. Since the kynurenine (KYN) pathway that degrades tryptophan (TRP) is activated in various neuroinflammatory states, we aimed to determine whether this pathway is activated in ASD.

Methods: Sixty-five pediatric ASD patients (including 52 boys) were enrolled from an epidemiological survey covering 2 counties in Norway; 30 (46.5%) of these patients were diagnosed with childhood autism, 16 (24.6%) with Asperger syndrome, 12 (18.5%) with atypical autism, 1 (1.5%) with Rett syndrome, and 6 (9.2%) with other ASD. The serum levels of the following markers were measured in the children with ASD and compared to those in 30 healthy children: TRP, KYN, kynurenic acid (KA), 3-hydroxykynurenine, and quinolinic acid.

Results: The mean serum level of KA was significantly lower in the ASD group than in the healthy controls (28.97 vs. 34.44 nM, p = 0.040), while the KYN/KA ratio was significantly higher in the ASD group (61.12 vs. 50.39, p = 0.006). The same relative values were found when comparing the childhood autism subgroup with the controls. Also, the mean serum level of TRP was significantly lower in children with a subdiagnosis of childhood autism than in those with Asperger syndrome (67.26 vs. 77.79 μM, p = 0.020).

Conclusion: Our study indicates that there is an increased neurotoxic potential and also a possible lower KYN aminotransferase activity in ASD.




"The kynurenine pathway (KP) of L-tryptophan metabolism produces several neuroactive metabolites with an amino acid structure. These metabolites may play an important role in the pathophysiology of irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, schizophrenia, AIDS-dementia complex, depression, epilepsy and the aging process. Modulation of the KP through inhibition or stimulation of enzyme synthesis and activity can be an alternative approach to traditional therapy. Furthermore, it may be responsible for the altered functioning of the enteric nervous system and the central nervous system. There is evidence that the KP is sensitive to changes in the concentration of many vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role as coenzymes and cofactors in the de novo synthesis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide coenzyme. A reduction in the availability of the active form of vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5'-phosphate, PLP) is known to affect tryptophan hydroxylase, kynurenine aminotransferase and kynureninase (KYNU). Vitamin B2 deficiencies result in a reduction in the activity of the flavin adenine dinucleotide dependent enzyme, kynurenine 3-monooxygenase. Minerals are also responsible for the proper functioning of enzymes engaged in L-tryptophan metabolism. Mn(2+), Zn(2+), Co(2+) and Cu(2+) influence KYNU activity, and Mg(2+) regulates quinolinate phosphoribosyl transferase. Fe(2+) is responsible for the proper functioning of both indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase and 3-hydroxy-anthranilic acid dioxygenase. Changes in the concentration of KP metabolites and in enzymatic activity have been found in many pathological states. Therefore, it is justifiable to regulate the concentration of certain kynurenines or enzymes in the KP which may provide a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of various health impairments. This review demonstrates the role of vitamin and mineral activity on the KP, which may have an effect on the proper functioning of the human organism. Surplus administration of vitamins did not elicit any beneficial effects on L-tryptophan metabolism. Whether a mineral surplus influences L-tryptophan metabolism is still not established. It seems that cofactor deficiencies influence the KP far more than surpluses."



The circle completes for this. Terrific. read. One of the psoriasis factors too. It fits like a glove.

3-hydroxy-L-kynurenamine is an immunomodulatory biogenic amine

"Tryptophan catabolism is a major metabolic pathway utilized by several professional and non-professional antigen presenting cells to maintain immunological tolerance. Here we report that 3-hydroxy-L-kynurenamine (3-HKA) is a biogenic amine produced via an alternative pathway of tryptophan metabolism. In vitro, 3-HKA has an anti-inflammatory profile by inhibiting the IFN-γ mediated STAT1/NF-κΒ pathway in both mouse and human dendritic cells (DCs) with a consequent decrease in the release of pro-inflammatory chemokines and cytokines, most notably TNF, IL-6, and IL12p70. 3-HKA has protective effects in an experimental mouse model of psoriasis by decreasing skin thickness, erythema, scaling and fissuring, reducing TNF, IL-1β, IFN-γ, and IL-17 production, and inhibiting generation of effector CD8+ T cells. Similarly, in a mouse model of nephrotoxic nephritis, besides reducing inflammatory cytokines, 3-HKA improves proteinuria and serum urea nitrogen, overall ameliorating immune-mediated glomerulonephritis and renal dysfunction. Overall, we propose that this biogenic amine is a crucial component of tryptophan-mediated immune tolerance."


Hearkens back to the Gut Microbe thread.

"Test" for Autism Measuring Gut Microbes?




For the editors of AoA I am building up for more scientific posts, but these make my life possible. My mother and father were epic people.

Alone Again (Naturally)




Nobody gets too much heaven no more. Right there with if you could read my mind. Spiritual is the reality, but I cannot explain it. I believe God has given me my understanding, but that sounds ridiculous to most ears.


We should never have met by most accounts {you and me}. I have worked at unclothing my self of faith, but it is impossible. God is in my dna. I so conclude you were meant to influence me. i hope in a better world we might know and appreciate each other as grace has touched us both. Glory to God in the highest.

When I try to relate how I went into my wife's world I try to condense it into the relatable. In the divine light it will prove child's play, but for now in the flesh it is a very incredibly difficult task. Here is a music video that touches on it. I worked incredibly hard for the a-ha moment. I knew when she saw me as unreal then real I was ascending with her. She is seeing me at the end of the videa as in her world becoming aware.
a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video)



Nick: I had forgot about Weird Al changing the wording of the most popular songs. Too funny; Jed Clampett gets money for nothing.

And the icing on top is that Jed played by Buddy Buddy Ebsen breathed in aluminum dust from his costume on "Wizard of Oz" that ended him up in the hospital, and sick like forever --- inflammation from aluminum even back then!

Buddy Ebsen

Naringenin is a flavonoid like quercetin; I will look into that.
We are doing Eastern Pine Tree tea right now.
But the best things that have worked so far is a keto diet, and N acetyl cysteine. We are still drinking lemonade from spring water, that bubbles up from old ocean petrified coral, sandstone, limestone rocks; and which I additionally treat with Dr. Crouse's silicade water recipe. Tough, time consuming.


Naringenin is a flavonoid like quercetin. It has a very similar structure to quercetin, luteolin, apigenin, genistein, eriodyctyol, and hesperetin. They all come from various plants and have many health benefits. In plants, these compounds serve to protect the plant against pests. You can't patent natural compounds, so research on the health benefits of these compounds is limited.


As in comedy as in love timing is everything. Sting is a apart as is pleasing. Weird Al is gold. Weird is life. Love is being and being is better than nothing. Money for nothing. I'm Bad.



There are so many dedicated caregivers who keep fighting. May ther wind be at your back.

The song I love more than any.

If You Could read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot


She can't.


No worries Nick.
I did not totally understand your position like I should have.

My cousin told me this weekend that they found that it is inflammation in the brain that causes autism.




I am so very sorry for my attitude of response towards you. I got totally lost. I do understand why you mentioned addiction, but in our case this involvement ws no0t asign of desire, but much deeper and I have gone down roads of conventional interpretation that try to categorize my wife through a limited use of addiction involved pathways. I am resigning to the idea that that any one will understand. The philosophical ramifications are not pleasant and people naturally intuit most other options.

I will say you have done an incredible job of discerning a great deal about the biology of dysfunction we both have been studying. Blessings.

Barry White...amazing. I would have loved to have a meal with him and have him tell about how he composed his music.



Hi Benedetta,

Just wanted to say now that I am out of a dead spin that I got along pretty well with people before all of this. My wife never ran though getting the more typical autism aspects sorted helped me understand her unique aspects. She became my child after building a foundation and her beginning a personal social construct. Fro that very unusual childhood it was was faster than for a normal childhood as I could understand where she was after a time and worked as quickly as possible to bring her to an "adult" in mind. She will never be like typicals though as she did not have that sort of childhood and no memories of those years.

"Huge thanks to Eric Clapton for standing up for what rock and roll is all about. FREEDOM." Well said. I hope he has the strength.

On of the most beautiful modern songs I find played here with with appreciation for Guns N' Roses.

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine - Cover


Where Do We Go Now?

I went here.



Mercola had an interesting article in the Epoch newspaper today. It is about mushrooms. In the "Mind and Body" section. Mushrooms is the highest source of ergothionine and glutathione he says. . We all here know of glutathione (detoxer of heavy metals and all. But ergothionine? The journal "Molecules" says, "ET ergothionine" is concentrated in the mitochondria suggesting a specific role i protecting mitochondrial components, such as DNA from oxidative damage"

I know that the heart doctor Gurda or what ever his name is that has interviews with Dr. Mercola all the time says to eat mushrooms at every meal and even make a mushroom powder and put it your coffee.

Your are on to something big here Visitor. Thank you for the reference.

Meanwhile; Judy M says it is viruses in all the vaccines -- every one has loads of viruses.
J. B. Handley is convinced it is aluminum. Maybe both are causing inflammation and mitochondria disfunctions?

Judy M says that took away suramin to help kids with autism, but I know that they make that drug from the eastern pine tree. Yeah, same where turpentine comes from. All the survivalists make pine needle tree from it to get their vitamin C levels up. It is really high in vitamin C.

There is also something going on about grapefruits rinds and making of quinine. I have about ran that one down. That is not true. It is bitter like quinine that is for sure, but no quinine in it. There is this Naringin that gives it a bitter taste. It is an insecticide -- like maybe It could have the potential to help covid? I don't know.

I am pretty sure the keto diet does help. So much to find out. And you do a great deal of help here on this sight. Thank you.


greyone you are welcome,

NAD+ is for more than just the vascular issues in some as you likely know. Both linked below are worth reading in full though I posted some of each.

Role of NAD+, Oxidative Stress, and Tryptophan Metabolism in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a pervasive neuro-developmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, reduced/absent verbal and non-verbal communication, and repetitive behavior during early childhood. The etiology of this developmental disorder is poorly understood, and no biomarkers have been identified. Identification of novel biochemical markers related to autism would be advantageous for earlier clinical diagnosis and intervention. Studies suggest that oxidative stress-induced mechanisms and reduced antioxidant defense, mitochondrial dysfunction, and impaired energy metabolism (NAD+, NADH, ATP, pyruvate, and lactate), are major causes of ASD. This review provides renewed insight regarding current autism research related to oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and altered tryptophan metabolism in ASD."


A Closer Look at NAD+ Brain Restoration Therapy

"Autism: NAD has been linked to social behavior as it relates to oxytocin. Through studies in people, researchers have shown that oxytocin plays a vital role in many social behaviors, such as the building of trust between strangers and the bonding between mother and child. Autism, a spectrum disorder (ASD), is characterized by social and communication impairment, and linked to significant defects in the OXT system. Many recent clinical trials have been focused on providing oxytocin nasal spray to improve social abilities, however brain oxytocin secretion is regulated by NAD+ metabolites, and natural supplementation of NAD+ can have a direct impact on OXT release and improvement in social function."



thank you for posting the info about NAD+.
I understand some alt drs use NAD+ IV's but didn't know the reasoning.
thanks also for the Angiotensin Receptor Blockers info.


The Guardian is a loathsome publication. A truly vile rag.


Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now


NAD+-mediated rescue of prenatal forebrain angiogenesis restores postnatal behavior

Intrinsic defects within blood vessels from the earliest developmental time points can directly contribute to psychiatric disease origin. Here, we show that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), administered during a critical window of prenatal development, in a mouse model with dysfunctional endothelial γ-aminobutyric acid type A (GABAA) receptors (Gabrb3 endothelial cell knockout mice), results in a synergistic repair of impaired angiogenesis and normalization of brain development, thus preventing the acquisition of abnormal behavioral symptoms. The prenatal NAD+ treatment stimulated extensive cellular and molecular changes in endothelial cells and restored blood vessel formation, GABAergic neuronal development, and forebrain morphology by recruiting an alternate pathway for cellular repair, via previously unknown transcriptional mechanisms and purinergic receptor signaling. Our findings illustrate a novel and powerful role for NAD+ in sculpting prenatal brain development that has profound implications for rescuing brain blood flow in a permanent and irreversible manner, with long-lasting consequences for mental health outcome.


Another repost regarding ARB's and hypoxia and other mitigations.

Neuroprotective Effects of Angiotensin Receptor Blockers



This will seem wrong, but I am the parent of a autistic child with serious additional issues.

"They say when a parent dies, a child feels his own mortality. But when a child dies, it’s immortality that a parent loses."

"I can see the pain in your eyes. It’s very familiar. You’ve lost something. And now you’re frozen in time. Can’t move forward. Can’t go back."

I have given 25 years of intense work and study to bringing wholeness to the other and myself. I have been a proponent of faith, yet mine has failed despite all I have done. No one is to blame. If there is a benevolent concern beyond the temporal it is in its hands. I have a timetable.

I could pst 10 times of scientific studies to explain what has happened it would not matter. People must see for themselves. That is not going to happen.

Here is one more for the heck of it. angiogenesis and app are on the same track.

Hypothesis for How Hyperoxic Therapy May Facilitate Effective Biologic
“Correction” of Autism Spectrum Disorders

In an attempt to explore the possible relationship between
hyperoxic therapy and angiogenesis in autism, the terms autism and
angiogenesis were entered into the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Internet database search engine i.e., PubMed. One of the dozen or
so papers that were identified by this search stood out when we
read its title, Persistent angiogenesis in the autism brain. An immunocytochemical study of postmortem cortex, brainstem, and cerebellum
[95]. Because of the word, persistent, in the title, our immediate
thought was that the angiogenesis discussed in this publication
must be effectively non-productive. Thus, this angiogenesis would
not correct the local hypoxia, which would, therefore, continue to
stimulate ongoing or persistent angiogenesis.
The type of angiogenesis found by Azmitia and associates was
splitting (aka, intussusceptive (i.e., from within) or non-sprouting)
[95]. In comparison to sprouting angiogenesis, first described in
the late eighteenth century by John Hunter and which generally
comes to mind when the term, angiogenesis, is used, splitting
angiogenesis was only recognized in the mid-1980’s [96,97]. In
sprouting angiogenesis, entirely new capillaries are formed when
endothelial cells bud, migrate, and proliferate [98,99]. This
makes it possible for developing capillary networks to traverse
avascular and hypoperfused tissue such as may exist in traumatic
wounds [100,101]. Splitting angiogenesis, on the other hand,
divides existing capillaries to form a denser network within a
highly localized, already perfused area [102,103]. Thus, splitting
angiogenesis does not create new vessels capable of traversing
avascular tissue, and consequently hypoperfused zones could
be created and persist in growing tissue that was limited to
the splitting type of angiogenesis. The report by Azmitia and
associates, therefore, seemed to provide the critical element we
had hypothesized might exist [95].

With regions of the autism brain apparently chronically
hypoperfused, it seems unlikely that the circulation in those
regions would be capable of an autoregulatory response adequate
to correct hypoxia and maintain normal brain function (Table
2). The persistence of the stimulation of angiogenesis in brain
Peterson RE, et al. OPEN ACCESS Freely available online
Autism Open Access, Vol. 10 Iss. 2 No: 250
regions identified by Azmitia and associates effectively confirms
this [95]. Thus, this finding together with the hypoperfusion found
by many investigators in the autism brain suggests an ongoing
cycle of hypoperfusion, hypoxia, and effectively nonproductive
angiogenesis leading to pathological brain function (Table 2). It
is interesting to note that chronic brain hypoperfusion producing
cerebral hypoxia and glucose hypometabolism has been implicated
in a number of CNS conditions including neurodegeneration,
cognitive impairment, and dementia [67-69,115].

Faith’s Song


I must prepare.


I have to admit that when I said for you to get help, that I thought to myself-- and where do you find and go for help?

Lord knows I know professional what ever that means help is far and few and non caring, no curiosity or compassion.

What I do know is what my daughter confirmed that when a behavior, a habit, an addiction begins to cause you problems you have to find the will to do it yourself.

Most of us though requires a rock bottom. Rock bottom is different for everyone. Some it is jail, and some ill health, and some death.



Ok, I'll get some help sometime this afternoon. When no one believes you or understands there is no help.


How fitting you should pick a song by Eric Clapton at this time.

Revelation 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,' and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away." He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."

But we are responsible for flying and trying to land this plane (life) right to the very end.
My poor brother-in-law has tried so hard. He had four boys and a wife with autoimmune diseases that he has had to nurture. work so hard , fight for their health all so very very hard. Vaccine injuries all!!

Then here comes Fauci again, not done with them. He brings into being Gain of Function, and then does not allow even simple early treatments for covid. My brother in law lost his son and his mother all in one week.

He can't go even to this day to his son's grave and see his stone, it will soon be a year.

So we must all be here, and we must be sober people and act where we can, do what we can in our role that we have in this flash of life.

Don't waste even a minute of it Nick. Get yourself some help, but mostly want help.

Good luck my friend.


I spent so much time teaching, crating in her, and digging her out of biological landslide I cannot bear the memories. It seems to have been meant to be put in my lap. It destroys me to hear it.



"I know you said it was your wife that was ill.
But there has been some good articles written that addiction is also part of this mess.
I don't know if it is because they hunt for relief of pain that inflammation causes?
Pain in the limbs or since inflammation is also known to cause depression - that too. Strange out drinking causes depression and people drink to relieve depression."

THat was not clear. If you are proposing my wife had addiction issues or whether you are just referring to mine or trying to say our relationship was the catalyst for inflammation. In any way I have construed what you said it is not applicable. I appreciated your overture of concern for mh well being, but please don't engage in patronization. If I were to indulge second-guessing I might suppose that vaccines had nothing to do with your son's autism, but maybe your relationships did.

I don't believe that, but had read well about addiction before my own issue. We all carry some bagge at any point and who is to say given unforeseen and uncaused circumstances on one's part could cause the healthiest to develop a dependency. I can't say. What I can say is my wife's condition was unimaginable to me and in the process of understanding and basically creating her social construct my previous life with her was deconstructed. I don't think anyone can relate. Yet, being disbelieved over such central matters isolates. You should know some of the isolation of those who disbelieve you about vaccine injury and no medical help from the medical world for treatment. Doing most of this myself while my personal life was leveled and my philosophical moorings were totally snapped ny what all the study and dealing with her mad eme see.

Any person on the is board with an autistic child claiming vaccines were involved could have others say it is a relationship problem I have some relationship problems, but not with my wife. She is the only one who knows the truth. While I love her the experience has created a parallel world where we invest for our own mental desire and ultimately the meaning and value of things is always questionable if you have seen that what you have perceived for years about someone so close awas a misperception.

I had hoped that the all the biological information mixed with all I have been able to put forth would show I might give reason to be heard and maybe beloved and for as often as I what I posted resonated with you I thought maybe you got it to some degree. I don't get to live my truth with anyone else, but her. You can call all of my story a pathology, and it feels that people who know anything do just that. I will stand alone even if that means succumbing to an escape at times although as I just told I will attempt to overcome.

I still belive you mean well.


I know you said it was your wife that was ill.
But there has been some good articles written that addiction is also part of this mess.
I don't know if it is because they hunt for relief of pain that inflammation causes?
Pain in the limbs or since inflammation is also known to cause depression - that too. Strange out drinking causes depression and people drink to relieve depression.

I know in my own family I had a cousin that drank himself to death.
He stopped and was recovering. I thought at the time his neurological impartments were weakness from his near death escape from alcohol. I don't know which. However; he was regaining his health and strength only to start to drink again.

His wife and his Mother, came to visit, and just cried like babies, cause they knew he was lost.

He finally bled out through his mouth when alcohol related diseased liver finally burst an artery

To fight Depression the program AA has set up is to meet with a large group, and meet often. Everyone that succeeds finds regular helpful - Well my daughter says so.



All is fine with me, and I am glad all is fine with you. You are right that it is bad for me and that alone has not stopped though I have known this. When I first headed down that path it, within limits that I more and more frequently went beyond, provided certain mindsets that actually enhanced my conceptualizing . At least that was my perception. Understanding was my relief and I lost the distinction between imbibing and understanding. So, nuch of the picture is finished that I have lesser inclination to pursue further understanding in these matters, but I still depend on relief. A convoluted catch 22. I still intend to share new things I integrate into this picture hopefully helping some others as well as myself.

When I originally kept my identity private it was to keep my wife's identity private, but with my increased loss of control it began to serve to keep my own issue private. I look back over this thread and wish I could simply erase all the things I wrote of a personal nature while altered. Occasionally I made some sense and said some valid heartfelt things, but mostly I was making a spectacle out of my self. Just yesterday I lost enough sense that I spoke of my son being an accomplished guitarist in addressing Eric Clapton. I know of his personal life and about his son and if I were not in that state I would not have said anything about my son. If on the off chance he reads this I offer apology. When you do what I do apologies become more frequent.

You words are true and wise in relation to drink and I intend to make a real effort to end this cycle before something worse happens. It is kind and loving for you to care and persevere in our dialogue.
Given that I believe I have shared something substantial in information and understanding I wish to allow that work to no longer be tainted with my blundering and excess. I appreciate AoA and Kim, but a 2.0 BAC laden hyperbole does not create real rapport and affinity. Hopefully my thoughts can be wisely filtered and not distilled except for what sheds light on the plight of those affected that this site seeks to serve.

Thank you

In c


I am just relieved I did not do something wrong or stuck my food in my mouth --again.
All is fine with me Visitor.

I hope all is fine with you.
Drinking is bad for you; you know that right? Please take care of yourself for your body is a temple to God and plus I don't want anything bad to happen to you.


Any good thing you feel or see of me is the Glory of God,. Praise God the most loving and incredible of givers, Praise God the most beautiful.


I like to keep my deepest parts back, but I have wept thought he years listening to Eric's song knowing some his lives' story. Seeing how brave he is now only increases my adoration of him. May strength and lo9ve attend you Eric.

I quickly break my own rule in ending with Frank as not posting exquisite music would be my end. All my love to you Eric Clapton. So much grace to me by your hand.

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven (Official Video)


Incredible kudos to you Kim as you have kept my identity secret. I absolutely adore you.


Can music save your mortal soul

Ec have know your music since a kid. Layla and Can't find my way home that you played on. Can't find my way home clarified me. I just said Frank would be my swan song, but your cordage and honesty moves me. I studie3d many people who's livres seemed distorted by biology and you own plight with your son drew me close to your story and with Jim's outcome I felt an intense pain. Jim was a victim. When I can't find my way home. I resort to "blind faith" and my son is an accomplished guitarist who g=has you c Crossroads series which I have been blessed with as a result. I have so long loved your "Tear's in Heaven" and been moved by your life's story and your sons passing. Music is such a blessing and to be received as God's gift's as you are blesses me to no end. thank you for your courage, honesty, and steadfastness in speaking out. I truly admire you and have been touched by you since a youth My own daughters has distanced due to stands, so I empathize and am so encouraged by your strength.. I have bee affected by your music since a child. Layla was a catalyst in my soul. May your life bee blessed and my God's richest blessings attend your life..


When I said I don't know what I believe I indeed was referring many important things, but I believe in God, the Father, and His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I lament my witness is marred and I can't remedy it at this time. I am a peaceful non-violent person, so when I say I was swinging blindly it was a metaphor. I still regret my spiritual affliction. I accept my own responsibility and am attempting to find proper humility in my spirit. Precious people of AoA please forgive my pride. I have asked the Lord for forgiveness. God is good. One day His love will be my ectasy. It should be now, but I am still becoming. Thank you Kim for not banning me.



I did not mean Madness's posts, but M2021's. At that it was only one post by M2021 that stuck in me and it was about being negligent over some treatment measure. I have been at this too long for someone to suddenly pop in a drop such bombs. The mentality is not something I accept. I also, under the influence, mad e a likely wrong association thinking M2021 and Madness were the same person.

I wish I could Roback and not have posted what I did. I have found more recently I am losing it more often. I offer no excuses and I have not lose my appreciation for your posts and insights I was swinging blindly. I don't like what I did. While the medical/biological of those effected may vary I have been meticulous in what I post in trying to paint a picture of the one I have dealt with and what clearly are shared issues with a large number on the spectrum. Just because one with autism does not have a certain aspect of biological dysfunction that another does doesn't mean the one is not effected by it.

Madness if you are not M2021 one I apologize.


Nick did I say something that was wrong? Mandates. Vaccine mandates? I am bad against them. Is that it?

No. That is not what this is about.

Believe you I have always believed you on every thin

I might not have fully understood and maybe asked questions to get a clearer picture.

My husband Mostly sits is what I was thinking of. But not every one does.

Sorry if I said anything to hurt you


According to GAPS and WAPF, it’s important to germinate and ferment grains, beans, and nuts. This gets rid of the phytic acid and anti-nutrients.

Miso, tamari sauce, natto, and tempeh are the healthiest soy products.

But society and the world forgot about properly preparing pulses... now, digestive disorders are exploding worldwide, now also beginning in children.

What the world didn’t forget? How to deny the consequences of injecting aluminum, aborted cell material, and more into the human race.


Oh, and I recovered my wife regardless of how you view my behaviors. Maybe what I went through and the type of thinking had something to do with why she is totally functional now after 30 years of subdued being due t her biological state. Benedetta, I have not forgot you didn't believe me to begin with and were not bashful in saying so. I eventually become unbashful myself when I fully determine what I am dealing with. The ,irony of drinking in a mad world would be a suitable book title.



Once you countenanced Madanes battements I lost interest in your views.


Maddness there is something abut the GAPS diet though.

I love buttermilk,
I handle it very well.
But I don't drink much.
One day I did and inflammation in my feet and hands.

Same if I eat too much at once of my red cabbage sauerkraut.
Oh, I am fine if I eat a couple of spoonful on a salad.

So histamine over load might be a real thing. And so life goes on.


I am still on the fence about beans.

Some times old silly sayings reveal the truth.

Beans, beans, beans are good for the heart, the more you eat, the more you fart.

If beans are good for the heart, and farting is an indication of resistant starch or resistant something; beans might just be great! tofu and all the stuff they process soy into-- I don't know. I can't figure it out.

Visitor Nick
Alcohol speaking the truth or fear? Mostly they just sit and don't speak period. Well there was the time my drunk young uncle kept yelling really loud the name of his cousin,; to come on out of the church meeting. They called the constable and he was arrested.


My last song though I may post other things. I will find my way out from his song. Frank is sublime.



Nowadays, almost nobody talks about the GAPS diet (very therapeutic dietary regime) let alone WAPF. But many Neurodiversity advocates demonize/want to censor it, or lump it in as “child abuse”.

Autism or not, all the phytic acids in inactivated grains and pulses (otherwise known as “dormant grains”, nuts, beans and seeds) doesn’t do any good for society - especially with an explosion in digestive disorders, intestinal permeability, IBS and IBD now also beginning in children, etc.

What does a diet of 3-6 servings of phytic acid filled, basically asleep grains (both whole and refined), and pulses in defense mode, vaccines, sugar, white starches, highly processed foods, aluminum, drugs, pollution, antibiotics, mercury, etc do to the human individual?

We should know the answer, but many in power don’t want us to.


I have followed and what has unfolded may portend what is coming for me. It is pale and seems beyond my control..

In Wine There Is Truth


"There's No Normal Life There's Just Life. Now Get On With It."

"I've Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself."

"My hypocrisy goes only so far."

"I'm Afraid The Strain Was More Than He Could Bear."

"I'm Dying How Are You?"

It may be coincidence that "Tombstone" revolved around alcohol, tuberculosis, standing for something, and death. Not knowing why some things happen and wishing for the visitation of others. Also, facing your other self and finding that destroying the other brings your own demise.

I am dying how are you?


I don't agree that drunks' always speak their truth. I find they also often speak what they are afraid may be true or wish was true not knowing what they believe is true and wanting a relief in stating one of these or having the experience of seeing how any of them stated honestly.

One of my favorite cinematic scenes.

TOMBSTONE Clip - Doc Holiday meets Johnny Ringo


En vino veritas. [Latin: "In wine is truth".]

Credat Judaeus apella, non ego. [Latin: "The Jew Apella may believe it, not I", loosely meaning "I do not believe drinking is what I do best".]


(Rest in peace.) The line "Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego" (Let Apella the Jew believe, not I) was confusing to viewers; scholarly papers showed that Romans used the phrase to show contempt for Judaism's belief that divine power was involved in everyday life.

Credat Judaeus apella, non ego. [Latin: "The Jew Apella may believe it, not I", loosely meaning "I do not believe drinking is what I do best".]


This was the theme song of treating and teaching my beautiful wife.
She was not aware of the first part, but was so beautiful in her total ignorance. I still cannot explain it all.

Céline Dion - The Colour of My Love



I do so Love Richard Marx, he should quit that.


I don't know where my faith is, I only hope in God to do and be what I am not..

Céline Dion - I Remember L.A.



“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.”
― Victor Frankl,


Music comes from madness or curiosity.


Richard Marxist.


Nothings means anything anyway so here's to Richard. Let's just beat the shit out of each other, it doesn't matter.

Richard Marx - Heaven's Waiting


Richard Marx - The Image


Richard Marx - Silent Scream



"With all hundreds of comments they might be quite hard to find, but do remember that no one actually knows who you are anyway, although your distress is noted."

My previous responses mainly came from degradation of thought{under a bad influence and my fault}. You are likely correct in that no one noted my previous responses and no one cares. The truth I have found has been met with that general attitude. I often post what I post simply to have left a witness. Those who have experienced vaccine injury surly feel their expressions are received or ignored in a similar fashion. I am not unaware that people may have not paid attention to acknowledging any communication from me from one post to the next, but I have posted here hoping some would see a relationship of my testimony and the supporting studies to gain a picture of dysfunction that my be a bit specific to my wife, but shares qualities of damage in others.

I regret calling Mr. Marx an ass as I am one to at times. His statements that I had see caused me great disappointment as I have idealized some artists and his songs had helped so greatly through certain times. He wrote the songs that buoyed me most at the darkest parts of my journey an my disillusionment at his real attitudes was incredibly disheartening. I could not reconcile someone who sang "right here waiting for you" with someone who appalled some one physically assaulting anyone over their views. I have also tired of seeing people pummel the caring in ignorance to indulge their own own uncaring and malicious attitudes. I have 5 of Richard Marx's cd's and have listened to them many, many times. My dismay with him overtook me.


This my best response. Jesus is always and above all my best word. My beloved could not see any of these things. But, he gave me to her that in time she could. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus.



I had thought myself a warrior, but life has made me invalid. At times the indignant feelings rise, but i cannot find my footing. I do care deeply about the vaccine injured.You keep fighting. Maybe things will change for me. I appreciate your invocation.


It may suffice that I stated I posted as to make an association and wish I had not. I can produce the posts if someone doubts me.

John Stone

Dear Visitor

With all hundreds of comments they might be quite hard to find, but do remember that no one actually knows who you are anyway, although your distress is noted.



Please remove any association of me from Richard Marx. I have long appreciated his songs , but he is an ass. ,I regret linking his songs in this thread. he approves of political violence. As low as a human can be. His views are detestable.


Nick; you are one of my favorite people too.


There is no ethnic enemy. Man is his own enemy. Alone Again Naturally. Johnny Cash, one of the few I would have trusted to lead as he knows himself better..


Immunoceptive inference: why are psychiatric disorders and immune responses intertwined?

In this paper, we have introduced ‘immunoceptive inference’: active inference from the perspective of the immune system. This is in a similar vein to the notion of ‘interoceptive inference’, which frames emotions as emerging from—or perhaps furnishing—predictions about the causes of visceral sensations. In brief, interoceptive inference claims the brain is continuously updating predictions about, and acting upon, the body it inhabits (Seth 2013). In our formulation, the body itself (in this case, the immune system) is seen as furnishing predictions of—and acting upon—sensory input, informing ‘beliefs’ about whether an antigen belongs to the category of ‘self’ or ‘nonself’.

In so doing, we have highlighted three practical contributions (translation, unification and simulation) of the active inference framework to answering and—crucially—redefining the question, “Why are psychiatric disorders and immune responses intertwined?” We suggested that it is inevitable that two systems within the same Markov blanket influence each other: the brain and the body together make predictions about exteroceptive, interoceptive, and immunoceptive input. To this end, we have proposed an example of a common generative model that the brain and immune system jointly optimise, treating molecular components of the immune system as sensory or active states and the resulting cellular response as message passing at lower levels of a ‘sensory’ hierarchy that interfaces with the brain. Our scheme expresses the classical conditioning of the immune system in terms of inference at an immunological level, that may alter the message passing at a psychological level (or vice versa) through an optimal interface between the two systems.

This surrender of mind–body and brain-body dualisms may be of particular importance to psychiatric practice, where it encourages a holistic treatment of patients. For example, with an embodied perspective on the mind, a patient presenting with psychosis may be treated with reference to the mechanisms leading to this syndromic endpoint, whether that be schizophrenia (treated with antipsychotics), or an alternative (e.g., endocrine) diagnosis such as Cushing’s syndrome, which can be effectively treated by normalising cortisol levels (Tang, O'Sullivan et al. 2013, Wu, Chen et al. 2016)—or indeed autoimmune encephalitis (Symmonds et al. 2018). We also advance the possibility of drawing immunological analogues of concepts defined under active inference for neurological phenomena, such as sensory attenuation. Finally, we introduce the novel concept of neuroimmunological diaschisis and the possibility of a diaschisis of threat-avoidance that may contribute to the overlap between psychiatric disorders and immunological hypersensitivities. This kind of overlap leads to clear empirical predictions; for example, an association between psychopathology and (measurable) immunological responses, much in the same way that clinical tools such as the dexamethasone suppression test leverages the link between neuroendocrine function and stress or depression (Naughton et al. 2014)."


I cannot invoke God in these explanations.

"In this paper, we have introduced ‘immunoceptive inference’: active inference from the perspective of the immune system. This is in a similar vein to the notion of ‘interoceptive inference’, which frames emotions as emerging from—or perhaps furnishing—predictions about the causes of visceral sensations. In brief, interoceptive inference claims the brain is continuously updating predictions about, and acting upon, the body it inhabits (Seth 2013). In our formulation, the body itself (in this case, the immune system) is seen as furnishing predictions of—and acting upon—sensory input, informing ‘beliefs’ about whether an antigen belongs to the category of ‘self’ or ‘nonself’.

In so doing, we have highlighted three practical contributions (translation, unification and simulation) of the active inference framework to answering and—crucially—redefining the question, “Why are psychiatric disorders and immune responses intertwined?” We suggested that it is inevitable that two systems within the same Markov blanket influence each other: the brain and the body together make predictions about exteroceptive, interoceptive, and immunoceptive input. To this end, we have proposed an example of a common generative model that the brain and immune system jointly optimise, treating molecular components of the immune system as sensory or active states and the resulting cellular response as message passing at lower levels of a ‘sensory’ hierarchy that interfaces with the brain. Our scheme expresses the classical conditioning of the immune system in terms of inference at an immunological level, that may alter the message passing at a psychological level (or vice versa) through an optimal interface between the two systems.

This surrender of mind–body and brain-body dualisms may be of particular importance to psychiatric practice, where it encourages a holistic treatment of patients. For example, with an embodied perspective on the mind, a patient presenting with psychosis may be treated with reference to the mechanisms leading to this syndromic endpoint, whether that be schizophrenia (treated with antipsychotics), or an alternative (e.g., endocrine) diagnosis such as Cushing’s syndrome, which can be effectively treated by normalising cortisol levels (Tang, O'Sullivan et al. 2013, Wu, Chen et al. 2016)—or indeed autoimmune encephalitis (Symmonds et al. 2018). We also advance the possibility of drawing immunological analogues of concepts defined under active inference for neurological phenomena, such as sensory attenuation. Finally, we introduce the novel concept of neuroimmunological diaschisis and the possibility of a diaschisis of threat-avoidance that may contribute to the overlap between psychiatric disorders and immunological hypersensitivities. This kind of overlap leads to clear empirical predictions; for example, an association between psychopathology and (measurable) immunological responses, much in the same way that clinical tools such as the dexamethasone suppression test leverages the link between neuroendocrine function and stress or depression (Naughton et al. 2014)."




All is Said...


Best To All



Benedetta have said things while was drunk that were not meant to hurt or offend you. I hold you in verity high esteem. Please overlook my pain outbursts that are actually in general and not at you.. I like Disturbed's performances. Family is an issue for me and you feel like family so you get some of my vent. I love you.

susan welch


M2021 Information about rates of autism in Ireland, thanks to Ann Dachel, AoA


South Korea a few years back said for them it was on in 32? Or was that 23? It was high.

Other than that, not much.

Japan had trouble with vasculitis of all small blood vessels, in children called Kawasakis disease way back in the 70s and 80s.

Even in the United States the CDC whose main job is suppose to track health trends; is hiding it as hard as they can.
Example: What William Thompson said the CDC did with their research material for the MMR.
Utah tried to fudge the statistics and got sued by one of the people working on the stats for their criminal behavior.


Charcoal soap/certain earth clays/spirulina help eliminate aluminum + toxins in general.

And autism is especially pronounced/most known in the Anglo Saxon world, but it’s also striking areas such as Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Ireland, Philippines, etc.

What are the current rates 4 all those countries?



Oh yeah, I got that covered, probably the best of all.

Dr. Exley - Told us that a bunch of research studies on rats are showing that a special type of silica in the volcanic water of Fiji - Fiji water that is high in it, will take out what you are consuming and will eventually take it on out of your brain.

I go to a special spring that runs out of a rock in the middle of Daniel Boone National Forest.
I come home, and use a special recipe that some wonderful, smart, person on this website told me about and I found in this book: Silica Water the Secret of Healthy Blue Zone Longevity in the Aluminum Age
by Dennis N Crouse PhD.

Crouse also has a video on the internet where he makes it as well.

I don't know if the water I am getting from the spring that rolls through a bunch of ancient limestone - rocks already have a lot of this special silica form - but if I treat every gallon with Crouse's recipe; it has a sulfur taste, and no one is going to drink it. So, I only treat one gallon, and put it in the other water in my three gallon water container.

In addition -- the man that wrote the book "Crooked: Man-Made Disease Explained: The incredible story of metal, microbes, and medicine - hidden within our faces."
by Forrest Maready says to use glycine too.

So since glycine is a some what sweet taste, I put it in the water along with a tsp of concentrated lemon juice. All the urine doctors/kidney stone doctors says a teaspoon of lemon in your water will keep the stones as bay.

Sometimes I get the special magnesium/glycine powder and put it in our lemonade.



The elephant in the room is the countless toxins + high aluminum inside ASD brains thanks to vaccines.

The only green in vaccines is the injection site pus.

Now lots of American + Anglo Saxon children (sadly) are prone to violent rages, criminal behaviors, wandering, extreme social delays etc, thanks to aluminum adjuvants.

Focusing only on gut micro biome (while ignoring brain’s aluminum content) is negligent.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UVjjcOUJLE&list=RD7jVmW41LOMM&index=4ost again it will be from the motivation of this.


"It's just as well for all I've seen" I don't think I have more to say.


You are my kind of people.


One that keeps me holding on.. I miss my mother.


I said I miss my mother in reference to this song. I said my mother! That means Disturbed need not apply.




We are all nobodies, and together our voices will make sure they know us nobodies matters. Some day.

Love the Peterson's and thanks for sharing. Nice to find such musical, talented no bodies. Cause I never heard of them.


I thought of speaking of gdf15 morning sickness , mitochondrial dysfunction and autism, but remembered I am a nobody.





My family is musical and this takes my Kentucky home.



Earlier link does not work.



Brain-immune interactions in neuropsychiatric disorders: lessons from transcriptome studies for molecular targeting

Understanding the pathophysiological mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders has been a challenging quest for neurobiologists. Recent years have witnessed enormous technological advances in the field of neuroimmunology, blurring boundaries between the central nervous system and the periphery. Consequently, the discipline has expanded to cover interactions between the nervous and immune systems in health and diseases. The complex interplay between the peripheral and central immune pathways in neuropsychiatric disorders has recently been documented in various studies, but the genetic determinants remain elusive. Recent transcriptome studies have identified dysregulated genes involved in peripheral immune cell activation, blood-brain barrier integrity, glial cell activation, and synaptic plasticity in major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and schizophrenia. Herein, the key transcriptomic techniques applied in investigating differentially expressed genes and pathways responsible for altered brain-immune interactions in neuropsychiatric disorders are discussed. The application of transcriptomics that can aid in identifying molecular targets in various neuropsychiatric disorders is highlighted.

Keywords: brain-immune interactions; immune cells; neuropsychiatric disorders; transcriptomics.


I sit back and watch. It is true, but it is like slow motion watching the dawning of this reality in the community.


This proves nothing, but nothing does. It is as good as anything.
I value Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as much as anyone. The following show sense and faith do go together as do the 10 utterances and our being. Some might quibble with Einstein being a quasi-deist, but he was too smart imo to not believe.

25 Famous Scientists Who Believed in God


Thank You Lord Jesus.



In a simple response I say while all sorts of evidence have challenged my faith, and to the point of agnostic response, I can't comprehend it all I trust in God and see so much of His glorious hand in life and creation. My A plus B = C sometimes overtakes me in a moment I will not rust in my own understanding. The Lord sometimes is my adversary, but I would have not other. I confess Jesus is Lord and my Savior. I have made stupid statements and decisions and that is why I love grace. Grace makes life worth living. I believe God is infinitely above man and hiss knowledge. We are a strange kind and to this I say to God be the Glory.


At first there is constant, often prayers of pleading.
Which some times in exhausting turns into rage and anger toward God.

Then God asked me a question one day when my son was 18.
You are angry with me, are you angry with Jesus Christ.

It surprised me!

I have had intense Holy Spirit relationship with Jesus since I was 12. Many that did not , i am so very sorry.

But No, Jesus is my friend. A deep love I have for him, He loves me. I don't know how this will work for others? But for me it calmed me down.

Jesus is God in another form. How can I be mad, raging anger at Jesus. I can't.

Then whose fault is all of this.
It is man's fault.
It is my fault for being tricked. I had my warnings. I had that class in infectious diseases and I let the professor with his zeal of a preacher on vaccines persuade me, even when the swine flu shot that very year turned out so horrible, even when the young men teased him in class about it. I had my warning, years later; when my husband said he had heard Kawasaki's disease could be caused by vaccines. I had my warnings as I watched soaring temperatures after vaccines. Passing out and on and on.

But it is not all of my fault either.
It is humans the kind that rises up out of the masses that pretend to care but don't. It is Colleen Boyd, it is Plotkin (even before I saw him on a u tube, I knew his kind existed, It is all my friends and neighbors as well as myself that gave such humans power over us.

God does not stop it because we have free will. how will we learn if he is stopping us from ever bad decision.

It is mankind and we best be aware who we choose to worship -- believe --- trust -- those things are a form of worship.


I am a pastor who has not come close to coping with what has come to my door. I remain hopefully anonymous as there is something in the way of life I want to vomit about. I met with a young man today who has had such a horrendous life I wanted to melt away. I did not want to know of it all. My life has been effected in like ways and his questions were my own.. His opine is where is God in the middle of all the suffering. He is seeing things, but the pure light still shines. If all there is to hope on is my insight I want to give up too. The afflicted are the pure.



I had planned to post other things, but this new report takes precedence. Early in this thread we discussed the New York girls and the media said it was "conversion Disorder". These new findings sure look familiar. An aspect of the same neuroinflammation, cytokines, and vegF.

Assessment of cytokines, microRNA and patient related outcome measures in conversion disorder/functional neurological disorder (CD/FND): The CANDO clinical feasibility study

"Our study sample showed elevated IL-6, IFNγ, IL17A, IL12 and TNFαscores, normal IL1B scores, and VEGF-a scores significantly lower compared to the normal sample. Another study in acute CD/FND patients found elevated IL-6, TNFαand IL1B scores (Tiyekli, 2013), which is different from our
findings as in our study, IL1B was normal. Dysregulated continual synthesis of IL-6 plays a role in pathologic chronic inflammation and autoimmunity (Tanaka, 2014) so our study supports the idea that IL-6 may play a role in CD/FND of longer duration. IFNγisproduced by CD4þT helper 1 cells (Th1 cells). It plays a key role in B cell maturation, as it works to inhibit migration into lymph nodes while the B cells are still immature (Flaishon, 2000) and inhibits proliferation of T cells (Chu, 2000). Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNFα) is produced by macrophages/monocytes during inflammation and has widespread cellular effects, although still a great deal is unknown about its function and complex interplay with other cytokines (Zelova, 2013)."

3.8.3. microRNAThere is extensive literature linking several miRNAs to inflammationand neuroinflammation as well as pain (Andersen et al., 2014;Mi et al.,2013). We supplemented our analysis of circulating cytokines in thecohort by measuring levels of 5 miRNAs associated with inflammation(miR-146a, miR-223 (Wang et al., 2010) miR-155 (Alivernini et al.,2018;Singh et al., 2019)) and to angiogenesis and vascular inflammatoryresponses (miR-21 (Liu et al., 2011;Sheedy et al., 2010;Du et al., 2019),miR-132 (Kumarswamy et al., 2014) and miR-155 (Singh et al., 2019))and miR-16, a highly abundant miRNA in circulation.We observed a range of miRNA blood plasm levels within the cohortas shown inFig. 2.We also explored if levels of miRNAs correlated with levels of TNF inthe cohort. We found that this was the case for all tested miRNAs."





Sometimes I forget that while God cares for our bodily ills He died for our souls.

Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, grant us peace.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, grant us thy peace.

Jesus, Lamb of God, have mercy on us.
Jesus, bearer of our sins, have mercy on us.
Jesus, redeemer of the world, grant us peace.

Whatever I am errant about I trust in God's mercy though the Lord Jesus Christ.


God Bless AoA. God Bless you Cia. you are my sister.


God Bless You Benedetta.



Damaging the hypothalamus just a bit, messing up the endocrine system and all that implies from thyroid production, to all of the hormones

Or a fever damaging the nerve running from the brain to the gut (damaging or upsetting the Rhythmic undulating intestine' sweeping out food and lowering the numbers of microbes as well.

Changes the environment.

Change the environment, change the type of microbes that can grow.

SO not much hope?

And yet there are the studies that show after a brain injury that leads to a horrible C Diff: That fecal transplants, the transplanted microbes are holding their own.


Infections are involved in many, though many appear to not have these issues or have not realized the nature of some infections.

"Allergies/ Immune System: Many individuals with autism also suffer immune system deficiencies or immune dysregulation. Within the autism spectrum population, there are groups that will experience rashes, allergic sensitivities, gastrointestinal, ear and other infections as a result. Immune deficiencies and/or immune dysregulation make a person with autism more vulnerable to infection, chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactions, most frequently in the brain and gastrointestinal tract (Jepson, 2007)."


and one on the gut bacteria being understood for its effect...

Microbes may hold the key for treating neurological disorders

"In my wildest dreams, I could have never imagined that microbes in the gut could modulate behavior and brain function. To think now that microbial-based strategies may be a viable way to treat neurological dysfunction, is still wild, but very exciting."



More from rom a past comment I made on this thread with further thoughts on TBI and Autism.

"I said earlier in this thread; "I maybe should have not called it TBI, but an ongoing process in Autism that has similar effects overall." TBI being Traumatic brain injury and this was in reference to the on going inflammatory issues in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and known traumatic brain injury and how this was occurring in much Autism.

Now, a new report is out talking about long term chemical changes in the brain strongly suspected to be related to the inflammation found in TBI. Here a couple of snippets from two reports and then a link to the abstract."

The following report was referre4d to then:

Autism: 'different developmental brain chemistry'

"The study authors also note that the pattern of chemical changes within the autism spectrum disorder group aged 3 to 4 years is comparable to brain chemical changes found in other disorders such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and traumatic brain injury, where the N-acetylaspartate level is reduced at the time of onset or injury. This level usually then rises again during periods of remission, after successful treatment or through recovery."


Another repost to consider the connections.

miR-155 Regulates claudin1 Expression in Humans With Intestinal Mucosa Dysfunction After Brain Injury.


"Patients with craniocerebral trauma often have intestinal mucosal dysfunction, and the claudin1 protein plays an important role in intestinal mucosal function. Our previous work has shown that the expression of microRNA-155 (miR-155) in the peripheral blood of patients with craniocerebral trauma is decreased. Animal experiments also suggest that the expression of miR-155 is increased in the intestinal mucosa of mice with brain injury and the expression of claudin1 is decreased. We recruited 56 samples (35 patients with traumatic brain injury [TBI] and 21 patients without history of head trauma) to detect the expression of miR-155 on claudin1 regulation by quantitative polymerase chain reaction, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, and so on. We also used the receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) to further evaluate the diagnostic value of the 2 biomarkers. From the results, we found that the expression level of miR-155 and claudin1 in the case group was lower than that in the control group. Human miR-155 (Hsa-miR-155) may positively regulate intestinal mucosal function by inhibiting the expression of claudin1, leading to intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction. Combining the ROC curve data, the results further prove that miR-155 and claudin1 might be the new clinical diagnostic markers and treatment targets for the intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction after TBI."


another repost

Inhibition of miR-155 Limits Neuroinflammation and Improves Functional Recovery After Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice.


Micro-RNAs (miRs) are short, noncoding RNAs that negatively regulate gene expression at the post-transcriptional level and have been implicated in the pathophysiology of secondary damage after traumatic brain injury (TBI). Among miRs linked to inflammation, miR-155 has been implicated as a pro-inflammatory factor in a variety of organ systems. We examined the expression profile of miR-155, following experimental TBI (controlled cortical impact) in adult male C57Bl/6 mice, as well as the effects of acute or delayed administration of a miR-155 antagomir on post-traumatic neuroinflammatory responses and neurological recovery. Trauma robustly increased miR-155 expression in the injured cortex over 7 days. Similar TBI-induced miR-155 expression changes were also found in microglia/macrophages isolated from the injured cortex at 7 days post-injury. A miR-155 hairpin inhibitor (antagomir; 0.5 nmol), administered intracerebroventricularly (ICV) immediately after injury, attenuated neuroinflammatory markers at both 1 day and 7 days post-injury and reduced impairments in spatial working memory. Delayed ICV infusion of the miR-155 antagomir (0.5 nmol/day), beginning 24 h post-injury and continuing for 6 days, attenuated neuroinflammatory markers at 7 days post-injury and improved motor, but not cognitive, function through 28 days. The latter treatment limited NADPH oxidase 2 expression changes in microglia/macrophages in the injured cortex and reduced cortical lesion volume. In summary, TBI causes a robust and persistent neuroinflammatory response that is associated with increased miR-155 expression in microglia/macrophages, and miR-155 inhibition reduces post-traumatic neuroinflammatory responses and improves neurological recovery. Thus, miR-155 may be a therapeutic target for TBI-related neuroinflammation.


Traumatic brain injury; miR-155; microglial activation; neuroinflammation; neuroprotection


Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury and Autism: Elucidating Shared Mechanisms


Halting Excessive Inflammation with New Way to Regulate Lymphocytes

“Mitochondria are important regulators of macrophage polarization. Here, we show that arginase-2 (Arg2) is a microRNA-155 (miR-155) and interleukin-10 (IL-10) regulated protein localized at the mitochondria in inflammatory macrophages, and is critical for IL-10-induced modulation of mitochondrial dynamics and oxidative respiration. Mechanistically, the catalytic activity and presence of Arg2 at the mitochondria is crucial for oxidative phosphorylation,” write the investigators.

“We further show that Arg2 mediates this process by increasing the activity of complex II (succinate dehydrogenase). Moreover, Arg2 is essential for IL-10-mediated downregulation of the inflammatory mediators succinate, hypoxia inducible factor 1α (HIF-1α), and IL-1β in vitro. Accordingly, HIF-1α and IL-1β are highly expressed in an LPS-induced in vivo model of acute inflammation using Arg2−/− mice.

link to study report: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-21617-2?error=cookies_not_supported&code=b8131469-0694-4bf8-b1a9-7a20befe255b

Further reading in interested.

Inflammation and Neuro-Immune Dysregulations in Autism Spectrum Disorders


Gut microbial dysbiosis after traumatic brain injury modulates the immune response and impairs neurogenesis



I made the following comments on this thread in 2012.

"I maybe should have not called it TBI, but an ongoing process in Autism that has similar effects overall."

"Some of you may recognize the benefit of the drug mentioned in the following report for Autism Cytokine control as TBI quick or slow is involved in the biomed Autism pathology."

How much of those with Autism have this as causation or partially so? It is is clear we have dealt with this as a prominent if not central aspect as it is systemic it has to be central. Here are some new reports that basically say in short form what I have said in this thread. The first with Traumatic Brain Injuries, maybe mild to moderate in some with Autism, pointing to pointing to a more permeable GI tract{leaky gut}. The second with dealing with UTI's and the gut microbiome and bacteria from the gut involved with UTI's. My wife had the elements of TBI and UTI's until of a long term regimen of treatment. She almost never has migraines, I can't recall the last, and has not had a UTI hardly at all since 1997. She had numerous from the years prior to that time.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Affect More than the Brain

Key Points: Although traumatic brain injuries involve brain-related symptoms, other organs including the immune system, GI system, lungs, and heart may also be compromised. These injuries can result in changes throughout the body that can increase morbidity and even mortality.

"Traumatic brain injury (TBI) results from a head injury that damages the brain. Symptoms can include loss of consciousness, post-traumatic amnesia, memory loss, disorientation, and confusion. Symptoms occur immediately following the brain trauma and last for a while afterward. Psychiatric symptoms also may occur and include mood fluctuations, depression, anxiety, irritability, and personality changes. Other CNS (central nervous system) symptoms such as dizziness, headache, tinnitus, light sensitivity, and decreased sense of smell can also occur.

In an interesting paper recently published in Trends in Neurosciences, Alan Faden and colleagues discuss the consequences of TBI that involve organ systems other than the brain. They review evidence demonstrating that TBI can lead to significant changes in the immune, gastrointestinal (GI), pulmonary, and cardiovascular systems. These changes have been observed in humans and are being studied in animal models of TBI.

TBI is associated with a high rate of infections. It causes complex changes in the immune system, both systemically and in the brain. The result of these changes is the suppression of immune responses. These changes can persist over time, become chronic, and contribute to increased mortality.

Changes in the GI tract resulting in it being more permeable to substances and, therefore, less able to block the entry of toxins or bacteria into the circulation. The GI system also becomes more susceptible to infections as well as to relapse from ongoing, chronic GI disorders. Changes in the bacteria inhabiting the GI system (the gut microbiome) also occur. As discussed in an earlier post, the gut microbiome system communicates with the brain and influences brain function.

Lung damage is common following TBI. Individuals are susceptible to respiratory infections that can lead to pneumonia. Inflammatory chemicals are released into the lungs. Some of these changes result from TBI-related changes in the immune system.

Levels of certain chemicals in the blood indicate that cardiac damage may occur following TBI. Animal studies also suggest that TBI can lead to diminished cardiac function.

How do traumatic injuries to the brain lead to dysfunction in other organs? The authors review several possibilities. Following TBI, there are changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system that lead to alterations in cortisol production. Such changes can interfere with the body’s ability to respond to stressors. TBI also can lead to a surge in activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which involves catecholamines such as norepinephrine. Such a surge can influence the function of various organs. As already mentioned, TBI results in changes in the immune system throughout the body, which can contribute to chronic neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration.

The take-home message is that TBI can result in changes throughout the body that can increase morbidity and even mortality. Increased understanding of these changes will hopefully lead to better treatments to prevent these deleterious consequences of TBI.

This review article by Faden and colleagues reminds all of us of the intimate relationships between brain function and the function of other organs in the body, and that successful treatment of brain diseases can have widespread positive impact on human physiology."


Study: Infectious gut bacteria may predict UTI risk

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in kidney transplant patients may be caused by bacteria that originate in the digestive tract, according to investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University and NewYork-Presbyterian.

The study, published Dec. 4 in Nature Communications, was led by Dr. John Lee, assistant professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine and a nephrologist at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Dr. John Lee
Dr. John Lee
The research suggests that the gut microbiota – the unique bacterial population of the digestive system – may be capable of “seeding” the urinary tract with infectious organisms. The research also suggests that new treatments for UTIs may be found in strategies that alter the balance of gut bacteria toward so-called “good” organisms.

The study identifies gut bacterial profiles associated with the risk of developing UTIs. Previous research detected the association at the time of infection, but stopped short of identifying the microbial characteristics believed to precede the UTI.

Lee and his team, including first author Matthew Magruder, a student at Weill Cornell Medical College, investigated the link by collecting fecal and urine samples from 168 kidney transplant recipients over a three-month period, quantifying the specific amount and types of bacteria using state-of-the-art sequencing technology.

Kidney transplant recipients were chosen as study subjects because their anti-rejection medications diminish the activity of the body’s immune system to reduce the likelihood that it will be rejected as a “foreign” organ. The diminished immune response increases the risk for UTIs and other infections.

The researchers discovered that when a disease-causing bacterium, or pathogen, exceeded 1% in these patients’ feces, it significantly increased the chance that they would go on to develop urinary infections caused by the same pathogen.

E. coli accounted for the majority of the UTIs in their subjects.

“While we were excited to see this association between the gut microbiota and development of UTI, we wanted to explore this connection at a deeper level to see whether the origin of the UTI is likely from the gut,” said Lee, who is a named inventor on a patent application focused on detecting cell-free DNA in biological samples.

After further sequencing the bacterial DNA in each transplant patient’s fecal and urine specimens, the investigators found enough similarity to conclude that the gut bacteria were likely the source of infections.

The findings have implications that reach beyond this immunosuppressed population. UTI is one of the world’s most common infections, and accounts for more than 10 million doctor visits each year in the United States alone.

Altering the gut microbiota may someday offer a promising new source of adjunct UTI treatments, particularly for recurrent cases, Lee said. The leading gut-altering techniques today use probiotics (live bacteria introduced via food or supplements) and fecal microbiota transplant (the transfer of gut bacteria from one individual to another) to establish a healthier balance of microorganisms.

The team is now planning follow-up studies to further establish the link between gut microbiota and UTIs.



Speaking magnesium and migraines I would mention Hyperemesis Gravidarum along with Autism as showing relation to its deficiency. This is mice, but I am guessing it translates a lot.

Dietary magnesium deficiency induces the expression of neuroinflammation-related genes in mouse brain

"Aims: Dietary Mg2+ deficiency (MgD) impairs hippocampus-dependent memory in mice; however, the molecular mechanisms underlying MgD-induced memory impairments are unclear. Here, we investigated the molecular signatures in the hippocampus of MgD mice by analyzing the hippocampal transcriptome.

Methods: We performed RNA-sequencing of the hippocampal transcriptome of MgD mice. We used gene ontology analyses and quantitative real-time PCR to validate the RNA-sequencing results.

Results: mRNAs for neuroinflammation-related genes were upregulated in the hippocampus and cortex of MgD mice.

Conclusion: MgD induces neuroinflammation in the mouse brain, including the hippocampus and cortex. Our findings suggest that MgD-induced neuroinflammation triggers the impairments of hippocampus-dependent memory."

"Magnesium (Mg2+) is an essential mineral for maintaining normal cellular functions by functioning as a cofactor in more than 300 enzymatic reactions.1-3 Mg2+ deficiency (MgD) disturbs the homeostasis of numerous biological processes, causing chronic and acute diseases such as metabolic syndrome,4 type 2 diabetes,5 and hypertension.6 Importantly, Mg2+ is required for the voltage‐dependent blockade of N‐methyl‐D‐aspartate‐type glutamate receptors, thereby controlling their opening,7-9 and also contributes to synaptic plasticity such as long‐term potentiation.

Consistently, Mg has been shown to play an important role in learning and memory. Increasing brain Mg2+ concentration improves learning ability, working memory, and short‐ and long‐term memory in rats,10 while MgD impairs fear memory formation.11, 12 We previously investigated the effects of MgD on brain function and found that MgD diet‐fed mice have deficits in hippocampus‐dependent memories such as contextual fear, spatial, and social recognition memories, while they have normal amygdala‐ and insular cortex‐dependent conditioned taste aversion memory, locomotor activity, and emotional behaviors.13 Conversely, MgD mice have normal spine density and morphology of hippocampal neurons. Thus, previous studies have shown that MgD impairs hippocampus‐dependent memory without affecting hippocampal neuron morphology.13 However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the impairments of hippocampus‐dependent memory by MgD remain unclear. In this study, we analyzed the hippocampal transcriptome in MgD mice to identify the molecular signatures of MgD‐induced deficits of hippocampus‐dependent memory performance in mice."



I few posts back when I posted info and the link to "Mimicking a chronic immune response changes the brain" I meant to add the link to the report below as it shows association between Il-17.

The Immunologic Role of IL-17 in Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Pathogenesis

"Psoriasis is a chronic, immune-mediated, inflammatory disease that is pathogenically driven by proinflammatory cytokines. This article reviews the immunologic role of interleukin (IL)-17, the major effector cytokine in the pathogenesis of psoriatic disease, along with the rationale for targeting the IL-17 cytokine family (IL-17A, IL-17F, and IL-17 receptor A) in the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Emerging evidence indicates that major sources of IL-17A in patients with psoriatic disease are mast cells, γδ T cells, αβ T cells, and innate lymphoid cells in lesional skin and synovial fluid. Within the skin and joints, IL-17A acts on cellular targets, including keratinocytes, neutrophils, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, osteoclasts, chondrocytes, and osteoblasts, to stimulate production of various antimicrobial peptides, chemokines, and proinflammatory and proliferative cytokines, which, in turn, promote tissue inflammation and bone remodeling. The critical importance of the IL-23/IL-17A axis to the pathogenesis of psoriatic disease has resulted in many new biologic treatments targeting these cytokines. These biologics dramatically improve skin and joint symptoms in patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis."



My wife has Raynaud's, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, some early hair thinning., arthritis. She used to have a lot of migraines until I treated her.

Saw this when it came out. I have waited for them to verify these matters.

Pregnant mother's immunity tied to behavioral, emotional challenges for kids with autism

"The researchers measured the children's autism severity and assessed a set of behavioral and emotional problems such as aggression and anxiety. They also measured the children's development and cognitive functioning.

The study found that around 27% of the mothers had immune conditions during their pregnancy. Of these mothers, 64% reported a history of asthma, the most common immune condition. Other frequent conditions included Hashimoto's thyroiditis (hypothyroidism), Raynaud's disease (blood circulation disease), alopecia (hair loss), psoriasis (skin disease) and rheumatoid arthritis (joint tissue inflammation)."


A refrain here.

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Autism: Connecting Knowledge through Literature Mining

"Other immune abnormalities possibly linked to autism are familial autoimmunity, maternal transfer of autoantibodies from the mother to child during pregnancy, production of antibodies against brain tissue in autistic patients, lower levels of normal immunoglobulins, and elevation of some cytokines [5]. Besides immune dysfunctions there are other epigenetic mechanisms potentially linked to autism such as increased level of oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and excitotoxicity [2, 3]....

A powerful idea for investigating yet to be explored relationships between biomedical concepts was proposed by Swanson [7]. If there is a relationship between A and B reported in the literature on A, and a relationship between B and C in literature on C, then the concept B, might reveal interesting connections across previously disjoint contexts A and C. Swanson found many relationships, unknown at the time, for example, connecting Raynaud’s syndrome with fish oil, and migraine headaches with magnesium deficiency [7]."


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