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LeRoy NY Girls With Neurological Tics: Science Offers Reasons When Government Officials Won't


By Teresa Conrick

I have a teen daughter very affected with vocal tics, OCD, enuresis, estrogen-related seizures and a significant past history of streptococcus infections as well as numerous viral illnesses.  Her diagnosis in 1995 - AUTISM - and additionally in 2011 - an autoimmune diagnosis - based on two positive results for antinuclear antibodies.  Armed with that knowledge, I was lured to an article this week called, Le Roy Parents Want Answers about Mysterious Illness I was shocked to read a horrific account of twelve high school girls, all from the same school, who had each begun to have severe symptoms similar to Tourette's syndrome, with tics and verbal outbursts.  These are familiar symptoms to me and for any parent who has a child who regressed into an immune or autoimmune disease.

I have researched and done much reading about Autism and also P.A.N.D.A.S.  (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatic Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections)  because both seem to be related  to Megan and to each other, as the immune system seems to be a big, common denominator.  Seeing a story that describes previously healthy teens, teen girls, become so ill with movement and vocal tics, should alarm everyone.  The many articles on this story offer bits and pieces of clues as we all read it is "a mystery:"  Autism and P.A.N.D.A.S. used to be mysteries but over the years, many parents have reported that regression into each often came about due to vaccination or acute illness from bacterial or viral infections.  Streptococcus bacteria also known as "Strep Throat" for many, has been implicated often for P.A.N.D.A.S. but parents are also seeing regression and further exacerbation with other infections, such as Lyme (Borrelia bacterium) and Pneumonia ( Mycoplasma pneumonia). Are we seeing a rise in these immune-mediated diseases over the past years of increased vaccinations?

These are some facts:

1- A mysterious disorder which exhibits symptoms similar to Tourette's Syndrome has affected twelve female students at the same high school in LeRoy, NY.

2- Tourette's Syndrome is a neurological disorder defined by involuntary motor and vocal tics.

3- The New York State Department of Health says since September, 12 girls in Le Roy suddenly developed tics. Some are so bad, they had to be pulled out of school and tutored at home.

4- Through tests over the last few months, they have been able to rule out a number of environmental factors, infections, illegal  drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning.

These are some confusing quotes:

1- Administrators said on Wednesday night that all of the students affected at LeRoy High School, in New York, have been diagnosed and are being treated but they would not disclose exactly what they think the cause is. 

2- Dupont
[father of a 17 year-old affected daughter] says he knows of no such diagnosis.... The girls all go to the same neurologist and there is no diagnosis,” Dupont says. “They don't know what's causing it. That’s why we're all here at this meeting. It's not getting any better and they can't share a diagnosis because there is no diagnosis right now.”

3- After months of investigation and a battery of health and environmental tests, however, what school and state health personnel told concerned parents this week is that there is no known environmental or infectious for the bizarre condition that debilitated most of the girls.

4- local expert in the field of movement disorders stated Thursday that what most of these girls experienced is likely the result of mass hysteria......More properly identified as "mass psychogenic illness," the condition experienced by these students was likely a real physical manifestation of an underlying psychological condition.....A specialist should be able to detect whether the tics a person has are typical of a neurological disorder or if it may be "modeled behavior," Lichter said. He also said it's not uncommon for some parents to refuse to accept that their child's symptoms may have a psychological cause and continue to "doctor shop" for a different diagnosis. 

5- School administrators have insisted it is not a case of mass hysteria and that none of the girls are making the illness or symptoms up. 

I'm going to stop there and introduce another "mystery illness" story:

Expert: Mystery illness is stress   November 19th, 2007

The twitching reported at William Byrd High School is a classic psychogenic symptom, a researcher says.

School officials say they have heard from roughly 10 people at William Byrd complaining of the twitching symptoms, including one female teacher. Students and parents have said that all the students affected are also female.....School and health officials have so far not revealed the cause of the symptoms, which the Virginia Department of Health described as "involuntary movements in the extremities." Tests done on the school's air, water and surfaces have turned up nothing unusual.  

So it appears that in November, 2007, a high school in Virginia had an identical incident.  All female students and one female teacher ..."the students, as well as a teacher, were experiencing severe headaches, dizziness and seizurelike twitching"...."These kids are scared," Bradshaw said. "They're terrified." Now how is it possible that these two incidences are so similar?  Not one male student or male teacher and we are to believe it is due to a "conversion disorder," "a classic psychogenic symptom," or "hysteria?"

In their 2010 book, Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Man-Made Epidemic, Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted described   the Freudian writings of men in psychiatry and neurology, as they ignored the signs of mercury poisoning in young women.  Instead of understanding how mercury can cause muscle twitching muscle contractionsand tics the women were branded as "hysterical".  Interestingly, the American Academy of Family Physicians falls into the Freudian trap by saying,  "Mass psychogenic illness has been talked about and written about for hundreds of years, all around the world and in many different social settings. No one keeps track of these outbreaks, but they are probably a lot more common than we realize."  How many events have you heard about like this in your town and why wouldn't someone be tracking them?  Even more interesting is their final conclusion,:

"You should see your doctor to be checked for a different reason for your health problem if:

  • Your illness seems to last several days.
  • You have a fever.
  • Your muscles are twitching.
  • Tears keep coming from your eyes.
  • Your skin feels like it has been burned.

We do not know all of the medical issues here and this is the rationale: Young (Gregory Young from the state health department) told the audience of almost 200 parents and students that the diagnosis and cause of the mysterious illness could not be shared because of the HIPPA Privacy Rule.   He revealed that tics like this can be can be caused by a number of factors such as genetics, head trauma, drugs for ADHD and OCD and antihistamines.  If you reacomments on some of the news sites or blogs, the first thing asked is not about genetics or head trauma but ---- vaccines, and bacterial/viral infections triggering P.A.N.D.A.S. 

Let's examine a few pieces to this puzzle:

1- Only girls are affected.  If this were an environmental exposure, like tainted water, it would make sense that both males and females would be having symptoms.

2- The symptoms came on suddenly, as if exposed to some toxin.

3- According to a 2009 study on Tourette's, boys had a rate three times higher than girls yet there is not one male affected in this school.

4- P.A.N.D.A.S., is an acronym really used to describe Strep and other bacterial/viral infections triggering sudden, acute vocal/movement tics, extreme behavioral changes, OCD and unfortunately in many cases, increasing, chronic symptoms affecting more and more children. In a study by Swedo et al(86%) of the children reported obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and 40 (80%) of the children were found to have motor tics.

5- Tics can develop into chronic symptoms.

6- Another word describing tics is chorea.  Chorea is characterized by involuntary, nonrepetitive, adventitious muscular contractions. It originates from a dysfunction of neuronal networks interconnecting basal ganglia and frontal motor cortex.  Since we have the significant clue of only females being affected, it should be noted that estrogen can also induce chorea.

7- Chorea is also a symptom of another increasing disorder - Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis.  I wrote about it having a connection to both Autism and vaccines, and interestingly with both Gardasil and Cervarix.

Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis has a large connection to young women as it often develops from antibodies secondary to ovarian teratomas or cancerous grow

Here was Dr. Marc Seigel weighing his opinion on this mystery, P.A.N.D.A.S. and also HIPPA. Note the atmosphere of confusion and possible conflict of opinion :

It looks like there are some avenues to explore to help these very sick girls.  To read comments like, " conversion disorder," "physical symptoms without a physical cause" or "Experts consider the symptoms a response to anxiety,"  is just plain wrong. 

Mystery, tragedy or crime?  You decide.

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Nancy Evans

Wonder how these girls are today. My daughter recently developed same symptoms, but all are motor tics with tremors. No vocal tic at all. Still in the middle of trying to get a diagnosis. Interesting enough, she got her first HPV shot 3 months ago. Symptoms started around the same time but we didn't put it together until someone asked us if she had recently had any vaccinations.

M. Reams

Argh! I get mad every time I read about the Le Roy girls getting sick and being labeled "hysterical" (which is an insult to women), and hearing the kids at Moldy Byrd (woops..William Byrd) being labeled "psychogenic" by the Virginia Health Department. Another insult. My son went to Byrd and not only had the twitching and tremor symptoms (no Tourettes) but also pneumonia and he stopped breathing during one of these twitching episodes at Moldy Byrd. Pneumonia is simply not a "psychogenic" illness. A board certified infectious disease physician CONFIRMED MOLD EXPOSURE, and also to Stachybotrys chartarum -- a very dangerous mold species known to cause neurological damage. He was susceptible at the time due to the MTHFR gene he carried -- (which is also found in 96% or so of autistic kids). That fact that he was on a steroid asthma controller just made the mold exposure worse. The mold produces toxins called "mycotoxins". Some people, especially those with the MTHFR defect, simply cannot clear the toxins out of their body very well -- therefore these toxins accumulate with continued exposure. Also, mold exposure illness can cause immune dysfunction, which makes it challenging fore these patients to recover. The good news-- this is treatable and my son no longer has these symptoms. However, government officials don't typically acknowledge the seriousness of moldy schools and how they can negatively affect health, since that would cost major $$$$$$ to clean up. BTW, my son's memory also improved -- apparently the mold had affected his learning and memory at the time.

Melinda Reams

The same doctors who treat toxic mold exposure also treat Lyme disease. From what we learned, those who are sick from Lyme disease also become very sick from mold. There is a lot of overlap in symptoms between mold exposure and Lymes. In fact, susceptibility to mold (and perhaps Lyme also) is genetic, and specifically relates to how well (or deficiently) the body removes toxins. Some of these genes are also found in autistic people. Our physician who treated our son for mold has also had autistic patients. I agree with you that there's a relation; however I disagree about Lymes. Lyme disease is usually transmitted by ticks and it doesn't make sense the school is infested with deer and deer ticks. The common denominator is likely to be mold exposure -- there have been reports of past floods at the school, and there was the orange fungus-like substance all through the grass. MOLD. What you don't know can kill you. Check out for more information and stories on mold.


I sincerely believe the cases described above are due to Lyme Disease and related infections. I grew up in upstate and now live on the West Coast. Lyme Disease has all the symptoms as described above. When passed onto children in utero, children often show autistic like behaviors. Lyme weakens their immune system and stalls the body's process of eliminating heavy metals. Since the vaccinations contain mercury and other harmful compounds, those children with undiagnosed Lyme often also end up with autism because they can no longer get rid of those things that cause the immense inflammation.


2014 Update on School in Virginia -- William Byrd High School

Girls are not the only ones getting sick at this school. My son (MALE) also got these same types of symptoms -- twitching, tremors, etc. So forget the "hysterical girl" theory! In 2007, the school tested positive for several types of TOXIC mold; however the only thing mentioned publicly in 2007 was that nothing was found except a "little mold". No mention of toxic mold at all. Toxic mold identified in 2007 were Drechslera, Epicoccum, Penicillium/Aspergillus, Rusts and Stachybotrys. Why didn't the Virginia Health Department flag that as being a problem? Another part of the report mentions "light to heavy amounts of mold found in the ducts"; however no one bothered to identify the mold species in the ducts. By all means, circulate all that toxic mold throughout the building! No further testing was done, and the report dismissed mold as being the cause of symptoms being experienced by the students. The test methods for mold and microbial was done rather poorly, and not thoroughly at all. It's highly doubtful that a physician knowledgeable in mold-exposure illness was ever consulted during this show circus called "environmental testing".

We couldn't disagree more that toxic mold caused the symptoms experienced by students. Mycotoxins produced by Stachybotrys chartarum have been used as weapons of war -- "yellow rain" -- that's how toxic they are. Obviously, the school was not safe, since my SON got sick in 2012 and 2013 with the same type of symptoms students in 2007 had. God only knows how many other kids are currently getting sick. My son tested positive for Stachybotrys chartarum IGG antibodies. His recovery required removal from that school and any other moldy environment.

Science can indeed find out what the problem is, as long as there is not a conflict of interest. Apparently toxic mold in buildings is a hot potato issue that officials often try to hide or sweep under the rug. At least that's been our experience with officials and agencies that could choose to remedy the situation and refuse to. It's all about money. Kids should be the priority. Buildings can be replaced -- kids can't.


I'm especially suspicious of the nearby corn fields.. Watch this stunning report about "missing" experiemental pharmaceuticals BEING GROWN IN CORN ( MMR vaccine by eating corn), funded by the FDA & CDC, and CONTAMINATING nearby food crops, thus US food chains!


what is the latest info about the girls is the situation improving/


Mary there were 12 girls.
They looked very sweet and pitiful on the televsion.
Tics and tourettes gets worse when you are anxious.
Behind close doors she may be more relaxed.


Look at this thing on the Today show. There were 12 girls that were affected. They describe the symptoms became worse when they became nervous or anxious.

I have a son with tourettes and that is very true:

They want to make us all think that it is some strange group psycho thing. But these girls were not even in the same grade or even friends

There was a reported spraying of near by corn fields in the fall right before they become sick.

Have you ever seen a bug that has run across a pesticide and still lives. They sit around and twitch.

And let us talk about bath salts and drugs. Why do some people need or get on illegal drugs?

All drug abuse goes along with other mental problems like depression. Teen agers that have depression go on to self medicate later. And why are kids having depression?
Today on the news they were discussing this and said it has to do with uneven blood sugar levels.

Remember the diabetic epidemic and this is all connected. Scary stuff; Mary

I know you live right there by ONE
But the other 12 looks like very nice girls needing sympathy.


my relitive lives with one of the girls from leroy and has showed no symtoms behind close doors and lives a normal life living off welfair mybe more research sould be done and look into "bathsalts" as being the cause of this close nit group of girls...non detectable drug

Lizzy Hanson

I am a teen girl, and I have all these symptoms plus a few more. It has made my life very difficult. I was a healthy, active teen, then I became very sick, very fast. I got so sick I had to be pulled out of school and Home schooled. I have been in and out of dr and hospitals. None of them know why I am so sick. They have tested for lyme, auto immune, cancer, and so many other things I lose count, yet all of them have been negative.
Others have posted on here to check makeup, and soap, and things like that yet I do not were makeup, and share everything else with my TWIN sister. My sister is not sick. In fact she rarely ever is sick.
I am also not the only girl in my area who has these symptoms. Many others do, yet they still do not know what caused it, or even what it is.

amy witman

So whatever happened with all of this? How are the girls today? There are still many parents out there wondering what caused this. Can someone inform me? I am extremely skeptical of vaccines- especially ones that are being pushed so hard.... [email protected]


What brand of make- up are they are using?? unbeknownst to many there is a ton of Mercury/ Toxic LEAD in cosmetic especially Lipsticks!! The environmental working group investigates some brands for toxicity (search their website) but several brands are not listed.


Since it only has attacked girls in the same location, has anyone looked into if the girls received the HPV vaccine at the same location/same batch #/approx. same time frame? or any other prescription, flu vaccine? they all received. It would be wise for the parents to do their own investigation/compare notes, shot records with each other. If it is a vaccine every attempt will be made to cover it up.


I am new to this bit I just wnated to post something.. I have an 11 year old SON (yes male) who got sick end of Aug-with sore throat stomach ache and vomiting when ate, no stret just a virus week later started had same symptoms then progessivly got worse until he could no longer get food passed his throat it would just come back up-had endoscopy done end of Sept found some esophagitis but he seemed ok afterwards. Went back to normal self for three weeks then got a sore throat again and whole thing progressively got worse until he was 18 lbs thinner, lost ability to speak, developed a spasm or tic disorder.

Finally hospitalized end of Nov for a week but no test ever showed anything so they say he has conversion disorder. He had to have a feeding tube and speech therapy. He can now eat on his own and talk.

So now a month later he develops pneumonia and now the tic or spasm disorder has developed again.

(He has always been an ill child, especially this 2011-he would get strep-scarlet fever, then the flu then strep then couldn't breath-supposedly asthma related..he has had pneumonia several times in the past.)

Of course I am one of those parents who do not beleive in conversion disorder but I do not know where to go most doctors have given up/sent me elsewhere so they don't have to deal.

Chad Kunego

If this was my daughter, I would insist on getting her checked for heavy metal poisoning. There's several that can cause tourrette's like symptoms. Some heavy metals can be found in food like fish, or things like dental fillings & some vaccines like the bird flu one that was pushed so hard (mercury), deodorants & makeup (aluminum), food & smoking (cadmium) to just name a few. Also, it's possible that more people were exposed to the contaminant(s) than realized, but might not have been as sensitive to it.

connie lawrence

Have these girls been checked fake nails, types of makeup, toothpast, deodorants,soap? I contacted Lyme out there in 84, is there a chance for this? I had jerky movements until treatment. Something they have all come in contact with is the answer. I donot believe it is the vaccination.What they drink,eat where they have eaten. Their bedclothes everything should be checked. Now a lady has come down with it, begin with her while everything is new in her mind that she has touched, eaten or been exposed to. I feel so bad for these people the worse is not knowing, it has to be something that all of them are doing or have done where the key is. Prayers for them


Here we are in 2012 and the government is still denying things, copping out, hiding behind their police authority (Erin Brocovich and investigators denied access to school grounds to take soil samples), and in general treating us like fools and idiots when decent people are trying to find out what is going on. Peoples health and lives are at they think these girls will miraculously be healed and get back to normal? Is this the tip of the iceberg....Go Erin.

Rick Shur

Always look at vaccines. Early AIDS sufferers (gay men, Africans, Haitians) had hep vaccIne trIals in common. The vaccine was probably tainted. This could never be acknowledged because the lawsuits would have been economically catastrophic. What female-only vaccines are there?

Donna K

Teresa, I believe you nailed it. Though media outlets have specifically stated that Gardasil has been ruled out that doesn't mean that Cervarix has been ruled out. Patrons99 at another comment has suggested looking at adjuvants. Cervarix and a Tdap-IPV share the same AS04 adjuvant. AS04 is a form of lipopolysaccharide. Different vaccine exposures but similar adverse reactions? This adjuvant makes the immune response more reactive to the lipopolysaccharides of other bacterial endotoxins, like strep, that are always circulating....with the fallout result of increased antibodies against the nmda receptors. Or, something akin to rheumatic heart damage from strep antibodies? This adjuvant is also unique in that it also has an effect of upregulating a type of immune response to viruses.

Or, what if in reaction to an excessive upregulation of the immune response, the body tries to cool down the NF-kappaB response by attacking the NMDA receptors with autoantibodies? That's one crude way of antagonizing those receptors.

Additionally, any stress (increased glucocorticoids) will exacerbate an NF-kappaB response. So I guess some of these medical professionals who claim it is stress related got part of it right but with a different intent.

Additionally, any previous toxin exposure these girls had by living near a toxic spill will increase skewing the immune response when provoked. Toxins are included in vaccines for a purpose. You know, first you "break a few windows," get the attention of the immune system that there is a dangerous intruder. I think that was how Polly Matzinger's theory was described on how we should think about how the immune system decides what is safe or a danger that needs action.

J. P. Sand

To call this "conversion" is, to my mind, a cop-out.
Have these teens been given EEG's, PET (positron emission tomography)scans?
Lead levels are a must, as well as exposure to mercury or other toxins, perhaps from agricultural pesticide run-off.
PANDA(Pediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorder Associated with Strep)is also a possibility
I feel that the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health)
should send in a team to study this cluster, as these manifestations can be life-altering.


Sarah, you have a valid point. Am I missing something or has no one who has reported on this asked the question about the Gardasil vaccine?

Tim Marsh

First things first. If it were my daughter, detoxify, cleanse, probiotics, high dosage of vit. c,e,omega 3. olive leaf extract cats claw. the body can do great thing if we give it the tools to work with.


I noticed that one of the girls had her lips pierced. Do all the girls have new piercings? Possibly from the same place? Could there be some kind of infection or nerve damage?


Strange that vaccination records of these girls are not disclosed, or even discussed. A lot of psychology at play in this situation.

Jerome Martin

As a general lay person, I have to ask what is the common denominator of all getting this illness ( Girls). Therefore the next step is to see what in common these girls do/or are doing that generally binds them as a unit. The first thing that comes to mind is the young ladies menstrual cycle. Are they all using tampons, and if so have they been tested and screened for (toxic shock syndrone)or lead poisoning. It sounds more like lead poisoning to me but what do I know? Have thier doctors check for high levels of lead in each of their blood. Lead poisoning exhibits alot of these symptoms listed that the girls have. But don't stop there I would look further into the possibility of toxic shock. ( I would have the tampons checked in the girls bathrooms for anything unusual( old out dated, tampered with, or perhaps even fallen into some type of cleaning solvents.) These are just a few suggestions that I can come up with off the top of my head, I would need to speak with each of the ladys, get additional information from each of them to make a better assement. I hope with all my heart they all recover.

to coby schultz

coby schultz-

psychogenic /psy·cho·gen·ic/ (-jen´ik) having an emotional or psychologic origin.

Defend your answer. What evidence have you read that rules out neurological injury/immune injury?

coby schultz

Why is it so hard for ya'll to entertain the possibility that this is psychogenic illness?

teresa ferguson

A similar thing happened in Seattle wa. there was a chemical they used to treat the new concrete at a school in Seattle and many teachers and students got ill with some of those same symptoms convolutions, seizures throwing up. They shut that school down for a year .I know only females are being affected by it. but maybe females are more sensitive to a chemical of this nature, Or perhaps the people with an underlying condition or weak immune system are being affected . just a thought...


wonder if hyraulic fracturing is going on over there? could there be sudden release of toxic gas through porous soil? do fracking poisons, injected into the ground, create neurological symptoms? is something in the water reacting with female hormones? near the earthquake town of guy, indiana, wasn't the bird phenomenon blamed on mass hysteria? wonder if there is a common denominator somewhere. blaming mass hysteria on these brave girl's sudden onset of neurological disorder just doesn't cut it, for me.


Is that an agricultural area, probably, much of upstate NY is, right? If so, could very well be pesticide poisoning. Does the school spray pesticides? If so, what kind? Wells and water in agricultural areas can also be contaminated with farm runoff. Pesticides can be estrogenic, mimic estrogen, right? Maybe that has something to do with why this is just affecting girls? I don't know, but all of those pesticides and other ag chemicals in a lot of areas now are really alarming! Folks are also talking about cancer clusters in some agricultural areas, right? Are they growing a lot of genetically engineered corn and soy in that area? These can also contaminate areas from what I have read, right? What about those corn seeds that are treated with that pesticide that folks are saying is linked to the bee deaths? Could be a combination of things. If all of those girls are seeing the same neurologist, that also seems like a problem, maybe they could get some more opinions from some others, yes, those who specialize in pesticide and other chemical related poisonings. That some people are calling this psychological is absolutely amazingly awful! Goes to show how clueless are some in the medical sciences? Are they fracking in that area?

John Fryer

Tamra mentions OP's organophosphates.

I helped to get a worldwide ban on DIAZINON in 2000 but I see now it is creeping back in.

The USA overuses this very dangerous group of chemicals but it is simple to find if they have been used and should be testable as it affects many enzyme systems.

Also we need to explain why only girls got the tics.




But with secrecy it seems no one wants to explain anything except blame the victims.

Tonya Meadows

I am a parent of two teens, one boy and one girl, who was attending William Bryd High School in Vinton, VA when this problem was occurring. It was very frustrating and the school was pushing the psychological / stress/ anxiety angle the whole time. I had no faith in the testing even before the school started them. My daughter was friends with a few of the girls who showed the symptoms and there were a few days where parents did not send their kids to school in protest. I was extremely worried to send my daughter to school. Some additional information to keep in mind: 1) WBHS was doing some building and the ground outside the school building had been dug up. 2) A woman living in the adjacent subdivision (which is bumped up right next to the school) had told the local media she had developed the same symptoms as all these girls. I'll try to find the link to the news cast about her.
I encourage the parents at the LeRoy school in NY do NOT accept the school's claims that these girls are exhibiting signs of "stress" (this is exactly what officials representing WBHS said!) I told my husband, if that is the real case then that alone should sound a warning bell. IF the girls were under so much stress at school that they are all exhibiting such chronic and severe symptoms as these then there's a real problem with the way the school is pressuring the kids. We knew there's a logical explaination. We just have to find out what that is and it begins by not buying into the cop-out the schools are trying to push onto the community.


Marybeth, you hit the nail on the head...that was my first thought as well!

This question needs to be asked of all the parents...did your daughter get any vaccine recently or take any new medication?

We should all be outraged and demand answers. Don't let it fade away...keep digging for answers! I don't have a teenage daughter and I live in Pennsyvania, but this could happen to any of our children/grandchildren.

Don't just believe whatever people tell you. This is deeper than they want us to believe.

John Fryer

"It isnt GARDASIL they didn't all get it"

But the diagnosis for some or all is that they FAKE their tics.

So what if they dont all FAKE it?

Perhaps those who got GARDASIL have friends whose old vaccine tics came back in SYMPATHY.

USA gets more vaccines, earlier than any other country

And these SYMPTOMS are KNOWN adverse effects from GARDASIL.

GARDASIL caused debilitating and non-treatable symptoms and side affects ongoing including seizure, convulsion, paralysis, loss of sight, hypersensitivity to foods, involuntary motor tics, etc." "All initial tests including EEG, MRI, cat scan, chest x-ray, multiple blood tests reveal no infection or abnormalities." .


Why just girls? Has a chemical been dumped into any product they have in common. Why does this come back with a vengeance? I'm wondering about a toxic substance maybe in a product they are using monthly. My best question is. Have any of the ladies been asked about the Feminine products they are buying? Is this common thing causing ticks maybe a product gone bad with in a company? TAMPONS????

John Fryer

School officials say they have heard from roughly 10 people at William Byrd complaining of the twitching symptoms, including one female teacher. Students and parents have said that all the students affected are also female.

Note how they try to take you back before 2006 with the same.

GARDASIL developed 2006 and the safety test ABANDONED as it was UNFAIR for those not getting this vaccine.

One way to avoid doing proper safety checks done at this school at thousands of isolated places world wide and very recently at Le Roy.

Once is an accident

Twice is suspicious

The next time it will be GARDOCIDE

John Fryer

If you demand 100 per cent compliance in epidemiology you will prove nothing.

My estimate is that 11 of the 12 got the GARDASIL vaccine.

This produces EVERY symptom mentioned.

It may not be a bad batch but a NORMAL one.

In Europe 6 per cent of the trial people DIED after a flu vaccine.

And for 12 girls in a 430 size school that is very near 6 per cent.

Marybeth H.

The 'authorities' are hiding something. My first thought when hearing about this was "the HPV vaccine went wrong". Doesn't it seem that whenever the government pushes a treatment like this so quickly & forcefully that there are ill effects?

Tamra Clark

I think I know what happened to the girls.In 2004 I was briefly exposed to a fly pesticide for horses and wound up in the emergency room with a lot of the same symptons the girls are displaying. The pesticides can have inert ingredients that cause nerve damage. I am totally over it now, but it took 5 years to be back to normal. I have a neurotoxicologist that uses my records to help doctors learn the signs of pesticide poisioning. Best of luck. My prayers are with you Tamra Clark


Michael B Schachter- we don't know. Anderson Cooper did bring it up and Sanjay Gupta kind of twitched and said, " it isn't that, all the girls didn't get the shot." Cooper didn't then ask, how many DID get the shot? He didn't ask about flu shots at all.


The Today Show had some psychobabblist on there with two of the high school girls and their mothers. I could see one Mom bite her tongue, she really restrained herself from saying anything on the air. Her daughter, bless her heart, did not hold back: "I want an answer - a straight answer."


I've been reading up on and keeping myself abreast of all things pertaining to vaccines and the issues surrounding their use. I've been doing this for almost six years now and my opinion is still the same as it was before I decided to become "overly informed" (today's hip term for parents who know more than the drug companies think we should).

I know exactly what everyone else does when it comes to what these substances are doing to our kids, not to mention adults and seniors too. Only ambivalent morons remain clueless these days. Lazy people who allow others to think for them are the biggest defenders of the vaccine "cause". Even the head honchos of modern medicine admit that those who question vaccines, or have concerns about their ever increasing use, are better educated and better informed than those who place the health and future of their kid in the hands of virtual strangers.

I think it is in our best interest to ignore the media altogether and focus on what's important. We're playing into their hands and advancing their financial interests when we take the time and effort to discuss and participate in the controversies that only serve to divert our attention from the real matter at hand.

We all know why and what happened to these 12 girls. Instead of doing something about it we are preoccupied with the (and I'm going to be blunt here) pissing match and the 'controversy' when we should know well enough that these efforts are a waste of time and energy.

Why do we continue to waste time by trying to prove the obvious to the "experts"? Why are we more determined to prove them wrong when we should be working on how to make things right?

We know what's damaging our children's health. Most of us have known this for years. I say we stop trying to argue with the very people who are causing harm and that we start protecting our children and loved ones from being harmed.

Connie Freund

I'm wondering if all the girls have had dental work, amalgam fillings. The toxins in amalgams include mercury.

Or if they all ate fish from the same source....high in mercury.

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS

I may have missed it; but did all of these girls receive the Gardasil vaccine and/or a flu shot prior to the onset of their symptoms. This seems to me to be the most likely cause of the mysterious illness. A bad batch of vaccine is certainly something to consider. Have the authorities asked the first question and pursued the possibility that this is a reaction to a bad batch of vaccine?
Michael B Schachter MD, CNS


Please do heavy metal testing.Aluminum, mercury,boric acid
may causes the tics.

Eileen Walsh

I immediately wondered if these girls received the Gardasil vaccine. My daughter had an autistic-like reaction to an antihistamine and it reminds me of what is going on with these girls. Some people have sensitive immune systems and can have an adverse reaction to almost anything that doctors will swear is not possible. I hope they find the cause so they can help these girls get better.


both cases (present and the one from 2001) from a bad batch of Gardasil or flu vaccine.

Marisa T

experts discuss P.A.N.D.A.S. On a 2 part show for parents which airs locally and is also available on line!

elizabeth thode

Dear Parents,
I could list a thousand heart breaks, and probably hundreds if not thousands of examples of mainstream medicine gone wrong. Autism and all its cousins belongs if the category of harm. Harm caused by doctors- who push toxic medicine-sanctioned by an institution that is motivated by profit. The point is,we're not going to get help from them. The same way we don't ask a Liar for the Truth.
I have found truth in those who are willing to speak it. Although there are many, you won't find them in mainstream medicine. But if you google the IMVA, Dr. Mark Sircus,Medical News Commentaries and read every every single one you can will find solutions. Will they work overnight? Probably not. Will they be a magic pill? Will they offer insight, knowledge and power? Absolutely. Will they give you an understanding of the harm/damage...and a guide to which path to take? You decide. Do your homework. Take a chance. Google: Mark Sircus Vaccine damage. Google Mark Sircus Magnesium. Google Mark Sircus Iodine.
From my heart to all of yours,
Elizabeth Thode


This is too many people in a very tight cluster with similar profiles to be diagnosed with a psychological disorder. The girls were poisoned by something. It was either something that they took or was given to them.

My two guesses:

1. Pesticide laced pot. High school girls tend to be clickish and have the same habits.

2. Came off anti-depressants cold turkey. Someone's mom found out that the girls were pilled up and told everyone else's mom too. Again, clickish teen girls with similar habits.

Either way, they will be fine in a few months. Each situation can be managed easily.


From the Today Show it sounds like they are calling it PTSD. One girl mentions authorities telling them that they must have been exposed to trauma and the other mentions stress.
Often when the army is faced w/ mysterious injury they call it PTSD as well.
I imagine one of the symptoms are night terrors.
My son developed tics at age 4 and one of the first things the Doctor did was an MRI and they wait a year and then do the EEG before diagnosis.
One of our findings was a brain arachnoid cyst which are commonly found in soldiers as well. Arachnoid cysts are also responsive to stress. When one becomes upset physically the cyst can fill with spinal fluid and put pressure on the brain causing symptoms.
Also my son's night terrors were due to neck restriction waking him during REM sleep. The stress of a bad dream caused his skull base cyst to swell and wake his body. His body and vision would act out the dream, but his mind was still in a dream (half in and out of sleep).
I imagine w/ my son that it was partially due to the DPT shot as tics are a side effect and the flu shot as he shares symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome as well. Lastly about a year before the tics showed up my children had Scarlet fever so I was always suspicious of a bad lot contaminated w/ strep. being given to them as they were the only children whom had Scarlet fever and they were vaccinated at the same time.
With these girls I suspect a toxic assault as well. I know 6th grade girls are given DPT so I imagine they were exposed recently. They were obviously given the flu shot recently because of the recent flu scare and it is probable that they received the HPV vaccine. I question if they were given all these shots at the same time. I can't imagine experimenting with mixing the aluminum of the HPV vaccine with the mercury of the flu shot, but it wouldn't surprise me that they would try this since girls this age are a new target group for these vaccines.

What should I avoid while receiving Gardasil?

"There may be certain other vaccines that should not be given at the same time as the Gardasil. Until you have completed the series of 3 Gardasils, do not receive any other vaccine (including a flu shot) without first asking your doctor."

My son did recover after 3 years of failed drug treatment. Notably the tics and abnormal EEG went away with the removal of milk. So in regards to treatment I would think in terms of a broken immune system and detox.

Jane Wilder

Gardasil has been being promoted heavily for boys too for a few years now. If it is the Gardasil this sounds more like a bad batch. The other thing I would question if this is a rural area would be pesticide and herbicide exposure.


It must be so disturbing to these girls and their families to have this written off as simple "hysteria." I doubt the doctors would reach the same conclusion if it were twelve boys.


Oh. My. God. The Shaken Baby Syndrome show on Fifth Estate tonight reminds me so much of what they are doing to Dr. Wakefield. Dr. Waney Squier is being threatened with investigation of her practice and findings. She is a neuropathologist from Britain who feel most cases of "shaken baby syndrome" are incorrect/unfounded. She has found most of these children have had other previous brain bleeds that have simply been dormant. Due to medical causes. One other doctor (i forget his name) kept going on about the prevailing "science" and how you have so many "experts" who believe that and here this woman dares to think something else - based on research! Even the bio-mechanical engineers have done models and teed to get strong, athletic men to simulate the kind of awaking that would need to happen to cause the particular injuries "they" have hypothesized. It isn't even remotely possible. I am so happy that this show has been done. I think the bastards behind these tragedies that have accused innocent people and ripped families apart become exposed and maligned.

Search the truth, you will find it

I beleive these types of symptoms may be linked with vaccinations side effects! Have these girls received Gardasil and or H1N1 vaccine? the excipients in these vaccines may be highly toxic for certain individuals despite what official medical versions say!
We must especially look for a common cause when 12 young healthy girls who exhibit the same symptoms at the same time! What a perverse idea to think this is hysteria!


The news reporter on FOX News also was aggravated including Dr. Seigal who was discussing this with her Dr Seiagl (not sure of his name - long day and brain dead) but even he was aggravated at how secretive the school and doctors appeard to be.
Dr. seigal said they need to be telling what is going on because he thinks it is a potent strain of strep and all parents needs to be told so the parents can be aware that strep is going through the school and get fast treatment if they see symptoms.

Sooooo all the girls are friends I suppose and share, pencils, forks, drinks, and all that?? No boys gets near them, to catch de strep?

Shell Tzorfas

Did I see this correctly? They all go to the same doctor? What is up with that?

Maurine Meleck

Great piece, Teresa, as always and a subject, as you know, that I am deeply interersted in. Thanks.

Kevin LaLonde

Not knowing all the facts of the other women involved, I can say, that I heard in the interview of Thera Sanchez that she takes Adderall. It is a known side effect of this popular medication for ADD/ADHD to produce tics. What I saw of her interview, the tics, blurting out, and movement disorders are real. Dr. Kevin LaLonde

Susie Q

Something definitely seems fishy here (although I am trying not to jump to conclusions). Take a look at this article quoting a doctor who has first hand knowledge of this situation:

The doctor says:

"We know exactly what’s going on, we know exactly how to treat it, part of it is just the natural course of the illness,” said Dr. Mechler."

So according to the doctor, they *know* what this is (but they can't talk about it), they know how to treat it and the symptoms the girls have will get better.

The parent in the article has a very different view:

“I don't understand their whole reaction. I don't understand how they are falsifying the info they do have. The children are not all being seen by the same neurologist. They don't know what it is. Man up and say ‘I don't know,’” said Phillips.

Wow. So, according to the doctor, everyone should relax, they have everything under control. Move on now... and the parents are saying "WTF are you talking about"? Nothing is adding up here. According to the parent, they are "falsifying the info they do have".

The Today Show definitely tried to spin it as if this was some sort of psychological condition that the girls have (not sure of the term) but not environmental in nature. The one girl was definitely calling the doctor out on this assessment on the show.

I hope that there is some independent research done on this situation... because I would not be comfortable with the "expert" doctors opinion on this AT ALL. Whatever is going on here, I do hope that the girls get some relief from those symptoms.

Page Kurtz

Hmmm - teenage girls...Gardasil?


It seems to me that the girls' parents are very likely to be reading these media accounts. It might be helpful if we make sure that there are a number of calm, rational and well reasoned comments mentioning the possibility of a reaction to the HPV or flu vaccine. Maybe mention a "bad lot" or something that will get the attention of folks who otherwise feel pretty comfortable with vaccinations...the trick is to get them to consider this option and not just write it off as whacked. They are just now joining our world and they need a soft landing.


Well I've decided Teresa. Toxins! [Gardasil] I don't know which one of the ingredients is to blame - or what the mechanism is, but I wish I did!
My son has late diagnosed asperger syndrome and has been bombarded with antipsychotics for a decade. They cause in him Tardive Tourettism. [Psychiatrist's diagnosis] One drug in particular takes him right through to coprolalia when the dose is high enough. That's when he curses involuntarily at passers by. Ok so it doesn't happen with other patients therefore he must have some kind of susceptibilty. His tics, twitches and curses disappear
overnight when the dose is lowered. I wish I could believe that these symptoms might disappear with those girls - but
I fear not.


I think it is a clear case of sexual discrimination for anyone to declare these girls' symptoms to somehow be the result of "hysteria." Give me a break!

The vaccine connection seems a possibility--especially so if vaccines are being given by school nurses without parental knowledge.

Birth control pills, like YAZ, are another possibility. Google Yaz and side effects to see the possible relationship to strokes and seizures.

There are so many possible hazardous chemicals in herbicides, pesticides, paints, cleaners, OTC drugs and cosmetics, as well as in illegal drugs--they all can't all have been ruled out so quickly--so I am highly skeptical of the official line that "environmental factors" have been adequately investigated enough to have been entirely ruled out.

I also agree with the poster who says it could very likely be a combination of factors resulting in these serious physiological and neurological effects. Were I a parent of one of these girls, I would waste no time in talking with all the other parents of girls involved, parents of girls at the school who are not having any problems (as yet), and creating a database on those affected versus those not affected to look carefully for any patterns. Waiting for the doctors and health officials to identify any pattern is clearly not a reasonable course of action, particularly since some of the "officials" are saying they know the cause but can't reveal it, and some seem to be saying it is all just psychological.

I continue to wonder if the HIPPA laws were actually hatched by Pharma, AMA, AAP, and/or hospital corporations to prevent independent investigators from discovering some of their dangerous secrets. It sure sounds ridiculous that parents would be denied access to the medical records of their own kids. I suggest the parents ask their girls to sign HIPPA releases so that all the girls' medical records and test results can be immediately released to their parents.


I would be curious to know if the girls got their Gardasil shots around the same time. Lot Number ???
Any other past vaccination gotten around the same time. I have a teenage daughter that has gotten her Gardasil shot and I'm very nervous.


I was thinking Gardisil as well. It would not surprise me if most of them test positive for strep titers and had also received the vaccine. I wonder how many of them have severe OCD as well? Does anyone know?


And when will we read that all these girls received their Gardasil vaccines shortly before the onset of their symptoms???


I wonder of the school or grounds were sprayed with an insecticide, fungicide or pestcide. Something to look into.


I watched the MSNBC Today show piece. These girls are not faking and they seem to have no motor control over these tics. Why did the Today show have a psychiatrist on the show and not a neuro-toxicologist? They go right into pushing "this is a mental illness related to stress" thing instead of potential exploring environmental exposures.


Didn't know where else to put this but there's a special on tonight on The Fifty Estate about a shaken Baby Syndrome and the divide in the medical community about it. I'll update later


To clarify what I said that the author of info about candida and estrogen had no credentials I would change that to say he is a Australian based Naturopath. That is fine with me as any info that agrees with reality is good. Many though would read "Naturopath" and react differently.


Reminding me of the CFIDS story - it's psychological because it affects women more than men. When will the medical community stop thinking that when it's females it must be hysteria. When will doctors actually start listening to patients and actually try to find the cause instead of 'it's all in you head' like it is for our kids. This is not psychological - this is medical and it should be treated as such - just like our kids. Let's look at the root cause of what is happening instead of thinking it's all behaviors and deal with it. Our kids and these girls are ill - get a good clinician in there to put the pieces together and figure it out. I believe it viral encephalitis.


It is not as simple as one factor one problem I think as other pre-existing sub-clinical problems are likely occurring. Yet, auto-immunity in the context of a triggering event might be rlated to either continuous levels of pathogen considered typical and usually not involved in disease events or a transient infection that clears, but has been involved in an immune/autoimmune event. Latent viruses could be considered both persistant and transient. I don't know wif pathogens are invloved with theses girls, but I will offer a thought that also ties in with the estrogen and hormone ideas mentioned as these girls could be exposed to the same virus and the same fungus that precipitate a condition leading to a heightened state of reaction to a vaccine ingrediant, in this idea I am thinking alum. Yet it could be a synergy of the other ingredients or pahogens in their case. Certain flu viruses are much more communicable in clold dry conditions.

Immunological cross reactivity between Candida albicans and human tissue.

"An old concept to account for autoimmunity is the existence of immunologic cross reactions, or shared determinants between an exogenous agent and self antigen. To study molecular mimicry between the Candida antigen and an autoantigen, sera from clinical specimens were screened, based on seronegativity or positivity for thyroid, ovary and adrenal antibodies. Compared with tissue antibody negative sera and sera from healthy controls, samples from positive tissue antibody subjects exhibited significantly higher levels of Candida IgG (P < 0.001) IgM (P < 0.001) and IgA (P < 0.01) antibodies."

This source I just found seems to not have any noted credentials, I only cite it because it spells out what I have studied and found to be likely true and aggreed with what I found in a person I dealt with to heal.


"Candida overgrowth may lead to leaky gut syndrome which may lead to candida and other toxins spreading through the body affecting many systems including the endocrine system.

Many of the symptoms of hormone imbalance (e.g. PMS, PMT, mood swings, headaches, nausea, cramps) are the very same symptoms that have been identified as caused by Candida overgrowth.

Estrogen is a hormone that is produced in the ovaries (in pre-menopausal females), in the adrenals (in men and in post-menopausal women), in fat cells and in the bowel, because estrogen and progesterone play a greater role in a female than a male, any imbalance will have more effects on the female.

Both of these hormones have other functions such as controlling the bladder, bowel functioning, and blood sugar regulation, disruption of these hormones may happen as candida overgrowth may affect the endocrine system.

Once candida has overgrown and spread to the blood stream, it can bind to hormones changing their shape so they are unable to fit into their receptors. This effectively inactivates the circulating hormone, making all endocrine problems much worse.

Candida overgrowth produces many different toxins known to wreak havoc with the immune system and may also contribute to hormonal problems one candida waste product produces a false estrogen, which tricks the body into thinking it has produced adequate levels, signaling a reduction of its own estrogen .

Similar messages can also be sent to the thyroid, reducing thyroxin production and initiating or worsening a hypothyroid problem.

Hair loss is a common symptom of thyroid problems especially in woman so candida overgrowth should be considered when treating any hair loss.
Elevated estrogen levels also increase vaginal Candidiasis (thrush) .

Some Estrogen’s will literally feed candida overgrowth, which is why birth control pills and estrogen replacement therapy put women at a greater risk of developing candida overgrowth , using progesterone, even natural Progesterone may increase candida overgrowth due to its effect on other hormone and acidity levels."

If their is an atypical candia/viral/hormone process occuring then it may be elevated into a pthological event related to an adjuvant or vaccine ingerdient causing an immune/autoimmune event also perturbing other pathogen immunity.

"ISU, Professor Receive Patent For Adjuvant That Boosts Immune System

Alum has been widely used for years, but has come under attack as a possible cause for neurological disorders."A few adjuvants have been discovered, but they have side effects. We were trying to develop something that has fewer side effects, but boosts the immune system," Ghosh said. "Our compound is an excellent boost to the immune system and we haven't detected any side effects."


My guess is the common thread is Gardisil. Again, just a guess based on the rate of seizure and encephalitis reactions in the general population (not to mention deaths).


Sodium Borate (roach killer) is an ingredient in Gardisal. Side effects of Sodium Borate are: vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, blisters, collapse, coma, convulsions, drowsiness, fever, lack of desire to do anything, low blood pressure, decreased urine output, sloughing of the skin, twitching of facial muscles, arms, hands, legs, and feet. My guess is that Merck is all over this. They will make sure there is no mention of Gardisal.


This would be a golden opportunity to research what the 12 girls have in common prior to their becoming ill. It occurs to me that as it is particular to girls, perhaps there is something that is common among girls that has triggered this illness.

As the school and environment have been cleared of being a cause, perhaps it is something more personal such as a chemical in a cosmetic that only women/girls use, lipstick, soap or hair dye or wash that has triggered the illness? Or a Deodorant spray?

I think it is worth doing some research on what products the 12 girls use or perhaps the foods they have eaten to determine the common denominator.

Amy in Idaho

Jenny - I broke out in a horrible rash with amoxicillin too and I'm not allergic to anything. I did a little researching and discovered that some people break out in an allergic-like rash while taking amoxicillin if they actually have a VIRAL infection. I just tell everyone I'm allergic to it because they accept that with not questions asked. I've tried a couple of times to explain the viral connection and doctors start scooting for the door, trying to escape my orbit as quickly as possible ('cause obviously I'm C-R-A-Z-Y and I read the internet).

Anne McElroy Dachel

Just how forthcoming are these officials about what's really happening?

One New York paper put out the editorial, People of Le Roy are entitled to answers, by Scott DeSmit.
He wrote about the growing gap between what parents are saying and the claims by health officials.

"Moments earlier Dr. Gregory [Young] of the New York State Health Department said every child that had shown similar symptoms had been extensively "assessed." Analyzed. Interviewed. Tested."

One mother at the school meeting disagreed. "There was no assessment on my child so how do we know if the others were done?'

Jan 17 MSNBC TODAY SHOW: Teen girls' medical mystery baffles doctors

"We have conclusively ruled out any form of infection or communicable disease and there's no evidence of any environmental factor,'' Dr. Gregory Young of the New York Department of Health told NBC News.

"Where's the proof?'' Philips asked on TODAY. "Where's the data? Where's the testing? When has this been done? Nothing's been collectively done for our daughters. Everything has been done individually. Testing they say that all the girls have had, they have not had. The facts that they're stating just aren't true.''
For Sanchez, all she wants is to know what is happening to her and why.

"I want an answer,'' she said. "A straight answer.''

What's interesting here is that this parallels the autism epidemic. For endless years officials claimed there was really no increase in autism. It's always been around. Doctors just called it something else. It was genetic. Autism was forever labeled a mystery.

The Today Show's headline claims that these girls' symptoms are a "medical mystery." Yet officials say THEY KNOW WHAT'S CAUSING IT and it psychological. So to them there's no mystery. They supposedly know the reason behind it. Angry, frustrated parents find themselves up against doctors and health officials who can do nothing to help them. Welcome to our world.

Anne Dachel, Media


Thanks Teresa for a great article.

Not an MD

One thing is for certain. There is a common thread. Can we find someone to go out to LeRoy and speak with all the parents of affected children and find out what the true denominator is? If it is found that the parents and children are under a gag order not to speak about Gardasil or other vaccination, then the answer becomes quite clear-- vaccination with either Gardasil, a bad flu shot, or possibly both, is the cause.

Concerned Mother

These families need to get together and figure out the common demonators with these girls. They were all exposed to something basically at the same time. And these families need to make their stories known to everyone. My heart goes out to these families. It totally appears they are being snow balled by the medical community and someone is trying to keep this quiet and hushed. Don't let them bully you. These are your daughters and their lives! Stay strong.


It was September 2004 and my two-year-old son had just been diagnosed with autism. I was breastfeeding my baby daughter when I developed mastitis. I took amoxicillin for 10 days, then broke out in hives all over my body, which sent me to the ER four times over the next week. I was unrecognizable. After seeing the top allergist in my area, I was told it was "stress" from my son's diagnosis that was causing my hives (inside my throat, on my scalp, in my eyes - everywhere.) I asked if the anitbiotics could have caused it and he told me no, I had been off the antibiotics for too long (a few days) for there to be any correlation.

Cut to four years later, I'm taking amoxicillin for something else. Same reaction. I called my pharmacy to find out what it was that I had been taking in Sept. 2004. Oh, really? Amoxcicillin? I could have died because my allergist was so ignorant. Instead of treating me properly, I'm on pins and needles, trying not to overtax my body so I don't induce another "stress" reaction. A simple google search led me to all sorts of information on penicillin allergies. How he didn't connect the dots, I'll never know.

This is not mass hysteria. Something is causing this in these kids. We'll find out soon enough...


Dystonia? I was thinking about the cheerleader who had that horrible reaction to the flu shot and developed dystonia. She was later portrayed in the media as a fraud but I think she was 100% legitimate. A doctor in Georgia (I think) was able to help her by treating her immune system.

Symptoms of dystonia:

Include involuntary muscle contractions that cause a distorted posture or appearance.

Begin in a single region, such as your foot, hand or face.
Occur during a specific action. For example, you may experience involuntary contractions in one leg when walking forward, but not when running forward or walking backward.

Worsen with stress, fatigue or anxiety.

Plateau within a few years.

I wish the girl's parents would come forth with more information. Did these girls socialize together? Did they all get flu shots from the same place? Gardisil shots?

Very strange. A lot of unanswered questions. And I feel the story the NY State Health dept is selling to the parents is total bs.


I am so very disturbed by this. These girls have PANS. I believe it was caused by the Gardisil vaccine, as it is probably the other common denominator besides compromised immune systems here.

Obi Wan

The Batavian (local paper) carried this article at the same time the article about these girls appeared: "Hammer Head Incense Blamed for Seizure of Youth in LeRoy". I'm not saying this was the cause, but I can't help wondering if something like this was involved ???

Here's the link:

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