Register for National Vaccine Advisory Committee Webinar (Flu Shots for Healthcare Workers on Agenda)
Tics and Toxins: LeRoy Officials Gave Little Attention to Schoolyard Before Ruling Out Environment


James Makker

The parcel is real effectual, especially for those who impart to larn the diary. But if for group who are involved in the opposite push, this website staleness not be inutile.

James Makker


History indicates that millions of woman lost their life to witch-hunt.We are not making much progress...


That is hilarious and my favorite movie of all time. Brilliant!


I mean "Science"blogs!


Ah yes! Wise in the ways of science - that pretty much sums up all those morons at Science blogs who think the questions have been asked and answered. Hilarious yet sad at the same time.

Managing Editor

Lou, thanks for the reminder of this clip this morning. It's perfection. We are sympatico paisan!

Louis Conte

This is hysterical!

Right on target!

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