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Child in Vermont Dies After Flu Shot: Public Health Officials Call for Calm

WeepManaging Editor's Note: Our condolences to the Mattens.  Without sensationalizing a tragedy, keep in mind that a case of whooping cough or measles is written up in the media as an immediate cause for alarm and action (vaccination.) This article calls for calm. Interesting.

Nicole and Justin Matten of Barton have lived every parent’s worst nightmare. On December 2 their 7-year-old daughter, Kaylynne, visited her physician for an annual checkup. She got a flu shot. The next day, she developed a bad headache and fever. On December 6, the normally happy and healthy girl, who had no previous history of chronic health problems or adverse reactions to vaccines, turned blue, stopped breathing and died in her mother’s arms.

“They worked on her for about three hours and did everything they could, but they just couldn’t get her back,” Nicole Matten says of her second child, who was a first-grader at Barton Graded School.

The state medical examiner has yet to determine the girl’s exact cause of death; the autopsy report is due within a few weeks. State health officials are also investigating the tragedy. Any child’s death “puts a hole in everyone’s gut, and when one dies, we all have to ask a lot of questions,” says Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen.

“We’re just waiting for an answer,” says Kaylynne’s mom, “but we believe in our hearts that it was the flu shot.”   Read the full story at



It is very important that we find out which flu vaccine was given to the poor little girl. I don't see it listed in any of the news sources.

How can "Dr" Larry Chen really be interested in public health and safety if he does not tell the public the vaccine name, manufacturer, and lot number of the injection given to the little girl. Also, was it single- or multidose vial?


I found it! It's at the smartvax website. KUDOS to the author. It's a most insightful observation.

"The words "allergy" and "anaphylaxis" were created to describe vacccine-injury."

I might wish to cite the author, in the future, if I knew who they were. Please stand-up and take credit for your article.


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME LOCATE THE ORIGINAL SOURCE FOR PROPER ATTRIBUTION? I don’t believe that it’s a direct quote. I can’t find/lost the original source! I don’t believe that it’s a direct quote. It’s historically accurate. I found literature citations to back it up:

Historically, the words “anaphylaxis” and “allergy” were created to describe vaccine injury. The terms “anaphylaxis” and “allergy” were created by Charles Richet in 1901 and Clemens von Pirquet in 1906, respectively. Prior to advent of vaccination, mass allergy such as serum sickness was unknown. Hence, serum sickness is a man-made malady, i.e., iatrogenic disease.

“Sudden death from snake bites, vaccines, and cocaine, in otherwise healthy people, are not really all that infrequent, and IMO, they are very likely to share a common underlying pathophysiology.” - patrons99 (2012).

“Serum disease, as this is called, is a man-made malady. If we had no curative serums and if there were no such things as a hypodermic syringe with which to introduce the material under the skin, there would be no serum disease.” -- Warren Vaughan, Strange Malady (1941)


Most of the marketed flu inoculations contain nonionic surfactants as allegedly "inactive" excipients, according to the CDC. But they are far from inactive. We are being defrauded and endangered.

“Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary”

“This section begins with a summary of the excipients included in licensed vaccines in the United States, as of the revision date at the bottom of the page. Excipients are inactive ingredients of a drug product necessary for production of a finished pharmaceutical formulation.”

This is FRAUD pure and simple. Neurotoxic metals, endocrine disruptors, phase transfer catalysts, ionophores, and non-human DNA are NOT inactive. It’s time that they were called-out on their lies!


IMO, there is an unmistakeable and irrefutable pattern of iatrogenic death and disease. Don’t believe everything you hear or read in the mainstream media.

HPV vaccine, pneumococcal vaccines, DPT vaccines, and Hep B vaccines, all contain aluminum! The aluminum containing vaccines have ALL been associated with sudden deaths. Just look at the VAERS database for confirmation.

Non-ionic surfactants, e.g. Triton 100 and Tween 80, found in many of today’s marketed vaccines, have shown the ability to induce apoptotic cell death, hemolysis, and meningoencephalitis. Aluminum hydroxide gels have been used as vaccine adjuvants for many years. There is a well-known relationship between hemolytic activity and adsorption capacity of aluminum hydroxide adjuvants.

What assurances can the ACIP give us that the aluminum, mercury, surfactants, and non-human DNA in vaccines is not "priming" or "sensitizing" our bodies for the Shwartzman reaction? Chapter 3 of the book "Thrombohemorrhagic Phenomena" by Hans Selye is a MUST READ, before all of the remaining copies of his masterpiece disappear. This book should be required reading for all medical school curricula.

Gilman S, Koller M, Black RS, Jenkins L, Griffith SG, Fox NC, et al. Clinical effects of Abeta immunization (AN1792) in patients with AD in an interrupted trial. Neurology. 2005;64:15¬53-62.


And what IS up with those girls in Leroy? Did they recently have any vaccinations such as Gardasil or flu. I know they tend to do a lot of vaccinations at school so that could explain something that they all had in common.


If vaccine companies were held accountable, this would never happen. They will never get the blame they deserve for hurting and killing our kids. My son had a terrible reaction to the flu vaccine at age 18 months. It was a few days later, he was lethargic and had difficulty breathing, feverish and he projectile vomitted -- he was sick for the next 6 months. By age 2, he had severe allergies, eating difficulties, severe diarrhea, OCD, tantrums, night sweats, thyroid problems, loss of skills and language. At age 2 he received an asthma and autism diagnosis. The first 18 months of his life he didn't have a sick baby visit. Following that flu shot, he has been sick every since.


Maybe someone should ask what the lot number was, and whether any of those girls in NY had vax from the same batch...


Historically, the words “anaphylaxis” and “allergy” were created to describe vaccine injury. The terms “anaphylaxis” and “allergy” were created by Charles Richet in 1901 and Clemens von Pirquet in 1906, respectively. Prior to advent of vaccination, mass allergy such as serum sickness was unknown. Hence, serum sickness is a man-made malady, i.e., iatrogenic disease. Sudden death from snake bites, vaccines, and cocaine, in otherwise healthy people, are not really all that infrequent, and IMO, they are very likely to share a common underlying pathophysiology.

Karl in Wa

To David Burd-
I agree that the PHC numbers are so low that they could not even capture the risk of the injection process itself, much less vaccine reactions. see An injection of truth.
My intent in referencing this source is to refute one of the cornerstones of mass vaccination policy (with information from a mass vaccination authority), which is the idea that vaccine injuries are so astronomically infrequent as to be near theoretical and not quantifiable. And that therefore the risk of vaccination is so low that safety should not even be a factor in the decision to vaccinate. Many true believers find it quite sobering to see a vaccinating authority acknowledge any quantified injury rate at all, (which the US does not do). Particularly an injury rate (10/million) which when projected out over the hundreds of millions of vaccine doses administered annually translates into thousands of expected injuries and deaths. Every discussion of vaccination must be one of Vaccine Injury vs. Infection Injury, as opposed to no risk vaccination vs. infection risk. Even to a person who considers vaccines vital a 1/100k risk of catastrophic vaccination injury is certainly more dangerous than the flu, chicken pox, or mumps to a healthy child. Unfortunately many people consider vaccines to be no more dangerous than M&M’s.


Her dad Justin said, "She was always 100 percent healthy."

Here's the video link to WCAX TV in Vermont about the tragic death of Kaylynne Matten following an unnecessary flu shot.


We are all Canaries in Pharma's coal mine. We just don't realize it - yet.

What assurances can the ACIP give us that the aluminum, mercury, surfactants, and non-human DNA in vaccines is not "priming" or "sensitizing" our bodies for the Shwartzman reaction? Chapter 3 of the book "Thrombohemorrhagic Phenomena" by Hans Selye is a MUST READ, before all of the remaining copies of his masterpiece disappear.


There has been a flurry of VERY RECENT articles in the journal Lupus. These articles do NOT support taking a nuanced approach to vaccine safety. But you can judge that for yourselves. Educate before you vaccinate!

Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations
L Tomljenovic and CA Shaw
Lupus. 2012; 21:223-230.
Autoimmune response following influenza vaccination in patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic disease
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Lupus. 2012; 21:175-183.
Autoimmunity following Hepatitis B vaccine as part of the spectrum of ‘Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome induced by Adjuvants’ (AS IA): analysis of 93 cases
Y Zafrir, N Agmon-Levin, Z Paz, T Shilton, and Y Shoenfeld
Lupus. 2012; 21:146-152.
Influenza vaccination can induce new-onset anticardiolipins but not β2-glycoprotein-I antibodies among patients with systemic lupus erythemat osus
ES Vista, SR Crowe, LF Thompson, GM Air, JM Robertson, JM Guthridge, and JA James
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Non-ionic surfactants, e.g. Triton 100 and Tween 80, found in many of today’s marketed vaccines, have shown the ability to induce apoptotic cell death [31], hemolysis, and meningoencephalitis. Aluminium hydroxide gels have been used as vaccine adjuvants for many years. There is a well-known relationship between hemolytic activity and adsorption capacity of aluminium hydroxide adjuvants.


One death is too many.It is OK to get the flu and build natural immunity.Polysorbates (in the vaccines)have the ability to bypass
the blood brain barrier and take the vaccine ingredients
(mercury etc.)straight to the central nervous system.Let this be a warning to all parents,please think and research.
My deep sympathy to the family.


And yet, if she didn't get the vaccine, and got the flu, then died a few days later, it would be death from the flu, no question about it.

Jeff C

God bless the family, I can only image what they are going through.

Dr Chen: "vaccines have saved countless lives" I wonder if the good doctor could quantify "countless" for us. I believe he meant it literally, as in he has never counted, he has no idea what the number might be. He is spouting a religious belief, not one backed by science and empirical evidence.

From the linked article: "Each year, seasonal influenza causes more than 200,000 hospitalizations nationwide, as well as 3000 to 49,000 deaths, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" Think about that, the high estimate (49K) is sixteen times the low estimate (3k). In engineering, that is what's called a wild ass guess. Anyone who has the most rudimentary knowledge of statistics understands you don't have uncertainty that large unless your data or your methods are truly suspect. Again it's a religious belief, not science.

I'm sure we'll next hear, "the benefits outweigh the risks" without a single shred of evidence or quantification of the actual benefits and actual risk to back the claim up. Pathetic.

david burd

Oops. Correction I mixed up "Karl in WA" with "Angus Files" - best wishes to all.

david burd

Angus Files, your noting Public Health of Canada citing a mere one per 100,000 serious reactions to vaccine jabs was amazing, being so absurdly laughable.

I had not seen this figure from Canada's PHAC before, though my best guess it came from vaccine makers. They can't be serious?! - One vaccine reaction to One in One Hundred Thousand?!

What does the Public Health of Canada cite about the dangers of Vitamin D? One in a hundred? One in ten? Alert the Press!


One bad thing is, this year the health authorities
have included the H1N1 in the seasonal flu vaccine.

Since that was done,the liability for the seasonal
flu vaccine with the pandemic shot included is -O-

That means if you are hurt by the flu vaccine, those who
did it to you said by their actions. Go live under a

And to make it all worse, and that's not possible here.
For this child payed the ultimate price. A study done a while back, had revealed that children who were flu vaccinated were more likely to be hospitalized than
their peers who were not flu vaccinated.

Just recently, we learned the best the flu vaccine was
able to produce in efficiency was 59%, But that is if
they hit their mark, in guessing what the strain would
be.If they don't, it is -O- percent efficient and they
miss it most of the time.

So, why do you flu vaccinate little children.

Maybe Population reduction?


Zed, I hear ya! Usually I do " science" bloggers but lapsed. And Laura, I feel so bad for the Mattens.' you try to do the right thing and trust public health officials and something like this happens. I well remember a little hockey boy dying during a tournament of the H1N1 flu and I seriously considered the flu shot for my kid but didn't end up doing it and we took our chances. Turns out I ended up getting bad pneumonia (likely H1N1 or infl A but not confirmed) and it was bad. It's so hard to know what the best choice is and I just worry that there will be more bad reactions to this flu shot with added H1N1 as opposed to even the usual flu shot. My own grandmother had Guillaume-Barre from her flu shot years ago and our family doc warned us against it. It's very hard to know how someone's immune system will react to a particular vaccine but that was a clue for us. I just wish the CDC would be more scrupulous about safety studies and risk VS benefit. I am thinking of them.

Angus Files

Nightmare seen the same over in the UK with other serious conditions

Another to Pharma

God Bless


Karl in Wa

Injuries are not that rare. Public Health Canada states very clearly that 1/100k doses of all vaccines results in catastrophic injuries.

“A serious adverse event following immunization is any adverse event that is life-threatening, or results in death, requires hospitalization, prolongs an existing hospitalization or results in residual disability. Serious adverse events following immunization are rare. In any immunization campaign, from regular childhood vaccines to seasonal flu shots, the reported rate of serious adverse events is on average about 1 case for every 100,000 doses distributed.
The 1 in 100,000 rate is based on tens of millions of vaccine doses distributed over several years. This rate is based on the administration of several different types of vaccines, some of which have higher or lower rates of adverse events. Rates can also vary by age.”

“The average rate of serious adverse events, which is 1 per 100,000 doses distributed, has been calculated based on several years of data. It is also calculated on completed immunization campaigns, when we have total numbers of vaccine distributed and adverse events reported, and all investigations into serious adverse events have been completed.”

If this death had occurred during a WHO campaign, according to their aide memoir ADVERSE EVENTS FOLLOWING IMMUNIZATION(AEFI): CAUSALITY ASSESSMENT , box titled “Systematic causality assessment” it would be classified, at least internally, as

“Very likely/Certain : A clinical event with a plausible time relationship to vaccine administration and which cannot be explained by concurrent disease or other drugs or chemicals.”

When a Public Health Official like Dr. Chen talks about “rare”, we civilians would be well served to know that to a vaccinator “rare, and “very rare”, are quantified by the Brighton Collaboration. “Rare” is an event that occurs tens of times per 100K, and “very rare” up to 9 times per 100k. See the same WHO document listed above, page 2.


Whenever a public health administrator patronizingly states, "Vaccines have saved countless lives," an unpleasant implication hangs unspoken... I suspect that the parent of a vaccine-injured child would finish that sentence far differently than an epidemiologist.

david burd

Sarah, you are correct, so far no U.S. pediatric flu-associated deaths for the current 2011-2012 Season.

However, with the current massive promotion of flu shots, the aftermath for this Season will repeat the past 7-8 years and be anywhere between 38 and 130.

A dramatic high number came from the insanity of the H1N1 government-promoted hysteria of 2 years ago with the pediatric flu-associated mortality close to 300, and review shows perhaps most of these tragedies were tied to hospitalized kids given terribly toxic antiviral drugs such as Ribavirin and high Tamiflu dosing. My point being the government-generated hysteria literally generated hospital cases as thousands of panicked parents brought in kids that normally would easily recover at home, with today's insane use of "antiviral" drugs and massive intravenous antibiotic dosing bringing lethal results - not the flu itself.

I put this awful toll, year after year, right on the doorsteps of our drug-addicted Health Leaders at CDC, NIH, and America's pediatricians. As I've said before you don't hear a peep from these derelict miscreants about Vitamin D and other necessary nutrition - "just get your damn flu shot" in the immortal words of doctor personality Nancy Snyderman on national TV.

Dr. Febbraro

People act according to their belief systems....medical providers are indoctrinated in the germ theory of disease (with little understanding of the role the environment and lifestyle plays in truly determining quality/quantity of life) , hence that is how we have this system of vaccinating against infectious disease (along with a huge profit incentive of course) and passing it off as "immunizing" those who get vaccinated..physiologically speaking, nothing could be further from the truth...toxic injections (all vaccines) are just that--TOXIC, therefore play no role in supporting and maintaining health (physiology 101)...Harris Coulter, Ph.d (medical historian)wrote an incredible book called "Divided Legacy" which illustrates how this germ theory belief gained momentum (in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary) from the late 1800's to present day, leading to the practice of medicine as we know it today--and passed off as "health care" ...the book provides a powerful perspective for those who choose to take responsibility for their health.

Love and respect for the Matten family,


My condolences to the Matten Family.

Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen said:

“Of course, it’s important for parents to understand the risks and benefits, and I have absolute respect for their right to make their own decisions,” Chen says. “But I don’t think that being alarmist contributes to overall public health. Vaccines have saved countless lives.”

A child died Dr. Chen. Children don't just die for no reason. This happened right after the flu shot. How is the public suppose to react? You people move too quickly to exonerate vaccines instead of looking at the true cause which hopefully the medical report will reveal. The state health director seems to care more about the "alarmist reaction" of the public to the story than death of a child. In 2011-2012, there were zero pediatric deaths in the US from the flu according to CDC surveillance reports. Zero.

Laura Condon

No, Kaylynne did not have autism. She was a healthy, normal child who went in for a well-child checkup and was injected with the flu vaccine with H1N1. Tragically, she is now dead.

I am a friend of the Mom. We need to give this family all the love and support that we can. She and Kaylynne's Dad are trying to do the right thing. Today they are doing a TV interview with WCAX TV in Vermonth. Look for the story.


Jen, I think the term "science bloggers" should always be put in quotation marks. But you're certainly right that "those science bloggers" will follow the standard protocol of deny, deny, deny.

It defies reason. And worse, compassion.

david burd

For years I've been tracking Canadian citizen participation in getting flu shots, and the percentage stays roughly about 30%, meaning of course that 70% refuse it for themselves and their children.

For many years, flu-associated mortality among Canadian children (under age 16) not having serious chronic health preconditions has averaged one (1) child per year, with this data from the Public Health Agency of Canada that keeps meticulous weekly records for flu-associated illness similar to the U.S. CDC.

It's pretty clear there is no justification whatsoever for American kids to be given flu shots that have terrible risks and no benefit. Particularly odious is the U.S. Medical Industry completely ignoring and suppressing the obvious benefits of Vitamin D supplements in Winter months when very little sunlight exposure cannot replenish it naturally, at the same time the Industry and CDC bombard the public with flu shot promotions on radio, TV, and millions of signboards.

Anne Dachel

Every time something like this appears in the press, officials promote the idea that reactions are rare and that this is probably coincidence. They'll try to find anything else to explain the death and at best will leave its cause as undetermined.

Nothing is said about the fact that everyone involved with the shot is free from liability and that the parents will have to spend years trying to get the government to compensate them. Nothing is mentioned about the effects of toxic additives commonly found in flu vaccines like mercury and aluminum. They'll just want this story to go away. A much different reaction than if a child dies or whooping cough or measles.

Anne Dachel, Media


But nooooooooo, the science bloggers will say that poor little girl's death had nuuuthing to do with the vaccine. Sure. This years special brew includes the H1N1, I believe. Rest in peace, Kaylynne and condolences to the family.

Shawn Siegel

Calm, indeed. It is perhaps time to stop vaccinating - calmly.


God Bless it! :'(

joyce crouse

Did the little girl have autism?

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