Jackie Fletcher of UK Vaccine Safety Group JABS Writes to BMJ About Wakefield Libel Suit
Changes in DSM-5 Autism Definition Could Negatively Impact Millions

Autism: The Disease of A Thousand Cuts

Daumen3By Lisa Goes

This was a tragic week for children.  The poor families in LeRoy keep getting the same routine from their local doctors and health department.   They simply have stress and that stress has caused their "conversion disorder."   Now enough of these shenanigans.  Different doctors appear on the news to deflect questions.  They say nothing.  The families grow more outraged and the health department denies they have anything to be upset about.  Tics and seizures just happen.  Tics and seizures just happen.
A representative of the 7 year old girl who died last month following a flu shot contacted me
 Beyond the sadness of that event the representative explained that she hadn't contacted me sooner because her own son with a vaccine injury, now in his 20's, was quite ill as well.  He is nonverbal so they were guessing he had a bladder infection based on his behavior.  Doctors kept saying nothing was wrong.  Finally he was rushed to emergency where it was determined he had a collapsed lung. 
My friend Marcella Piper-Terry is working on a new billboard for Timmy.  You can meet Timmy and read about him HERE.

Timmy is failing to thrive after a reaction to his hepatitis B shot, which he received as a newborn.  Hepatitis B is primarily transmitted sexually. 
Earlier this week, my friend Cat Jameson wrote a phenomenal piece for Age of Autism about the vaccine controversy entitled "A World of Hurt".  She does a marvelous job of explaining the reality of this slanted debate.  Essentially we present sound non-pharma funded science over and over and over again.  Instead of reading it, our government and those in power tell us we are letting our children play in traffic.  Of course,  real scientists know the two scenarios have nothing to do with one another, but, we have no real scientists in Washington.  These "scientists" turned politicians and lobbyists, half-heartedly skim volumes and volumes of thoughtful research (hoping for pictures?) then look the presenter square in the eye and say, "I know you are but what am I?"  It would be comical I guess, if babies were not dying every single day, medical examiners were not looking away, and health departments didn't swoop down and give parents half answers like, "SIDS", "Cause Unknown," and "Encephalopathy, no known cause."  Oh and, this had nothing to do with their well baby visit the day before yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
For the babies who live,  like my son Noah, they navigate the world everyday with a thousand cuts.  The PANDAS that ravages his brain. The mitochondrial dysfunction brought on by vaccination.  The bowel disease.  The food sensitivities.  The sensitivities to light, sound, touch, fabric, play-doh, plastic, to...the world.  The viruses.  The chronic illness.  The inflammation. The pain.  The vision issues.  The central nervous system damage.  The apraxia.  The metabolic and methylation failure.  It all works together.  One cut on his cheek, one on his backside, his toe, his arm, his knee, his elbow...he could quite feasibly bleed to death because it is so much more convenient to label kids like him with "autism" instead of investigating the multi-system illnesses that ravage his body.  It's just easier this way, for everybody. Especially pharma and the government. 
When parents start piecing all this together it is going to be a revolution of biblical proportions.  But honestly, what parent is going to have the time,  money, patience, professional acumen and stamina to keep up with this when they get no support from the mainstream medical community?  No worries, pharma comforts itself.  Parents will try, they will...but soon the dark reality of autism with set in.  The sleepless nights.  The violence.  The constant bowel disease, the excrement on every surface.  The constant harm the child inflicts upon himself and everyone else.  Even the most dedicated parents will lose faith.  Then they will do what pharma says, get their children therapy, set them up with a lifetime psyche-med cocktails and eventually put them in institutions where they will very very slowly be medically lobotomized.  Remember the pharma mantra:  We don't want them dead and we don't want them healthy!  A slow lingering death is integral to maximize profits.
I read a truly horrific article yesterday, written by a dispassionate UK journalist making her case for "testing" for autism in the womb because as the title of her article says, "Why Can't We Face the Truth? Having a autistic child wrecks your life." 

She introduces readers to her friends Cath and Tom providing a glib description of their paper thin marriage, their son with autism, his screaming tantrums because he saw a bird...yes, she concludes in just a few short paragraphs, it would be much better if he had never been born.  I felt myself pitying the poor couple for their choice of friend rather than their plight as parents of a child with autism.
The death of innocent children, coupled with the ignorance of journalists like Carol Sarler, strip away my propriety and take a toll on my diplomacy.  I want to say, as my esteemed colleagues so often do, "Let's calmly sit down and discuss the science.  There is much to learn.  Let's begin with mutual respect, and see if we can come to a common ground."  But, I've come to realize this is like inviting Al Capone or Adolph Hitler to a think tank discussion on Human Rights. " Do you think you guys could please stop cutting up our children?  Pretty please?"
 "Why would we do that?  Everything we do is perfectly legal.  We make the laws." They chortle while they make little snipping motions with their fingers and laugh.
 I am not going to feign niceties anymore.  I am not going to appear before boards of  specialists and experts pleading my son's case.  I don't have to.  Pages and pages and pages of real science verify the truth of my son's condition.  He is bleeding out and I do not have time to prove it to Al and Adolph.  There is much work to be done and they are not going to help me. 
So, I ask you...gentle readers...do the same.  Do not spin your wheels trying to get the system to change. Yes, of course, write letters, contact your congressman, do the things you must do to get your case documented.  Bring the science to your mainstream doctors and ask them to employ their scientific and medical curiosity. But more importantly, engage your family, your neighbors, you colleagues and community.   Speak!  We, collectively, acting as the free market, are going to change the system--not the other way around.  Bring the reality of autism,  the disease of A Thousand Cuts, vaccine injury and chronic illness to your community as an act of GOOD WILL.  Show your unaffected neighbors this is not about you...you and your child are the canaries in coal mine.  Warning them.  Please, LISTEN!
LJ Goes is Managing Partner at The Misuta Project and a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism



I had a nice long chat with the woman who was doing my echo-cardiogram yesterday. When I mentioned in passing that my son had Autism, she asked me what I thought about the vaccine connection. I told her that there was no doubt in my mind that for some of our children there is a direct connection and that Andrew developed Autism as a result of an autoimmune reaction to his MMR vaccine.
She lowered her voice to almost a whisper and said to me "I think so too and so do many of the pediatricians I've spoken to too.
I thought, but didn't say: "I hope these Pedis will be the brave ones who have honest conversations with parents."
It seems we are getting though, it is slow, way way too slow, but I think we are getting through.


Children suffering complex vaccine-induced medical conditions need the best from us, yet sadly traditional medicine remains worse than useless.

Heinrich Hoffmann would have made a great CDC PR flack. His morality tales of Naughty Little Suck-a-Thumb, Shock-headed Peter and Slovenly Betsy -- ironic or not -- still are subversively, frighteningly effective at scaring the public into social compliance.

Because injury and death proximate to vaccination are said by public health policymakers to be coincidental, I've been wondering -- where are the exponentially greater number number of encephalopathies, neuroimmune disorders and unexplained sudden deaths that should be occurring the rest of the year?

Mary Podlesak

@Mary. Many years ago, in the 1990's, a relative of a fellow homeschooling family had a less than one year old daughter, die within 48 hours of a vaccination. I don't remember the vaccination but I do know the parents immediately blamed the vaccine and reported the death to the child's pediatrician. The parents wanted the death reported to VAERS. The pediatrician refused to do so and threatened to report the parents to the police for child abuse if they dared report it themselves. My understanding is that the parents remained silent out of fear of reprisal.
Humanitarian appeals could not sway deformed consciences like those of the medical establishment nor of their handlers in the pharmacuetical companies or in government. For this level of greed and corruption, Lisa Goes is correct, in that only a groundswell of revulsion from the masses and an associated rejection of evidenceless medical science will get anyone's attention at Yale Medical School - or in Washington.


Many people are not aware that SIDS isn't actually a cause of death. SIDS is a "definition of exclusion", or a "term" that is used to describe the sudden, unexplained death of a baby that remains unexplained after a thorough case investigation that includes a complete autopsy, a thorough examination of the death scene and a review of the clinical case history of both the infant and the family.

So when a doctor says something as insensitive as "It's more than likely just SIDS.", what they're really saying is that nothing they've decided to investigate, has produced an anything which can explain why an otherwise healthy child has suddenly just died. But more importantly, that there's really no need to investigate the matter any further. Since the medical community has more than done THEIR part by inventing a name/acronym for it, and even going so far as to guess that the cause must be rooted in the victims own genetics.

Mary, most people here can relate at least a little to the pain you must be feeling. Because we've too have experienced enormous heartache at the hands of the medical community. And we've also ben victimized by the excuses they invent to avoid being held accountable for their negligence.

My sincere condolences for your tragic loss.


And here's yet ANOTHER ""mysterious" illness that's *in* the victims heads:


When will the general public connect the dots?!

Jeannette Bishop

"We, collectively, acting as the free market, are going to change the system--not the other way around."

I agree and more. I think we are actually in a battle to obtain a free market or freedom in Western medicine, and I think we won't be able to influence significant change with a police state that holds itself higher than parents, and when possible individuals, in determining what constitutes health care.


"Part of what I find so devastating is for years on end to have to be so polite about the fact my child's life was ruined. For me it's time to stop being so polite about it, if not for better results, to save my soul." Alison MacNeil

I agree with Alison. My child died because of vaccines, while on a selective and delayed schedule (I wish I would have never read The Vaccine Book by Sears) I've lost 'friends' because of telling the cause. I never knew anyone before who died of vaccines, research at that time wasn't clear to me(if I would have seen a video by Dr.Suzanne Humphries I would not have gotten any vaccines for my daughter...people need to be bolder, there is no safe vaccine) and I'm just trying to spare them the agony, by posting something once in a while.

Donna K

I wholeheartedly agree with what you have written Lisa, as well as second many of the responses. It gets beyond frustrating to keep hearing about more and more children continuing to suffer and those in a position to help refusing to do anything. And adding insult to injury is the denial of the suffering.

I feel adamant that we can legitimately define our children's experience as a medical holocaust. Webster's Dictionary describes holocaust as "a great or complete devastation," "a sacrifice consumed by fire," "any reckless destruction of life." Our children have been sacrificed against our will and are consumed by a fire of inflammation. The tip of a needle is just as devastating as a gun or an oven.

Our children have been the victims of an immoral world-wide public health ideology that not only condones but promulgates a hit-and-run response to vaccine adverse effects. The complicity of not acknowledging the physical devastation evenso denying proper medical treatment to suffering innocent children is torture. A reckless vaccination program based on an ideology that elimination of infectious disease demands (mandates) the suffering and elimination of children. So ingrained is this ideology that the majority of the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that anyone who produces vaccines or administrates the vaccine program can be negligent and reckless in their actions yet not be held accountable and so immune to legal liability. Well, they are still accountable to me, and God, for their moral liability. How people in this day and age can carry on without conscience with what is happening reminds me of a book I read entitled, "Hitler's Willing Executioners." And I believe there will be a day of reckoning too.

My parents' and grandparents' families lived through all of these infectious diseases with no resulting disability or chronic illness. Among all of my relatives, the only person to succumb to any infectious disease that my children were vaccinated against was my grandmother's brother. He died from diphtheria while living in a tent in a logging camp in the middle of winter in the 1920's (before antibiotics were invented). My extended family knows of more children sick or dying of chronic diseases from non-infectious causes than they know of children in their lifetime ever suffering from extreme sickness and death from infectious diseases, including the time before vaccines and antibiotics. I believe the biggest piece of propaganda we've been sold is that the risk of infectious disease is greater than the risk from the vaccine.


I think the situation with the Leroy girls is getting to the medical community- yesterday when I tried to interject about it (admittedly on another post and as a "sock puppet") Borac shut me down. Today, lo and behold he's going on about how Morgellon's suffers have a delusional disorder. Interestingly, the first poster even questioned whether the nerves and brain signals may be a real cause of the problem and that it is wrongly characterized as purely "psychiatric." I actually worked with a child who had a neurologically based foot pain and I don't believe anyone tried to characterize her as delusional just because the pathway of the pain was not so obvious. They are nervous about the recent developments.


I am so sorry Mary.
Please tell your niece that I am so very sorry for her lose.

Meg Allen

This piece says it all, wow. Thank you, and know that I too am not silent. I have lost friendships over my voicing what I believe happened to my fully-vaccinated twins and why they were normal until 15 months of age. I don't care about being liked anymore, this issue is far greater and more important than my ego.


On Saturday we received a devastating phone call. My niece's 13 month old son died suddenly. This past week the family has braced for an answer. . .any answer for why this little boy died. So far they have gotten "It's more than likely just SIDS." Can you imagine getting that answer, especially when you know something had to be wrong. My 23 year old niece said "Aunt Mary,something was wrong with him. He has not been well for two months, with a low grade fever on and off." He also had a seizure six weeks ago. I cautioned the family to please hold off the 1 year vaccines, especially in light of his recent illnesses. They didn't because well, "the doctor said. . ."

He received his MMR, varivax and polio two weeks ago. He then had diarrhea, followed a couple of days later with an ear infection and a new antibiotic last Friday night. He died in the middle of the night. My niece kept repeating, "Aunt Mary, he didn't die of SIDS. It just does not make sense." When I brought up possible vaccine injury she said, "Yes, that would make sense more than SIDS."

Yesterday I took my niece and her mother to drop off clothes to the mortuary for the burial. Her life will never be the same. Nor will mine.


It's OK- Foxx News is reporting on whether "Kids can Outgrow Autism."



I forgot to add Psychiatrists to my list.


Answers like' SIDS', ' no known cause', 'Shaken Baby Syndrome'. Deflecting questions, saying nothing. Answers that are not answers. The Leroy 12 has brought this into focus in a big way. There is tons of sharing going on right now and I believe you are right- now could be the time of piecing these things together and there could be a revolution of biblical proportions. For those professionals - neurologists, pathologists, pediatriricians who know better this is surely the last chance to speak up before things collapse around them and they are held accountable, as they should be. The revolution has begun.


God Alison MacNeil, you are so very, very right! Both of our boys lives have been shot to hell, and they are marching on doing the best that they can, but why should we pretend that a long list of people are responsible? Every single doctor that chooses to ignore the facts of vaccine injury shares the blame in my sons devestation. Every journalist that chooses to only cover pro-vaccine propaganda instead giving equal time to the vaccine injured also share a large portion of blame. Every pompous, chest-thumping, do-gooder run amok that proclaims that every vaccine and every vaccine maker are gifts from God, share in the blame. They all provided the perfect storm to devestate my childs life. I am not going to pretend otherwise anymore.

Alison MacNeil

Part of what I find so devastating is for years on end to have to be so polite about the fact my child's life was ruined. For me it's time to stop being so polite about it, if not for better results, to save my soul.

Bob Moffitt

Lisa .. I agree wholeheartedly with your plea to:

"But more importantly, engage your family, your neighbors, you colleagues and community."

Let Mr. Offit continue wasting his time preaching to his close-minded pharmaceutical obssessed CHOIR .. I much prefer preaching to "family, neighbors, colleagues and community" who represent JURORS in the ONLY court that really matters .. the "court of public opinion" .. where common sense and truth will ultimately prevail.

I have great faith in the people of this country .. and .. I am quite willing to allow informed jurors within the court of public opinion to decide the future of our country .. for generations to come.

Dan E. Burns

Fantastic. I'm sending this article to Ben's workshop supervisor and his new state-provided RN.

Sandra Lopriore


My daughter is on her second bout of PANDAS. I am seeing more results using Enhansa (curcumin from Lee Silsby) this time around. I am hoping (have to bring this up with my DAN Dr) it will be a preventative come springtime.

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