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AofA Science Summary: Study Shows Educated Mothers More Likely to Forego Birth Dose Hep B Vaccination

Science post imagePediatric Infectious Disease Journal:

January 2012 - Volume 31 - Issue 1 - p 1–4

doi: 10.1097/INF.0b013e3182345995

Original Studies

Maternal Characteristics and Hospital Policies as Risk Factors for Nonreceipt of Hepatitis B Vaccine in the Newborn Nursery

O'Leary, Sean T. MD, MPH*,†,‡; Nelson, Christina MD, MPH; Duran, Julie MPH‡,§

Supplemental Author Material

Background: A birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) is a primary focus of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices' strategy to eliminate transmission of hepatitis B virus in the United States. We sought to assess the impact of maternal characteristics and hospital policy on the receipt of a birth dose of HBV.

Methods: A retrospective cohort study was performed using data from the 2008 Colorado birth registry. Hospital policy was assessed by state health department personnel. Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses were used to examine the association of maternal characteristics and hospital policy with nonreceipt of HBV.

Results: A total of 64,425 infants were identified in the birth cohort, of whom 61.6% received a birth dose of HBV. Higher maternal education and income were associated with nonreceipt of HBV (master's degree vs. eighth grade or less: adjusted odds ratio [OR] = 1.66, 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.49–1.85; >$75,000 vs. <$15,000: adjusted OR = 1.21, 95% CI = 1.13–1.30). Lack of a hospital policy stipulating a universal birth dose strongly predicted nonreceipt of a birth dose of HBV (policy with no birth dose vs. policy with a birth dose: adjusted OR = 2.21, 95% CI = 2.13–2.30).

Conclusions: Maternal characteristics such as higher education and income are associated with nonreceipt of the HBV during the perinatal period. To effectively reduce risk of perinatal hepatitis B transmission, hospitals should stipulate that all infants are offered HBV and ensure that these policies are implemented and followed.



Keep that aluminum loaded (HepB)vaccine away from your baby.Have a home birth if you can and stay away from the hospitals.
The other option is to go home three hours after post-partum.
Have a family member with you to keep an eye on your baby at all times.

Marcella Piper-Terry

"Maternal characteristics such as higher education and income are associated with nonreceipt of the HBV during the perinatal period." - This is precisely why vaccine manufacturers target illiterate, poor parents when they are searching for human infants to experiment on (as GSK did in Argentina). They know that any parent who has the capacity to understand the risks (and therefore actually have the opportunity to give "informed consent") would never do so.

O Brave New World

Darn it, all these overeducated Alphas and Betas are ruining the plans to create a whole generation of Epsilons.


E.T.'s Mom
And OHHHHH --- Taximom- a simple shower the second go around!
I am so sorry my friends! You are always on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers.

I doubt if the civil servants that caused this mess understand the depth of our emotions on this - or they would be very worried - worried enough to do the right thing.


I don't suppose anyone is told this was an experiment set up by the CDC to give all newborns the Hep B Vaccine?
The Experiment sponsored by the CDC which is designed to determine if
vaccination at birth of all babies in the US, will eventuallly decrease the
frequentcy of cancer of the liver caused by the Hepatitis B infection.
Somehow congress did not step in and question this EXPERIMENT!!

To arrive at the end point of this experient would take many years.
Okay, its been almost 20 yrs ~ now how is that experiment working out?
Why is it that parents have NOT been told this is an experient?
And asked do you want your child included in it?
Why are hospitals and DR's offices billing your insurance for this experiment too???
Look at how many of our children have been harmed by this vaccine!


My heart goes out to those of you whose trust has been so abused. I am horrified. There could be babies who receive vaccinations without entries into the medical records.
The mothers I know who are not vaccinating their children are medical doctors and dentists.

Bob Moffitt

The following site provides "manufacturer warnings" regarding proper storage, administration and possible adverse reactions to the vaccines ..


According to this site ... there are SIX different HEP B vaccines licensed for use in the USA .. Bayer "BayHepB" .. Glaxo Smith Kline "Comvax" .. Glaxo Smith Kline "Energix B" .. NABI "Nabi-HB" .. Merck "Recombivax HB" .. Glaxo Smith Kline "Twinrix"

and .. each vaccine manufacturer gives "warnings" as to possible adverse reactions .. including "urticaria (hives), angioedema" which also happen to be symptoms of a far more dangerous .. life-threatening reaction .. "anaphlyaxis".

I seriously doubt "educated moms" are going to request their infant receive the HEP B within hours of birth ... if those "educated moms" are given the opportunity to read these "manufacturer warning inserts" before vaccinating their child.


That vaccine was given to my oldest, even though he was a 4 1/2 pound premie, when he was 4 hours old. I was an educated mom, but had just been through 26 hours of induced labor, and had no idea that vaccines were given the day of birth. The nurse insisted that it was hospital policy, that they did this with all babies, there were never any problems, etc.

I knew better with my second baby, and had both the OBGYN and the pediatrician write on the chart that we would delay the Hep shot. But the nurses gave it anyway, while I was in the shower, WITHOUT my knowledge or permission. They asked me to sign the consent form after the fact.

I knew MUCH better with my third baby, and refused to let her out of my arms unless it was to put her in my husband's arms.


Translation: The educated consumer is a threat to the brainwashing propaganda machine. Never mind that the concern over the vaccine is well founded. Very few in the medical community thinks that universal Hep B vaccination is necessary. It is sad that money is spent on this research instead of implementing screening policies to target the population most in need of the vaccine.


Unsurprisngly, my most ASD child got the vax w/o(!) my consent.

I love how mothers of ASD children claim 'my child is unvaccinated and still ASD!'. When I ask if the child was born in a hospital and left their sight for even 2 minutes I get a blank stare. Followed by a look of horror. Or denial.
'They'd never do that without my consent!'.

Not only did they shoot up my newborn for a disease neither I nor her father had (are they admitting there are unsterile procedures in their nurseries?) they threatened to call child services when I refused to sign the consent form. After, of course, they'd vaccinated her.

It's almost as ludicrous as the ASD moms who claim their children have never received a mercury containing vaccine. When I ask if they got the flu vax while pregnant, invariably the answer is 'yes'. Surprise, prenatal Hg is the best kind of all to poison our kids. Followed only by those moms who had their 6m old vaccinated with the flu vax thinking 'all kids vaccines are mercury free'. Yeah well, exept that one. Bet your respected 'educated' pediatrician didn't bother to tell you *that!* did they?

Next up, Gardasil makes them infertile. I can't wait for that denial to begin.

Simon's OT mom

The conclusion of this study is rediculous, as it would have to have as a supposition that the rate of perinatal hepatitis B transmission in the general population is high. Where did those numbers come from? Before jamming a policy like this down the publics' throat, show us the numbers! Of course then we would all see that the rate is relegated to a small at risk population (IV drug users, etc.) and then "the emperor would be seen to have no clothes".

E.T.'s Mom

That vaccine was given to my oldest, without consent, when he was 28 minutes old. It almost killed him. Offering it is one thing (though ludicrous). Hospitals making it a policy to give it as SOP, using the consent to supply necessary medical treatment form the mother signs upon entrance to the hospital is another matter.Needless to say, my second son did not get it.

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