Dear DSM5 Team: Some Spontaneous Suggestions For You
Tics and Toxins: Leroy School Site has History of Health, Water, Building Woes

Anne Dachel on DSM5 Changes in The Health Care Blog

AnneDachelCongrats to our own Anne Dachel who has been autism's town crier for years in an effort to ensure services, treatment and care for ALL of our loved ones facing the challenges of a spectrum disorder from the most severely affected autism to adults with Asperger's.

Please leave a comment in support of her work and about DSM5 at The Health Care blog HERE.  You can subscribe to her informative news feed site at


Caroline thomas

Thanks Anne for such a good content.It was too nice to hear.

Senior Calls

Congratulations Anne!


The link to the article has evidently been disabled. We need a new link...other than searching archives, preferably. Thanks.


nice work on this post. keep up the good work. thanks for sharing this one to us.

Paul Shapiro

Dear Ann, Thank you for your dedication in ferreting out all those great articles, for exposing those that do not believe Autism is the plague on all our houses and for all your hard work! I look forward to rec'vg your posts and I often comment! Please keep on keepin' on!
Paul Shapiro, cycle3man

Maurine Meleck

OMG-is right-your article is obviously reaching thousands. I love this story.
Some one please stop making the verification letters so hard for me to read.


Thanks Anne for all your efforts they are very much appreciated.

Anne McElroy Dachel


OMG!!!....Yes!!! I was the lady in the A-1.
Boylan Central Catholic High School!!!!!

Those were some of the BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE! I remember my juniors!! (And YES...I still have the RED BOOK!)

Thanks for bringing back those wonderful days!
Miss McElroy (Anne Dachel)

Donna L.

Seeing your picture posted here has solved a mystery that's been puzzling me for a few years now - I do believe you were my high school history teacher! (Catholic high school, northern IL, early eighties? I was the really, really crappy history student halfway back, left side of the room, who couldn't make heads or tails out of that damn massive red book!)

Anyway, thanks for all you do to speak out on behalf of all our kids!


Love you and your work Anne!! Proud to be able to call you a friend and comrade!! In the immortal words of another awesome autism warrior mama, Leslie Weed, Soldier on......

Angus Files

Anne lost without you keep up the work ..all you say is true ,so,so much


Lisa @ TACA

Great job Anne


I really admire your articles especially this last one taking on the DSM's new definitions which seem confusing, suspicious and loaded with hidden agendas kind of like a three-card monte game in Times Square. Please keep up the good work!

John Stone


Yes, the article was a masterpiece and deserves the widest circulation.


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