Welcome The New Year with A Donation to Age of Autism
Washington Post: "No one has real answers. They didn't then, and they don't now."

Age of Autism Sponsorship and Advertising: Reach Educated Decision Makers Daily

Advertise_with_usAs we enter 2012, we invite you to look into sponsorship and advertising on Age of Autism. If you have a book launching, an app targeted to autism, GF foods or another service related to autism, our dedicated readers return daily and are interactive here on the main site and at our FaceBook page and Twitter Feed @AgeofAutism.

We're grateful that our core autism organization sponsors have been with us since our launch - we  trust them as the leaders in autism information.  Whether you are a parent of a newly diagnose child or an "old timer" Generation Rescue, TACANational Autism Association and SafeMinds are the best sources in the nation for usable treatment, care and health safety information. Please visit their sites weekly, mark them as favorites and support them financially when you can.

Sponsors Lee Silsby and Holland Treatment Center provide a range of care options. Advertise-with-us

Join valued advertisers like Heavenly Heat  Saunas for overall wellness and Stem Cell Institute to reach thousands of readers daily.

To Advertise:  We use the blogads turnkey system Click Advertise on AofA at the bottom of the ad sidebar for our affordable rates on the banner and sidebar. Advertising is a short term commitment (3 days on the banner and 1 week on the sidebar minimum) where you control the message.

To Sponsor: Sponsorship is a twelve month program featuring free ads, contests and more.  Contact KimStagliano@gmail.com  to discuss sponsoring one of our content categories on the pull down menu.


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