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A World of Hurt

Better safe than sorryBy Cathy Jameson

Thank you, Dr. James Conway for the title for this post.  Conway is a pediatric disease specialist according to in this article.  You’ll hear more about him toward the end of my post.

I tried not to read the article early last week.  I hesitated to click on the link seeing a short intro for it on a news site.  I knew the topic was going to get me all riled up.  Since I already have enough on my plate I wanted to spare myself a few minutes of unnecessary aggravation.  I should have avoided the story, but I didn’t.  I peeked.  As much as I want to shield you from the content in the link you’ll have to open it and read the article, too. 

The opening sentence starts out fine.  The reporter shares that a growing trend of parents are not vaccinating their children.  I smiled and sent a virtual high five toward my computer screen.  Woot!  More parents are onto something!  They are making bold statements (and taking action) about the state of the current vaccine schedule. 

Then, my high-fived hand came down.  My smile turned into pursed lips, and I shook my head.  I stopped at the third sentence.  A pediatrician named Margaret Hennessey interviewed on a radio show said that parents should not skip vaccines.  Tsk. Tsk.  Why don’t you know?  When everyone is getting (vaccines) they work better! 


What Hennesey mentions is also known as herd immunity.  Guess what?  It doesn’t work.

The doctor now makes her own bold statement:  “There's no science that supports that it's worthwhile holding off on these vaccines.”  She goes on to say that vaccines can prevent infant death.  Her science is saying that vaccines are safe.  And effective.  And we should all get them.  Or babies will die.


This is where I started talking to my computer screen, “Vaccines are effective?!  For what?  I know what they are effective in doing—they’re effective in causing mitochondrial dysfunction.    They can cause cell death.   Vaccines can result in autism.  They can effectively change people’s lives negatively and possibly forever.  Vaccines even lead to death.  How’s that for the ultimate in effective?

I grumbled to myself, “Worthwhile, too?  Hmpf.  I’ll show you what’s worthwhile.  My child, his health and preventing a vaccine injury is worthwhile.  Assuming that by blinding jabbing anyone and everyone thinking that will make vaccines effective is ludicrous.”  My guess is Dr. Hennessy hasn’t read everything there is to read on vaccine safety.  She should know that some people can and have negative reactions to vaccines and what’s in them.  With just a few clicks of the mouse one can certainly find more than enough evidence that science does exist to support it being worthwhile to hold off on vaccines.  Just look at the massive list Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) and its contributors have compiled!

I started to regret opening the link to the news story.  Since I wasn’t finished with the article I sat back in my chair, refocused on the monitor and cringed.  I forced myself to continue to read. 

Enter Dr. James Conway.  Remember he’s that guy that gave me the idea for today’s post.  Wait for his little tidbit.  Conway says that not vaccinating children "is like putting your kids out in traffic."

I was now standing up yelling at my computer.  Conway continues.  He says, ‘…they might not get hit by a car, but if they do "that's a world of hurt."’

Are you kidding me?!?!

I’ll show you a world of hurt.  Because of vaccines a seven-year old girl is dead.  A so-called safe and effective flu shot killed her.  I’ll show you a world of hurt.  Parents are grieving for a son dead because of a massive seizure brought on by a vaccine injury suffered from his childhood shots.  I’ll show you a world of hurt, Dr. Conway!  Years of special education typically follows many children who are vaccine injured.  There’s nothing special about seclusion, restraint and humiliation when someone shoves them into a “scream room” at school.  A world of hurt does exist, Dr. Conway and it’s because too many parents trusted an institution and their wily ways for far too long!

As you can imagine I was beyond a little miffed when I got to the end of the article.  Thankfully I did find one positive point.  The parents interviewed for the article had the chance to share their opinion about why they skip vaccines.  God bless the Hiratas for taking the chance to stand up for their kids’ health. 

I was finally sitting back down ready to process the last few minutes.  The short article starts out newsworthy:  parents are not vaccinating as much as before. 


Then we’re introduced to some mumbo jumbo with ‘everyone is doing it, you should, too’ in Hennessey’s statement:  when everyone gets vaccines they work better


Squeezed in are some bold-faced lies:  “There's no science that supports that it's worthwhile holding off on these vaccines.” 

False.  False.  False. False.

And, now it’s time for to lob the insults. Parents attempting to educate themselves when medical professionals think they have a) all the answers, b) the final decision, c) no recourse to their actions, or d) all of the above hear this:  comparing not vaccinating is like purposely letting your kids play in traffic. 

I had to reread that last one because I honestly didn’t think someone would actually think that let alone say that.  I was shocked.  Then, I was angry.  Finally, I got sad.  I just wanted to cry.

But, I won’t cry.

I have already cried for my child’s health issues (because of his vaccine injury).  I have already cried for my friend whose son died (because of his vaccine injury).  I have already cried for another friend’s son who is bullied because he’s different (because of his vaccine injury).  I have cried for a child who is being denied the great school support he needs (because of his vaccine injury).  I have already cried for the hundreds of parents I know who are trying so hard, just like me to navigate a world full of sadness, fear, regret and worry (because of vaccine injury).  I have already cried so much. 

Today, I will not cry.  I will speak up again. 

Dear readers, friends and family, Please.  Please, educate before you vaccinate.  You do not want to join me and the quest I have for better health and education for Ronan.  You do not want to be one of the 1 in 110.  You don’t want to join the hours of research I do to find a smidgen of helpful resources for my son.  You don’t need to endure the endless waiting like I do for Ronan to catch up.  You won’t like the extra work or the added stress I handle on a daily basis.  I love you dearly, but I don’t want you anywhere near vaccine injury.  Ronan is worth every bead of sweat, every tear of joy, every belly laugh he can muster.  But, vaccine injury is a tough road.  It isn’t well mapped or easily traversed.  It means special diets, sleepless nights, sensory overload and countless appointments.  Vaccine injury is real, and it’s difficult. It exists right here.  It’s a world of hurt.  It truly is.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


cia parker

Not vaccinating kids allows their immune system to develop normally, developing appropriate Th1 responses shortly after birth. Then their immune systems spot threats cruising down the bloodstream, zero in on them, and wipe them out.
Vaccinating them skews their immune system to an inappropriate Th2 autoimmune response, in which it goes berserk and blows up its own cars.
Would you rather your kid learn to cross a street safely even in traffic, or throw him under a speeding train?

Shiny Happy Person

@Kate P:

At one time there was no "scientific proof" that Vioxx was killing what amounted to an estimated 140,000 people, that the only difference bwteen SSRI's that were being prescribed - to kids off label - and placebo were the horrible side effects, that Avandia actually raised the risk of heart attack by 43%, that Tamiflu would not actually do anything to reduce the spread of influenza or its complications - until certain researchers with the tenacity to fight their way thru the FOIA's, the bureaucracy, the personal attacks, etc. managed to find the rocks and start turning them over.

Erik Gordon (University of Michigan's Ross School of Business) described the Vioxx fiasco as "...just a cost of doing business until a pharmaceutical executive does a perp walk". The cost of doing business. Harm to my kid, or harm to your kid, or thousands of them, is just "the cost of doing business".

There's no conspiracy here - behind every one of these "no scientific proof" injuries and deaths is a prescribing physician and an entire industry that treats these deaths by the thousands as a line item on a balance sheet.

Do you think it all changes when a vaccine is the drug in question? Where the same industry enjoys extraordinary exemptions from liability?

When you have a young daughter, and morons like Rick Perry issuing an executive order to have her and all school girls vaccinated in a scheme that one of the HPV vaccine's lead researchers calls "a great big public health experiment", what then?

Define "autism". Then define "vaccine". Seriously. Then look for proof. It's more semantics than science when it comes to dodging the issue.

Teresa Conrick

Kate p

That can never be said as there is evidence of vaccines injuring and causing autism-

Developmental Regression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Child With Autism

Detection and Sequencing of Measles Virus from Peripheral Mononuclear Cells from Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Autism


There is no scientific proof that any vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

Vaccines are a sick mixture of disease and chemical pollutants, strategically combined to produce chronic illness by simultaneously polluting our bodies and sabotaging our immune systems

The most ardent supporters of vaccine science (... although they can never seem to produce any) are the people who profit the most from their sale, and from the sale of drugs to treat disorders they create.

It's no coincidence that as society gets sicker, drug company fortunes continue to soar.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Kate P, there's no proof that vaccines are completely safe. Pharmaceutical substances all need more rigorous testing for their effects on the brain.

Lookup in PubMed for example Morgan DL et al. Neurotoxicity of carbonyl sulfide in F344 rats following inhalation exposure for up to 12 weeks. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2004 Oct 15;200(2):131-45. It was only fortuitous that they discovered damage in the brainstem auditory pathway.

Likewise lookup Cavanagh JB & Nolan CC. The neurotoxicity of alpha-chlorohydrin in rats and mice: II. Lesion topography and factors in selective vulnerability in acute energy deprivation syndromes. Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol. 1993 Dec;19(6):471-9. This substance was about to be marketed as a male birth control agent.

The epidemiology research never makes more than passing mention of how the brain might be affected, but that is the great concern when it comes to explaining autism.

LJ Goes

Cat, Thank you so much for your powerful rendering of what is. We live it. It is happening everyday to innocent victims of preventative medicine on a global scale. You uncover the falsehoods so beautifully. Now that we have 55 studies showing the correlation one must stop and think. Or blindly follow. Have you read the studies Kate P? POWERFUL! Facts usually are.

Respectfully, lj goes

Page Kurtz

Read Kate P again...."pharma-government backed studies do not show a link"...


Well written Cathy. Thanks to parents like you who continually put their story out there children like mine have been saved from vaccine damage. It is just so desperately tragic that children like Ronan have had to endure this so that other kids will be spared.
I am very often in tears as I read the posts here, and discover what you all go through every day.
My children all suffered terribly with eczema until we went to GFCF diet, so if they had been vaccinated they were prime candidates for vaccine injury. Incidentally, when I first went to the doctor (regarding the eczema) he said "Oh, eczema, no we don't know what causes that but she'll probably grow out of it. In the meantime she has not had her vaccines!" He continued on with the you-bad-parent-you lecture, but I still declined the toxic jabs.


Kate p:

There's no proof that vaccination science is even science. At best, its marketing masquerading as science.


OMG! Dear Tomahto - haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Yeah, from time to time an "ALL IS CALM IT'S NOT VACCINES" gets across moderation for a bit of interest. I always wonder why they even bother reading us. Perhaps just checking in to make sure they know we are still "porn" so to speak. ;)

Thanks for the comic relief in a world gone mad.


Kate P There are many independent studies that show a link. The pharma-government funded studies do not show a link. Period.

you say tomahtoe

Kate P.-- No proof? You mean because you won't look at the evidence, it doesn't exist? ;}

You say "genetic"
I say "iatrogenic"
You say "neurodiverse
I say "toxic"
Genetic, iatrogenic, neurodiverse, toxic
Let's call the whole thing offit...


we have the power to stop their profitering from our babies..if we stopped having babies for a year who would they shoot up? or if we didnt hand OUR baby over to them at the WELL baby visit...it really falls back on us...pharma will keep peddling there junk shots as long as we keep lining up to take them...there biggest gain is that 1st year..occupy OUR children...we DONT want there crap vaccines,,go back to the 1980 sched..or leave us the hell alone...

Jeff C

Kate P - then why did the Polings receive $1.5M for a vaccine injury that resulted in their daughter Hannah's autism?


Please explain.


What we have to do is keep sharing our stories, the research and the truth. Healthcare workers only know what they have been taught. I know because I am one of them. Before my son was injured, if one of you knowledgable parents would have asked me to name 4 ingredients in any of the vaccines I was pushing, I would not have been able to do it. We must perservere. We are teaching them something.

Jeff C

Nice post Cathy, although I would take issue with this sentence, "parents are not vaccinating as much as before". If only. I think it might be better stated as "parents are not blindly following the schedule as much as before".

Unfortunately, parents are vaccinating far more than twenty years ago do to the explosion of doses in the schedule. What is changing is that parents are asking hard questions and concluding enough is enough. Why do we need five doses of DTaP when most kids have adequate titers after two? Why do we need Hep B at birth (or at all) when our children aren't shooting drugs or frequenting prostitutes? Since when did flu and chicken pox become life-threatening scourges rather than something that is just really inconvenient? Why do all these doses need to administered together, why can't they be spread out? Why do pediatricians never discuss the possibility of adverse reactions and obtain true informed consent? Just maybe those packing the schedule and selling the vaccines aren't benevolent, philanthropic organizations, but are actually motivated by maximizing sales. Then again, I suppose it's possible Merck acted like despicable scumbags when it came to Vioxx, but they are pure as the driven snow regarding RotaTeq, PedvaxHIB, Gardasil and the rest. (All of which have only beneficial effects with no negative side effects whatsoever, unlike every other drug in human history.)

And to "Seriously", your snide comment shows you are scared. Maybe it's because you're truly believe that kids need 49 vaccine doses before kindergarten to prevent a return to the days of iron lungs. More likely, you're livelihood is tied to parents blindly following the edicts of Merck, GSK, Sanofi-Pasteur, and the rest. Those days are over, they're our kids, not yours, not phama's, not the state's.

Kate p

There's no scientific proof linking vaccinations to autism. PERIOD.

Donna L.

"Like putting your kids out in traffic"? Hardly! Not vaccinating your children is more like letting your kids play along a remote, rural road in Bumblef*ck, Arkansas, where once in a blue moon Farmer Joe takes his 1939 Farmall tractor out for a Sunday drive and accidentally taps one of your kids...after which, your child might need some good old-fashioned bed rest. And if complications happen to arise, doctors will treat them as a medical illness and insurance will pay for treatment.

How is this different from vaccine injury? Let me count the ways...


Thank you for this article. I think it is important for the public and news media to understand AgeOfAutism.com .

What a try-on!

It looks like "It's like putting you kid out in traffic" is the new mantra: it has come round for third time in the last couple of weeks from different sources. And it shows that they are desperate. It is so not like that. Even if you accept the old-style propaganda with vaccination that you are exchanging a greater risk for a lesser risk, this is saying that the lesser risk itself doesn't exist - so that's patently not true.

Nor, do we run children over with small cars to prevent them being run-over with big ones.


Vaccinating your kids will make them much more likely to RUN INTO traffic, and lakes, swimming pools. They will be much more likely to jump off of high structures, turn on stoves, put poisons into their mouths and bang their heads.

Ask any parent of a vaccine injured child, and most will tell you their child does not understand danger, and a constant vigil to keep them safe is now a full time endeavor.

Stop big harma

"not vaccinating children is like putting your kids out in traffic."

Not vaccinating children is like pushing your kids off a cliff.
Not vaccinating children is like feeding your kids arsenic.
Not vaccinating children is like letting your kids play with a chainsaw.
Not vaccinating children is like putting a loaded gun under the Christmas tree.
Not vaccinating children is like letting your kids play with matches.

Cathy, I just wanted to desensitize you to future fear mongering from the vaccine industry.
They've got their bottom line to worry about. And our kids are always fair game.

But thank you for persevering on this important topic.


He's got it backwards. Vaccinating your kids is like letting them play in traffic, or more like Russian roulette.

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