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Vaccine Nation, Amazon Books Legal Thriller Best Seller by David Lender

Vaccine Nation Kindle CoverCongratulations to David Lender, whose Amazon e-book Vaccine Nation reached #1 in the Legal Thrillers category and is #2 at the time of this writing.   Download yours today. If you don't have an e-reader, the paper version will be out after the first of the year.

David Lender is the bestselling author of thrillers based on his over 25-year career as a Wall Street investment banker.  He draws on an insider’s knowledge from his career in mergers and acquisitions with Merrill Lynch, Rothschild and Bank of America for the international settings, obsessively driven personalities and real-world financial intrigues of his novels.  His characters range from David Baldacci-like corporate power brokers to Elmore Leonard-esque misfits and scam artists.  His plots reveal the egos and ruthlessness that motivate the players in the business world, as well as the inner workings of the most powerful of our financial institutions and corporations.

Check out the Vaccine Nation premise:

Dani North is a filmmaker who just won at the Tribeca Film Festival for her documentary, The Drugging of Our Children, a film critical of the pharmaceutical industry.  She’s also just started work on a new documentary on autism.  When a pharmaceutical industry vaccine researcher hands her “smoking gun” evidence about the national vaccination program seconds before he’s murdered right in front of her, Dani finds herself implicated and pursued by the police.

Dani realizes what she’s been handed could have crucial implications on upcoming hearings by a Senate committee.  A key issue the Senate committee will consider is whether Congress should continue the immunity it granted in 1986 to the pharmaceutical industry for claims by parents on damage to their children from the U.S. National Immunization Program. That puts Dani on the run in a race to understand and expose the evidence.  That is, before the police can grab her, or Grover Madsen, a megalomaniacal pharmaceutical industry CEO, can have her hunted down by his hired killers.  Madsen knows exactly what Dani has and how explosive it is for the pharmaceutical industry: it has the potential to make the tobacco industry’s lawsuits and subsequent multi-billion dollar settlements seem like routine slip-and-fall cases.  Madsen uses all his company’s political and financial resources to track Dani.

Vaccine Nation is a fast-paced thriller about an award-winning documentary filmmaker who is handed “whistleblower” evidence about the U.S. vaccination program, and then races to expose it before a megalomaniacal drug company CEO can have her killed.

Visit David's website to read about all of his books and to read the first chapter of Vaccine Nation. Tell your family and friends to download the book too, so it remains on the list of Kindle recommendations throughout the holiday season. Is fiction stranger than the truth?



Giving the pharmaceutical companies blanket immunity was a
horrific mistake,that needs to be nullified.These profit
hungry corporations need to be responsible for their
"safe and effective???" products.


Are you sure it is a thriller and not a documentary? ;-)


I don't usually read novels, however I will definitely make an exception with this one.



I've read this book, and it is indeed quite good, even if you don't buy the vaccine/autism link.

It would be cool if they made it into a movie...

Not an MD

Sounds like some wonderful, light reading to me. LOL. I will be sure to get a copy of it when it comes out in print, regardless.

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