Winner What About Immunizations by Cynthia Cournoyer
Stop. Sit. Play. Enjoy.



@ HFAmomto3HFAgirls,

You are correct, that in 20 years from now, more and more will be unhealthy, diagnosed and labelled.

Being healthy will no longer exist and the norm will be all the symptoms are children are currently suffering from.

Why do you think "Big Pharma" wants everyone to believe in the "Herd Immunity." If 100% are vaccinated and damaged, we won't have anyone to compare how healthy humans should really exit!

"Big Pharma" will also try and get to the Amish! Remember they [Pharma] have to have 100% vaccinated.



Will fall on deaf ears. When I was at my OB/gyn's (who, coincidentally has an asd child...) recently, EVERY SINGLE SURFACE that could have a taped on sheet of paper announcing the availability of flu shots (RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT WOMEN) contained one.

Just think of all the little mental illness cases we'll have in 20 years. Along with regular old garden variety ASD. We just *think* there's a lot of schizophrenic and bipolar kids and young adults now...just you wait...

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