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Predicament of BBC’s Athens Correspondent: Dumped after Adverse Reaction to Vaccine

BrabantBy John Stone

 Please sign a petition highlighting the plight of BBC journalist Malcolm Brabant, left dangerously ill since yellow fever vaccination in April.  The story, now reported in the mail on Sunday, has been ignored by his employer and denied by the product manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur, which is also allied with Merck. This is despite the fact that Mr Brabant’s symptoms apparently correspond to known side effect of the vaccine.

According to the Mail report:

‘He had the inoculation in April at the East Attica Vaccination Centre in Athens in preparation for a working trip to the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Within hours of the injection, his temperature rose to 104F.

‘Ms Villemann [Brabant’s wife]  said: ‘Within two or three hours, he was shaking and shivering. The whole bed was rocking backwards and forward. It was awful.’

‘He developed insomnia and grew irritable and anxious. After seven days, he was admitted to a private hospital in Athens, where he began to suffer delusions. ..

‘Mr Brabant has had two further psychotic episodes since April. He recovered and returned to work, but had a relapse in July and was flown to a psychiatric hospital in Britain.

‘The BBC paid his medical bills for his treatment in Athens, but he has been able to record only occasional reports over the past few months…

‘Mr Brabant was taken to hospital again on November 8. In the past two months he has also had several blood clots on his lungs. ‘

Sanofi Pasteur’s denial contrast with information in the product insert, including:

‘Some serious and potentially fatal adverse reactions (including systemic and neurological reactions persisting more than 48 hours, YEL-AVD and YEL-AND) appear to occur at higher frequencies after the age of 60 years. Therefore, the vaccine should only be given to those who have a considerable risk of acquiring yellow fever (see above and section 4.8)…

‘Very rarely, yellow fever vaccine-associated neurotropic disease (YEL-AND) has been reported following vaccination, with sequelae or with fatal outcome in some cases (see section 4.8). Clinical features have appeared within one month of vaccination and include high fever with headache that may progress to include one or more of the following: confusion, encephalitis/encephalopathy, meningitis, focal neurological deficits, or Guillain Barré syndrome. To date, those affected have been primary vaccinees. The risk appears to be higher in those aged over 60 years, although cases have been also reported in younger persons or following transmission from nursing mothers to the infants.

‘Very rarely, yellow fever vaccine-associated viscerotropic disease (YEL-AVD) resembling fulminant infection by wild-type virus has been reported following vaccination (see section 4.8). The clinical presentation may include fever, fatigue, myalgia, headache, hypotension, progressing to one or more of metabolic acidosis, muscle and liver cytolysis, lymphocytopenia and thrombocytopenia, renal failure and respiratory failure. The mortality rate has been around 60%. To date, all cases of YEL-AVD have been in primary vaccinees with onset within 10 days of vaccination. The risk appears to be higher in those aged over 60 years although cases have also been reported in younger persons. Disease of the thymus gland has also been recognised as a potential risk factor (see section 4.3 and section 4.8)…’

Another product insert states :

‘Recently, there have been a small number of reports of multi-organ system failure, which may result in death, following vaccination with STAMARIL® and other yellow fever virus vaccine from the same strain. Symptoms are nonspecific and include fever, muscle aches, and headache leading quickly to liver, kidney and muscle damage, and internal bleeding. The cause of this reaction is not known. People with a thymus disorder are at a higher risk so you must inform your doctor if you have any history of a thymus disorder including thymoma (tumour of thymus) and prior thymectomy (removal of thymus) before receiving yellow fever vaccination. ’

Of course, occurrences will be reported as rare if the manufacturer denies it when it happens.

As to BBC News, the continuing and terrifying ordeal of their veteran reporter is apparently too embarrassing to mention.

Further info on Stamaril and yellow fever vaccine can be found here:

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.















Hans Raible, Stuttgart, Germany

To me, this reporter looks like a patient with iron overload. Viruses need iron to replicate, that is to say the replicating machinery in the body needs the metal. Therefore, one frequently has to reduce iron before hepatitis C can be treated successfully, and the same is true (as another example) for the HIV virus.

This might also be the case for the yellow fever virus, and i suggest to have this tested and treated if necessary. The best doctors for this can be found in Israel, eg at the Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem. Do not delay.

Jenny Allan

ATSC-You are preaching to the converted!!
For me the most scandalous aspect of the BBC commissioned Jones review of science broadcasting is ......that it was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. The BBC has always been in the vanguard of excellent factual reporting of Science. I am old enough to remember some of the brilliant science and nature programmes broadcast over the years, covering everything from astronomy, (who could forget the marvellous Patrick Moore), to nuclear physics and of course the natural world, which David Attenborough has made 'his own' with a number of superbly filmed and produced programmes.
The BBC's scientific credentials were further enhanced during the 1970's when the Open University was 'born' in the UK. Their science courses, which included BBC produced broadcasts, were brilliant and always bang up to date, due to regular reviews of course units and materials. The Earth Science department (which encompasses climate and palaoclimate issues), often receives the highest accolades from Government University Inspectors, as good as Cambridge, and better than many other conventional universities. The BBC did not have to commission a genetics expert to review their Science broadcasting. They already had experts in up to date factual science broadcasting 'in house'.
So WHY did the BBC commission this hopelessly biased and badly researched report? Who put pressure on them? Was it the Government? The BBC BANS advertising in ANY form and therefore should NOT be 'lobbied' by commercial interests. Yet it is vested commercial and political interests which stand to benefit from what is just thinly veiled propaganda dressed up as science.
What I DO know is that ignorant unqualified press and media persons, SHOULD NOT be dictating the agenda on what science the British people are allowed to be informed about. Prof Jones's report will STIFLE BBC science broadcasting, NOT enhance it. The rot has already set in !!
* I am an honours science graduate of the fabulous Open University and proud of it. My subjects were mainly the Earth Sciences, which actually include all of the other sciences. Palaoclimate was one of my subjects studied. Volcanoes and seismicity were others. The recent ash clouds from Icelandic volcanos caused more atmospheric pollution, and airline chaos, than anything man made and if nearby Laki explodes again, as it did hundreds of years ago, we will have years of devastation and millions of tons of ozone layer and vegetation destroying poisonous halogens produced. The recent Japanese tsunami was caused by an earthquake, NOT climate change, but the nuclear devastation, resulting from inherently unsafe nuclear power stations, will remain for thousands of years.



Seeing as you have raised the issue of global warming, I would really like to see a documentary similar to "The Great Global Warming Swindle" made about vaccines. Here's a link to the first video:

It certainly opened my eyes. One can see many parallels with vaccines.

If anyone thinks that global warming is non-controversial and that all real scientists agree on the matter, they should watch it.

Jenny Allan

John Stone says:-
"Journalists may also like to bear in mind that the campaign to deny MMR damage has been masterminded by former LM (Living Marxism) acolyte Fiona Fox."

AoA readers who are avidly following the Andrew Wakefield MMR issues, involving Brian Deer, the BMJ, Fiona Godlee, (BMJ EDITOR), The UK Science & Technology Select Committee, and University College London, might be interested to know how these are linked with Fiona Fox, Chief Executive of the Science Media Centre, a woman with NO scientific or medical qualifications whatsoever, but considerable expertise in journalism and media manipulation.

The following is extracted from the recently commissioned report on BBC Science broadcasting by Steve Jones, Emeritis Professor of genetics, University College London:-
A review of the impartiality and accuracy of the
BBC’s coverage of Science

From the ‘Executive Summary’:-
“Equality of voice calls for a match of scientists not with politicians or activists, but with those qualified to take a knowledgeable, albeit perhaps divergent, view of research. Attempts to give a place to anyone, however unqualified, who claims interest can make for false balance.”

Prof Jones makes it plain here that he has no time for ‘unqualified’ opinion and yet his report was plainly very much influenced by persons who were not scientifically qualified, but who had extremely polarised and partial opinions.

Jones's evidence gathering included the following:-

“Group meetings of those involved with an interest in science broadcasting. They include members of the Science Media Centre, of the House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology, of the Department of Energy and Climate Change and, within the BBC, of the Natural History Unit and the BBC Radio Science Unit. Towards the end of the process I met with the Editorial Standards Committee of the BBC Trust and discussed with them a draft version of the Review. I also participated in a Wellcome Trust panel on science broadcasting”.

“I refer also to a 2009 Cardiff University report on science journalism (Mapping the Field: Specialist Science News Journalism in the UK National Media)1, to a paper entitled Science and the Media: Securing the Future2, published by the Science and the Media Expert Group and chaired by Fiona Fox of the Science Media Centre with the assistance of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills; and to the Research Councils UK 2008 Report on Public Attitudes to Science3 and the House of Lords Select Committee 2000 Report on Science and Society.”

“Letters to external organisations – scientific societies, educational charities, commercial companies and more – that asked for views on BBC science output. Replies came from around twenty of these (Annex 4). Although no public input was solicited, I have had some correspondence from the online, radio and television audience.”

And there you have it folks NO PUBLIC INPUT, and this from the BBC a broadcaster fully funded by LICENCE PAYERS and NOT the UK government.

The propaganda which Prof Jones wants to shove down our throats includes, promotion of GM foods (absolutely HATED and banned in Europe), total vaccine safety using MMR vaccine as an example, and those contentious ‘global warming’ issues already being taught in schools although NOTHING has yet been proven, and I don’t need to lecture anyone here about vaccine safety issues. I have in my possession a BBC letter quoting the Danish Madson et al epidemiological studies, including indicted for fraud Poul Thorsen, as effectively ‘debunking’ all MMR and other vaccine issues.
So That’s OK then!!
* Fiona Fox is a female Brian Deer. Her many blogs about the above issues can be accessed here:-


Signed petition!

Has anyone heard anymore about the Bruesewitz v Wyeth case and how the Supreme court found that vaccines are
"unavoidably unsafe?"


Jenny Allan

I think the BBC's failure to broadcast any details about Malcolm Brabant's catastrophic reaction to the yellow fever vaccine is an absolute disgrace. Whatever their collective view on vaccine damage, they should surely have at least given concerned viewers up to date information on the condition of this much loved and familar trouble shooting roving reporter. He is in our prayers as is his family.

The recent so called BBC 'science review' by Professor Steve Jones is also a disgrace.

From the above report on the Jones recommendations:-

"It found that, where there was consensus on scientific matters, providing an opposite view without consideration of "due weight" could lead to a "false balance".
This meant viewers "might perceive an issue to be more controversial than it actually is".
Prof Jones cited issues including global warming, MMR vaccines and GM foods."

If Prof Jones imagines the issues of "global warming, MMR vaccines and GM foods" to be insignificant and non controversial he must be on another planet!! No doubt the issues over the safety of MMR vaccine have been applied by the BBC to cover ALL vaccines including the Yellow Fever vaccine administered to Mr Brabant.

On the issues surrounding the 'global warming' hypotheses, and it's VERY important to bear in mind that these ARE still hypotheses whatever ANYONE says, Prof Jones is very specific:-

"He (Jones) said the BBC "still gives space" to global warming sceptics "to make statements that are not supported by the facts".
He added that, for years, "the climate change deniers have been marginal to the scientific debate but somehow they continued to find a place on the airwaves"

Interestingly the BBC has 'shot itself in the foot' over the recent prestigious, and expected to be profitable in terms of world sales, David Attenborough programme series 'Frozen Planet'. The last episode deals with so called 'man made' global warming issues and has proved to be unsaleable in the US and elsewhere for its alarmist and unproven assertions:-
US Viewers Not Allowed to See Final Episode in "Frozen Planet". Too Scary ! May Cause Panic !

From the UK Daily Mail:-

"He is understood to find no evidence of bias in the corporation’s output, but suggests that on issues where there is a ‘scientific consensus’ – also including the MMR jab and genetically modified crops – there should be no need for the BBC to find opponents of the mainstream view.
Critics of the BBC fear it may use the report as cover to ‘promote a green agenda’. In the past, the BBC has been accused of acting like a cheerleader for the theory that climate change is a man-made phenomenon."

Yes John Stone, Fiona Fox can be found pontificating on all of these issues in her regular Science Media Centre Blogs, and if 'hot air' warms up the planet she has it in abundant quantities. In her latest blog she decalres her 'love' for Brian Deer 'nuff said'!!

The SMC describes Chief Executive Ms Fox as having a degree in journalism and 20 years media experience. What no science qualifications? These days they have become so devalued it hardly matters!!

John Stone

Journalists may also like to bear in mind that the campaign to deny MMR damage has been masterminded by former LM (Living Marxism) acolyte Fiona Fox. In the 1990s LM were engaged in the denial of the Srebrenica and Rwandan massacres (Fox was particularly associated with denial of the latter) so she she is an interesting choice as director of Science Media Centre.

In a blog a few days ago Fox declared "You cannot tell the story of SMC without talking about MMR".

A notable instance of Fox's work was when she raised and hue and cry over an Observer report that autism was 66% higher among children than previously reported. The lead scientist in the study denied the report: the Observer withdrew the story and it was instrumental in due course in the sacking of the newspaper's editor. But the bottom line was that within months it became apparent that the story was correct as reported.

A figure of 58 was given in the Observer, a few months later a presentation was given by Simon Baron-Cohen in which on the basis of the official figure of 1 in 100 it was said that there were two unidentified cases for every 3 identified ( a round 1 in 60), and when the paper was finally published (after the data had been through the Department of Health) a figure of 157 in 10,000 (1 in 64) was given, but far nearer the Observer story than 1 in 100. But, of course, it got no publicity.

Nice work Fiona!

John Stone

Cherry, Gatogorra

This will particularly pose a problem for journalists. Brabant must have visited every disaster zone on the planet, no doubt making sure he was 'protected' first and it is anybody's guess what the cumulative impact of all this would have been. A vaccine like this one is declared 'safe' having been trialled on healthy and no doubt young people (the packet inserts themselves tell a different story).

Obviously, people in Brabant's walk of life are used to taking physical risks on themselves, and this is another one which may not be quite as insignificant as they have assumed. In Brabant's case the reaction to this vaccine was violent and almost instantaneous but it would be interesting to look at whether foreign correspondents are often left in a long term state of immune compromised health decline.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Someday we need to make a foray into this absurd practise of giving every vaccine you can think of to any person going abroad. Currently the two Americans that I know who have cancer are people who took flu vaccines yearly and travelled abroad every year or alternate year.
Our friend(70 years old) recently visited from the US . They gave him at least three vaccines-Hep B, DT, and flu.
He thought everything was fine because he had mild reactions. I had to explain to him that that wasnt the issue- The concern was whether he would get cancer or Alzheimers or some other disorder later on. On the plus side, his pharmacist actually gavehim the literature showing that the flu vaccine contained trace mercury. I would still like to find out about the DT. Amusingly, when he reached India, my husband and many other Delhi-ites fell ill with dengue for which there is no vaccine and no treatment other than papaya leaf juice (Well, there's a vaccine and medication niche just waiting to be filled)
And Hey! friends- Take a look at how the medical establishment sends people off to foreign countries- often filled with mercury so that they have diminished immune systems. Now do you understand why so many people fall ill when they go abroad? And then the doctors can truly say that foreign lands are very dangerous places filled with scary diseases


God forgive me, I find myself wishing that someone would give Brian Deer a yellow fever vaccination, along with MMR, DTaP, polio, Hib, varicella, flu shot, and Hepatitis B. All at once.

I just signed- Teresa

I just signed - Please sign on, too!


Just signed - wish there was more I could do!

Stagmom Just Signed

I just signed

Angus Files

Pharma admits it happens in the vaccine trials (a bit) but we all know it happens a lot,lot more than they reported on the bogus vaccine trials that they do judging themselves...

Pick your country to sue dont go to the VDPU in the UK as 1 in 200 fail..



Even if the BBC won't report it, the horror and injustice of the incident surely sent a chill through the ranks of reporters and producers, no doubt ringing in an era of increased hypocrisy and cynicism where reporters and producers may avoid excessive vaccination for themselves and their own children while still following commands to publicly defend vaccines and attack conscientious objectors. If not, they'll be purged until all that's left in mainstream journalism are idiots, youngsters, worms and crazed ideologues and alternative media will inherit more of the talent.

We're almost at that point anyway, though there are still individuals in journalism who can be caught tragically off guard like Brabant.


The poor man. I hope he recovers and has some legal recourse.


Best wishes to Mr Brabant. Maybe this will be a wake up call to the media to see one of their own being affected in such a way. Vaccine injury does not discriminate. It is appaling that his injuries are denied.

Jenny Allan

It should be a LEGAL obligation for those administering vaccines, to previously provide copies of vaccine manufacturers' inserts to all persons receiving vaccines and parents considering child vaccinations, along with the statistics of previously reported adverse vaccine reactions.

In the UK there is SUPPOSED To be an ethos of INFORMED CONSENT to all medical procedures and prescribed medications. The present systems concerning vaccine administration makes a complete mockery of this.

Bob Moffitt

Dr. Charles Richet won the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine in 1913 .. almost one hundred years ago .. and .. his award winning theory of "anaphylaxis" may offer a reasonable explanation why people over sixty years of age may be at higher risk from this vaccine.

The following are excerpts from Richet's award winning speech on "anaphylaxis" .. not in the order in which Richet presented them .. but .. which can be read in full at

"Each one of us, by our chemical make-up, above all by our blood and probably also by the protoplasm of each cell, is himself and no one else. In other words, he has a humoral personality .. which makes us different from other men by the chemical make-up of our humours.

This is an entirely new idea. It was thought up to now, perhaps from lack of after-thought, that with individuals of the same age, race and sex the humors would no doubt be chemically identical. Well, it is not like that at all. Every living being, though presenting the strongest resemblances to others of his species, has his own characteristics so that he is himself and not somebody else. This means that henceforth study of the physiology of the species is no longer enough. Another physiology must be taken up, which is very difficult and barely broached, namely that of the individual.

If, following the hazard of ingestion or injection, alien proteins were found in the cellular juices as part of our humours, then the chemical make-up of beings would be modified and consequently perverted. Crystalloids dialyse through membranes and are speedily eliminated. In a few days, even in a few hours, they are completely gone. Colloids however, that no dialysis can eliminate, do not disappear once they have penetrated to the blood. They fix on cellules and end up by being integral to them. ... If heterogenous substances got fixed into our cellules and definitely intermingled with our humours, that would be the end of the chemical constitution of each animal species, which is the fruit of slow evolution down the generations, and all the progress that has been achieved through selection and heredity would be lost.

In the course of some years' life span, the same organism that is unique will accumulate immunities or anaphylaxia that appertain to it, diversely grouped in diverse subjects until each one of these persons will differ from all others.

Anaphylaxis, perhaps a sorry matter for the individual, is necessary to the species, often to the detriment of the individual. The individual may perish, it does not matter. The species must at any time keep its organic integrity intact. Anaphylaxis defends the species against the peril of adulteration.

Seen in these terms, anaphylaxis is an universal defence mechanism against the penetration of heterogenous substances in the blood, whence they can not be eliminated."

Admittedly, I am not a highly educated individual .. and .. I had to struggle through Richet's speech .. but .. I think what Richet ultimately said was:

There is no such thing as a "one size fits all vaccine" for the human species.

Alli Edwards, UK

Another poor victim had to find out the hard way!

Govt, authorities that promote vaccines in the media for the drug companies are leading healthy populations towards catastrophe with their cosy relationships.
Do top BBC personnel also have pharma connections?

Blind faith belief that one-size-fit-all vaccines are always the solution, never the problem is warped.
No-one, but the victim ever pays.

The penny will one day drop, of how fear driven vaccination campaigns initially aimed at the 'worried well and now part of job spec, injure far more than they save. If everyone who should work is too ill - who will pay taxes to afford our ministry and congress to consort with big pharma? This stupid form of medicine needs a crystal ball to predict accurately yet is relied on by nations around the world as solid science. Laughable if it wasn't so sad.
Punish the companies whose products cause harm.

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