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Chantal Sicile-Kira: French Psychoanalysts Take Legal Action to Ban Film 'The Wall' About Autism

BannedFrom our friend Chantal Sicile-Kira please comment at Huffington Post.

On Dec. 8, a French judge in the Lille Regional Court in France must decide whether or not to ban a documentary by Sophie Robert, "The Wall: Psychoanalysis Put to the Test for Autism," that highlights the treatment -- psychoanalysis -- that families are offered in France when seeking help for their child with autism.

The documentary consists of interviews of 30 French psychoanalysts (many of them lead psychiatrists at treatment centers and department heads of notable French hospitals) who place the blame for autism on mothers who are either too cold or too incestuous towards their children.

The psychoanalysts in the film quote Bruno Bettelheim (a proponent of the "refrigerator mother" theory of autism), Sigmund Freud (father of the Oedipus complex and penis envy), and Jacques Lacan when discussing the causes and treatment of autism. In the 1960s, Lacan described psychotic and autistic children as victims of the alienation of a psychogenic mother who is unable to separate from a child who is a substitute for the penis she was born without.

The 50-minute film has been available online for about two months and can be seen in the original French version, with English subtitles, or with Spanish subtitles.

Three psychoanalysts have taken legal action to ban the release of this film in which they were interviewed. The plaintiffs, Eric Laurent, Esthela Solano and Alexandre Stevens, members of the School of the Freudian Cause, contend that they were deceived about the purpose of the film. The filmmaker's attorney, M. Benoît Titran, says:

    "The plaintiffs delivered information and were properly informed of the purpose of the film. But they realized afterwards the scope of their statements; therefore they don't assume them anymore and they want to be able to reconsider the authorizations they gave. If the Court accepts their request, the basis of journalistic work will be undermined."

It is not just the basis of journalistic work that is in question here; it is whether or not the public will learn the truth about the ineffective and demoralizing treatment that families with autism are subjected to when other evidence-based (and less expensive) treatments and strategies recognized and implemented everywhere else in the civilized word (except perhaps in Argentina) could be used.

Psychoanalysts have a stronghold in France for the treatment of children despite the lack of any research showing progress in their expensive psychiatric day programs paid for by government medical funds. These ineffective treatments include "Le Packing" -- derived from a 17th century treatment for mentally-ill patients in insane asylums -- where autistic children and teens are wrapped in cold, wet towels. French non-profit autism organizations such as Autistes sans Frontieres and Vaincre l'Autism among others have been battling for years to have their children educated at schools with evidence-based strategies provided by trained teachers and paraprofessionals, rather than to have to enroll their children in psychiatric day programs run by the medical system.

In 2004, a study conducted by the INSERM (The French National Institute of Health and Research) concluded that psychoanalysis therapy is far less effective than other psychotherapies including cognitive behavior therapy. However, the Minister of Health at the time, Minster Douste-Blazythe, had the results of the study removed from the official Ministry of Health website after psychoanalysts complained to him. Such is the political power that psychoanalysts wield in France.  Read more at Huffington Post.



Have a look to this video;

to see what are the results of the traditional psychiatric system driven by psychoanalysis.


Cherry wrote:
"And Hey! friends- Take a look at how the medical establishment sends people off to foreign countries- often filled with mercury so that they have diminished immune systems. Now do you understand why so many people fall ill when they go abroad? And then the doctors can truly say that foreign lands are very dangerous places filled with scary diseases"

The supposed link between DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and long distance airline flights may actually be a reflection of the number of long distance airline flight travelers who have recently received various mercury-containing "travel" vaccines. Despite recent media reports to the contrary, there is evidence that mercury toxicity may increase the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.


It is the old technique: blame the mother,blame the parents,
blame the patient,blame the environment,blame the genes,
blame the fish(mercury)... Is France not going to make any
progress and impovements in the lives of these autistic
children and their families?This is a systemic abuse of the disabled autistic children.Parents need to fight for their
children and need to stay away from these heart-less and
brain-less psycho-analysts.These useless and false "experts" psychodumbo-analysts need to be kept out of medical care.They need an icecold wet towel and fire them!


Amazing. This, from the country which suspended HepB vaccine because patients were able to prove it caused their MS...

(Unfortunately, they did reinstate the vaccine, so obviously the Pharma-Nazis got to them...)

mother of an autistic child

Have a look on this link :

Somebody try to creat a buzz about this subjet

Jan Houston

If we do not act here in the USA, such atrocities may happen to our children. I encourage every parent of a sick child to educated themselves about the Parental Rights Amendment. You can read about it at
We as parents should be able to chose what treatment is best for our children. This includes preventative treatments. If parents were expected to educate themselves before going to the doctor, many of us would not be in the nightmare that we are in.


Thanks from France to Chantal,

To understate the french debate US people have to know the 90% of money of the french system of care is in the hands of the psycho-analysts lobby without real regulation.

If there is a lot of public money for these pseudo cares, parents doing a good job cannot have help from the french care system.


The psychoanalysts themselves should get wrapped up in ice cold blanket.. and snap out of their preposterous statements. They need to go to nuthouse therapy!


The treatment of autistic children in France is absolutely appalling and one it seems to me that has gone backward rather than forward, due to the hold that the "psych" sect is intent on keeping in this area. This so-called "packing" treatment, which as far as I am aware did not exist when my mother was a nurse working with autistic children in France during the 70's and 80's, is nothing less than child abuse, and there are other practices that are dubious in other ways, such as the "pataugeoire" where the child is put in a small pool of water in an enclosed room with 2 or 3 adults who just observe and describe the child's activities, the word voyeurism comes to mind. The whole thing is totally shocking and a great source of worry for the parents who have to rely on the day-hospitals to look after their children, especially as the parents are often seen as the enemy by the "psych" profession.

Angus Files

The evil of the governments today who facilitate this hoodwinking is monstrous it makes the medieval period look healthy and humane.

Bonne chance les amis..


JB Handley

My heart hurts for parents and families who have had their lives destroyed by idiots masquerading as experts.


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John Stone

It tells you a lot about "science" and the ideological basis of scientific orthodoxy. In the UK in the late 90s were witness to the dying embers of psycho-analytic school involving themselves in autism, although it had already become unfashionable. What a lot of mischief. So, there it is in France autism is still a psycho-dynamic disorder, by authoritarian decree 4 decades out of step with the rest of the world, and it is only a matter of culture and business.

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