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Autism Research Institute Features Network for Individuals with Hearing and Visual Impairments

NewsautismThe Network for Individuals with Hearing and Visual Impairments

The mission statement: To maintain a framework supporting communication, education, research & advocacy for persons with autism and hearing and/or visual impairments.

Currently, approximately one-third of the children in school programs who are deaf or blind also have a diagnosis of autism. Unfortunately, the major primary disabilities categories do not include the terms deaf-autistic or deaf-blind to address their exceptional needs.

To learn more about the Network visit and click on the 'Hearing/Visually Impaired' link on the homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Network?

A compliation of parents, affected individuals and professionals with special interest in people with autism and deafness, or autism and blindness.

How can I benefit from the Network?

We can direct you to support and services available in your local area or community.

How do I join?

We are a group supported by ASA (Autism Society of america 1-800-3AUTISM); we urge you to join ASA —you may join our network by filling out the email form or printing it out and mailing it to ARI (Autism Research Institute).

Who sponsors the Network?

ASA and ARI—our network is a subcommittee of ASA.

Are there costs or fees to join?


Will my name be used or shared in any way?

Only with your permission (see the form).

How do I reach professionals who can help me?

Call or email the Network and the ARI staff will respond to your questions and concerns.

Are there other families, children, or adults in my area with similar disabilities?

ARI will connect you with those they are aware of.

What if I want to speak to someone about my personal issues?

Contact ARI and they will refer you to the appropraite resources.

How do I get the school system to develop a program for my child?

Be an advicate! join your local ASA chapter. We can help—contact our hotline at ARI 1-866-366-3361.

Can you help me find employment?

No, you need to contact local resources (e.g., DD Councils, regional autism employment programs, supported employment programs, etc.).

How do I get services from special education programs in public schools for transitioning?

Federal laws are mandated for transitioning, however, age of transition varies by state. Contact your local agencies/programs.

How can I get transportation services in my area?

Contact local agencies/programs.



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