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An Elaborate Fraud, Part 10: In Which the BMJ Suppresses the Truth About a Child’s Treatment and Recovery From Autism

Blanket Lancet

One of the 12 children on a doctor visit not long after the BMJ articles were published in January.

By Dan Olmsted

The British Medical Journal began its attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield last January by telling the story of Child 11, one of the case histories Wakefield allegedly altered to manufacture "the appearance of a link" between the MMR shot and autism.

Contrary to Wakefield's claims, Child 11’s autism symptoms began before he got the shot, author Brian Deer wrote. The father, he said, was outraged by Wakefield’s "fraud.” Even the child’s autism diagnosis was questionable, Deer wrote, because it was solely based on parental “recall.” 

As we’ve shown in earlier articles, the BMJ was dead wrong on both counts – the shot did come before the symptoms, and the autistic regression that followed was all too real. Both facts were described and documented multiple times by outside doctors before the family got anywhere near Wakefield or the Royal Free Hospital in London, where he worked. They do not provide any basis to allege fraud or question Wakefield’s version of the child’s medical history.

There are three more critical facts about Child 11 – facts that contradict this “fraud” scenario -- that the BMJ suppressed:

The father did believe the MMR shot caused his son’s regression.

The child was treated accordingly.

And, according to the father, the child recovered.

“Our dedicated effort to save our son's life has been fruitful,” the father wrote Wakefield on January 7, 1997, when he first sought to have him evaluated at the Royal Free. “As a small child unable to communicate, he has now entered a normal kindergarten class with assistance of a tutor. He is quite intelligent and continues to progress, but is still fighting the [bowel] disease which we believe is viral, from the vaccine.”

Yes, from the vaccine. After the father saw how he had been portrayed in the BMJ, he said: "Mr. Deer’s article makes me appear irrational for continuing to believe that the MMR caused difficulties which predated its administration."

And how, exactly, did the child recover from what the father believed was a vaccine injury? The letter reports: “In March of 1994, we met with Dr. [name omitted] and his immunological panel of tests indicated an underlying immunodeficiency as you can see by his report. His suspicions of the MMR vaccine in my son's case are mentioned in his letter. He was immediately put on 400 mg/kg of IVIG every four weeks at [clinic name omitted], and he responded quite well to the treatment.”

IVIG is intravenous immunoglobulin, administered to boost antibody levels in immune deficient patients and, at high doses, to regulate autoimmune conditions.

The father took his son to another leading immunologist, who reported that his measles virus titer was above measurable limits. Workups by a third doctor revealed his son “was suffering from indeterminant inflammatory bowel disease.”

This was the apparent new syndrome the Royal Free doctors were treating and that Wakefield was investigating – indeterminate or non-specific inflammatory bowel disease and autistic regression, in most instances associated in time by parents or  doctors with the MMR shot. The father learned of the work at the Royal Free from his American doctors and was the first to fly his child across the Atlantic because he believed his son was showing the same pattern. The first case series, on 12 such children including Child 11, was published in The Lancet in 1998.

But this clear sequence – vaccination, illness, regression, chronic bowel inflammation, treatment, recovery – is nowhere to be found in the BMJ account of Child 11, even though Deer met with the father twice, in California and London, and also communicated with him via e-mail.

Absent, too, is the fact that Child 11 is now in college in California after graduating from high school with a 3.75 academic average.

The treatment the father cited, and the rationale for it, has been described in detail by the U.S. doctor who administered it. “A number of immunological abnormalities have been observed in patients with autism,” according to the text of comments he subsequently made at a meeting of an autism group. He said all the children he treated, which included child 11, had regressed after the MMR shot.

“Natural killer cells … that appear to play an important role in defense against virus infected cells and tumor cells are decreased both in numbers and functions in patients with autism. This deficiency may play a role in increased susceptibility to various infections that may in turn play a role in the pathogenesis of autism.”

He goes on to describe the use of IVIG in this context, at the 400 mg/kg dose the father cited. “IVIG has been used in a number of primiary immunodeficiency syndromes, and autoimmune and immunoinflammatory disorders including demyelinating polyneuropathy, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome."

In his autistic patients, "The results of IVIG treatment show that a noticeable improvement, although to a variable degree, was observed in reciprocal social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and repertoire of activity and interest in all children. One of these patients has been 'completely cured' and is attending regular school."

Deer had every opportunity to gather and report these crucial facts yet chose not to. Why? This more complete narrative would have contradicted his claims of fraud in the BMJ. You simply can’t have a child being treated for a presumed vaccine injury, and according to the father, recovering, if you’re trying to make the case that the shot came after the onset of regressive autism, that the sequence was manipulated by Wakefield, and that the father is outraged about the deception.

Instead, Deer spun a story using only fragments of the truth and, exploiting a typographical error in a discharge document, claimed that Wakefield faked the data on autistic regression and bowel disease.

Amazingly, multiplied by 12, such sleight-of-hand lies behind the entirety of the BMJ’s fraud claim. Speaking at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, BMJ Editor Fiona Godlee cited “multiple discrepancies” by Wakefield in the description of "inflammatory bowel problems, regressive autism, and the parental claim that MMR was the underlying cause. What these articles [in the BMJ] also say [is] that when those three things didn't come up trumps on the twelve children included, and the subsequent series of children, Andrew Wakefield altered the data to make those three things emerge."

Actually, in its treatment of Case 11, it was the BMJ that “altered the data to make those three things” disappear.

Until I tracked the father down, the facts of Case 11 had not been available for independent verification, because the British General Medical Council proceedings, against Wakefield and two other doctors, did not include that American case. (Godlee  says all the facts were checked before the peer-reviewed article was published in the BMJ.)

Nonetheless, because Father 11 is a wealthy businessman and engineer with a master’s from UC-Berkeley, it turns out his child’s medical history was probably the most thoroughly vetted and among the best documented of any who arrived at the Royal Free beginning in the middle 1990s. And it simply can't be reconciled with what the BMJ published.

Unlike other families that have been impoverished by the effort or simply had no access to care, Father 11 had the wherewithal to try treatments that were not only outside the medical mainstream but expensive and hard to obtain. He could go to one doctor, and another, and then another. He even funded independent research on autism and vaccination, and he told me: "You have a lot of children being damaged by the pharmaceutical companies with the vaccines.” He described Deer to me as “obsessed” and added, “I do see some bias. He could be manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies.”

But as we will see, this same independent approach and scientific background, combined with a relentless determination to recover his son, also led to disagreements and conflicts with the Royal Free and Wakefield. In a disturbing twist of fate, this is what allowed the British Medical Journal to set up Father 11 as the star witness in its portrayal of a link between the MMR, regression and bowel disease as "an elaborate fraud."


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism and co-author, with Mark Blaxill, of The Age of Autism -- Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic.



His father and his American doctor thought MMR was responsible for Child 11's autism and were outspoken about it. The authors of the Lancet paper reviewed the information about Child 11 contained therein and judged it accurate.

Where's the case against Wakefield exactly?

It is in their manifesto "to give voice to victims of illegal information gathering"

Wondering if any parents any of those children from the original study have tried contacting Hacked Off Campaigners?

Especially those whose children's medical record have been illegally obtained by Deer, and those who were deceived by his false identity pretense into being interviewed. And especially if there is grounds to suspect illegal phone hacking of anyone involved.


tel. +44 (0)20 7727 5252


Deer's BMJ piece is packed with cognitive distortions worthy of a pedophile football coach. What's Deer's explanation for the mess he made of Child 11's story?

ct teacher

Keep up the sleuthing, Dan. This story needs to see the light of day. All of the players in the sad tale of the MMR vaccine and the inquisition of Dr. Wakefield need to be exposed. Many children have suffered irreparable damage as a result of their crimes against humanity. It's way past time for the perpetrators of these crimes to pay for their evil deeds.


"... Father of Child 11, please, tell your story, completely, in the most public forum you can find. If you are mad about what happened to your son, now is your moment to save many other children from the same fate.

I completely agree.

Next to the realization that my son was injured right under my nose, the most maddening aspect of this dreadful experience has been my complete inability to stop it from happening to other children.

To the father of child number 11... please, you have an opportunity to take a huge step toward ending this madness.

There are some truly evil forces behind it, and they don’t appear to have any moral issues with what they did to our children, or with doing it to future generations. The only way to stop them is to expose their crime, and pray that our justice system still works the way it’s supposed to.

Too many innocent lives have already been destroyed.

A hero is a man who does what he can

Dear Child 11,

You're not a child anymore. Be brave and come forward. The world needs you to tell your story. Your words can help others who were damaged by vaccines to have a life like yours. And perhaps your words will someday prevent that damage from ever happening.

david burd

Benedetta, THE assessment of potential/real damage done by injected vaccines at birth (or before) and thereafter rests in government agencies such as FDA, NIH, and CDC.

Yet, on national TV or other forums, these Agencies NEVER show THE Immunization Chart they endorse and promote. They dare not do so.

Also, NEVER does mainstream media, TV or Web, show this Immunization Chart. They also dare not do so.


Teresa Conrick


The additional information about Child 11 and his Father is profoundly emotional to me. The fact that Deer has continued to omit, lie, spin, confabulate, deny and harm not only Dr. Wakefield, but all of our children and so many more in the recent years of the GMC-BMJ witch hunt is horrendous. Deer has blatantly lied to try and suppress the truth yet here is Father 11 telling the REAL story.

Seeing his child get better with IVIG, a treatment being discussed more and more for autism and PANDAS, shows that Deer purposefully ignored the medical recovery of Child 11 AND in doing so, he and others with him have prevented these life saving treatments to SO many children after 11.

As JB Handley said, please father 11, shine the light on appropriate treatments for so many immune-sick kids who are being dismissed as mental health cases. Please share your story and let truth and healing prevail.


Not good for Deer when the real facts a layed out by the likes of Dan


"America's Weapon of Self-Mass Destruction, the current Immunization Chart "


I pray each day that God will grant the American people the knowledge of what their medical society has allowed to happen to their immune systems.

Bob Moffitt

@ David Burd:

"We of AoA and allies such as NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center, Babara Loe Fisher its founding heroine) are a terrific 'chorus' and appreciate our own work, sweat, agony, sundry contributions, though we assuredly have hit an occasional bad note."

I wholeheartedly agree .. however .. I prefer to describe "us" as that stubborn "drip, drip, drip" of truth .. that public health officials and their partners within the vaccine industry .. with all their power .. just can't seem to stop.

david burd

We of AoA and allies such as NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center, Babara Loe Fisher its founding heroine) are a terrific 'chorus' and appreciate our own work, sweat, agony, sundry contributions, though we assuredly have hit an occasional bad note.

Nevertheless, the 'choral books' such as Age of Autism by Dan and Mark, Evidence of Harm by David Kirby, Vaccine Epidemic by Habakus and Holland, on and on, are completely suppressed because mainstream book reviewers, mainstream media opinions, and Editorial Boards are bought and sold by Big Pharma's $75 Billion+ per year going to "direct to consumer" advertising.

Countless times my Letters to the Editor, and direct communications with editors and "health/science" reporters cease and die - probably after they call their contacts at NIH, CDC, etc., and are smoothly convinced yet again by The Industry that all is well. NEVER are facts paid any attention to.

Someday a major mainstream media entity will crack, but I am not optimistic it will be soon. Just have to keep slogging along as Barbara Loe Fisher has done for 25 years, a true heroine - I don't mind repeating it.

Again, this is America's Weapon of Self-Mass Destruction, the current Immunization Chart - spread it far and wide, documenting up to 35 doses of vaccines injected during an infant's first 12-13 months. Changing a tad Franklin Roosevelt's 1941 phrase to Congress right after Pearl Harbor, "This is a Chart that will forever live in infamy."


JB Handley


With each article from you, this story is becoming more riveting. I mentioned this before, and I will say it again: the father of Child 11 has more power to do good for all the kids than perhaps anyone else on the planet right now.

Father of Child 11, please, tell your story, completely, in the most public forum you can find. If you are mad about what happened to your son, now is your moment to save many other children from the same fate.

Warm regards, JB Handley



You, and Dr. Wakefield are the two heros in this medical catastropha.

So thanks; forever thanks and graditude for not only speaking out, for not only your reporting ---but for giving me a voice, so that I have somewhere and can some how be able to tell what has happened to my family.

People in this country thinks they have free speech, they take if for granted that they can tell what has happened to them, tell their stories, discuss an event that they witnessed with no one to use dirty tactics to stop them ---- that is untill they really need to be able to speak out for something that they see is wrong; and then we really find out we have no voice at all; except a few outlets.

So thanks again for one of the few outlets.

So thanks again for speaking out and giving the rest of us a way to speak out too.


Many, many years have passed since Child 11 became injured by the MMR vaccine. How many representatives from government and vaccine manufacture have worked to learn why that child became ill, to prevent others from suffering? Zero, by my count.

How many representatives from government, vaccine manufacture and media have worked to block inquiry into children injured by the MMR vaccine? Countless.

What a disgusting lack of ethics. What a shameful period in history.

Thank heavens that some honest physicians, researchers and journalists continue to report this uniquely cruel injustice.

Jenny Allan

The story of child 11 is going to be Brian Deer's Nemesis. It casts a spotlight on all of Deer's evil published lies concerning the other Lancet 12 children, and his vile website comments about their parents.

Deer will be last person to realise it but he is 'out of time' in more ways than one. The Merieux Fondation vaccine marketing conference in France,21-23 November 2011, where Brian Deer 'chaired' several of the sessions, was devoted to discussing ways of overcoming the growing groundswell of parental 'vaccine resistance'.

From the conference blurb:-
'The characteristics of human behaviour and decision making that make us predictably unpredictable and looks at how this understanding might be used to rebuild trust in immunization, thereby helping us to re-invigorate immunisation policy implementation and success and allowing us to change parent to partners and from a culture of information broadcast to one of broad engagement.'

To put all this psychological doublespeak and semanics into a simple context, the vaccine manufactures have apparently acknowledged that their previous bullying and scare tactics to persuade parents to vaccinate their children have failed miserably, and they are now about to embark on a 'charm offensive' instead.

Where does all this leave the very 'uncharming' Deer? Up the creek I'd say!! Well done Dan, John Stone and everyone at AoA who are doing a sterling job of exposing this pharma sponsored scandal.

Dan E. Burns

Dan, it's great to see a real journalist tackle this story. Hope you enjoy writing these "Parts" as much as I enjoy reading them.

Jeannette Bishop

So, Child 11, had a well-documented regression following MMR into a devastating condition that is "genetic" and then eventually recovered with an immune correcting treatment (and probably a lot of hard work and bucking the system on the part of parents and physicians) and for some reason a reporter of Deer's stature failed to report accurately this extraordinary story with all implications?

He could have at least let the story speak for itself, as done here. Thank you for continuing to find and speak the truth!


Dan - You are truly one of the great journalistic heroes of our day. I can barely wait to read more of this extraordinary expose. Keep 'em coming!

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