No One Knows
Predicament of BBC’s Athens Correspondent: Dumped after Adverse Reaction to Vaccine



I would love to have more information about this topic! Looks like a great book.


Would love to win this and read it.

Jagannath Chatterjee

I really would like to have a copy. I am fighting vaccines in India.

Tammie knight

Many children have an allergy to the chemicals but parents dont know this because Docs dont think about testing before and after. They just say safe and give the vaccine.
Right now I treat my sons tourettes with magnesium and eat very healthy, grow my own vegis etc.
I tell partents to educate themselves before vaccinating because each child is different.

Rn mommy

Would love to have a copy for a mom whose son was just diagnosed and has vaccines due.


Would love to win this book. Always seeking more information on this topic.



Enter my name too.

Trina Aurin

This sounds like something I would want to read so hope I am chosen................


I would love to have this book. After reading it myself, I will be able to recommend it to a few new parents I know that look at me cross-eyed when I bring up vaccines!

Bill Crumpler

As the father of a vaccine damaged son, I am interested in Cynthia Cournoyer's point of view. I need all the ammo I can get when talking to some people...

Barbara Bucknam

A much needed book that I look forward to reading!

Kfuller Yuba City

I would love to win this book.

Amy Smith

Thank you for writing this book! We need truth about immunizations. What a great opportunity to win a book that has so much needed information.


I would love to have this book! I am continually reading up on the dangers of vaccines, and would love another book to find additional information. Thanks!

Melissa Plant

It would be really great to have a book for my husband to read. All he knows is what I tell him and he would really like to have first hand knowledge of everything I know.


I would also love a copy of this book! I am a believer in being well informed about everything concerning the health of myself and my family!

kathy blanco

Thanks for writing a book which sysincly says what parents need to know. I am in awe of your knowledge base and wish only I would have known all these important truths before jabbing my kids. I am thankful that we are in essence creating an "irritant" in the side of those that promote these toxic poisons, and I am very glad they act as if we are a threat by doing everything they can to foster untruths and panic. The threat they hate the most is unabashed truth and our individual lives if not our sheer science which shows the damage first hand and in your face. If they keep on going, everyone will have a damaged child and all their lies won't be able to get through to the majority of our population. It's already happening, and they know it.


I would love a copy of this book to lend the families we serve who are impacted by ASD.

Cindy Howard

I'm all for educating myself and others about the dangers of harmful adjuvants contained in vaccines.

Karen G

I would really like to win this book!

Clara Goodman

Thanks for writing this book. This country is supposed to be about constantly questioning the status quo and seeking the truth. If it really were, we might have ended the autism epodemic a long time ago. Thank you for your work.


What a great gift! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Joni Goodmann

This is an informational book that would love to add to my collection


My niece just had a beautiful baby boy. He's almost a month old and already received Hep B at the hospital. Her "boyfriend" and I (all 19 yrs of him) do not get along and he has stated that he will fully vaccinate HIS son to the "gills" because he hates me. I would like to quietly slip this book to my niece because hopefully, she'll grow a pair and slap him upside the head with it after she reads it.
Thank you.


I would love to have a copy of this book as it is very important to be informed.

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