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Paralyzed By The Flu Shot: Interview on VoiceAmerica

Flu shot halloweenTUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22

On the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel

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9 am PT/11 am CT/12 pm ET


Thinking of giving in to the barrage of propaganda on loudspeakers, hold music, posters, and the thousand other places enticing you to "protect" yourself and others with the flu shot?  Join Teri and Deb Catron, a former school teacher, on the 2-year anniversary of her being paralyzed by the flu vaccine -- as admitted to by the doctor!  Also, on this edition: the Canary Party discusses the rise of chronic diseases and what we need to do; Amy Catron McCarty shares how she's helped her mother; and we question the "effectiveness" of the flu shot in the first place.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Beth, To understand what actually happened to your father, see the research done by Dr Isaac Pessah in about 2004, which showed that the immune system of mice is affected by mercury at 33 parts in a billion parts (As I recall) So , what this implies, is that when you take a flu shot with mercury you have to assume that you are likely to become sick within the next some weeks or months and your body will find it difficult or impossible to fight off that illness without antibiotics. Now the absurdity of destroying someones immune system in order to make him immune (hopefully) to some kinds of flu, is difficult to comprehend. I personally am interested in the damage to kidneys by mercury. I had a little girl in my nursery school who was diagnosed with "idiopathic nephrotic syndrome" Now, her parents were in a situation in which they keep checking her urine for excess proteins and anytime the test result shows a rise in proteins they know that maybe that is the sign that their daughter is going to have a poor outcome (also known as death). I knew nothing at all about this nephrotic syndrome, but I could tell the parents that if they gave their child vaccines, those would usually contain aluminum or mercury, both of which are nephrotoxins. One could even have the temerity to suggest that just maybe her syndrome was in fact an outcome of vaccines given to her as a baby. Oddly, no one, including the nephrologist at our premier medical institute in Delhi, had thought to mention this to them. No doubt, they would have gone on giving their daughter extra vaccines in the hopes of making her "stronger".
May I suggest that AOA commenters could begin work on a new, more useful medical dictionary, - For example:
Idiopathic: Cause of the disorder is unknown,but it cannot be anything in vaccines
And Beth- seriously, please have your father stop eating fish and check out mercury websites to locate other sources of mercury in his life. Good luck


Hi CMO -- Deb Catron, who was on the program today, suffered a massive pulmonary embolism within 10-15 minutes of the flu shot and woke up after it was operated on. Soon thereafter, she became paralyzed with transverse myelitis.


I am not real sharp.... but is there not "air bubbles" in the flu shot shown here ??? Cannot that cause a pulmonary embolism and sudden death ???

Are the Wal Mart and Costco flu shot staff trained to watch out for this ???

Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing health editor of FoxNews.com


It’s that time of year again where you have to start thinking about the flu shot.....


My dad got a flu shot on Oct. 28 this year. Beginning around Oct. 30th edema (swelling) started and was very noticable from his feet to his knees. His kidney function was affected almost immediately, but the MD wasn't too concerned and he wasn't in any major discomfort so he dealt with it. By Nov. 10 he had respiratory issues and needed 24/7 oxygen - he already had copd. Swelling still persisted thru it all. Once he developed a cough and felt ill he went to his MD and got antibiotics on Nov. 14. By Nov. 18, he developed a fever and painful urination. with only one day left on his antibiotics. On Nov. 19, he was hospitalized with a severe bacterial infection, white cell count at 22,000. He is still in the hospital and will likely be there 1-2 more days "if all goes well."

Now I realize, the entire medical community will call this a "sad coincidence" and that the flu vaccine had nothing to do with it. But, the kidney malfunction started 2 days after the shot - to me that's cause and effect not coincidence.

The $25 flu shot netted the medical community and pharmaceutical companies > $20,000 in revenue for my dad, maybe more depending on when he gets out. Not a bad return on investment.

In my moms case, the $25 flu shot returned another MD visit and 2 prescriptions - about $500 - still a pretty good return.

And adding in my in-laws both of whom got sick within two days of their flu shots this year and also returned for MD visits and Rx's that's another $1000 added to the ROI pot.

No wonder flu shots are so cheap and sold on every corner. It's great for business.


We have also learned that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny will be joining us for the first segment of this program.

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