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NVIC Video Offers Flu Prevention Advice

SneezeDuring the month of November, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) will have a 3-minute video on flu prevention included as part of in-flight programming called "Lifestyle365" aboard Delta Air Lines. The video features NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher urging viewers to become informed about influenza and how to stay well during the flu season.


cia parker

I thought it was a disappointing video. While it mentioned reading the package insert to learn about ingredients, it should have mentioned that unless you pay a dollar extra for a mercury-free version, you will probably be given a flu vaccine with a lot of thimerosol, something most people don't know but would like to be told. It said that if you have the flu, it probably isn't either type A or type B, when it is really quite likely that it is one of the major types, mutated nearly every year into a new variant. But even if it is, there are effective herbal and homeopathic treatments for it, and it would rarely be a cause for alarm. For the vast majority of people, it does no good at all to say we should eat right, avoid stress, get enough sleep, and so on. Many of us are struggling just to live, and it is impossible for us to try to follow these anodyne recommendations. It would have been much more useful to have spent the money on a video that pointed out some of the thousands of people killed or crippled by the flu vaccine, and then gave recommendations like stay in bed, take oscillococcinum, Umcka, bryonia, and/or gelsemium (all homeopathic), drink hot tea or V-8 juice, elderberry juice and echinacea. Randall Neustaedter's book on the flu has a lot more specific recommendations and tips for avoiding pneumonia. And then take comfort in the fact that you are strengthening your immune system by using it, and you'll have immunity to that flu strain and partial immunity to its future mutations, as opposed to damaging your immune and neurological systems by inflicting a vaccine on them.

Jeannette Bishop

It is perhaps the most telling to me that "EDUCATE before you vaccine" has been labelled "anti-vaccine." Thanks to NVIC for your efforts to educate.

Jake Crosby

I notice the pharma flacks have already gone to work on rating the video.

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