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New Bean Bag-Style Furniture Options from Comfy Sacks Help Children with Autism

2CS-LOUkid-MS05Incredibly comfortable foam-filled furniture provides contentment to autistic children and peace of mind to parents

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the nation, with more children diagnosed in 2011 with the condition than cancer and diabetes combined. Which means there are now more parents than ever searching for solutions to help their autistic children feel more happy, comfortable and content in their homes.

Repetitive fidgeting, rocking, slouching, sliding off the chair, the inability to find restful contentment or sleep in a standard bed are all typical autistic behaviors. And they can make many "traditional" items of household furniture impractical. Thankfully many parents are learning that something as simple as investing in the right home furnishings can make a big difference for their autistic child.

'Adaptive furniture' is about using different shapes, sizes and materials than regular furniture to accommodate those with special needs. It can lead to happier autistic children, because their homes have become a more comfortable place to be.

One of the more recent adaptive furniture options to address autism needs are the large beanbag-style, foam filled chairs and loungers sold by Comfy Sacks. The unique shredded-foam filling conforms to a person's body, creating a strong calming effect and feelings of security for autistic children.

"This style of furniture can provide the type of warm, secure surroundings that autistic kids need to comfortably play, read, eat, watch television or sleep," said Comfy Sacks owner Tyler Shearburn.

Positive feedback from parents who have purchased new beanbag furniture for autistic children has come pouring in. Cheri O'Day of Indianapolis is one such customer, who reported how relaxed her autistic son Casey, who usually had trouble sleeping, was on his Comfy Sack. "He loved the feeling of being surrounded by his chair so much he slept on it the very first night. Now that's comfort."

"We've been flooded with comments from enthusiastic parents praising the benefits their children have received from their new Comfy Sacks. It makes us feel good to know we can make a difference in a tough situation," added Shearburn.

And though these types of chairs and loungers are perfect for children with special needs, they've also become quite popular with other children and adults of all ages. Many dorm rooms, urban lofts, home theaters, schools, libraries, and even corporate headquarters like Apple and Amazon now feature Comfy Sacks. Just more examples of where the right furniture can make all the difference.

Comfy Sacks is a leading retailer of bean bag style furniture, designed to be the most comfortable found anywhere with premium shredded foam filling, sturdy construction and the softest cover materials available. For more information contact owner Tyler Shearburn directly by phone at: 877-884-3826 or via email at [email protected].

Website: http://www.comfysacks.com



ARE YOU NUTS??? I don't care how comfy these are.

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