The Perils of Testing Vaccines on Children and Infants
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Look Out AAP! Here Comes Walker Texas Danger (Chuck Norris on Vaccine Safety)

FlagmanChuck Norris, martial arts expert, childhood health proponent, International film and TV tough guy, wrote this editorial on vaccines on November 6th:

While most mainstream news covers presidential campaigns or economic conditions, the feds are going under the radar and your skin – literally – with something that could be detrimental to your children's and your health. And news just broke about the cover-up, but few, if any, agencies passed along the wire.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, one in 110 children have autism spectrum disorders, or ASDs, which is strikingly higher than ratios just two decades ago. (ASDs are a group of developmental disabilities that can cause communication, behavioral and social challenges.) The National Autism Association, or NAA, calls the 644 percent increase of ASDs among all U.S. children since the early 1990s "a tragic epidemic of autism."

Many attribute the increase in numbers of ASDs to children being exposed to significant quantities of thimerosal, a mercury-based compound that has been used since the 1930s as a preservative in certain vaccines and pharmaceutical products to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.

According to its own website, however, the CDC stands by its conclusions that, "To date, the studies continue to show that vaccines are not associated with ASDs" (emphasis on "CDC's" conclusions). CDC added, "The most recent and rigorous scientific research does not support the argument that thimerosal–containing vaccines are harmful. … Is thimerosal in vaccines safe? Yes."

But last week a PRNewswire release reported that the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs, or CoMeD, exposed a federal cover-up between the CDC and vaccine researchers. Despite that the CDC possessed a 2002 communication that revealed a causal relationship between the removal of thimerosal from vaccines and a decline in autism rates, the CDC published a 2003 cornerstone article in Pediatrics that ignored the Danish data and misled the medical community and public by insinuating that thimerosal in vaccines does not increase the risks of autism.

Almost inconceivable, the Pediatrics article actually purported that autism rates increased after thimerosal was removed. And to add insult to injury, the PRNewswire report noted, "One coauthor, from Aarhus University, Denmark, was aware of the omission and alerted CDC officials in a 2002 email, stating, 'Attached I send you the short and long manuscript about Thimerosal and autism in Denmark … I need to tell you that the figures do not include the latest data from 2001 … but the incidence and prevalence are still decreasing in 2001.'"

The deliberate avoidance and falsification of scientific medical data to support CDC bias is heinous enough, but the fact that such information is manipulated to practice medicine on our nation's children is monstrous malpractice and even premeditated malevolence. I agree wholeheartedly with Lisa Sykes, president of CoMeD, on her summary of the CDC cover-up: "This type of malfeasance should not be tolerated by those who are entrusted with our children's health and well-being."

The Alliance for Natural Health commented that this is not the first shady behavior to be exposed in the CDC. ANH explained, "This is not the first scandal to hit the CDC in recent years. Earlier this year, Dr. Poul Thorsen, one of the co-authors of the Pediatrics article and "scientist-in-residence" at the CDC from 2000 to 2002, was indicted in Atlanta for fraud and money laundering in relation to his $11 million grant from the CDC. And just last week, Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a top CDC official, was arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality."

And just when you think vaccination news couldn't get any worse, last week the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the National Biodefense Science Board, which advises the federal government on bioterrorism issues, voted 12-1 to recommend that the Health and Human Services Department endorse and sponsor a study to test the anthrax vaccine in children! (Do these advisory panels not think 36 federally recommended vaccinations for children by age two are enough to add anthrax to them?)

To regress, the latest correlation revelation between vaccines and autism will fly in the face (or at least may cause some confusion) because of a 2011 August report from the Institute of Medicine, the nation's bastion of authoritative health and medicine advice, just cleared children vaccines as autism culprits.

But the truth is, as the NAA reports, "There are over 1,500 studies and papers documenting the hypoallergenicity and toxicity of thimerosal (ethylmercury) have existed for decades," with most recent research revealing commonness of speech delays and tics. The NAA added, "Recent studies have confirmed the association between the use of thimerosal and autism has moved from 'biologically plausible' [in 2001] to a 'biological certainty.'"

Hence, justification for thimerosal's inclusion in any product is unwarranted at best and dangerous at worst. Or, as the NAA categorically states in its series of warnings about thimerosal, "Mercury is hazardous to humans. The use of a toxic poison as a preservative is undesirable, unnecessary and should be eliminated entirely."

That is why the United Nations Environmental Programme is proposing a global treaty ban on mercury in vaccines, something, the parental advocacy group, applauds based upon its longevity in trumpeting the dangers and links of thimerosal.

But the facts are, according to a recent PRNewswire report, despite that thimerosal is not used in vaccines for measles, mumps, oral polio, yellow fever or tuberculosis, it is still found in in many diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, and influenza (or flu) vaccines, especially in Third-World countries.

Since 2001 in the U.S., no new vaccine licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, for use in children has contained thimerosal (except influenza). Nevertheless, the CDC continues to recommend some routine vaccines for children younger than 6 years of age with "trace amounts of thimerosal."

The FDA has approved many seasonal flu vaccines, which come in both multi-dose vials and single-dose units. Those that are produced in large quantities and are in multi-dose vials contain thimerosal, while the single-dose units (including nasal spray) do not contain thimerosal because they are opened immediately and used only once. (So if you or yours insist on seasonal influenza shots, ensure it is a single dose.)

But do we really want to swap the flu bug for thimerosal? And isn't "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" a total misnomer when it allows "trace amounts of thimerosal" in our children's soup of medicines? Are we really going to allow our children to be mercury-laced vaccinated guinea pigs? At the very least, shouldn't we avoid all thimerosal-containing products solely because of precautionary measures?

Dr. Jose Dorea, professor of nutritional sciences from the Universidad de Brasilia, hit the health nail right on the head when he recently said, "The evidence continues to mount that mercury in vaccines is not safe, that negative effects happen even with vaccine levels of exposure. We must end the use of thimerosal as soon as possible. No pregnant mother or child should have to trade getting mercury injected into them for the prevention of an infectious disease."

So buyer, beware! Or should I say, booster, beware! Don't check your brain in at the door of your family's health, nutrition or medical care. And don't ever be afraid to ask the hard questions of your health practitioners, like, "What are the exact ingredients in that syringe?"

It is your health, and they are your children, entrusted to you by God, so be bold in ensuring their safety and welfare. You still have the constitutional right to refuse any health care you deem unnecessary.


kathy blanco

Actually 1 in 5 kids now have a Neurological Impairment and 1 in 6 are now Developmentally Disabled. A far cry from the 1 in 38 or the 1 in 110, 1 in 150,or the 1 in 94 quoted by Governor Christie in NJ...In fact they are attempting to take away the term Asperger's and HFA from the New DSM V and simply use the term "Autism" whether the child is mute and head banging or a genius like Einstein, but has a problem with social skills. Talk about getting people brainwashed to accept chronic illness like Autism? This is it. We did not have large numbers of chronically ill kids until 1986 when we were blocked from suing vaccine makers in regular courts-They were Given IMMUNITY. AS a result kids went from 10 vaccines to 70..Aluminum, mercury, embalming fluid, aborted fetal tissue, formaldehyde.. and 2 generations of the sickest kids...And..USA paid 2 BILLION Dollars to 83 families who proved vaccine harm, but it came with gag orders..Science without ConScience

Tim Kasemodel


From the AoA shameless plug division, please go back to my post:

I discuss the 2001 date and quote the Minnesota Dept. of Health. Read the following but be aware that only a few infant vaccines were liscenced to begin MANUFACTURING mercury free or REDUCED vaccines. Vaccines produced in 2000 did not expire until January of 2003.

“Since 2001, all routinely recommended vaccines (except for the flu vaccine) currently being made for administration to young children in the U.S. contain no thimerosal or only trace amounts.”

A quick read of this statement might lead someone to believe that mercury had been removed from all vaccines (except flu of course) in 2001. But this does not say that mercury containing vaccines were no longer being used, it only states that mercury reduced versions of the basic vaccine schedule given to children age 0 to 6 were currently being made and had become available as a choice. Note that the qualifier “young children” also leaves out booster shots, and some brands of meningococcal and tetanus vaccines recommended for children over age six still contain preservative level mercury TODAY.

My post also includes a great graph showing that nearly 2/3 of all diagnoses of autism AFTER 2003 were in kids born BEFORE 2003.

And as Dan mentioned last week, 1 in 37 boys born in 2002 in Minnesota recieve autism services according to 2010 IDEA data.......

Also, go to your local schools and ask if the number of kids on the severe end of the spectrum have declined as opposed to higher functioning kids in the ones born since 2004...........

I would like to think that Chuck would be even more pissed if he was given THAT little piece of info.........

Jake Crosby

@:mercury dad

Sure thing, it's right here:


Jake, the official 'rates are going up even after we took thimerosal out' paper/study was of the cohort of children who turned 8 in 2006. They would have been born in 1998. The first vaccines w/o thimerosal would have showed up in 2001. They 'unthimerosaled' the vaccines in the order they are given in the pediatric schedule. Moreover they didn't recall any existing stocks. The ones already out there would have contained thimerosal until at least 2004. The likelihood these kids, born in 1998, EVER received a thimerosal free vaccine before age 3 is ZERO. The odds they received any after that are very small.

In essence, they chose the cohort of children with what is likely the HIGHEST exposure to thimerosal to 'prove' the rate decreased AFTER they took thimerosal out. These kids likely NEVER received mercury free shots before age 5. Those HepB shots they got in 1998 were loaded with it. So were the rest of them.

CDC is like the cheating lover that's bold enough to list all his conquests on his facebook page and call you crazy if you suspect him of wrongdoing. They're VERY in your face with this.


"You still have the constitutional right to refuse any health care you deem unnecessary" Thanks Chuck Norris! I hope your message and important reminder is heard far and wide. (thanks AgeofA and also thanks Canary Party)

Getting back to basics and sticking to the constitutionally guaranteed rights is essential, and not letting diversions that are thrown up by an ever growing institutionalized medical educational and "child welfare" system get in the way.

It seems like this important guarantee is often overlooked by medical experts!

I wonder then, practically speaking for a parent who does not have resources to risk the potential of fighting the system while they are working tirelessly for the well being of their child, does one practically speaking, really still have this right, or will it become a potential battle every time?

It seems to me in many cases, especially with regards to children with special needs there is an unwritten and unspoken exception to the rule here-- as demonstrated recently in light of cases like the Godboldo plight, where it rather appeared that she was not allowed to exercise this constitutional right to decide treatment or not for her own daughter.

This is a growing and most alarming trend, and I fear one that will get worse as the epidemic grows and when children who are having difficulties especially at the point of puberty, will be forcibly drugged so they can be "managed" according to the "professional experts" even when it is against decision of a parent.

Does the constitution really protect and afford that right to parents on a day to day basis or will it become like Godboldo only a right if we go to court and manage to prove it and not be deemed a child abuser if we go against a particularly credentialed "expert"...or even still discounted when another doctor certifies that a parental health care decision would indeed be appropriate?

Are parents going to truly be able to exercise this right to refuse health care they deem unnecessary by just invoking the constitutional guarantee? Or is the current practical application to do so deference to an "expert professional" with whatever certification has been deemed necessary by the system.

It seems too often that there is a paper guarantee of a right only, and that such important guarantee is easily ignored. This has been made easier to do to a child with special needs, when a child has been defined by a system and society through the labelled disease name rather than as an individual with same rights regardless of the diagnosis or medically defined label assigned to that individual.

And it is the same with vaccination, where a false perception of validity of herd immunity is held up to trumping the rights of the individual. Our constitutional framers were very wise and they knew that it is with protection of the individual and their rights that the whole is stronger, not the other way around.

mercury dad


Could you tell me more about the criminal investigation of Eric Fombonne at McGill University? He'll probably testify against my son in vaccine court.

Amanda Blinn

Now those are the words of a hero.


Jake, also keep in mind something about Gorski's drooling rant.

If the study is as well designed as he claims it is, then why is it that Madsen et al have refused to release the raw data that would allow us to check their figures. The study CLAIMS to account for the diagnostic criteria change (from ICD-9 to ICD-10), and also allegedly accounts for the inclusion of out-patient cases. However, they have never released the data that shows us HOW they accounted for it.

That means that the study cannot be replicated. Science that is not replicable is not science.


The only thing that gets between Chuck Norris and justice is an equal sign.


Everyone needs to keep in mind that the 1 in 110 rate is several years old. Since the rate has continued to increase each year, the rate is likely closer to 1 in 60. I guess the CDC is going to stay mum on this as long as possible but if they keep this up, eventually they will be confessing a rate of 1 in 20 or 1 in 10. I truly expect to see this in my lifetime as the AAP, CDC, FDA and media seem hellbent on ignoring what is happening.

Jake Crosby

Someone on "Science"Blogs conflated autism stats in Denmark with the CDC's autism stats here in America:

"Antivax conspiracy theorists..."

Although, in regards to the Danish data, there is an actual conspiracy - unless this commenter supports suppressing information regarding a neurotoxin in children's vaccines (and he also conflated the mercury in vaccines with the vaccinse themselves by calling us "anti-vax," but that's just a big pharma smear by big pharma shills anyway)

"...are obsessing over e-mails supposedly noting that autism rates were decreasing in 2001 (after thimerosal was removed from most vaccines)?
Did they somehow fail to notice that reported autism cases have been increasing, not decreasing post-thimerosal?
"From 2006-2008, nearly 10 million children ages 3 to 17 had a developmental disability, according to parental reports...autism showed the largest relative increase during that same time period, with nearly a fourfold increase in prevalence from 0.19% in 1997-1999 to 0.74% in 2006-2008."

In ages 3-17 year olds - IOW - in children who were mostly given vaccines before removal (or rather, reduction), the remaining few are hopelessly biased by the decrease in the age of diagnosis that has happened within the last years, and even they could have been exposed to thimerosal - or theoretically received even more than older kids according to the CDC's own MMWR with the addition of the flu shot. This guy just implicated mercury in mistake!

So much for getting public health information through a dangerous bacon; it clogs your arteries anyway.


I guess I misjudged him because he's a celebrity, but Mr. Norris writes very well. I'm...shocked, but then I never knew him outside of movies, so uhh, that's my defense, yeah.

As for the topic, it's nice to know the information is there for all to see. Unfortunately, I've already decided most people are too goddamned stupid/stubborn to see the obvious for exactly what it is. Maybe the mercury and aluminum (please don't forget that aluminum is also in vaccines and is just as bad as mercury) has killed too many of my generation's brain cells to allow us to think logically and reasonably and make the right decision for our children. Thank goodness I hardly got any vaccines as a child. Thanks, mom.


As my son says (and I now agree) -- Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas!

Jake Crosby

Gorski goes on to say:
"Let's for the sake of argument assume that the Danish study actually was somehow falsified. It wasn't..."

It clearly was.

"Even if it were, that would not show that thimerosal in vaccines cause autism for the simple reason that there have been several other well-designed studies since then with large numbers of subjects that find the same thing that the Danish study did:"

If it were, and it is, then that puts a damper on all other studies the vaccine industry has done to rule out a connection.

"There is no correlation between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism. You could completely eliminate the Danish studies and the scientific and epidemiological evidence would still show that there's no correlation between vaccines and autism."

Without the Danish studies - there is pretty much no "scientific consensus" to say mercury in vaccines does not cause autism, because they IOM relied mostly on Thorsen's data. There's hospitalizations from Sweden, which are useless for studying autism. There's Fombonne's research, which is also based on fudged data and has been consistently thrown out of consensus reports including the IOM (Fombonne is under criminal investigation at McGill). You've got the California Immunization Branch study which relies solely on very young children when more and more children were getting early screening and diagnoses who still could've been exposed to thimerosal, and that the authors themselves admit need "confirmation," which is now no longer possible since the data was shelved. And finally, you've got the CDC's study done in flagrant disregard of external consultants advising it, matching NTs and ASD children on factors that heavily determine thimerosal exposure while marred by selection bias that disproportionately leaves out less-exposed neurotypical kids, hence the appearance of a "protective" effect. And that pretty much sums up the vaccine industry's vanishing studies of mercury.

"As for Jake's other nonsense:...Uh, see the comment immediately above:...And my original analysis of the Thompson study:..."

None of which refute what I say.


Chuck Norris has the secrets to aging, the cures for cancer, AIDS, and all known fatal diseases known to mankind in his blood. Sadly, Chuck Norris doesn't bleed...

Ripped that off from a friend of mine...thought is was hilarious.


Thank you Chuck, for having the b@alls to say what you think. Excellent article.

Casey O

I am so proud to be an Oklahoman- so is Mr. Norris- we love him here! Chuck Norris doesn't expect the unexpected. He knows the unexpected.

Mary E Tormey

Chuck Norris is just an actor, but he can see the inconsistency in the stories being laid out by an industry that refuses to except and fix the real problems with it's products. It is easier to take mercury out of vaccines then it is to make them safe.


Ok, I have to reapply the
"When you open a can of Whoop-Ass...Jake Crosby jumps out (also)".

Jake Crosby

One other thing, this time about one of the many non-scientific, ad hom attacks that characterize over 95% of Sanofi-Gorski's blogging:

"Yes, indeed. We're talking about everybody's favorite marshal arts master turned 1980s movie action hero turned 1990s TV action hero turned right wing icon so far to the right that he writes for that repository of conspiracy-mongering nuttiness, WorldNetDaily, otherwise known as WorldNutDaily."

Let's see, Gorski blogs for "Science"Blogs, that repository of corporate-shilling nuttiness also known as ZombieBlogs according to a former "Science"Blogger and is run by a "smooth-talking con-artist" who uses it as his "cash cow," creating an extended-advertisement for Pepsico masquerading as a "nutrition" blog. And despite the departure of other bloggers, Gorski stayed put, which tells us an awful lot about his character, or lack thereof.

Jake Crosby

Well pharma's mouthpiece of the blogosphere, David Gorski, has already weighed in:

"Indeed, it's impossible to tell exactly what the correspondents are saying. There are only two brief e-mails, and much of the e-mails are redacted with black marker. They appear to consist of an exchange between Marlene Lauritsen, who's second author on the paper, and Kreesten Madsen, the first author. It's cryptically mentioned that the incidence and prevalence are "still decreasing in 2001," but the sentence immediately following it is redacted. Most of Madsen's reply to this e-mail is also redacted. What does this mean? Who knows?"

What it means is the incidence and prevalence of autism is decreasing, because all their study was about is autism, Dr. Gorski's doubt notwithstanding.

Then he spews this:

"with increasing mercury exposure and poorer performance on the GFTA-2 measure of speech articulation test (the speech delay that Norris talks about) is real, then it must also accept the findings of a beneficial association between mercury and improved scores on the identification of letters and numbers on the WJ-III test (another finding in the study)"

No, because unlike the "beneficial" effect, the speech problems and tics associated with thimerosal were replicated from previous research. That's why NAA cites those but not the numbers/letters results.

Seriously, these 80 words in this "Science"Blogger's 1842 word post are all that has anything to do, whatsoever, with science (dismissing it). This pharma-funded blogger drowns what his take-away message in nearly 2000 words of angry drivel, presumably to avoid getting refuted more easily.


When you open a can of Whoop-Ass...Chuck Norris jumps out!!!

First Do No Harm

Incredible! This is an excellent account of what's wrong with our vaccines.

It's only a matter of time before the pharmedia uses the same tactics it used against Jenny McCarthy to try to discredit another celebrity who dares to criticize the sacred shots.


I love Chuck Norris, just bought one of his books for my son's 14th bday. I didn't even know we had Chuck Norris in our corner. Chuck. F'g. Norris. That makes my day.

Not an MD

You rock, Mr. Norris. You also kick some serious you know what, too. A sincere, heartfelt thank you for writing this article.

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