Risk Analysis Regarding Vaccines (Calculations that Refute Claim in NYT Review of "The Greater Good")
AofA Science Summary: Glutamate carboxypeptidase II and folate deficiencies result in reciprocal protection against cognitive and social deficits in mice

Lisa Goes Tries Quibbling with The New York Times on The Greater Good Movie Review

QuibblerManaging Editor's Note: Cathy Jameson has a well deserved weekend off. Lisa Goes created this "conversation" with the New York Times following their pillorying of The Greater Good Movie, in which they went so far as to suggest that the vaccine injured are expendable.  Anne Dachel reviewed the review as well. I've had a bit of a theme in the photos recently, can you tell readers what today's photo implies?  :) K

By Lisa Goes

Me: Wow...so your review of The Greater Good. Interesting. Tell me about what you meant when you stated, "The Greater Good” does a disservice both to the suffering of the few and to the public health needs of the many."

New York Times: Well, yes. We meant that. 

Me: How did Leslie Manookian do a disservice to these families who suffer both the loss of their children, and the permanent loss of their children's health? I mean, do you not believe their stories? 

NYT: Of course we do. We just think the way they were portrayed was gut wrenching. It was over-emotional. 

Me: Gabby is completely and irrevocably harmed. She suffers seizures, she is on over 30 medications to counteract the damage done by Gardasil. The other family, as you know, was not so lucky. Their darling daughter is no longer with them. Do you consider the accurate portrayal of death and life altering chronic neurological illness and central nervous system damage "over emotional"? 

NYT: It rarely happens. 

Me: Hmmmmm. I am friends with 2,177 people on facebook who say it does.

NYT: It doesn't.

Me: Okay. Did any of you guys get the chicken pox when you were little? 

NYT: (Silence) 

Me: Did you?

NYT: We do not recall. 

Me: You don't recall? 

NYT: No, we don't recall. 

Me: Do you guys have Alzheimer's? Because I am sure that if I had the chicken pox or the measles I would remember. Coincidentally, I was never vaccinated for chicken pox, I never had it, but yet I am immune according to my titre. (Think Austin Powers voice and crazy psychedelic music and wicked white go-go boots). 

NYT: We do not have Alzheimer's.

Me: Okay. Because you state "Also elided are the mostly forgotten horrors of measles, mumps, chickenpox and polio: instead of lingering at a graveside with grieving parents who believe vaccines killed their baby girl, perhaps the filmmakers could have unearthed some footage of children encased in iron lungs." When you guys were growing up do you remember any kids in iron lungs?

NYT: It happened LJ. We have pictures. 

Me: I am not disputing that fact. My mom's best friend was a victim of Polio. She survived but has a permanent limp. I know polio existed. But not for 50 g-damn years in the US. By the way, my vax injured son has been FULLY vaccinated for it and is not immune. What do you think about that? 

NYT: (silence)

Me: Ya think clean water had anything to do with the eradication of polio? 

NYT: ABSOLUTELY NOT. VACCINES ERADICATED POLIO! Any claims counter to that are utter heresy. 

ME: Groovy. Just thought I'd ask. 

NYT: Are we through? 

Me: Just one last question. Can you or can you not admit what a raging fu*%wad Paul Offit comes off like in this movie? Come on!!! I mean...COME ON! He is a complete jackleg. An asshat. A moron. And I'm not sure if you know but there are over 40 studies that show the correlation between vaccines and autism must be investigated further. Because they cause autism, vaccine encephalopathy, mitochondrial disease, Guillain-barré syndrome, neurological, metabolic, central nervous system failure and DEATH. Mr. Offit refuses to acknowledge or address the learned physicians and parents in our community in a public forum. He knows this science exists and he incapable of refuting it. 

NYT: No comment. 

Me: I thought not. Tell Gardiner I say, "hi." And tell him I'm not through with him yet. 

* the above discussion did not really happen * But I bet it's true. Best lj

Lisa Goes is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



Tanner's Dad - Thanks for posting this. I'm a nurse who's been anti-vaccination for 36 years, and my 5 unvaccinated children's children are also unvaccinated. So I have been sharing for many years now, and I LOVE it when people with REAL KNOWLEDGE post on these sites! KEEP IT GOING, SIR!


P.P.S. Great script, LJ!!

Oh, and thanks for the butterbeer, Kim - yum!


What are the needs of public health???
Aluminum-adjuvanted placebo studies to mislead the public about safety?
Vaccines,that not been examined for carcinogenic,mutagenic or teratogenic effects? (Boron compounds have antimitotic effects in animal studies,and inhibition of DNA biosynthesis
were observed in the liver/rabbit studies.)
Inadequate testing for safety and efficacy -fast tracking to
beat the competition (Cervarix)?
Serious adverse reactions that pushed under the carpet of
Presence of aluminum,a known neurotoxin combined with polysorbates (nerve cell death) and injected three times?
Rising adverse effects and disability?
Do you want the public to put more money into big pharma's pocket to treat rising auto-immune illnesses? (Immune system damage)
How much advertising revenue does NYT receives from Merck?
This vaccine needs to be taken off the market.

Donna L.

Instead of the magic pen, why didn't Rita just use a tape recorder and keep turning the same tape over and over again? It would've been so much easier.


P.S. One more parallel between the fictional "the Prophet" newspaper in Harry Potter and the real-life NYT (besides that "Prophet" sounds like "Profit" and "PR Offit" - i.e. news paid for with pharma profits/ad revenue, and public relations approved by the likes of Dr. Paul Offit): In addition, we are supposed to accept the CDC's and other mainstream medical professionals' vaccine recommendations without question and follow them with blind faith, like a new religion, not science, like blind belief in a prophet's words, like dogma.

Luna Lovegood for Twyla

A butterbeer for you, Twyla! :) KIM


Quote from Harry Potter (per Wikipedia) re: "the Quibbler" and "the Prophet" newspapers:

Ted: "The Prophet? You deserved to be lied to if you're still reading that muck, Dirk. You want the facts?, try The Quibbler."

Dirk: "The Quibbler? That lunatic rag of Xeno Lovegood's?"

Ted: "It's not so lunatic these days, you'll want to give it a look. Xeno is printing all the stuff the Prophet's ignoring, not a single mention of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks in the last issue. How long they'll let you get away with it, mind, I don't know. But Xeno says, front page of every issue, that any wizard who's against You-Know-Who ought to make helping Harry Potter their number-one priority."

— Ted Tonks and Dirk Cresswell discussing The Quibbler

The NYT is kinda like "the Prophet" (which coincidentally sounds like "the Profit" or the "PR Offit") printing only the official govt line, which in Harry Potter was denial of the evil wizard Voldemort's return - aka "You-Know-Who". LJ Goes and AoA are like the Quibbler, talking about what is really happening and being labeled as fringe elements to be ignored/discounted.

Rita Skeeter (whose picture appeared on AoA's story about NYT by Anne Dachel the other day) was a really awful, sensationalistic, dishonest reporter. She wrote a lot of false stories about Harry Potter (kind of like what is told about Dr. Wakefield, or like that NYT reporter's review of the Greater Good) -- until ultimately forced to interview Harry in an honest story that was published in the Quibbler. She had a magic green quill pen which took notes while she interviewed people.


Me: Ya think clean water had anything to do with the eradication of polio?

NYT: ABSOLUTELY NOT. VACCINES ERADICATED POLIO! Any claims counter to that are utter heresy.


I realize this wasn't a real conversation, but this religious like belief in efficacy of the polio vaccine is almost always the corner stone of pro-vax dogma.

Most pro-vaxers seem blissfully unaware that when the polio vaccine was introduced, so too were amendments to how polio was defined. A polio epidemic suddenly required more cases to be reported. And the definition for paralytic polio was also amended, a change that suddenly made it more difficult to confirm (...and thus COUNT!) new polio cases

BEFORE the polio vaccine, patients had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for 24 hours only, and lab tests to confirm residual paralysis were not required. AFTER the definition was amended, paralytic symptoms were suddenly required for a minimum 60 days, and confirmation of residual paralysis was required at least twice during the course of the disease.

This shift in reporting protocol is curious to say the least. Especially when you consider that paralytic polio was known to cure itself 50% of the time within 60 days. And particularly when you consider that just before the polio vaccine was introduced, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis was paying physicians $25 for every paralytic polio diagnosis. So... you can bet that BEFORE the vaccine was introduced, polio and/or anything that even looked like polio, was being COUNTED as polio.

While the effectiveness of the polio vaccine is always reported as being stellar.... you have to wonder if it really was.

Because that definition change ALONE would have wiped out polio in the years following the vaccine.

Cat Jameson

No one else I'd rather share a Sunday spot with...GREAT work as always, LJ! Proud to know you and proud to have you standing right there next to me on this journey.


TannersDad Tim Welsh

Can you provide a link or reference to the 40 studies mentioned Please TannersDad Tim

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Measles, mumps, chickenpox and polio? Why do people who know nothing about vaccines get to write about them in a widely read, supposedly respected newspaper? Every autistic child that I have seen in India owes the loss of some brain function to two vaccines exactly- Hib and Hepatitis B. How can I say that? I can absolutely say that because I ran my nursery school in New Delhi for 22 years without a single case of autism, and after Hep B and Hib were added on the pediatric schedule.(Both of these are mercury-laden vaccines, added on top of the three mercury laden DPT vaccines already on the schedule), I saw autism symptoms every single year, and up to about 10% of the kids, in one particular year. So how would it be if I told those parents the truth - "You're child is autistic from two lousy vaccines that he didnt even need- One, Hep B , he could have been given later, and Hib which is for a disease that no one showed existed in India or to what degree" When will the insanity end?

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