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Delta-airlines-offers-carbon-offsetsBy Anne Dachel

The National Vaccine Information Center has an educational video about staying well and preventing the flu that is being shown as part of in-flight programming called "LifeStyle 365" aboard Delta Air Lines during the month of November.  

The video is about 3 minutes long and it's full of common sense suggestions for staying healthy and avoiding the flu this year.  Those suggestions include washing hands, covering your sneeze and cough, drinking water, getting enough exercise and rest, lowering stress and eating a nutritious diet. 

Barbara Loe Fisher points out that when people have flu-like symptoms, "about eighty percent of the time you don't have type A or type B influenza." 

The video promotes proven, natural methods for staying well and "keeping your immune system strong."   It also mentions that there is a flu vaccine available.  We're told that if we choose to get a a flu shot, we should "research the different types of flu vaccines your doctor may recommend."   

"Don't hesitate to ask questions" when you go to your doctor.  There is a manufacturer's information sheet for each vaccine which lists the ingredients and tells "who should and who should not get the vaccine." 

During the educational video, no one says "Don't get a flu shot."  No one says that flu vaccine is linked to autism or anything else.  It's a simple common sense message about staying healthy.  There is no way anyone can label this "anti-vaccine"--but some people are trying to do just that. 

LeftBrain/RightBrain has come out in strong opposition to the Delta video.

Recently, NVIC has placed advertisements in the in-flight entertainment for Delta Air Lines for the holiday season. By NVIC standards, their ad is rather mild. The vaccine fear angle is not prominent, with the focus more on downplaying the need for the flu vaccine.

While LBRB attacked the NVIC for "downplaying the need for the flu vaccine," there is no mention of recent reports from US News and MSNBC that cast doubt on the effectiveness of the flu vaccine for young and old alike. 

Oct 6, 2011, US News: Kids' Flu Shot Largely Ineffective Over Past Few Years

Over the past two flu seasons, vaccinating children five and younger did not reduce the number of child hospitalizations or doctor's visits linked to influenza, according to results of a new study.

Oct 26, 2011, MSNBC Study: Flu Shots Ineffective? The Older You Get, The Less Effective Flue Shots Are, Study Says

"Researchers checked out more than 40 years worth of information, and here's what they found. For adults, the study said vaccinations only work a little more than half the time."

LBRB also published a copy of a letter they say was written by someone from the American Academy of Pediatrics to Delta Airlines stating the AAP's objections to NVIC's educational video.  In the letter, the "AAP" calls on Delta to remove the video. Forbes also reported on the AAP letter saying, “The AAP’s 60,000 member pediatricians urge you to remove these harmful messages, which fail to inform the public about the safety and efficacy of influenza vaccine.” I’m left to wonder if the AAP also sent a similar letter to MSNBC and to US News for the doubts they raised about how well the flu shot works.

Other websites and  bloggers have also republished the LBRB article and "AAP" letter online. 

Dave Winchester, MD is a cardiologist and a blogger with a website called "Dr. Dave.”

Winchester wrote about the Delta ad too: "The ad does have some good advice about cold season (ie: wash your hands) and some elements of truth (ie: most colds are not caused by influenza) and some reasonable advice (ie: be informed about your medical decisions). Unfortunately, however, their idea about being informed is spreading fear about 'toxins' in the vaccines as well as drawing a correlation between vaccine use and diabetes, autism, asthma, and learning disabilities."

Winchester gave his readers incorrect information about NVIC's educational video on Delta. What he told them is simply not true.  There is no mention of 'toxins' in vaccines in the video and there is no mention of autism, asthma, or learning problems being linked to the flu vaccine.  Anyone watching or listening to the video can attest to that. 

On several websites, people are even asked to sign a petition that calls on Delta to remove NVIC's video about ways to stay healthy during the flu season: 

What's most disturbing is the angry outcry by doctors and medical organizations when anyone suggests we should be aware and informed about our options for staying healthy, which includes asking questions before we get vaccinated.  Why shouldn't the public be fully informed about vaccines just like we need to be fully informed about prescription drugs or any medical product that doctors are telling us to buy and use? Why should we believe that somehow, when it comes to vaccine safety and effectiveness, we should just trust blindly?  Why is the principle of informed consent to vaccination a threat to public health?

If you’d like to show your support for the NVIC educational video now being shown on Delta flights, please hit “like” on the Your Tube site..




I have bad news for the experts,some parents are spending
extra ordinary time on research data collections,research
review,bio-chemical studies,data base analysis etc.WE know
that the system failed,our trust is gone,we will dig up the answers and will find the solutions.These are shameful times in medical history.


I just went to a church Christmas bazaar and the sign in the corridor said, "Food, crafts, games, and Flu shots, too!" Disgusting! Maybe Santa was giving them out along with candy canes.


Now some of us know that due to hygene,clean water,
better living conditions and good nutrition played roles
in the disappearance if infections. Along came the vaccine companies and took credit for the job well done.


Wait wait wait, so if someone tells me to research various types of flu vaccines, I will automatically draw a correlation between it and several very specific diseases even if I've never read about a link between them in the past? Either I'm reading my doctor's mind or I'm damn brilliant then. I think this doctor missed many factors involved in making such an assertion. Maybe he didn't even watch the video. He must be talking about another one. Either that or he's just that paranoid, and if he is, he needs to get a grip.


The video is removed- by who? Did you tube sell out to the
vaccine companies too???


Why would anybody need this bio-accummulative mercury and
polysorbate vaccine that bypasses the blood brain barrier
(BBB)and damages the neurons???!!! Educated and informed
public will not accept this toxic brew.We already have an
Autism,Alzheimers and Auto-immune disorders epidemic.(and
these are only the A-s.)Keep it away from pregnant women too.


Pfizer, who recently entered the money losing vaccine business by buying Wyeth, reported 2011 3rd quarter earnings and sales.

Sales were led by Lipitor, down 2 percent at $2.6 billion, although U.S. sales jumped 13 percent to $1.47 billion, partly from price increases this year (Merry Christmas).

And coming in second, Prevnar 13, the blockbuster vaccine against ear, brain and blood infections, saw sales jump 37 percent to $1.01 billion. The world's best-selling vaccine just got approval in adults 50 and older in the European Union, and could get the same in the U.S. in January.

And I thought Wyeth was just another struggling vaccine manufacturer?


This (YouTube) video has been removed by the user???

Kfuller Yuba City

It's not the video they are afraid's the video's source. They can't have thousands of people hearing about the organization!

Morganton Mom

Flu shots at airports? Another reason not to fly!


Where can we write to DELTA to keep the videos? Anne, can you post an email or snail mail address? Thank you!

Re: flu shots at the airport. I think they are not going to be long lived. There will be so many adverse reactions on flights that airlines will beg for them to be discontinued.

Donna L.

Who knew we'd live to see the day when vigorous hand washing and freedom of information and choice would signify anarchy.
Not exactly what any of our veterans have fought for, is it?

Terri Lewis

I love NVIC! They are a large and powerful source for good! If we can get all the NVIC and Canary people together, wouldn't that be great?

Son in Recovery

Yea NVIC for educating the public! As a side note, I was at the Atlanta Airport earlier this week and they were pushing flu shots right at the airport! They had a kiosk set up in one of the terminals... really???? How would you like to have an adverse reaction during a 4 hour flight to LA?? There is something very wrong with this picture!

Not an MD

ITA with Pamela. There are many who want the public to be blissfully ignorant about the existence of the NVIC, and its website.


It is an informed and educated public that scares the establishment most about this PSA. It promotes NVIC. It educates people that NVIC exists and directs people to the NVIC website. Once on the NVIC website people are going to learn things the establishment simply does not want them to know.

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