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AofA Contest From Lee Silsby

Enter to win   Our good friends from Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD are offering you a chance to try two popular and useful products this holiday season.

We'll have two winners each of whom will receive a bottle of Enhansa curcumin supplement and a jar of  ASD vitamin and mineral powder (your choice, SCD, without B or without stevia.)
We're grateful for our friends at Lee Silsby. Happy Holiday and good luck! Leave a comment to enter.


Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


D. Callahan

Would love to try an alternative to the great taste of SuperNu- I have to chase my kiddo to China and back for "~vitamin time~!"


Pick me pick me, I am ever so in need of some Enhansa!

Chuck Hancock

Ok, so, how do I win? Just comment here? OK. Does it need to be witty, or thought provoking? If so, I hereby accept my immediate disqualification from this contest....

Mary Harford

I'd love to win this for my boys

Tess McLarty

Would love to win this for my son!

Traci Vowell

I always have a bottle of enhansa in my fridge!!!! It has always helped my son!!!!! Great product! Deal me in!!!!!


Please enter my name in the contest--Thanks.

susan O'Hale

Please enter us as well

Kathleen Pierson

Would love a freebee-I've been giving this to my son for about a year. It's extremely expensive!

Erin baker

I would love to try these products


Here's my entry.

Holly Riley

Please put my name in the hat! Thanks!

Julie Leonardo

I would love to try this, please enter us:)

Barry Stern

We're loyal customers and are pleased to enter the contest.
thank you. Evelyne & Barry

Jane Williams

Love me some Lee Silsby..always have to wait till I get a big order for FREE shipping. Peeps would love some ASD for sure!

David Cornbleth

Would love to win this -- thx


I loved the products of yours I have used! I would love to try Enhansa and your multivitamin.


Would love to try these!

Barbara Bucknam

Would love to try this form of curcumin.

Denise McQuade

Please enter me for these wonderful products. Thank you.


I have been waiting to be able to try Enhansa for my 18 year old with autism. Please choose us!!

Karen G

I would love to try Enhansa! Please enter me!


Hope I win! My grandson needs! Thank you!

Heather Cornbleth

I would be SO grateful to win this! Thanks for the contest!

J's mom

Anything that helps with the cost of supplements is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!


I've been wanting to try Enhansa!

kathy blanco

most insurances don't cover Enhansa, why is that, sorry, being truthful here.


Yay! Enter me!

Monika P.

Could you find me, please serious studies proving that Enhansa's curcumin is more absorbed than other curcumin extracts? On Lee Silsby's site I only see a small graph which presents the result from 14 subjects...(!!!) The rest are synopsis of other studies about the poor bio-availability of curcumin, but have nothing in common with Lee Silsby's supplement!!!


"A Comment" Sorry, couldn't resist! LOL
Would love to win this!
Thanks for all the info!

Lisa Ludwig

We have wanted to try enhansa for awhile now.

N's mom

Oh please please please choose me to win Lee Silsby products!!! We've been out of enhansa for way too long and it was SUCH a beneficial supplement for my two boys with autism! Please choose me!
N's mom

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