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Age of Autism Contest Angel Necklace from The Puzzling Piece

Heart of an angelMelissa Winter of The Puzzling Piece is giving a lucky Age of Autism reader a free angel  necklace. Leave your name in the comments to enter, make sure you include your email address on the email line of the comment form.

To raise funds for your organization or to enter the the iPad Challenge, visit the The Puzzling Piece website.



beautiful necklace.

Eric Smith

I would love the opportunity to win necklace, Mellissa Winter is the ultimate angel for our children affective with Autism. I am currently in her ipad challenge and for her to take the time to give of her talent, to help other is awesome.
I would love to give my wife this necklace, thanks again.

Raquel Santos

Thank you for offering, it's a beautiful sentiment.


This is beautiful!

Sandi Marcus

I would to win this necklace for my daughter. She has twin boys affected by autism. She is their angel!


Would love to win this beautiful necklace and keep it close in heart to what it represents.


I would give this to a very good friend and fellow mother warrior who has been through alot this year!!! She has always put others first before herself, she is always gracious and kind. I feel so fortunate to be her friend, and am so glad she introduced herself to me at a health siminar at the beginning of the year. She has helped me with moral support and a local doctor who has helped my autistic daughter tremendously! I believe God sends us angels in our lives when we need them the most! Christina S.


Love this, it reminds me of so many people who've made a possitive difference in the lives of children and families effected by autism. I am so gratefull to one mother warrior I met at a health conference earlier in the year, I was so glad she introduced herself and asked me to sit with her and a group of other moms. She has helped me so much since that day, with alot of moral support and a new, local doctor who has helped my daughter tremedously. I would give this necklace to her!

Jennifer Shanahan

Beautiful necklace! Jennifer:)

Barbara Bucknam

what a lovely pendant!

Trina Aurin

I would like to win this beautiful necklace!


so beautiful i would love one..candace

Melissa Winter

Hi everyone,
This is Melissa WInter the creator of The Puzzling Piece. I am excited to give away one of my Heart of an Angel necklace. I thought you might want to read my story about the piece.This piece was created for all the people around us with hearts of angels. I wanted you to smile and think of that special person you know when you look at the piece. I think it’s just one of the gifts you see, and you think wow, I would love to give that heart to….. It’s made of sterling silver with a black antique finish. The bail is hidden behind the heart so you see depth when you have it on. This is sold without a chain.


Beautiful! Would love to give that to a supportive grandma I know!

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