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A Dad's Proud Report on Autism Recovery

Jordan chicagoManaging Editor's Note: Last week I had a chance to email a terrific Dad named Cody Jordan whom I've met at Autism One. His response was so encouraging I asked him if I could share his wonderful news about his son's progress. He agreed and so, for our "dreams" category, we bring you Cody Jordan and his son Harrison. I dare you not to grin from ear to ear. Improvement, recovery is possible - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. KS


His name is Harrison Jordan, and he's doing great.  For the past year, his g.i care has been under Jordan brother smiles Dr. Krigsman, and I'm soooooo glad we took him down to Texas (the few times we have) to have him seen by Dr. Krigsman.  I don't think I've ever met a more compassionate doctor anywhere else (except for maybe Dr. Usman, who I also take my son to).  His chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain (shown through posturing and verbal complaints of pain) are gone, and he's starting to put on weight at a normalized rate.  This was one of the last big hurdles (it's actually felt more like a steeplechase).  We just had the viral crud pass through our house, and he was the only one who didn't get it.  His immune system is that much stronger.

He's talking almost like any other kid his age, and the last few times we've taken him somewhere that there are many kids his age, he's actually tried to make friends.  Yes, he actually went up to another boy his age and asked, "Will you be my friend?" and then asked, "Will you go down the slide with me?"  I just about broke down in tears.  Well, maybe I did shed a few tears, but who the hell cares about "man points" when it has to do with my son's recovery?!?!?

Jordan brotherHe's also aced most of his spelling tests in first grade, and he's being pulled out less and less for the resource room.  People still say (after finding out he has autism) things like, "I'm so sorry.  It must be so hard."  It's getting easier and easier, and I'd say that my family has a pretty normal life.  It's taken extraordinary amounts of time and money.  I mean, sure I could have nicer cars and a bigger house, but it wouldn't mean jack squat to me if my son still sat in the corner of the room, alone and spinning the wheel on a toy truck.  Oh, I have since thrown that truck away.

So, to sum it up, he's doing great.  His recovery is going great, and he's even starting to extort money from his three-year old little brother.  He will actually go up to him, snatch a toy out of his hands, and demand money (usually from ten to twenty-five cents) to give the toy back.  So if my three-year old comes up to me asking for loose change, I know something's up!!!  Things are great; they just keep getting better, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Sorry about getting so wordy in this reply.  When it comes to my son's recovery, I just love to brag!!!


Cody Jordan


Tanya Steinkirchner

Thank you for sharing! We are planning on seeing our DAN for the first time on Dec 13th. I still question my every move and stories like yours keep me on track! I thank you and hopefully one day we can share the same :-)



Congratulations to you and your family Cody!!!!

Hopefully I will be able to share my story too as we are moving in the right direction with Elika as she is now a happy child thank you Jesus and God the father and his holy spirit. I will be sharing my knowlege with patients(parents and children) for free, so when I got all figured out, and I am going to get all figured out, I will be inviting everyone who has not gotten it done to come on down and get it done.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Cody, What a beautiful story. Thankyou very much. Could you mention the treatments that you found most beneficial .

Warrior Mom

We need MORE of these types of stories and details! Families wanting recovery for their own children with autism would benefit greatly from a centralized bank of recovery stories that targeted specific areas, e.g. chronic constipation, inattentiveness, hyperactivity, stimming, impulsive behaviors, etc. Surfing the net to gain answers is exhaustive and time consuming.


Awesome story! Stories like this were EVERYTHING to me in my son's most darkest days when we just started biomed. Our community needs so much more of these!!


Nice one Cody!

As a father with a son who was diagnosed with ASD, I am so happy for you all.

Jack, my son, has also benefitted dramatically from biomedical treatment & I know it has changed all our lives for the better.

Even at the age of 17 he is still improving & has learnt to read & write & developed spontaneity, humour & affection.

He is now able to take comfort when he's sad or worried & hug us & tell us he loves us!!!

I never get used to that... & it is worth all the money in the world to me, his mum & sister!

We are planning a course of HBOT soon which seems to be getting good results on the grapevine...

I wish to express my love, respect & deep gratitude to all the parents & doctors who made this possible by their courage & tenacity in refusing to accept that there was nothing they could do to help their children.

Sincere thanks also to Jonathan Tommey (DAN) who has allowed us to access treatment for our beautiful son.

I also thank God for leading me to the truth.

Love to all at AOA too.


Donna L.

Who knew that 'extorting money' was right up there with adequate speech, improved social skills and normal poop, on the list of qualities we're looking for in recovering our kids!
Congratulations Cody (and your entire family) and thank you for giving all of us hope!


Kudos to the Jordan family!! Love it!


made me tear up but with a smile on my face!

Carolyn M



Great story Kim & Cody!

Is there some timetable of Autism / GI symptoms and exactly what they found and treated for in Texas ?

Missy Olive

I love recovery stories!!!!

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