October 11 is Hacking Autism Day: Apps for Autism from HP
When the Google Alert Makes Autism Families Want to Vomit


Elizabeth Hair

My au-some boyfriend needs a medium sized t-shirt to start speaking out when his autism won't let him =)


This is a "must have" for every individual with autism and a parent/family member of an individual with autism. I am a parent of an autistic child and continue to experience the ignorance of our society as many parents do, I'm sure. We need to do more to spread awareness and say "SCREW AUTISM" because we are not going to let it take over our lives. Shirt size small, please. :)

Laurel Sorensen

Coolest shirt EVER!!!! I so need one :) (in a L)


I would love to have a medium!

Christine Wyskowski

Screw Autism is right! We celebrate everything our son has done, from learning to walk, to learning to point. Autism has taught us that every little milestone should be celebrated.

Need a size large

Erin baker

I love this shirt,,,,,I need a small,
My son shows me everyday what life is really about......unconditional love. He shows his love with actions not words. My sweet angel,,

Jeni Decker

Oh hell yeah! I'll take an XL and if I win, wear it to a book signing for my autism memoir, "I Wish I Were Engulfed in Flames". That should get some attention!


Great contest. Size XL pls. Thanks


Ha, I love this shirt! It puts it so eloquently ;) Size small for me!

toni fawcett

When our son was "red flagged" for Autism back in Feb '11, we immediately--on that very day--changed him to GFCF diet. He had said 6 words until then. A week and a 1/2 later? 41 words and it kept growing!!! We must act fast. We can't wait around for a formal diagnosis. We saw a DAN doc and put him on supplements within the month. He is a thriving, verbal, amazing 3 year old with some sensory issues now. We said "screw autism" the moment we were told. I tell everyone...don't sit around waiting. Fight for your child--whatever it takes, but fight fast. Don't wait for a formal letter. Fight as soon as the suspision is there!! Screw Autism--Screw it quickly! Size M Thanks!

Liz Gray

Hi my son is non verble an i buy tshirts to give him a voice this one is GREAT ,we would love it,an also if we didnot win id love to purchess one too ,thanks Liz


Oh my! I would LOVE LOVE this shirt for my adult son with Autism to wear. He loves funky shirts, his birthday is in two weeks and and the message is excellent!!! He wears a 2 or 3 XL depending on how they run.
If we don't win can I buy him one???


I think people who have a problem with this t-shirt need to get the actual cork screw pictured on the shirt. Thanks for displaying our first amendment right.

Barbie DeWitt

I love this T shirt!!! My sentiments exactly! Size small for me!

Britt Holmstrom-Salisbury

My two youngest children---both little girls---have forms of autism. I do whatever I can to promote awareness. A size XL would be AWESOME!

Samia Thabit

Oh yeah, size L. Woops!!

Samia Thabit

Oh yeah, size L. Woops!!

Samia Thabit

I Love This T Shirt!!! It expresses so much of the emotions I and all of the other moms of kids with autism have!!! Screw Autism!!! Feels good to say it'll feel even better to wear!!!

Marcella Lemos

I want this shirt for my husband. He's just starting to open up about our sons diagnosis. The other day he saw a ST session & said "screw autism; he's bad ass!" 4x for this great guy :)

Michelle Bosco

I love this t-shirt! I would wear it with pride as I continue fighting for my children! I wear a size XL

Rachel S

I love this T...it would be great to wear while I walk to support our "Team Julian" for Autism Speaks coming up...I wear a Medium :D
Proud Warrior Mom!

C. Smith

Love the shirt. It says exactly how I feel. I'd love to make a statement by wearing the shirt. Most autism shirts just try to raise awareness. This one shows what it's like when it affects someone you love. Size Large.


I vote for Donna L to win. The lady who wrote at 8:13 pm . A good response and it sound just like the T-shirt she needs to make it. Go Donna !

Lin Wessels

A large would be very nice or an XL would as well. Either way, count me in! Thank you AoA and A Puzzling Piece for the opportunity!


Oh, oh, me please, pick me please!!! Size L.

Susan Humphrey

Srew Autism and screw the individuals who mistreat and abuse our children out of stupidity or plain meanness. I would wear this t-shirt proudly! Size XL (I like to wear mine with my "kick autism's butt" yoga pants :D

Donna L.

I'd love to win one - but I think I'd wear mine backwards...Screw Autism is a pretty darn appropriate statement to make as we flee public places during meltdowns. (size L)

Tracy McDermott

I see an outfit for my next ARD - size L!



Barbara Certo

What an eye-catching "T". Would love to have one, in a size large. Thanks for the chance to get one.


I want to enter size L


I'm lovin' it! Size xL

Lora Kenney

Please enter me into the contest for the tshirt. Love it! Size large please.

Jen b

Great corkscrew image....I'll have the shirt on when opening my next bottle of wine...lol...And yes...I agree, screw Autism....size m plz :)

Laura Warren

Couldn't have said it better myself. Size 2X


Please enter me, I am a jeans/T kind of gal, and I want to say that 99.99% of the T's I wear are Autism or Vaccine related, 99.9999999% of when I get to leave the house (and around the house obviously)...but it helps me be the best advocate I can be,and often am approached and either asked questions or given info about their child/loved one/neighbor/etc...and often I am pulling out a scrap paper and writing down reference websites for them or their loved ones/neighbors/etc...I LOVE being a walking ad for advocacy/bad vax/autism/etc...
If I win, please send me the largest you have (xl or xxl/etc)

Proud Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Chris Roshaven

So agree, I will beat down this trying to take my children!! My password has often been asdsucks. I don't subscribe to the "gifts" of autism. It has ruined our family and destroyed our finances-- so screw. Autism may not even be strong enough!!!


I love it!!!! I would love to win it!!! My son has autism this would be a wonderful shirt for me to wear!!

Cody Jordan

This t-shirt is great!! I wear a size Large.

Shazia ali

Love this tee and graphics are great! Would love to win!?? Size m


Screw Autism or it will Screw You

Kelly Valenta

LOVE - let's get real. LOVE LOVE LOVE my kid - he's fantastic - but HATE autism, and it's hold over him. Size medium, please! :)

belinda velez

love it..there are when I feel like that!!!!

Magui Abrego

I love this T!! There is this feeling out there about this romantic view of Autism. Screw Autism...that's what I've always thought...fighting it till it goes away!!!


Some days you're the windshield; some days you're the bug.....Need this shirt today.

Katy Blackburn

Screw Autism INDEED!
Size M


My son may have Autism, but Autism doesn't have him. Size 2x

Rachel Branum

Love it! I call those my "disclaimer" shirts. My son has a few autism shirts. One says, "I have autism what's your excuse?". Another says au*tism and gives the definition. Just wore one to legoland. That way when he is being, well.. himself, people know he is not being a bad kid or a weirdo. He just has autism. It is also a good conversation piece. I had a teenage girl approach me and ask about Christian and then tell me her sister has down syndrome and it gave her a chance to talk about what's it like to have a special needs family member. Also, while Christian was fixated on a cause and effect toy at legoland in the pouring rain and I could not get him to get out of the rain, a mom walked by and told me it gets better. Then points to her two teens with asd. She was able to help me change his focus and get him out of the rain. She thought the t-shirt was a great idea. I guess I just want to say that autism shirts rock, and they bring awareness. Keep up the good work to everyone who shows support. I'm probably a 2xl but would squeeze into any shirt that screams screw autism.


Been wanting one of these :)

lisa atwell

Hi! I am feeling as cheeky as the shirt. ;)

Gaye Galluccio

SCREW AUTISM!!! my new mantra!!!!


LOVE THIS, LOVE THIS, LOVE THIS!!!! XL please! I like my shirts big!

Amy Paul

Awesome shirt! I'd wear that anywhere. And yes, definitely need some wine with it... 2XL


Love it and would wear it proudly.

Size = L

Son in Recovery

T-Shirt is very cool! Size M... :)

Harry H.

I'll take an XL, and a bottle of Cabernet.


I love it! 2XL please.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Roll one. Please XL

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