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Will the Real Doctors and Journalists Please Stand Up?

Truth_bigBy Lisa Goes

On November 28, 2011, my son's physician, Dr. Anju Usman, will appear before a judge from the Illinois State Medical Disciplinary Board to schedule a hearing for crimes unknown.  You can read the latest in a string of strange and accusatory articles that detail a father's quest to punish his ex wife by destroying Dr.Usman and denying the origin of his son's illness, at The Trib here.

Like most stories about autism that make the headlines, you'll soon gather this sensationalized drama is not about Dr. Usman at all.  It's about Mr. Conan and his personal problems. It is about our medical community's inability to embrace any departure from the lucrative foundation of group think, and the media's financial need to maintain an archaic and incomplete belief system whose origins resemble religious fanaticism more than scientific research.  Lucky for Mr. Conan, those in power have a vested interest in keeping the work and research of Dr. Usman and her colleagues as far away from the general population as possible.  She and her contemporaries are starting to have a tragic effect on the bottom line. If you are wondering what that elusive bottom line is, and you have been indoctrinated into the well-you-know-they-don't-really-make-any-money-off vaccines-anyway school of thought, let's just put that to bed right now.   Take a good long look. Couple that pure profit with unchecked legislative freedom and unethical business practices and you have what is known as the perfect crime.  Which is what it is.  A CRIME.  Because these folks, who are ethically appalled that my doctor may give your child an enzyme with some vitamin A, do not pay their taxes, (HERE). Mr. Conan is nothing more than an angry man with an ax to grind who is in the right place at the right time.  

Whew.  Now that we've got those pesky facts out of the way (something my well-paid journalist contemporaries fail to check) I would like to get to the heart of the matter. The loss of the American media.  Where'd they go? Anybody know? Our reporters, our chase that story/just the facts Lois Lanes have all retired to Boca and they've been replaced with dictation-takers.  Play it safe, establishment-loving, approval-craving dictation-takers.  My friends and I, busy concerned moms with incredibly sick kids, we are the new media. If that seems like a bold assertion for a suburban housewife to make it might behoove you to know that real reporting is not all that glamorous. Mostly because of all the annoying, necessary fact checking.  For instance, how do you think I got access to all the links I just provided for you?  Do you think I called the CDC and they said, "Why Mrs. Goes, we would be delighted to sit down with you and talk about all our secret and lucrative deals with pharma.  Oh, I can hear the little ones in the background. You must be terribly busy.  Tell us, when is a good time for you? We'll make ourselves available."  No, that's how it works for the dictation takers. Read, Evidence of Harm, by David Kirby, if you'd like to know how the government treats concerned parents who attempt to educate themselves about westernized preventative medicine.  God, what I would have given to have had someone gift me with that eye-opening chronicle of Sally Bernard et al., before the birth of our precious Noah.  The discovery process in the medical world of immune system and neurological damage is like waking up each new day to a sucker punch. It's not autism at all.  At...all.  

Our media, like our doctors, have become lazy. They've stopped thinking for themselves.  And gosh darn, if they don't value comfort over the truth.  Even if it is just the illusion of comfort.  Still better that we are all sitting around agreeing to believe the lie rather than confronting it.  Yeah, there's a wild 90 lbs kid spitting, jumping in people's laps, hitting himself and taking off his pants right in front of us all. But if nobody looks, maybe he will go away.  Really. He might. This hope personifies the group think mentality of our media and our medical and scientific communities. Sprinkle in a few feel good stories about a kid with autism winning a race or giving a speech, make sad faces at the camera when covering wandering deaths, and put the finishing touches on with a "new cutting edge study".  Maybe the old reliable standby about enlarged heads in infants with autism or the preemies get autism theory, and everyone can just keep cruising along like it's the good old days when you only got "the cancer" if you worked at a power plant or smoked a pack a day.

When I entered the world of autism activism in 2009 I was told by several of my colleagues to steer clear of the author of this series of articles about Dr. Usman.  I was warned  she was repeatedly presented with the real science, she was given a multitude of opportunities to speak with recovered kids and their families, but she chose not to listen. Apparently she's made the most intelligent among us sound like blathering idiots.  People have actually used the word "dangerous" to describe her. Over the weekend she had a rather civil discourse with my husband regarding her most recent article.  Of the many paragraphs they exchanged via email, I found these comments most vexing:

"...I think we agree at least on the most basic thing - that these kids deserve the best treatments. One thing I hear over and over from parents is the vivid sense that they are not getting that from mainstream medicine, that science has, at bottom, let them down.


I totally agree that a few individuals are not the best way to sort out good from bad. I think people - all of us - are really really terrible at determining that with our intuition and gut. I think thousands of years of history proves that. Over and over, we have been fooled into thinking treatments work and are safe only to find out they do not and are not. Our gut, our intuition, our "clinical sense" has proven to be unreliable.

But science isn't. With well-designed trials, replicated to get rid of chance results, or results from some mistake or bias, we can get a solid idea of what works and what doesn't. Otherwise, we are just guessing.

I am not coming at these treatments from the position they do not work. I don't know that. Nobody does. But nobody knows for sure they work either. Because the right studies have not been done. My position is that nobody knows if they work or if they are safe."

She admits the studies have not been done. I find this disturbing because the mantra of the establishment she defends repeatedly asserts "the studies have been done".  Which stance is true? She falsely states that she is taking an unbiased position on whether or not the treatments work. She actually believes real science is being practiced in pharmaceutical research facilities. Friends, these are not the words of a dangerous journalist.  These are the words of a fearful woman who has probably made some poor decisions in her life. It's just easier and better to let someone else ferret it all out...someone who is real smart and understands all this medical stuff. She forgets that perfect science is executed by imperfect scientists with mortgages to pay, families to support and reputations to uphold. Their reputations are no longer about their character, but rather their ability to bring a product to market. Greed is the new honor. This reporter has zero understanding of the science of which she speaks and it's sociopolitical roots. Who better to write about it? Folks who do not understand but infinitely respect the notion of  unbiased pharmaceutical science make great reporters, especially when they are uninterested in investigating the claims of parents.  In all honestly, who, among the unaffected wants to break this story? If what we say is true, this is a dangerous, dangerous world. Our children are being harmed by their healers.  It's too sick to fathom.  So...don't! Instead, just follow. Like a good soldier--an obedient child.  This reporter's need for safety overrides her common sense time and time again. Thousands of parents will tell you their child became ill and withdrew socially after their immunizations.  Thousands.  But because the actual decline was not documented in a clinical environment, it was not wordsmith-ed in a press release, it is impossible for journalists to believe. The person, the individual, simply does not have a voice because they cannot prove they were damaged in a laboratory setting.  Labs cost money, just like newspapers do. Pharmaceutical dollars fund them both. 

I get it, I really do.  If kids weren't dropping like flies around me and I didn't attend children's parties where more than half the attendees were medicated or wearing pressure vests I would be cruising along in la la land right beside her. I do not have that luxury. My eyes have been opened.  I have an obligation to act. Unlike this reporter and her contemporaries, I choose to see the real world around me instead of justifying it's corruption under the guise of the ever popular notion of the "herd".   

Dr. Usman is one of the many doctors on the team of world renown research physicians who have helped heal my friend's child. I cannot name names because her daughter's case is one of the few left standing in the VICP.  This friend prohibits me from using the "r" word in reference to her child because as she would say, "LJ, she's held together with many many medical band-aids." Her daughter has been and continues to be treated for adverse reactions that resulted from excessive stimulation to her fragile and underdeveloped immune system.  She is now in a mainstream classroom without an aide. Sometimes she talks too loud. She is charming, affable, completely present, spontaneous and social. She and Noah have many things in common.  Neurological and intestinal inflammation, mitochondrial disease and bowel disease to name just a few. You would never know this child ever had autism.  Have we all been "...fooled into thinking treatments work and are safe only to find out they do not and are not?" She had autism. She no longer has autism.  Noah has autism, is in a special classroom, is not potty trained, and still cannot sit in a chair unassisted. Are we "just guessing" that she is better and Noah is not?  My friend didn't heal her daughter by trusting her gut or her "intuition," she did it by researching and pursuing treatment for her from the best physicians in the country--real MDs who are treating  "immune compromise" and mitochondrial dysfunction. This family is two years ahead of us on this journey. If given the chance to speak with them I imagine this reporter would surmise that their daughter was probably mistakenly diagnosed and never had autism in the first place.  Because that's what we are told when we drain our 401K's, sell our houses and our cars and live paycheck to paycheck to get our kids better.  It's what everyone needs to believe.  Thousands upon thousands of us just made it all up. No matter how many more seemingly healthy kids get sick.  And die. 

 Ms. Reporter, I hope you are listening.  You were right. Mainstream science has indeed let us down and our kids do deserve the best.  Our kids deserve Dr. Usman and her colleagues. The elite, sought after, forward thinking researchers who've risen to the top amidst an endless sea of unquestioning medical mediocrity.  My friends and I are available to help educate you at your convenience about the devastating medical illnesses that have been mislabeled as autism. If you would like to speak with us we will be there supporting Dr. Usman November 28th.   We look forward to your intelligent and informed questions.  

Lisa Joyce Goes is Managing Partner of The Misuta Project, Contributing Editor for Age of Autism, and Executive Board Member of the IllinoisCanary Party




Somebody is mopping up the web,any information that is
anti-vaccine or does NOT fit their agenda will disappear,
blocked or "not found".They are working very hard to control the information and keep people in the dark.
Parents need to their research and speak up.Delay immunization as long as possible.May be get one tetanus
once the kid is out there in the dirt/beach,other than that,
just keep their immune system strong and let let them pick up the infections naturally from their friends,family and
classmates.Think about home-schooling-if you can.


Reporters have become repeaters. Cut and paste. Use a friend's opinion. Or worse, sell your own.

Inept reporting is propagating the epidemic of vaccine-induced autism. Thanks, LJ, for spelling it out.



I would like to wish Dr Anju Usman all the best. I saw her at the ARI/DAN conference in Oct 2008, she is a very courageous woman.

@ Barry

Your comment is "spot-on" Big Pharma will continue to fight. Over here Merck won there appeal, according to our judges Vioxx does not cause heart attacks.



It is absolutely tragic what is being done to DAN! style practitioners AND TO THE PATIENTS being treated. Dr. Geier is being railroaded and my daughter's medical records were seized in the crossfire and the contents published on the WWW by the investigators. My child did NOTHING to deserve it and no one associated from our family/health care EVER had ANY complaint with Dr. Geier. And we have no legal recourse as this seizure/publication is exempt from HIPAA. We have GOT to put a stop to it. Many other DANs have had their offices ransacked by the government.


the latest:


All these cruel persecutions of wise and humane doctors, who really help autistic children to recover, without any evidence that such treatments harm these children, tell us clearly that the medical mafia injures our children with toxic vaccines on purpose to have them chronically sick. When they are sick, they will be permanent users of equally toxic allopathic drugs such as antidepressants, neuroleptics, stimulants, anxiolytics etc. There is no doubt that they injure and kill our children for profits using “preventive medicine” – preventive from health and life.

Anne McElroy Dachel

On Oct 20, 2011, WVEC-TV in Norfolk, VA reported on a doctor who readily admitted that vaccines can damage children. (See video Dr. Eric Madren admits that vaccine damage includes more than just autism.

"I have some families who have experienced seizures as a result of immunizations. I have seen that happen in my practice. I had some families who's children require hospitalization as a result of adverse vaccine reactions."

That was stunning. How many doctors out there see the damage and close their eyes.
Anne Dachel, Media

Terrified for our children's futures

I cry as I read your post. I personally know of a good reporter for a major news organization who was told by her superiors to stop doing reports on vaccine risks/truths. Drug manufacturers advertise with every network to blackmail them into silence. Most people do not dig deeper for the truth, and the only way most of us wake up is after our child is harmed. So, I worry constantly about how the truth will come out. I think it will only be when every family has been affected. It's heartbreaking.

My son is no longer on the spectrum, but I feel he is only one vaccine or GMO pizza away from being reclassified. People don't believe it. My life revolves around his care and diet.

Thank you for your work, and for the voice.

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Lisa for pointing out the real motive and history in this case so well. We have been fortunate to have Dr. Usman also on our team of doctors trying to help Megan. It is an injustice and a sad time in history when this kind of discrimination is done to those who seek to find medical answers to complex illnesses. Maverick doctors like Dr. Usman and Dr. Wakefield are incredibly brilliant, honest and brave, as they have seen children in pain with a controversial condition -- autism -- and describe it as medical. Real evidence of GI damage, immune dysfunction and brain inflammation are now replacing the historical and incorrect behavioral only list. The fact that vaccines are the increasing "before" for so many cases puts these doctors and more like them in harms way.

We will continue to support them and every doctor who wants to truly heal the children and speak out on their behalf.


Thank you! for speaking out so eloquently!!


Barry - it's terrible beyond my imagination.

I totally agree with you.

Theresa O

Kathy and Barry are right on... It's amazing how quickly the medical community turns its back on its members when they break the party line.

The recent survey of doctors regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines is interesting, from this perspective: younger doctors were less likely to view vaccines as safe and more likely to view them as risky, and the medical media presents it as "the value of childhood vaccination is less apparent to younger doctors than to their older counterparts."


Ah, yes. The value is there, but these dumb / crazy / uninformed young doctors just don't see it!

Then our friend (heh) Bruce Gellin says, "For a long time, we've suspected this kind of thing... This tells us where we need to focus our efforts." Right. Note that his comment is entirely about managing perceptions, and *not* about any proof to contradict what these younger MDs believe. The man is a politician (director of the National Vaccine Program Office in Washington), and he's playing a political game.

Maybe, just maybe, his game won't work. True, Dr. Usman is being harassed by the government (as part of an ugly divorce / custody case), but I don't think the government can stand up to a growing group of MDs who got the chickenpox as kids and don't believe the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks--MDs who see a patient population of fully-vaccinated, chronically ill children, and ask themselves whether our "public health" efforts aren't misdirected. It'll be interesting to watch the backpedal begin, once these MDs become the majority, perhaps many of them with vaccine-injured children themselves.


Parent wrote: ".. It's so frustrating I could scream. And it aggravates the living h*** out of me that doctors who retain their natural scientific curiosity - like Dr. Usman - are VILLIFIED for not following some EBM "standard of care." Good gosh - the reason many of us are in the predicament we are in is BECAUSE WE FOLLOWED THE STANDARD OF CARE..."


Dr Usman has done nothing wrong, in fact she has done everything right... for her patents. Dr Usman, like Dr Waefield, is a victim of her own success. They're both too smart to dissuaded by pharma funded rhetoric. They followed their instincts in search of ways to help, and they did it because they recognized there was a desperate need.

Unlike most doctors, they actually listened to us parents, and did everything in their power to help our sickened children. But unfortunately for them, their efforts have brought them too close to the truth.... and many, many people have started to take notice.

So like Dr Wakefield before her, Dr Usman must now be silenced as well.


When parents tell doctors that their child regressed after vaccination, most doctors categorically deny any connection whatsoever. Because THEY are the doctors, and if THEY say we couldn't possibly have seen what we all know we saw, well there’s no way THEY could be wrong.

When parents point out that there’s an exploding incidence of autism in our country, doctors reassure us that the incidence isn't increasing at all. In spite of what thousands of people have been reporting from virtually every corner of this country, THEY contend that these children were simply there all along. And the only reason that the rest of us are even aware of its rather startling prevalence…. is that THEY have become so much better at pointing it out to the rest of us.

Yet when someone presents a child that a REAL doctor like Dr Usman has recovered from autism, their explanation is that the child was not recovered at all.. the child must simply have been misdiagnosed in the first place.

Isn’t it rediculous how they use “stellar diagnostic abilities” to keep their asses out of jail, and then later use “questionable diagnostic abilities” to keep their asses out of jail?

victor pavlovic

The real Doctors and Journalists have stood up, there aren't many as we see. The others, they are for the most part, WIMPS!


Where is the "Evidenced Based Medicine" that can prove that even case of cervical cancer... was prevented by the HPV (Help Pay for Vioxx) vaccine ??

When a vaccinated child catches a disease they are vaccinated for... what Evidence does that provide ???

Trine Tsouderos is biased and beholden to corporate interests

Great article, but why isn't Trine Tsouderos' name mentioned anywhere - not even in the comments? The harm that Trine Tsouderos has caused to children with autism through her persecution of doctors who are actually helping them (vs. mainstream docs who readily prescribe institutionalization), the shameless bias and dishonesty in Trine Tsouderos' reporting, the CDC/mainstream med ties to Trine Tsouderos' newspaper - the Chicago Tribune, Trine Tsouderos' lack of journalistic ethics and integrity, Trine Tsouderos' lack of credentials to be a science and medical writer for a major metropolitan newspaper, the inexplicible promotion of a food journalist to science and medical writer, and Trine Tsouderos' public association with Dr. Paul Offit - vaccine industry spokesman - should be made known at every opportunity.

How else will people learn the truth about Trine Tsouderos' lack of neutrality and credentials as a health reporter in their Google searches?

Ironically, the internet indirectly created the Trine Tsouderos brand of corporate journalism by contributing to the decline of newspapers. Corporate shill journalism emerges as a survival response - which will in the long term cost newspapers their credibility - and kill them in the end.

I wouldn't use the Chicago Tribune to line a hamster cage. It would be unfair to the hamster.


_Into the Buzzsaw_ looks interesting. I think journalism schools are primarily devoted to public relations these days so things are only going to get worse.

Sometimes we're lucky enough to find out the truth by chance. After 911 I became frustrated because the Europeans seemed to be rolling up terrorist cells every week while we here in the US weren't doing anything. How about those middle-eastern guys in New Jersey celebrating while the towers burned? There was a license plate number and everything. Did we at least catch *them*? We did. I found out who they were. Do you know? The reporter who did a story on it now seems to write exclusively about nature, but you can read his article about it here:


Every time someone starts arguing with me about "evidence based medicine" I quip back "who pays for the EVIDENCE?" The pharma industry has a monopoly on "studies" and they are not about to produce any meaningful "studies" which diminish a profit center, be it vaccines (yes they are profitable) or numerous treatment meds, both OTC and RX.

If all us parents put our money into a pool to pay for studies, we could never even come close to what pharma does on a slow day.

It's so frustrating I could scream. And it aggravates the living h*** out of me that doctors who retain their natural scientific curiosity - like Dr. Usman - are VILLIFIED for not following some EBM "standard of care." Good gosh - the reason many of us are in the predicament we are in is BECAUSE WE FOLLOWED THE STANDARD OF CARE.


Thanks for a great article LJ.

kathy blanco

Apparently, a caring physician is ready for the guillatine anytime they actual care, and afford treatments that work. My DAN doctor is the same way. He has been villified for what he I see his wall of fame, of kids who are recovered...what a poor individual it would take to make someone like that seem dangerous! Every child is different even in the autism spectrum with so many background noise environmental hits (as was designed), it is often hard to pinpoint the destroying angel it took to become autistic. Was it vaccines, a virus in utero, a bacteria, a mold exposure, a birth injury, lack of thyroid hormone, heavy metals, autoimmunity in the family, a pesticide exposure at a key time, fluoride, etc's all so engulfing and challenging...and for a parent, to meet someone who gets it, is rare. Yes, we throw a lot of money at autism, because we can't stand to see our kids in pain, actual pain, seizures, etc. No one is offering us solutions. Sometimes I think I frighten the average joe physician because I know more than them. I can't stand when that happens, it feels like I am frankly getting jipped by stupid white coats. When we land upon someone who does finally get it, they are on the precipice of having their licenses removed because they actually read studies, and put two and two together. What an awful shame our medical system has gotten to!~ Nature can cure lot of things that are not pattened, and sometimes the source of our diseases are from things like what we eat (yes doctor, what you are is what you eat). Media has become bedfellows to this disaster...all it takes to report something is trusting the AP wires and just speaking it without one thought of the implications. Our media has become an evening magazine, celebrity gossip, etc, because we can't either handle the truth, or we don't have the intellectual capacity to think for a few minutes. Such is a lott of people who are poisoned by fluoride (IQ drops significantly during a lifetime exposure) alone with apathy. We need to wake up the sheople, and find the conspirtal underpinnings of our world, if not, the world will swallow not only us up, but our children too.

Bob Moffitt

The profession of "investigative journalism" no longer exists .. except for those rare individuals who have the courage to ask the hard questions .. knowingly putting their own careers at risk for doing so.

At least our generation has alternative sources to seek reliable information .. it wasn't always so .. as Mark Twain once observed:

"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed."

Lisa Radtke

LJ you are a tried and true Mother Warrior. I am honored to know you and have tremendous hope for the recovery of my daughter because I know you are there fighting this fight. I wish I could say I sleep better at night knowing this, but knowing this does not take the inconsolable tears from my daughters eyes when she screams all night in pain and she has NO voice to tell me where it hurts and how to fix it. But you know all to well about that. Thank you LJ.


Once again you've done it with finesse, LJ. I'm honored to know you.

Deb in IL

Mainstream news became big business 2 decades ago. Read "Into the Buzzsaw" to see how investigative reporting was killed.

John Stone

'Evidenced Based Medicine' is a farce: some modest statistical effect substituting for the individual attention that every sick person needs. EBM is an industrial tool for divide and rule (and it is not what it says it is).

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