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October 11 is Hacking Autism Day: Apps for Autism from HP

The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention

Warn By John Stone

A version of the March conference of the British Society of Ecological Medicine is now available online HERE.. Tragic to report that Dr David Freed, who presided with such warmth and charm over the first session died suddenly in August. He is here quoted:

‘It seems to me that the ethical background to vaccination – giving potentially harmful medications to healthy individuals in the hope of keeping them that way – has never been clearly addressed… Who gave us the right (a) to invade the bodies of healthy people who never asked us to, and (b) to do it not only without explanation of the possible risks, but in some countries even applying coercive pressures, denying the existence of the risks, and suppressing relevant information?’

Freed mentions in the transcript of his introduction  that he had been in medical practice 43 years, but I would certainly have made him 10 years younger.

Much to its credit the BSEM provided an almost lone voice in the United Kingdom opposing the General Medical Council findings against Andrew Wakefield and colleagues last year  and indeed Wakefield gave a paper at the conference, although it is not included in the present publication.

However, there are several important and valuable papers which AoA readers might like to look at including those by Richard Halvorsen, Lucija Tomljenovic, Christina England, Leslie Botha and Freda Birrell, and Ellen Grant (to mention the papers that were actually presented at the conference). Topics include the dishonesty of the official United Kingdom vaccine programme, fabricated illness allegations, HPV vaccine and autism and the pill.

(Just to mention I had difficulty raising the individual pdf’s on Internet Explorer, but they came up instantly using Firefox).


Ray Gallup

Steve Jobs who passed away recently from what I understand could keep viruses off of his Apple computers while Bill Gates could not with his Microsoft programs.

On another note Autism Speaks (AS) seems to have the market cornered when it comes to handing out information to countries outside the US when it comes to autism information.
As everyone knows AS does not pass on information about the link between autism and vaccines. I have to Dr. Samira Al-Saad of the Kuwait Centre of Autism so much so they published my letter to them on January 3, 2011 which was published in the September 2011 edition of their magazine, the Scream (in Arabic). Out of all the countries in the Middle East they are trying to get the people to go public on autism and other disabilities rather than remain silent and treat it as a stigma from what they mention in the Scream.

Their word for autism is AL-TAWAHOD and interpreted means Disease for being alone. What better way to describe autism than that Arab word and meaning!!!!

For those people and organizations that would wish to write them a letter by mail or email to give them information on the vaccine/autism link should do so by the following:

Dr. Samira Al-Saad
Kuwait Centre for Autism
P.O. Box 33425
Alrawda 73455 Kuwait

Email: kwautism@qualitynet.net

PS: There are ways to search the Internet to get Worldwide autism organizations and you will find a site that will list them all.

John Stone

Hi Barry,

I am not jumping to any conclusions about Internet Explorer but we ought to watch out in case there is deliberate bias and censorship and not just random technical hitches. I still find it often easier to use than other browsers but not without its own problems.

I am sure you are exactly right in your suggestion about Gates and vaccines. He doesn't have the best software but he is exceptionally skilled at making people take his products, and it is the same coercive model for vaccines. John


".. (Just to mention I had difficulty raising the individual pdf’s on Internet Explorer, but they came up instantly using Firefox)...."

Thanks for the link to these pdf's John, I had no idea they even existed

I've been using Firefox for several years now, and the biggest reasons are that I found Internet Explorer to be flaky, and a computer savvy friend had warned me that it offered little or no resistance to viruses which gain access to your computer through your web browser.

As I was writing this, I realized 2 things:

- Isn't it odd that Bill Gates software makes it more difficult for us to access truthful information about the dangers of vaccines

- Isn't it also odd that Bill Gates, a guy who can't keep viruses out of his software.... has suddenly become an expert on keeping viruses out of our bodies?

The one thing I have always said about Bill Gates software, is that he's one heck of a marketer. I guess vaccine makers have come recognize that ability in him as well.

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