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The Doctors To Feature Barb Loe Fisher on Doctors Turning Away Patients Who Do Not Fully Vaccinate

Barb loe fisherFrom the Facebook page:

"Barbara Loe Fisher will appear on tomorrow's (TODAY Oct. 17) "The Doctors" (CBS) in a segment entitled "Which Side Are You On?" The topic being discussed is doctors declining to treat patients, who do not follow doctor's orders, including pediatrician's dismissing families from their practices when parents do not vaccinate children or want to use an "alternative" vaccination schedule. There is a lively debate among the doctors and health advocate Jillian Michaels in the segment on "The Doctors" about which side they are on in the tug of war between doctors and parents about what should be done when parents and doctors disagree about vaccination."

Check your local listings HERE.


Lois Rankin

Jillian Michaels is far from being a doctor, so why is she with the doctors everyday? She is stupid looking.

Adam M

This show is just another example of media bias. But I must say THANK YOU BARBARA !!! You conducted yourself as always with grace & composure and bring up the facts that they never bring up.

Special Vaccine Court,

2 billion in compensation paid out over 25 years,

adults and children both damaged or killed by vaccines,

and stark realization by anyone paying attention that informed consent has been the exception and not the rule.

The only real education anybody got was when Barbara spoke. How hard it must be for her to not just scream at them "YOU FOOLS!!!! YOU'RE DOING IT AGAIN!!!! Barbara you amaze me. THANK YOU!


This topic is Greedy based. They are trying to PUSH vaccines everywhere and trying to villafy anyone who believes that God is the true designer and NO chemicals should not be shot up into a brain that is doubling in size. I was provaccine until I witness a couple of reactions and the inaction and excuses that doctors come up with (instead of listening). NO there was not FULL DISCLOSURE and yes, these vaccines caused my child health issues. It's pretty simple but they are afraid to be held accountable. My next child was the healthiest and did not receive any mercury nor spend hours staring at mercury lightbulbs. To each his own, fool me once, shame on me and terrible for my poor offspring, fool me twice, shame on ME.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Just received this info from my local (Oregon) NVIC rep.:

Hi Michael,

I work for Oregon Public Broadcasting. We’re doing a segment tomorrow morning (Oct. 18th) on doctors turning away families for not having their children vaccinated, and I’m hoping to speak to any family that may have had this experience. Feel free to pass my contact info (below) on to any families that have experienced this, or, alternately, any families that have managed to work with their pediatricians regarding their views on vaccines.


Dave Blanchard
Think Out Loud
Oregon Public Broadcasting
office: 503-445-1873
cell: 425-248-1917


That was such a disappointing section...on SO many levels.

Maurine Meleck

If you blinked twice, you missed it. Barbara, as always, was great, but no time for any discussion, really. What a shame.


As expected, Barbara Loe Fisher was not given a lot of time to cover many points. Perhaps she could issue a statement of what she would say in two minutes on television if the content could not be edited.

The featured CDC rep certainly has a lot of badges and medals, does anyone know what those are for... and how do they get so many so soon ????

Do they get medals for vaccinating their children ?

Only about two or three flu shot commercials on the Monday program...

shannon k

Tell me how unvaxxed kids get vaxxed kids sick? Don't the vaccines protect them? What r they worried about? I should be concerned that a vaxxed kid will get my unvaxxed kid sick rigjt?

Bob Moffitt

While I'm thinking about it ..

Why is it that pediatricians only castigate parents for exercising their right to "informed consent" regarding vaccinations?

Why aren't pediatricians castigating the public health officials in 33 developed COUNTRIES .. for exercising their national right to "informed consent" .. by refusing to vaccinate the children in their country according to the United States recommended schedule?

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland give 2 doses of DTaP, 2 doses of Polio, 2 doses of Hib, 2 doses of Pneumo .. to children in their first year of life.

The US gives 3 doses of DTaP, 3 doses of Polio, 3 doses of Hib, 3 doses of Pneumo

Do pediatricians believe the public health officials of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are recklessly placing their one year old children at high risk by only giving them 2 doses .. when United States recommends 3 doses of each vaccine for children in their first year of life?

In fact .. not one developed country vaccinates their children in the first year of life according to the recommended schedule of US public health officials .. which requires children receive 26 doses (when I last checked)of 9 vaccines.

Why is that I wonder?


In western UE countries all vaccines for children are voluntary and only 1/3 of parents vaccinate their children. If doctors refused to treat unvac children , they would go bankrupt. This is what American parents should do - stop vaccinating and bankrupt these nasty useless pediatricians. Those who are smart and humane will remain in practice. The rest will soon come back begging for patients. In some EU countries there are two kinds of pediatric clinics: one for sick children and another for healthy. I think this is the best approach to this problem.


This article by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talks about how doctors and veterinarians differ regarding vaccine concerns.

Veterinarians seem to consider pets as individuals and vaccines are customized to their needs and lifestyles. For example, dogs that have allergies are often vaccinated less, given smaller doses or not vaccinated at all. If any adverse reaction was experienced from a vaccine, vets are cautious about future vaccines.

Veterinarians acknowledge that vaccines can cause serious adverse reactions, including well-documented cancers in cats: feline leukemia and feline sarcomas.

Most veterinarians seem to understand that a one-size-fits-all vaccine policy is not appropriate.

Bob Moffitt

To say this show was disappointing would be an understatement .. but .. as usual .. Barbara Loe Fisher was excellent in her comments.

The Doctors opened with the question:

"Should doctors be able to refuse to treat patients who refuse to be vaccinated?"

Described as one of a growing number of doctors who don't want patients who refuse to vaccinate their kids .. Dr. Scott Goldstein, a Chicago pediatrician .. in a video clip .. described his policy as .. "No vaccines .. No treatment".

Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Travis Stork .. both strongly stated they believe doctors refusing patients do so to protect the health of other patients waiting to see the doctor .. exposing them to preventable diseases .. especially whooping cough.


#1 .. Would you recommend doctors refuse to treat SENIOR CITIZENS who refuse the annual flu vaccine .. because .. those SENIORS may expose other patients to the flu?

#2 .. Is it only unvaccinated CHILDREN that doctors should refuse to treat .. or .. should SENIOR CITIZENS who are not up-to-date with the recommended 2011 schedule for adults .. Flu .. TDaP .. HPV .. MMR .. Meningococcal .. Hib .. also be refused?

Barbara Loe Fisher .. when asked to present her strong views regarding the "16 different infectious diseases" that vaccines prevent .. and .. said something like:

"The human right to "informed consent" to medical risk taking is what keeps the practice of medicine honest and ethical. The truth is .. vaccines .. like prescription drugs .. carry risks that can be greater for some more than for others .. because .. we're not all the same biologically"

Dr. Andrew Ordon .. a plastic surgeon who appears regularly on the show .. responded with an enthusiastic, emphatic, loud "YES" when the question about refusing patients was first ask .. yet .. was seen enthusiastically nodding his head in complete agreement with Barbara Loe's later statement about "risks for some being greater than risks for others".


#1 .. Do you really believe that a doctor has a right to deny parents their right to "informed consent" .. seeking to protect THEIR child against the risks of vaccines that YOU readily admit exist?

#2 .. Do you require your patients to be up-to-date with the recommended vaccine schedule for ADULTS before you or your staff perform plastic surgery on them?

All in all .. this topic required far more time to explore properly .. but .. that would probably not fit into the "sound bite" quality of The Doctors .. a show which appears far more interested in presenting entertainment than it is actually confronting the controversy.

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