AB499 Passes in CA Removes Parental Consent from Gardasil Genital Wart Vaccine for Children 12+
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The Canary Party: California 12 Year Olds to be Vaccinated with out Parental Knowledge

TheCanaryPartyBanner300 Today Governor Brown signed into law AB499 which will allow 12 year old children to be vaccinated with out parental knowledge or consent.  This currently applies to the Gardasil and Hepatitis B vaccines, but will expand to include ANY new STD vaccine that is brought to market in the future.

This means that as of tomorrow, boys and girls as young as 12 will be alone in their doctors office, or pulled into the nurses office at school, be offered a vaccine and told that if they don't get it, they can get sick and die, the child will be given the shot and parents will never know.  This also means that parents no longer have access to their child's full medical records, but are only able to request PARTS of their child's heath records once they turn 12.  

The package insert for the Gardasil vaccine is 30 pages long.  Take a look at it.  Gardasil Package Insert.  The state of California has decided that 6th graders are competent to read and properly digest this information, to fully understanding the risks and benefits of this vaccine, and to make an informed consent decision.  Absurd.  

This is nothing more than a marketing ploy for Merck (who makes Gardasil) to get around parents who understand the risks of these specific vaccines, and the corrupt public officials in Merck's pocket who are handing innocent children over to them for power and profit.  The California legislator that introduced this bill, Toni Atkins, took money from Merck and then lied about it when confronted on her motives for this bill.

And this morning on Fox, our friend and Canary Party member Rebecca Estepp, who is the communications director for the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy, debated former California state assembly woman Sally Lieber, who previously introduced a bill making the Gardasil vaccine mandatory for 11 year olds.  Lieber had to remove her name from the leadership on the bill when it was discovered that her family was heavily invested in Merck.
As most of you know, when vaccine injuries occur, since no one involved in the vaccine program or vaccine administration is held responsible for deaths or vaccine injury, it is now merely denied by the medical establishment, no matter how much evidence comes to light that a vaccine was responsible for the damage.  Now Merck and the public officials that they have co-oped have made huge headway to insure that those vaccine injuries will never even be investigated, much less reported to the vaccine injury registry, as a 12 year old will merely fall ill (or die), parents will never know why, and will not be able to ensure that the child gets proper medical evaluation or treatment.  This for two of the vaccine that have the highest injury rate of them all.  Gardasil and Hepatitis B.

Please send this to your friends, especially if they are in California.  The media has not carried this story and few Californians are aware that this is happening. (click the "View it in your browser" link at the top right of this email, and forward that link to your contacts, also share on twitter and facebook).

The Canary Party's work is needed now more than ever and we urge you to get involved at your state level and on our project teams.  Please consider donating to our efforts.

This is why we fight.

Ginger Taylor, M.S.
Executive Director
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Are the Californians sleeeeeeeeping? This bill is a horrific mistake.Who is going to protect these 11 and 12 years olds??? Pull the kids out of the school.Protest,write
letters,e-mail,complain,call radio and tv.stations,send letters to teachers and principals.They have taken away parental rights.SHAME.Gardasil is a neuro-toxin and may cause immune or reproductive damages.Long-term result are
not known,short term results read like a horror story.
8% experienced serious adverse effects,more 20,000 adverse
reports,over 100 death now.Please California wake up!

Angry But Awake

I am outaged that politicians and big pharma think they know best what is appropriate for children. I think parents concerned about this bill better write their school boards and ask how soon they plan on implementing it. We then should let them know we know we have options whether to homeschool and will pull our kids from public school to avoid being experimented on. Whatever you do mean it. No one gives a dam about your child more than you.


That Lieber woman really irritates me. Basically she is saying that girls who do not have any advocacy in their lives will be forced to have the vaccine. So the most vulnerable children (boys and girls under any child protection status) will be thrown under the bus so Merck can be guaranteed that market share; girls and boys with no parent advocates. Shame on her.

wondering why

It would be great if everyone here contacts the peeps and Occupy Wallstreet to inform them of this issue and add it to their list of grievances.


Andrew Wakefield talks a bit about HPV vaccines at the end of this talk. In discussing the recombinant DNA attached to aluminum adjuvant sometimes found in the blood of Gardasil recipients, Dr. Wakefield mentions that antibodies to double-stranded DNA are found in some lupus patients.

Unlike other of his talks, much of it is devoted to discussing the Deer fraud charges and it's a bit compressed so it doesn't flow the way you expect a Wakefield talk to do. It's worthwhile, though, and he does get in a much-deserved zinger at the expense of Fiona Godlee.


Karen Newell

Here are two questions you cannot find the answer to: As a nurse practitioner I have asked the Gardasil/Merck reps and they can't answer:
1)What is the chance of any one person developing cervical cancer in their lifetime without Gardasil? (1 in 100; 1 in 1000, 1 in 100,000)?

2. What is the chance of a person developing cervical cancer if they do take the three doses of Gardasil?

Without that information, NO ONE can make an informed and intelligent choice. How can anyone even be debating this issue if this information can't be found?

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you to Rebecca and Alisyn.

Paraphrasing the part about "... not all children have the family structure intact to... insure access..." ? I would have thought that children under the "care of the state" already were almost guaranteed recipients? I wonder if this bill gives those children the greater right to say no?

But in reality it is all so clearly a statement that the state does not think the parent has the right to say no. I doubt they really believe the child does either.

My daughter, always wanting to please...

joe blake


The sooner, the better.

Cynthia Cournoyer

This is the first time a vaccine has been swept into the category of "therapy." The vaccine is treated as any other treatment for STD's and it is equated with handing out condoms without parental consent. There is precedent for that and that is what wedged this legislation into existence. It is also how they plan to fight any lawsuits that arise out of this legislation. This sets the stage for more STD vaccines to be offered to 12 year olds in school without parent permission. Vaccines have always been in the category of prevention. Not any more.

Leslie Carol Botha

Great point Jennifer.....I agree this is going to backfire big time. And I think Merck's marketing department is well aware of the possibility.

From a marketing perspective, Governor Jerry Brown's signing the bill into law is going to guarantee that Gardasil stays in the media spotlight for a long time to come. His act will also raise parental awareness about vaccines and the collusion between government and Pharma.

On the other hand - maybe the governor is well aware of what is at stake here and signed the bill into law to make this movement towards taking informed consent away from parents a national issue.....before Merck goes out and buys up every other state in the Union.

We now have a strong platform to get our message of concern out to parents. It does not matter where they stand on vaccines - where are can finally join ranks is on the right to informed consent.


What terrifies me most about all this is thinking of my 9 year old Autistic daughter. She will be 12 in 3 short years. Even though she can decode printed words well, her comprehension and communication levels are at around a 4 to 5 year old range. What happens when she and other kids in special ed are 12? Are we going to have non-verbal kids, kids with low IQ's, kids with down's syndrome, severe bi-polar disorder, etc. make their own "informed" decision? At this point they could take my daughter in and give her a vaccine and I would never know. My daughter verbalizes very little about what happens during her day. She has had adverse reactions to vaccines before. The only way I can think of protecting her is to pull her out of public school before she reaches 12.

wondering why

It's Mommy Daughter Puppet Theater Time:

School Nurse Puppet: Come here pretty little girl, I have a vaccine for you that will keep you happy, healthy, and safe.

Little Girl Puppet: I don't want your vaccine. Just like my mommy taught me how to look both ways before I cross the street and stanger danger. My mommy taught me doctor and nurse safety so that I can stay happy, healthy, and safe without that bad, bad vaccine.

School Nurse Doctor: But pretty little girl, your mommy doesn't understand how this vaccine can help you. I am a nurse and I know all. This will help you stay alive and not die of cancer.

Little Girl Puppet: No thank you... Stay away from me with that bad bad vaccine or I will sue you in Federal Court.


Kelly wrote, "I thought the shots were expensive. Is the 12 year old paying?"

No, the taxpayers will be paying. And yes, the shots are very expensive.


Among the many concerns this bill raises... who if anyone will report adverse events to VAERS for these shots that are given without parental knowledge. I guess no one ...

Jeff C

I'll post this again now that this monstrosity has become a reality. As California parents, we put our school on notice that they are not to encourage our child to bypass us in making medical decisions or seeking medical treatment. The fact that children now have this "right" does not give the school carte blanche to promote or advertise it to our children.

We made it clear that the school would face legal action if they encouraged our children to do this behind our backs. We couldn't stop the fools in Sacramento from implementing this, but we can put the adults in our children's lives on notice that they promote this at their own peril.

At the links below there's and excellent informed consent notification that covers confidential medical services (the category gardasil falls under), along with mental health screenings, unauthorized medical treatment, etc. We submitted a modified version of this to the school district and got an almost immediate call from the principal letting us know he understood our position and took it seriously.

http://tinyurl.com/3psfx88 (pdf)

http://tinyurl.com/3l256ms (editable MS Word doc)


Do California schools have nurses? I'm not aware of ever laying eyes on one. Maybe the plan is to have "shot day" or something.


Good job Rebecca. The Fox clip provided a fair presentation of both sides, even though the wrong side had nothing but bs...

The Gardasil / HPV vaccine at age 12 for a problem most common at age 50-55 ??? Does the Gardasil shot last for 40 years ???

I understand the flu shot from last year is basically the same as the year before, but the CDC states the nation should "get a shot each and every year" as it probably has worn off and is no longer effective...

Like the Mexican drug lords, they also do not require parental permission to purchase their products, I believe you have to be 13 however... American drug lords like to bill the state or federal government directly...


Who takes care of the children if they have adverse side effects? I guess their parents will have responsibility then.


The incentive is probably a pizza party.


I thought the shots were expensive. Is the 12 year old paying?

Big Harma

Merck almost seems to have a death wish - as a company. Plenty of their own employees know this is not going to turn out well. Three pages of comments from drug company employees...

Interestingly, not one person in the discussion criticizes Sane Vax for reporting HPV DNA contamination in Gardasil. No cries of "anti-vaccinationists!"

One employee even says (about Gardasil and RotaTeq):
"...knowing what we have seen from Merck manufacturing lately, would I take a chance and give either to 1 of my children? Not on their lives. You are right to avoid Merck products for now if it is not a question of saving a life up front like it would be for meningitis."

LJ Goes

This now means that young women, who are not yet teenagers will suffer seizures, their bodies will deteriorate, and those who do not die will slip into a vegetative state. If you doubt me, consider reading about Zeta Pingle in Vaccine Epidemic. The great tragedy of this, is that their parents, when they rush their daughters to the emergency room will not even know why. There will be no reports made to VAERS. Their daughters will slip into the abyss, after they are screamed at and restrained and repeatedly questioned by hospital personnel, "WHAT DID YOU TAKE?" They will be accused by the very establishment that harmed them. They will become chronically and permanently ill. Many will perish. And no one, just like the autism epidemic, will know why. Because we are seeking treatment from the very establishments that are harming us and our children. Did anyone notice that Gov Brown also signed into law that it is now illegal to go to a tanning bed if you are under 18. My MIL said it's jut like abortion in the south in the 70's. totally okay to get an abortion if you are under a certain age--but you absolutely positively cannot get your ears pierced without your parents consent. The end must be near. With idiots like this running our country surely it is a sign of the end of times. A race that allows and supports leadership this stupid does not deserve to proliferate.


I don't see too many kids lining up for a shot. I know when I was a kid I hated it. My guess is that there will be some heavy duty bribery going on -- free tickets for disneyland, concert tickets, sporting event tickets, gift card for the mall, food coupons, etc. Kids who receive the shot may even be offered special privleges at school. I don't live in California, but I wouldn't be surprised if this comes to other states as well. I already told my 6 year old what to do if anyone comes near her with a needle.


this may actually backfire on them. Many parents will now be much more vigilant towarrd
vaccines and may make them feel backed into a corner. I think there will be a lot of discussions going on between parent and child in California.


Brown will regret this. Big mistake. I am not an expert in American law but this seems unconstitutional. I didn't think he would do it.

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