60 Minutes Glosses Over the Lifetime Reality of Autism
Vaccines: Catalyst for the AIDS Epidemic

READY. SET. HOPE! National Autism Association Conference in St. Pete Beach.

November 10 - 13 at St. Pete Beach. Register HERE.

"I returned home with renewed hope, and feeling like I'd had a vacation!"

                                               - NAC attendee

Relaxing, informative, hopeful, casual, laid-back, rejuvenating, affordable, tropical, FUN...are we talking about a conference?  Absolutely!

If you're an autism parent, this conference is for YOU!  The NAC features the world's leading experts on autism in a relaxed, environmentally-friendly tropical resort setting.  The schedule is designed to keep you from running frantically from one presentation to another - take some time to dip your toes in the pool or do some shopping in the exhibit hall.  Sleep in! - There's nothing on your agenda before 9 am!  The on-site spa will give you a chance to pamper yourself - can you even remember what that's like?  The intimate atmosphere allows opportunities to network with speakers, community leaders, fellow parents and friends.  FREE food items and beverages will be available in our exhibit hall throughout the conference to help keep your expenses down.  Use the money you save to get a massage, or have cocktails by the pool!  This is YOUR conference, don't miss it!

TradeWinds has been designated an "Autism Friendly" Resort!

Print a copy of the TradeWinds Social Story to prepare your child for his/her trip! Print Social Story

NAA Members - Bring a friend and save! 
When you register to attend the full conference, you can choose to purchase a companion pass for just $100!  Bring your spouse, your Mom, your best friend, your child's therapist - you get the picture!  And be sure to tell them to pack their flip-flops!



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