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Grandmother Protests Gardasil Dosed on CA Boy Without Parental Consent Under AB499

Adriana Gamondes GardasilReaders have likely heard that CDC's ACIP  is recommending HPV (Gardasil from Merck) vaccination for 11 and 12 year old boys. And a study now says HPV might be related to heart disease. Interesting timing, yes? You might recall that the former head of the CDC now runs the vaccine division for Merck. Then there's this story out of CA. 

A San Diego grandmother told 10News on Tuesday that she is outraged after she says her 11-year-old grandson was given a vaccine for human papillomavirus -- or HPV -- without parental approval.

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How many families will be shocked to learn that their children have been legally vaccinated without consent since AB499 passed in California?  Looks like we'll need to ask Adriana to create a boy version of this artwork. Perhaps holding a little league baseball bat with the Gardasil logo.  Let's hope this youngster in CA is OK. today, and through out his reproductive life.



It is assault for any medical person to give a child a shot or iv fluids without the parents permission. The person needs to obtain a arrest warrant for the person who gave the shot and file a formal, written complaint with the nurses licensing board and against the supervision physician's licensing agency over the nurse giving the child the vaccine without obtaining prior written parental permission.


Connecting HPV to heart disease...just remember big pharma
will do anything to increase their market.Fear mongering
and agressive marketing is the way they do it. HPV was not a big problem until 2006 and gardasil needed to sell $$$$$$
and pay for the Vioxx damage/lawyers.


Who will report adverse reactions for these children that are vaccinated without parental consent? Is there any obligation for the medical personnel that gave the shot to do so???????


One of my husband's colleague's--a young woman--recently developed some very disturbing health issues, which were diagnosed as autoimmune in origin.

The only thing that had changed in her life was the fact that she had had the Gardasil series just before the onset of her symptoms.

Her doctor told her that she is seeing more and more young women with autoimmune disorders springing up--right after they complete the Gardasil series.


On the CTV news re. the heart/hpv research, oncological epidemiologist Dr. Franco doubted the results, found the connection not plausible, was suspicious about the high rate of hpv found in the women and believes the researchers did not properly think through other.important variables (such as married/unmarried) to explain results. Wow, a scientist daring to question an almighty vaccine "benefit " study.


Who had to PAY for the Gardasil shot given to the 11 year old ???
Was it covered by insurance ?
Was it paid for by the State of California ?
How much was the doctor paid for this procedure ?

Does the 11 year old have to "sign anything" that states he wants the Gardasil shot without his parents consent ? If not.. what is to stop any AAP doctor from shooting up any child he can get away from his parents ???

Do they have to document the vaccine on the child's chart or is that kept a secret ?

A child that sees three different doctors could get nine Gardasil shots without their parents knowledge.


AB 499 doesn't go into effect until January 1, 2012.

It also only applies to kids 12 and up.

The grandmother's complaint of an 11 year old being vaccinated without consent, in 2011, has nothing to do with AB 499.


How many parents don't find out and then the child gets vaccinated twice? This is madness

autism uncle

Just as the horrendous hepatitis B vaccine was foisted on all newborns (though any real risk for hep B is from mothers having active hep B infection), the HPV vaccine is being foisted on all males even though it's male homosexual practices that have identifiable association with anal cancer, and a small risk at that.

So again we see the CDC use any excuse to plaster the whole population with yet another very dangerous vaccination series. A full reading of their press release actually cites their rationale being a study of homosexual men, but the mainstream press of course leaves this crucial factor out.

Here is a paragraph from an issue of Current Oncology in 2008.


Although anal cancer is less common than cervical
cancer, its incidence in U.S. men is increasing, to 1.6
per 100,000 in 2005 from 0.6 per 100,000 in 1973. During
the same period, the incidence of cervical cancer
in women decreased. An increasing incidence of anal
cancer noted also in Europe is likely attributable to
increased anal disease occurring in immunocompromised
people and in men who have sex with men (MSM).


AB499 or not, it has been my experience that it is common for doctors to give vaccines tho children during well visits without informing the parents of which shots the kids are getting and then giving the required information sheet as the parent leaves the appointment.

This is why NVIC fights for and parents should demand true informed consent.

Bob Moffitt

If a 10 year old boy or girl .. is given the HPV without their parent's knowledge .. who is then responsible for monitoring that boy or girls health and reporting any possible adverse reaction to VAERS?

In this particular case .. it appears even the 10 year old boy did not know he was given HPV .. so .. how in God's name could HE know if he was suffering an adverse reaction?


I especially liked a comment I read from a mother who's child was given this vax without her knowledge, then got the bill for it after her insurance denied payment for it!

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